FIREBALL 🔥 across the night sky USA 🇺🇸 9/30/2020

30-Sen, 2020
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#Fireball #Meteor #Superman
Edited Version Of The FIREBALL=
This video was recorded with a Garmin DashCam Mini
This video was taken from my DashCam in Pennsylvania on interstate 76 westbound at approximately the 150-mile-marker at about 5:25 AM Eastern.
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  • GO CHECK OUT v2 of this video -

    Trucker Beetle BaileyTrucker Beetle Bailey24 kun oldin
  • อาจจะเป็น ผีปอบ สัญชาติเมกัน😜

    ซู บารุซู บารุ11 kun oldin

    Humble144Humble14416 kun oldin
  • It was a hypersonic test missile idiots

    James VengrenJames Vengren19 kun oldin
  • Under our apostle paul’s ministry in The King James Bible,we are only saved by believing The Gospel of Jesus Christ,1st Corinthians Chapter 15 verse 1-4.Jesus Christ died on the cross,spilled His Blood for all of your sins,was buried and rose again on the third day.Jesus Christ Spilled Blood is what saves you when you believe this plan of salvation with your heart.

    Stephen MichaelsStephen Michaels20 kun oldin
  • Saw it while I was at a horse show in Columbus Ohio. I was feeding the horses and saw it up close. It was right around the corner from me

    L E X I EL E X I E20 kun oldin
  • Now you know why we have a space was a u.f.o.

  • Revelation nine October 27 2020 Three days of darkness Judgement day for the people of God will start tomorrow and the world will begin to experience horrific things The burning comes October 27, and will bring darkness according to revelation nine Repent earth, and return to your God Yeshua/Jesus now or else it will be the worst for you, the rod of judgement is my hand now. Time is up now, I hope you’re ready Elijah the the third is here and you’re looking at him

  • I saw a fire ball crash into the Atlantic about 10 years or so ago, it wasn't as bright as this one though ... more of a faded green color.

    Crashing CometCrashing Comet21 kun oldin
  • I saw it, I was on my way to work on 540 in NC. It happened on 9/30/2020 at 6:24 am

    Paul ColePaul Cole21 kun oldin
  • I saw a similar one a few years back traveling on ME 113W in Brownfield. 3 or 4 am. Slightly longer in duration and without the flash. Appeared to have a greenish hue. 'Bout startled me for a split second there. :-)

    Eric B / ebinmaineEric B / ebinmaine22 kun oldin
  • You just listen to the old Pork Chop Express here now and take his advice on a dark and stormy night when the lightning's crashin' and the thunder's rollin', and the rain's coming down in sheets thick as lead. Just remember what old Jack Burton does when the earth quakes, and the poison arrows fall from the sky, and the pillars of Heaven shake. Yeah, Jack Burton just looks that big old storm right square in the eye and he says, "Give me your best shot, pal. I can take it."

    BikoTheAnimatorBikoTheAnimator22 kun oldin
    • BikoTheAnimator love that movie! Top of the 80’s list for me!

      Lance RLance R20 kun oldin
  • I drive in night I saw that while I was going west

    Azlan KhanAzlan Khan23 kun oldin
  • We spotted one here in canada (over at barrie)

    LEGO Animation studiosLEGO Animation studios23 kun oldin
  • Also seen in McConnelsville Ohio

    Anita PrideAnita Pride23 kun oldin
  • I saw it on rt 140 on my way to New Bedford, MA, but it looked like a regular shooting star by then and most likely landed in the ocean.

    Joskel xJoskel x23 kun oldin
  • That's a falling star #AnAngel coming into our realm, there's no such things as météo... #BookOfEnoch

    AntiFakeJews Revelation2:9-10/Zechariah9:6AntiFakeJews Revelation2:9-10/Zechariah9:623 kun oldin
  • I saw it in Casa Grande AZ

    Janet SJanet S24 kun oldin
  • That was just a space peanut.

    A Guy Named SomethingA Guy Named Something24 kun oldin
    • Fallen angel*

      Yeshua is coming soon!!Yeshua is coming soon!!24 kun oldin
  • I was out running and saw the meteor in Ohio! Thirty minutes south of Cleveland.

    Austin BuellAustin Buell24 kun oldin
  • Jesus is coming soon! Repent before it’s too late!

    M. Y. RodriguezM. Y. Rodriguez24 kun oldin
    • @Trucker Beetle Bailey Repent. He is coming with a sword.

      Rev311 MycrownRev311 Mycrown14 kun oldin
    • Let him come..

      Trucker Beetle BaileyTrucker Beetle Bailey23 kun oldin
    • AMEN SIS🙏🏽🙏🏽 Theres ppl literally saying this is "cool" smh blinded. That's a fallen angel...soon the whole world will know that Yahshua is COMING AND HES THE KING!

      Yeshua is coming soon!!Yeshua is coming soon!!24 kun oldin
  • Jesus Christ is Coming Soon :) Believe or don't Believe Time is short

    Wwe2k #AnnusWwe2k #Annus24 kun oldin
    • Amen!!! Get ready for the rapture were outta here soon brotha!!

      Yeshua is coming soon!!Yeshua is coming soon!!24 kun oldin
  • The real question is what dash cam are you using? I'm looking into getting one and this footage is crystal clear!

    UranoUrano24 kun oldin
    • @Trucker Beetle Bailey i did see the other video as well! And after I posted this comment I read the description and realized you had the dash cam there, but thanks for replying!

      UranoUrano24 kun oldin
    • Yes I read most of the comments and tried to reply when I can, if you haven’t seen it already I made a new version to edit of this video added some music to it slowed the video clips down so you can see the whatever it is going across the sky in slow motion he might go check out that video on my page. Thanks for watching this video.

      Trucker Beetle BaileyTrucker Beetle Bailey24 kun oldin
    • Urano // I am using a Garmin DashCam mini and I’m also using a 128 GB SanDisk microSD memory card

      Trucker Beetle BaileyTrucker Beetle Bailey24 kun oldin
  • Revelation 8:8-11 "Then the second angel sounded: And something like a great mountain burning with fire was thrown into the sea, and a third of the sea became blood. 9 And a third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed. Then the third angel sounded: And a great star fell from heaven, burning like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water. 11 The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters became wormwood, and many men died from the water, because it was made bitter."

    Khaileen HernandezKhaileen Hernandez24 kun oldin
    • @Humble144 The Bible tells us that God sacrificed His only Son so that we could go to heaven, but the Bible also tells us that He raised His son back from the dead again. If God didn’t really lose his son, then how is that a sacrifice?

      Kim SeokjinKim Seokjin19 kun oldin
    • Kim Seokjin oh yes he does.. ive had an encounter and he saved me i can assure you . He’s very real.

      Khaileen HernandezKhaileen Hernandez20 kun oldin
    • Kim Seokjin you’re brainwashed.

      AngieAngie20 kun oldin
    • @Kim Seokjin This is how people best know how to describe a force beyond their understanding and time. If I may ask you respectfully...please if you can explain everything from nothing and all its beauty and order. Blessings.

      Humble144Humble14422 kun oldin
    • Khaileen Hernandez this is a glimpse and just use your imagination at the 11 second mark of the video of how the skies will open up and The King Of Glory our Jesus will look like BUT his brightness and his luminous light will be a million times brighter than what we see in this video above!!

      Lisa MorenoLisa Moreno22 kun oldin
  • I saw this while driving northbound on 234,in Manassas, VA, can't believe it was seen over such a wide range of locations, was totally cool! Wish I had a dashcam lol😎

    Kevin RybinskyKevin Rybinsky24 kun oldin
  • Awesome footage! What camera are you using? I am guessing a GoPro Hero action camera.

    vintagegirl1961vintagegirl196124 kun oldin

      Trucker Beetle BaileyTrucker Beetle Bailey24 kun oldin
  • The fire nation getting ready to attack

    WillTeaWillTea25 kun oldin
  • Fire in the Sky!

    TwitchymeatTwitchymeat25 kun oldin
  • I saw one in 1989 or so right about dusk it was much brighter; ' course I was all sloppy sh*t faced so take it for what it is....

    jcaesar2969jcaesar296925 kun oldin
  • Looks like it stopped after getting very bright and no debris tail so it wasn't too low but it was low, so wtf really is it I bet you've seen tones of things in the sky that doesn't belong in the last ten years God Bless Brother

    Crying HippyCrying Hippy25 kun oldin
  • This is awesome, thanks for sharing this video!

    B BB B25 kun oldin
  • Rubble pile didn't make it

  • The Vulcans are early.

    CJ LuddeniCJ Luddeni25 kun oldin
  • It's a Fkn rock from space , hitting the atmosphere ! Not Jesus coming back to gather his lame ass followers !! FFS find something to do with your life 🤣

    Cruddy Kringle and the Crotch CricketsCruddy Kringle and the Crotch Crickets25 kun oldin
  • Hi Beetle Bailey, I'm with ABC News. We'd like permission to use this in our coverage. Did you take this video or otherwise own all rights to it? If so, do you agree to allow ABC News & its licensees to use & distribute without restriction in all media? Full terms: You can reach me via email:

    Alice ChambersAlice Chambers25 kun oldin
    • Alice Chambers (Bryan - Trucker Beetle Bailey)

      Trucker Beetle BaileyTrucker Beetle Bailey25 kun oldin
    • @Trucker Beetle Bailey Thanks a lot! Could you tell me your real name so that we can credit you appropriately?

      Alice ChambersAlice Chambers25 kun oldin
    • Yes I have this video and was taken with my DashCam it’s already been distributed to the associated press with written consent for usage you may use this video wherever you will use just use my channel name as credit thank you...

      Trucker Beetle BaileyTrucker Beetle Bailey25 kun oldin
  • That energy is moving fast as hell.❤

    FastCars.FastCars.25 kun oldin
  • Nice

    Snorelord The Metalhead Viking Caveman TruckerSnorelord The Metalhead Viking Caveman Trucker25 kun oldin
  • Yo dude the news just showed this video and it advertised your channel You're becoming famous man!

    Azure!Azure!25 kun oldin
    • @Trucker Beetle Bailey Ah thanks. I am also amazed by the fact you caught that on camera. Impressive.

      Azure!Azure!25 kun oldin
    • Hey Azure! thanks for the positive vibes

      Trucker Beetle BaileyTrucker Beetle Bailey25 kun oldin
  • Goku???

    Ernesto RobledoErnesto Robledo25 kun oldin
    • Him toying with ultra instinct 😝😝

      Drew BrownDrew Brown24 kun oldin
    • Lollll noooo it's a fallen angel

      Yeshua is coming soon!!Yeshua is coming soon!!24 kun oldin
  • From Marfoogle... did you hear the high pitch at 11 sec. timestamp?

    Dawn MorningDawn Morning25 kun oldin
  • I saw it from Rockville, MD. It was awesome, I’m glad someone captured it

    Sergio ToledoSergio Toledo25 kun oldin
    • Sergio Toledo hey man, I saw one yesterday in Bowie Maryland. Been looking all over for a vid like what I saw. Glad I found this as well.

      John AJohn A20 kun oldin
  • if i were awake earlier I could've seen this 😭

    HayeonHayeon26 kun oldin
    • *was Not were

      The Annoyed Mr FloydThe Annoyed Mr Floyd25 kun oldin
  • Looked identical in northern Illinois on my way to work. Glad your camera was already recording, otherwise you couldn’t react quickly enough to capture it. Thanks for sharing!

    steven underwoodsteven underwood26 kun oldin
  • Won't be on the news..there will be signs in the heavens and on the earth when the second coming of jesus

    Zalia LyonZalia Lyon26 kun oldin
    • ​@Yeshua is coming soon!! keep telling yourself that. it will make the funny farm visit easier.

      bklynp718bklynp71822 kun oldin
    • @bklynp718 he doesnt need a tag everyone knows hes the almighty healer

      Yeshua is coming soon!!Yeshua is coming soon!!23 kun oldin
    • @Yeshua is coming soon!! Is that what it says on his name tag on the white coat?

      bklynp718bklynp71823 kun oldin
    • @bklynp718 He's my healer my provider my best friend my father Most High Omega Alpha Kings of Kings Ruler of the Universe YAHSHUAAAA PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽I will pray for you lost soul. Only Yahweh can change your heart God bless🙏🏽

      Yeshua is coming soon!!Yeshua is coming soon!!24 kun oldin
    • @Yeshua is coming soon!! Is that the ambulance driver's name, or the guy who is going to strap on the straitjacket?

      bklynp718bklynp71824 kun oldin
  • I was up......but i was in my room relaxing/_

    Krendils ShieldheartKrendils Shieldheart26 kun oldin
  • Holy shit, nice footage, thanks for sharing 👍

    highlyblesthighlyblest26 kun oldin
  • Looks like the object was blasted into pieces before could do any damage.

    Final ResistanceFinal Resistance26 kun oldin
    • Is that what it is? I figured we would see a longer tail of it but its like a flash and gone.

      DeeplineStyleDeeplineStyle25 kun oldin
  • Hi TBB, Would you give me permission to use tgis for my next live show, We have an average of 60k viewers daily and will link them directly to you. GOOD CATCH

    Marfoogle TVMarfoogle TV26 kun oldin
    • Hey Marfoogle TV thanks for the positive vibes

      Trucker Beetle BaileyTrucker Beetle Bailey25 kun oldin
  • I see this brought all the religous loony toons out. Not much smarter than the cavemen.

    bklynp718bklynp71826 kun oldin
    • @bklynp718 so you will be taking the mark/chip I assume? Ofcourse and we are the looney ones😅 God bless you man you're in for a rude awakening....just wait ;)

      Yeshua is coming soon!!Yeshua is coming soon!!24 kun oldin
    • @Jasmina pearlygates exactly soon the blinded will soon know the truth sis🙏🏽🙏🏽

      Yeshua is coming soon!!Yeshua is coming soon!!24 kun oldin
    • @Goodness Gracious typical judgemental, presumptive fake christian. I'm not at all angry, I'm shocked at just how insane you are.

      bklynp718bklynp71825 kun oldin
    • I just love how upset this makes you. Don't you have anything better to focus on, like, your own eternity, rather than bashing every single person who has faith here? You're probably blind to how crazy you look to us, but keep being mad, it's not going to change any believers at this point but it might lead you to repent when God humbles you.

      Goodness GraciousGoodness Gracious25 kun oldin
    • So true.

      David PhillipsDavid Phillips25 kun oldin
  • I keep seeing stuff like "Final Days" and stuff like that about God. I'm only 14 years old and scared I'm about to die. Like, I just wanted to see a cool video about a Meteor man... (I think I might just delete my comment. Don't get me wrong, I am a Christian... But I am not a HARDCORE Christian...)

    mman4723mman472326 kun oldin
    • This comment thread shows me exactly why I was right for abandoning the hypocritical lie that is modern day Christianity.. Lack of critical thinking, judgement against anyone who isn't a Christian, lack of biblical study, no understanding of church history, and denial of science.. If I was a Christian and I left, that would make me a lost sheep (by your own book's definition).. Jesus was a "good shepherd" who would leave the 99 to save the one.. Being a "disciple" means to emulate Christ on the planet.. That would mean chasing His lost sheep and ushering them back into the faith.. Instead, you people have openly denounced me and used the Pauline philosophy from 1 John 2:19.. Are you disciples of Jesus or Paul?? You guys need to turn away from the apocalyptic works and turn towards the teachings on Christian living and philosophy.. I hope you all find the same peace in your messiah that I have found in the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha.. Being at peace is truly wonderful and that's why Jesus emphasized it so much (see John 14:27).. 🙏🙏🙏

      Lazy FawkesLazy Fawkes19 kun oldin
    • @Jasmina pearlygates I also find it funny that you claimed my advice was the worst advice ever, then I supported it with your scriptures, and all you could say was that I was never a Christian in the first place smh did you even look at the scriptures I cited in defense of my position?? Do you read the Bible for yourself??

      Lazy FawkesLazy Fawkes19 kun oldin
    • @Yeshua is coming soon!! Obviously I am not a real Christian, because I'm not a Christian anymore... That's how that works lol Also, there are many ways to interpret all the things in your "holy" book.. How do you know your interpretation is correct?? Maybe you should spend less time in Daniel and more time with Matt. 22:37-40 so that you can learn how to treat a neighbor who disagrees with your worldview.. Also, Matt. 8:10 will show you that even Jesus didn't proselytize everyone he saw.. ✌️✌️✌️

      Lazy FawkesLazy Fawkes19 kun oldin

      Trucker Beetle BaileyTrucker Beetle Bailey23 kun oldin
    • Hey don't let peoples comments scare you. I know a lot of crazy and scary things are going on in the world but meteors like this happen all the time thats a pretty normal thing when they come that close. The world is not ending. A lot of things are just coming to light this year and it only gets worse before it gets better. For hundreds maybe even thousands people will say each and every year is the end of the world. A nd here we still are kicking it. 😀 you just gotta keep living life to the fullest you can. Do things that make you happy. Spend time with family and friends . Don't buy into the "end of the world" bs. People like to spread their fear propaganda for enjoyment

      Shareena HendersonShareena Henderson23 kun oldin
  • Awesome capture. The Taurid’s meteor season is here. They are few in number per hour but are some of the brightest of the numerous seasonal meteor showers the earth gets.

    Mr RichardsonMr Richardson26 kun oldin
  • It is a typical meteor burning up in the atmosphere and I have seen Many in my 57 years because they are Very common. I am Not discounting Any spiritual significance nor attaching any either because these have been seen by human eyes since the Dawn of Time. However, I Know Something Big IS in the works but it Won't be something as insignificant as this, it Will catch Everyone's attention the World over and there Will be Many things that will be changing leading up to it because the Devil is Very busy setting up for "his time" which Must come first and Before Any Rapture will take place. Those who believe Christ's Return will happen Before the Luciferian World Government is in place are mistaken, humanity will be put to the test first with the Tribulations anything else just makes No sense. Passing these 'Tests' will Not be Easy and is why Faith is So Important because Many, Many will be put to Death for Jesus Christ's Name alone and Many more for refusing the 'Mark' which too closely resembles the Forced vaccinations that Will be made Mandatory. NO Christian should take this "Mark/Vaccine" by being deceived into believing it is something else for if Death is a consequence for refusing it, that should be Enough of a sign for Any true Christian to refuse 'IT' because it Is a Nano-Scale Tracking Device and has Nothing to do with Any Virus as "They" already have it while claiming that it is still being worked on. Don't Fall for the Lie.

    Constitution_89Constitution_8926 kun oldin
    • So true this is a fallen angel though dont be decieved brethren:)

      Yeshua is coming soon!!Yeshua is coming soon!!24 kun oldin
    • you know, the devil isn't real and it's also not in the Bible

      leroy420bleroy420b25 kun oldin
    • You're barking mad. Get yourself some medical help.

      bklynp718bklynp71825 kun oldin
  • Angels on Assignment

    itsthe11itsthe1126 kun oldin
  • Cool

    Bobby Stewart - Drums For LifeBobby Stewart - Drums For Life26 kun oldin
  • What an awesome night for truck'n!

    Ruby Rose SongRuby Rose Song26 kun oldin
  • *Nice capture* ..!! Here it is filmed closer, in Lancaster, Ohio.

    Paradigm ShiftsParadigm Shifts26 kun oldin
  • Yo I think barry scarborough was right

    Goodness GraciousGoodness Gracious26 kun oldin
  • Pretty sure that one was natural. Space junk usually has a color. Most often a green meteor is space junk.

    zorro456zorro45626 kun oldin
    • This one was white and blue with a red/orange tail on the end. The video may look differently..

      Trucker Beetle BaileyTrucker Beetle Bailey23 kun oldin
  • I believe the time is now...the arrival of what is written in Revelation12. I also believe in Orion's, it is written in Job.Cosmic debree/ fallen....either way...all under the dome/ firmament and in HIS plan.

    Kristi LoyKristi Loy26 kun oldin
    • Yess it's a fallen angel. Theres ppl having no idea and just guessing meteor if it were a meteor it wouldve hit us already cus of our gravitational pull. It's a fallen angel struck down from heaven.

      Yeshua is coming soon!!Yeshua is coming soon!!24 kun oldin
  • Hello, I'm getting in touch from the European Broadcasting Union. This is an amazing video. Could we get permission to use it in news reports with a courtesy? You can check out our usual terms here: Thank you

    Eurovision Social NewswireEurovision Social Newswire26 kun oldin
    • @Trucker Beetle Bailey Thank you

      Eurovision Social NewswireEurovision Social Newswire25 kun oldin
    • Yes you may use the clip with link, ty.

      Trucker Beetle BaileyTrucker Beetle Bailey26 kun oldin

    Mary WarriorMary Warrior26 kun oldin

      Yeshua is coming soon!!Yeshua is coming soon!!24 kun oldin
    • Hey Mary, do you know what happens when you have a rock in your hand and then let go? It drops to the earth. The meteor is like that, but from higher. Do you not beleive in gravity, either?

      bklynp718bklynp71825 kun oldin
    • @leroy420b Absolute nutjobs. They just cannot accept the most simple realities and bash "science" instead.

      bklynp718bklynp71825 kun oldin
    • it's a meteor lady calm down

      leroy420bleroy420b25 kun oldin
    • Do you even know what a yearly meteor shower is?

      katurookaturoo25 kun oldin
  • Its a fallen angel guys strucked down from heaven!

    Yeshua is coming soon!!Yeshua is coming soon!!26 kun oldin
  • All who call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Jesus Christ is Lord.

    gentile ladygentile lady26 kun oldin
  • Very cool.

    Paulie GlockzPaulie Glockz26 kun oldin
  • The fallen angels are descending. Accept Jesus Christ today!

    JM GarciaJM Garcia26 kun oldin
    • @Yeshua is coming soon!! lol

      Wwe2k #AnnusWwe2k #Annus22 kun oldin
    • @Wwe2k #Annus I never heard someone say they dont like pork lol

      Yeshua is coming soon!!Yeshua is coming soon!!22 kun oldin
    • @Wwe2k #Annus pork is good but cant eat it anymore

      Yeshua is coming soon!!Yeshua is coming soon!!22 kun oldin
    • @Yeshua is coming soon!! I don't like pork lol

      Wwe2k #AnnusWwe2k #Annus22 kun oldin
    • @Yeshua is coming soon!! Oops, my apologies sister.

      JM GarciaJM Garcia22 kun oldin
  • Wow!!

    Jen NorthrupJen Northrup26 kun oldin
  • I saw this also while driving west on route 90 in Ohio. Really cool!

    leroy420bleroy420b26 kun oldin
  • They are now descending.

    USAisJerimiah5133 Mene Tekel PeresUSAisJerimiah5133 Mene Tekel Peres26 kun oldin

    Trucker Beetle BaileyTrucker Beetle Bailey26 kun oldin
  • saw your video on KDKA. very cool. thanks for posting

    John LowryJohn Lowry26 kun oldin
  • Thanks for sharing! I was hoping someone caught it on video.

    Manda lynnManda lynn26 kun oldin