FINNEAS - Can't Wait To Be Dead (Official Video)

22-Okt, 2020
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Watch the official video for "Can't Wait To Be Dead" By FINNEAS.
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Director: Clark Jackson aka Constellation Jones
Producer: Clark Jackson
Executive Producer: Randi Wilens
Video Commissioner: Cheyenne Miller
Somebody’s driving you home, but they don’t know who you are
You’re in the back of the car
Somebody’s trying to help and making everything worse,
Somebody please call the nurse
Somebody’s ripping you off, trying to sell you good news
You know we’re still gonna lose,
But I need to be where you are, for no reason at all or else I’ll suffer withdrawls
Nobody’s coming to save me
Nobody knows any better anyway
I think we’re thinking the same thing
If this is how it ends, I wasn’t listening
Somebody’s screaming again,
Another sunburn with hair, it’s too much fun not to stare
Somebody’s calling you out for something you never said,
Kinda can’t wait to be dead
Somebody’s wasting my time,
Fuck your Confederate flag, you’ve got no reason to brag
Nobody’s coming to save me
Nobody knows any better anyway
I think we’re thinking the same thing
If this is how it ends, I wasn’t listening
(to you) x2
I wasn’t listening yet
Not even gone but you’ll be missing me yet
I wasn’t listening yet
I wasn’t listening
I wasn’t listening yet

  • NOBODY'S COMIN' TO SAVE ME same We are all so alone and yet so together.

    Mira LaurenMira LaurenSoat oldin
  • Can we appreciate how great of a guy finneas is❤️

    Caitlin ClaudeCaitlin Claude4 soat oldin
  • Thank you for your genuinely good music.

    lrumelrume5 soat oldin

    Victor manuel Flores anchundiaVictor manuel Flores anchundia7 soat oldin
  • so underrated i really love finneas all his songs have meaning

    Basically RavenBasically Raven8 soat oldin
  • New fan Of Finneas♡ your so Amazing all of your song was Awesome keep it up WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

    RM CFRM CF10 soat oldin
  • God I love this man. He's so amazing

    ayekah1ayekah119 soat oldin
  • OMG me siento identificada con esto

  • Thank you.

    Tray TrayTray TrayKun oldin
  • This is soo unbelievably underrated but i love this song so damn much 🤧♥️

    Diandra KaylaDiandra KaylaKun oldin
  • Awesome 👏🏻

    David ZanoniDavid ZanoniKun oldin
  • this get's me to think more about our future.. thank you Finneas, Claudia, Patrick, Billie, Maggie for making me a better person in general. Yall are perfect. I wish i could meet you all and talk to you hug you and say how much i accualy love you yall accualy mean a family to me that means everything❤️

    Goda JakaitytėGoda JakaitytėKun oldin
  • Finneas is an underrated maker of masterpieces. Screw Billie Eilish her vibe is SHIT.

    12Sided12SidedKun oldin
  • I was UZworld binging and was watching Claudia then I was like bro I wonder if finneas released any new songs and I was blessed with multiple. Excuse me while I listen to the songs on repeat as I fall asleep.

    rpuhlman13rpuhlman13Kun oldin
  • Holy shit that's the best song I've heard in a while! Goddamn!

    Courtney ReissCourtney ReissKun oldin
  • Fantastico!

    Vanessa CavalieriVanessa CavalieriKun oldin
  • Oh god I love this man to death 🥺🥺🥺

    Noor FaisalNoor Faisal2 kun oldin
  • Finneas you make my heart captured

    Cathleya MilanoCathleya Milano2 kun oldin
  • Amazing artist!

    Ingrid HopeIngrid Hope2 kun oldin
  • Wow this dickhead is so brave he's standing up against Republicans! This could ruin his career

    Liam GallagherLiam Gallagher2 kun oldin
  • I honestly doubt Finneas will read this let alone heart it (bc i'm not that lucky haha) but um... here goes: Finneas ur amazing. I love ur music, and so does my friend... we are literally obsessed with ur music. Thank you for being there for everyone during quarantine whether u intended to or not. every time i listen to your music, it makes all the days passing in quarantine a little less blurry.

    Bridgette BatteyBridgette Battey3 kun oldin
  • is it just me or have finneas's last three songs just hit *so* different- 😳 I'm in love

    Angela WAngela W3 kun oldin
  • Omg, this Song sounds good.

    Juanes PoloJuanes Polo3 kun oldin
  • the fact that the majority of us said "same" to the "kinda can't wait to be dead" is depressing af but it is what it iss ... so yea same Finneas

    Christina F.Christina F.3 kun oldin
  • This is such a good songg xx 😄

    Båylēīgh BrøwñBåylēīgh Brøwñ3 kun oldin
  • The world nature is saying that

    sbhdvfbbd jddndnsbhdvfbbd jddndn4 kun oldin
  • Woah, this is fire🔥

    Hello Person Reding thisHello Person Reding this4 kun oldin
  • o My God You Deserve More.

    EG OEG O4 kun oldin
  • I wish this didn’t play in playlists because I would never voluntarily listen to you

    Mary D MMary D M4 kun oldin
  • can’t wait to be dead, yeah...

    Daniela MenezesDaniela Menezes5 kun oldin
  • You know.. when ever I listen to Finneas songs i remember my big brother he used to look like him and he liked to sing and to play the guitar too it been two years since last time i saw him and i really miss him. Finneas is my fav artist really and if somehow he saw this comment i want to tell him that love him ❤️

    hikary ._.hikary ._.5 kun oldin
  • Finneas is really my fav artist,when i am depressed i just listen to his songs ans start crying it makes me feel better💔😟 how the hell can people know him just as "Billie's brother"i mean ik but Finneas songs just hits so different i really love him so much❤️🥺

    hikary ._.hikary ._.5 kun oldin
  • This man is the definition of talent. His music deserves billions of streams. He's a singer, songwriter, music producer who has worked with other famous artists. Just...oof. How can someone be this talented. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️

    Brown CatBrown Cat5 kun oldin
  • nobody’s coming to save me nobody knows any better anyway I think we’re thinking the same thing If this is how it ends, I wasn’t listening I just wanna say the message in these words is crazy if you actually took the time to truly think about it Finneas you’re doing amazing ❤️

    Martha NunezMartha Nunez5 kun oldin
  • I am s a d. We love the world we live in.

    PeriPokaDorkPeriPokaDork5 kun oldin

    No one cares FineNo one cares Fine6 kun oldin
  • I unsubscribed Maybe whisper in your songs hun then you'll be famous. 🖕

    DJ JonesDJ Jones6 kun oldin
  • That's not at all what the Trump adminstration is about. I'm a gay person and I'm here to scream Trump is for the people

    DJ JonesDJ Jones6 kun oldin
    • The song isn’t about trump - it’s about how shit the world is. And different political views doesn’t always mean it’s a bad song. Plus, I’m sure you unsubbing because you’re salty that people who don’t have the same opinion as you exist, doesn’t really make too much of a difference to his life.

      Sam DixonSam Dixon5 kun oldin
  • ''If this is how it ends, I was't listening'' Some weeks ago a friend stopped talking to me but I don't wan't to lose him and I still text good morning and good night to him. So, if this is how our friendship ends, I wasn't listening ;) (I know the song isn't about loosing someone, but that phrase reminds me of him)

    LauLau6 kun oldin
    • Do they reply? You should just ask them if they genuinely want to be your friend or not. If they don’t, it’ll hurt but time will heal. It did for me.

      Sam DixonSam Dixon5 kun oldin
  • Hey i can't wait too 🙂

    kei takishimakei takishima6 kun oldin
  • You and Billie are LITERALLY BEST SINGERS EVER! I bet my hole house that he won’t heart or like this lol

    Sxnflower DxisySxnflower Dxisy6 kun oldin
  • Wow, I love your style! :D

    Sxnflower DxisySxnflower Dxisy6 kun oldin
  • Finneas, I liked the sentimental you are passing with your song. I am a big fan of you. Keep working. God bless you and your family

    Rafaela TugoresRafaela Tugores6 kun oldin
  • The song is just so awesome

    Paras KalraParas Kalra6 kun oldin
  • i dont know if anyone noticed this but all the vidoes on the phone says clarkismyname

    MarkMarkersMarkMarkers7 kun oldin
  • i listened

    Asia KordalskaAsia Kordalska7 kun oldin
  • Phineas debambb 🥺💯❤❤

    Minahil FaheemMinahil Faheem7 kun oldin
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Timothy FosterTimothy Foster7 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Olivia IratoOlivia Irato7 kun oldin

    Euanne MandanasEuanne Mandanas7 kun oldin
  • does anyone else SCREECH the second chorus in the car. it goes so hard

    John BarnesJohn Barnes7 kun oldin
  • Love the song...the video SUCKS!...WWG1WGA!

    ţØŇýţØŇý7 kun oldin
  • I love how finneas makes his own amazing music and he doesn’t just help billie. Beautiful

    Kate SewallKate Sewall8 kun oldin
  • Hey Finneas, can I also get your heart? If yes then I gonna screenshot and tell the people . That I am becoming famous.

    Allow SixfourAllow Sixfour8 kun oldin
  • I am happy to hear songs like these that touch the soul. singers like you are worth gold, congratulations on this masterpiece, greetings from Colombia

    daniela ovalle marindaniela ovalle marin8 kun oldin
  • #Finneas #OutTheBlu #MatthewMole #947 #BlindingLights

    Bandz DamoyiBandz Damoyi8 kun oldin
  • 誰がこの曲を私のホームページにアップしたのか分かりませんがその人に告げます。 日本では自殺者が多発していて誘引させるようなのは今はアップしない方がいいと思います。まだ数ヶ月しか経っていないので。 I don't know who posted this song on my homepage, but I'll tell that person. In Japan, there are many suicides and I think it is better not to upload it now. It's only been a few months.

    Asahi MaCAsahi MaC8 kun oldin
    • What are you talking about?

      Sam DixonSam Dixon5 kun oldin
  • Love this song

    Elizabeth HartnettElizabeth Hartnett8 kun oldin
  • thank you for that song, I think the world needs it so bad right now

    Yes YesYes Yes9 kun oldin
  • 00:48 i thought my headphones are acting up again 🤣

    winchester girlwinchester girl9 kun oldin
  • Awesome song!!

    CJ PietersCJ Pieters9 kun oldin
  • Fu*k you confederate flag! I love this!

    Michael MoyesMichael Moyes10 kun oldin
  • 🤨

    hobby gamerhobby gamer10 kun oldin
  • I love how this some parts of music moves from left to right . How well the music is composed. Also lets fall in love is the best song ive ever listened to i have heard it repeatedly and i am totally addicted to it

    Rag Time RageRag Time Rage10 kun oldin
  • Great song!!! I'm happy your making this kind of music

    Timotei AndriaTimotei Andria10 kun oldin
  • This is so perfect.

    Bulle The TeletubbyBulle The Teletubby10 kun oldin
  • When the voice and music were panning, for a second, I had a thought that my headphone were broken, then I remembered that's Finneas, good with choosing sound effects.

    ShamsiddinShamsiddin10 kun oldin
  • Can I just say that you are the best brother in the world...❤

    Somya SoniSomya Soni10 kun oldin
  • Your voicee❤..aww❤

    Somya SoniSomya Soni10 kun oldin
  • I discovered Finneas first before Billie

    Kenneth SiguaKenneth Sigua10 kun oldin
  • Wow Amazing!! So powerful.... I saw the Jimmy Kimmel interview with You & Billie And I looked you up and I was like OMG that's her brother ....... So looked you up and DAMNNNNN! This Message IS SO NEEDED - And You did it in a very powerful way that really gets you right in the heart ........

    TexasTwangTonyaSimsTexasTwangTonyaSims10 kun oldin
  • Nobody's coming to save me

    Maya TailorMaya Tailor11 kun oldin
  • stoppppppp im cryingggggggggg

    Coochie ScoutCoochie Scout11 kun oldin
  • Such a nice songg❤❤❤❤❤

    Simran SaxenaSimran Saxena11 kun oldin
  • Isso está muito bom Finneas :)

    Sara SouzaSara Souza11 kun oldin
  • God, this song is so fucking bad

    bazingacurtabazingacurta11 kun oldin
    • How?

      Sam DixonSam Dixon5 kun oldin
  • He’s best singer ever 😄 Ever ever ever ever ever

    Esui LEsui L11 kun oldin
  • As I am sitting here balling my eyes out trying to prevent my self from giving in. following the same path that my dad took along with his younger brother. This song started playing in my head, I appreciate ur music hope things get better for you. Thanks for the song again.

    Raz SmithRaz Smith11 kun oldin
    • I hope you’re okay. Please don’t give in, please never give in. Stay strong, have a good day.

      Sam DixonSam Dixon5 kun oldin
  • Not everyones comments

    Connor LucasConnor Lucas11 kun oldin
  • hello everyone! i hope everyone understands the message in this video because it has a very VERY strong mean because these are real world problems people so please help the word get out there

    HahaHaha11 kun oldin
  • Love from India fav song . Imagine getting a heart.

  • Whoa ❤ banger

    SakshamSaksham12 kun oldin
  • 11/19/20 eating sum more oreos

    Sabrina TellezSabrina Tellez12 kun oldin
  • One of those songs that, after you listen to it, you don't know whether you feel happy that other people feel the same or worse that this is what's going on :-(

    Jamie Lynn LufranoJamie Lynn Lufrano12 kun oldin
  • Amazing song, Thanks finneas for making my day!

    someone sissomeone sis12 kun oldin
  • i just started listening to your music and I love it so much and our world is really fucked up and my dream right now to this very day is to make a song about what I truly feel and make it to help others get back up. if you ever read this, I really wish for a tip to starting it.

    Sam ThewolfSam Thewolf12 kun oldin
  • Hi Finneas

    Corey Lehman EnterprisesCorey Lehman Enterprises12 kun oldin
  • This is just so amazing...... His every single song made my day.... Love ya so much....

    Jasmin KhanJasmin Khan13 kun oldin
  • Man, only 500k, thats sou underrated

    Lautaro ScarpinLautaro Scarpin13 kun oldin
  • the song is so much related to many people in this world. to this whole situation in which we are. stay safe and spread love

    minamina13 kun oldin
  • if finneas will heart my comment, i'm literally gonna start crying and do my assignments and chores btw finneas come to romania plsss

  • Hey Finneas, could you heart this comment, it would mean a lot to me

    Jaden MaskieJaden Maskie13 kun oldin
  • i love how Finneas appreaciate every single comments!

    Millie Wolfhard011Millie Wolfhard01113 kun oldin
  • Sometimes I do too. But then I remember we only have this time right now. There is nothing else period. The green screen reflection is genius btw it all is! Love how you always just say what you want!

    KiD Trinity TopicsKiD Trinity Topics13 kun oldin
  • to me, this is the best song of 2020, and perfectly describes my feelings on the year. finneas may have a different meaning for this then i might say, but to me, this song perfectly explains my apathy with modern day politics and a very good chunk of the internet (mostly twitter hint hint). sometimes i just want a damn break from everything. to actually have fun and enjoy stuff with people for once, and not have to worry about everything that has been going on. to anyone that took the time to read this, i hope your day is good and your life is good too. :)

    All Locked Up YoAll Locked Up Yo13 kun oldin

    Indyai Jean-BaptisteIndyai Jean-Baptiste13 kun oldin
  • Omg this is amazing

    Norma AlarcónNorma Alarcón13 kun oldin
  • This is history

    Emanuele FarruggelloEmanuele Farruggello14 kun oldin
  • Ох девАчки, такой краш конечно

    Lena KolesovaLena Kolesova14 kun oldin
  • i become your fan since i heard ‘break my heart again’ from youtube recommendation and that was a blessing. thankyou for your good songs that keep me warm and not giving up! take care and stay safe everyone :) gonna save my money to see you life when this pandemic over ❤️ send hugs to everyone!!!

    Shoto MoonShoto Moon14 kun oldin