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clueless commentary trin lovell

  • Review "little Manhattan " please!

    D AD A7 soat oldin
  • im 19

    the last man standing Wesley Gibsonthe last man standing Wesley Gibson12 soat oldin
  • your Cher outfit should be emerald green, with a light brown undershirt and white socks I mean

    skysky20 soat oldin
  • Aw trin:( you’re so strong, thank you for sharing your story

    Isabela CuencaIsabela Cuenca20 soat oldin
  • How is she 18... I’m literally only 2 years younger than her. My life is such a mess

    Kiana DunbarKiana DunbarKun oldin
  • I’m obsessed with those cute curly front bang things

    TwevaTwevaKun oldin
  • talking about setting personal boundaries really resonated with me... thank you for mentioning this because at my big age of 22 I still have trouble saying no and I'm only just learning to do it now

    sianybsianyb2 kun oldin
  • How is Mean Girls more quotable than Clueless? There both such iconic movies

    Becoming AmiraBecoming Amira2 kun oldin
  • They need to put Clueless back on Netflix

    Becoming AmiraBecoming Amira2 kun oldin
  • Trin you should do Hearthers next💗

  • wait... trin is asian??? Not a bad thing I just didn't know what race she was so I just didn't care

    Theodore MillerTheodore Miller2 kun oldin
  • Don't know if anyone already done this in the comments but.... STEPBRO! 😂

    Kenzie ChenaultKenzie Chenault3 kun oldin
  • I like that the dialogue is smart and not what movies sound like now..

    Daisyloves noodlesDaisyloves noodles3 kun oldin
  • Absolutely love your videos!

    KwarkorKwarkor3 kun oldin
  • I agree with the dialogue in coming of age films comment. I kind of see it more as like.. What do teens want to see? They don't want to see someone who is exactly like themselves they want an exaggerated or unrealistic version. Also, it's kind of like the same thing as bright colours in babies/young kids media. Like in babies media sensory stuff is very helpful for growth. And similarly in young adult media, the tone, the character, the persona of these characters really helps young adults to build themselves, to build their own humour, to build their own personality, I think the characters and dialogue being a bit over the top really helps young adults do this. I also think films need to start being a bit more responsible on how they portray situations if they're targeted at young people because 100% the same I grew up watching Grease literally every single day I broke like 2 VHS tapes and one DVD from watching it over and over I'd watch it no lie like twice a day when I was legit a toddler to like 7. It's a big foundation of my childhood and my experience and oh man did stuff like the car scene where she's like no fuck me up. I grew up thinking like well if we're in a relationship I shouldn't say no, right????? And that's so messed up, films need to really be careful about plot points like that.

    LucyLucy3 kun oldin
  • pls give me a makeover trin

    Kenzi CharKenzi Char3 kun oldin
  • yes yes yes about your dialogue rant! in my screenwriting class, we learned that dialogue shouldn't be super realistic and that scripts shouldn't show what we do say irl, but instead what we WISH we had said like hours after a convo and I love that

    Kenzi CharKenzi Char3 kun oldin
    • like quicker/wittier comebacks etc.

      Kenzi CharKenzi Char3 kun oldin
  • “People can’t see that I’m gay when I’m driving” So wait, we become invisible? Awesome!

    Athena ParthenosAthena Parthenos3 kun oldin
  • i cant believe i tried to move trin’s commentary insert around the screen like it was a video call

    T MartinezT Martinez4 kun oldin
  • OMG, I completely resonate with what you say about saying no. I too felt bad for the guy which then fed into my relationships and being with guys. I would feel bad for them and didn't want to say no because I didn't want to upset them! I had no idea where it came from or why I felt like that but this must be one of the reasons why! Thank you so much for sharing this

    Lara KellyLara Kelly4 kun oldin
  • I had the exact same view as you trin, talking about the whole feeling bad for telling boys no, but the difference is I am a boy. Thankfully around the time of puberty, my household changed to all females, and I learned that shit was fucked up and to get consent, not just wear them down til they say yes. But my view as a kid was mostly, dont do anything, so you don't get denied and embarassed, I'm very glad it wasn't a different outlook. Thank you for speaking on this, I'm sure most of your audience is girls, but hopefully it got through to your younger male viewers aswell or maybe this comment gets through to younger boys aswell

    kidokido4 kun oldin
  • I tell people the reason I don't have my license is because of my anxiety, but the truth is I'm a bisexual woman and I don't want to add to the stereotype

    Smol HandedSmol Handed4 kun oldin
  • me being a bisexual asian woman o_o same

    theartofparistheartofparis4 kun oldin
  • omg in some scenes she looks like erin from derry girls

    heyy okheyy ok4 kun oldin
  • I rly wish they weren’t ex step siblings, couldn’t they have made him a family friend or something💀

    Hi I’m GenevieveHi I’m Genevieve4 kun oldin
  • Now this is my movie! The one I can actual recite pretty much all the lines.. ugh so comforting 😍

    veevee4 kun oldin
  • y is there random music playing in the background

    Myah HarrisMyah Harris4 kun oldin
  • 25:15 was the best part of the video 😻

    jazzy whojazzy who4 kun oldin
  • the bubblegum kk in the background of the ad read is so fucking iconic I love you trin

    Leah F.K.Leah F.K.4 kun oldin

    Clari NatalucciClari Natalucci5 kun oldin
  • Can we all just agree that we all want a Paul Rudd? Cuz I do. A lot.

    SweetyDeetySweetyDeety5 kun oldin
  • if you're interested in a nice foreign film that you can watch on (polish for sure, i don't know how it looks in other countries, but you can always use vpn) netflix, i really recommend “Corpus Christi”. it's about a guy with a criminal past that pretends to be a priest. oh and also if you want to watch the trailer- watch the polish one with subtitles on, it's way better than the english one :DD

    Zuzanna AmrantowaZuzanna Amrantowa5 kun oldin
    • you can find polish trailer by typing "boże ciało" on youtube ;))

      Zuzanna AmrantowaZuzanna Amrantowa5 kun oldin
  • can u do gossip girl or pretty little liars i love those shows and i would love you to do a reaction thing PLEASE!!

    Mallory BusbeyMallory Busbey5 kun oldin
  • Are gay people stereotypically bad drivers? Also, everyone should check out Emma Approved.

    TacticusPrimeTacticusPrime5 kun oldin
  • Trin... I really thought I made up the joke that "The reason I can't drive yet is because I'm a woman, Asian, and gay" for 4 years now. It's been in my back pocket. I've been waiting for a platform to use it. And at 7:04 my entire career ended. I am shaken to my core. How can I go on? (who would've ever though there's be another gay asian woman who can't drive)

    Catz1aCatz1a5 kun oldin
  • I love amy heckerling. She also wrote/directed the look who's talking trilogies and vamps also starring alicia Silverstone

    Tj CTj C5 kun oldin
  • Fun fact: the guy who played Elton was originally up for the role of Jack in Titanic. You can see his screen tests with Kate Winslet on UZworld.

    Tj CTj C5 kun oldin
  • I’ve always been kind of mad that no politician has ever said, “It does not say RSVP on the Statue of Liberty” during a debate on immigration

    RebeccaRebecca5 kun oldin
  • Trin, if you want a good plot twist movie, watch hippopotamus

    Sherry PersonSherry Person5 kun oldin
  • I'm honestly surprised that Trin was upset about Rapunzel and Flynn's age gap even though Rapunzel was 18, but not once did she address the fact that Cher is in highschool and Josh is in college

    Julieta SaavJulieta Saav5 kun oldin
  • *repeatedly looking at Trin’s starlights, then looking at my starlights* Haha, nice.

    bri nicholebri nichole5 kun oldin
  • The boundaries thing 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    Hafsa KhanHafsa Khan5 kun oldin
  • Can we please talk about Dionne🥺 like she is absolutely gorgeous and the actress portrays her character so well. Her outfits for gorgeous and although she didn’t speak much, you could tell she was awesome friend to Cher.

    Bandaid BabyBandaid Baby5 kun oldin
  • Honestly really appreciated your transparency about the car scene and struggling to say "no" - as an empathetic people we often take on responsibility for the emotions of everyone we interact with, even when they are not our fault. I'm still learning that it's ok to set boundaries, and not a personal affront to the other party. Thank you for this- I'm going to keep it in my head now- setting boundaries is not hurting the other person. Their reaction to those boundaries is their responsibility. It's so important for young people, especially women, to hear that. Thanks Trin 💕

    Elizabeth EarlsElizabeth Earls6 kun oldin
  • The background music is so annoying girl

    I AM HERI AM HER6 kun oldin
  • ouuuu trin can you watch selena the 1997 movie ?? 🥺

    Edden EmmausEdden Emmaus6 kun oldin
  • Thank you, just thank you honestly for your serious conversation in the middle of your reaction. Around 19:20 I just started crying after you said that we shouldn't feel bad for saying no and laying down boundaries. I can't talk to the people around me about my past experiences so I have no one to tell me what I did wasn't wrong, even though someone made me feel like I was. What you said made me feel less guilty about myself and my situation. Your commentary just hit close to home and it was much appreciated, thank you!

    Angelica AlvaradoAngelica Alvarado6 kun oldin
  • Responding to the part of the video about saying no, I had a similar issue of feeling I had to help people with everything until they were okay and not putting up boundaries even when it was traumatizing me. Luckily after a lot of on going therapy I understand how to respect myself and put up boundaries and I think it also comes to a problem of people in general letting men be worse than women. Like I was always told to forgive and tolerate bad behavior from men but no one would give me the benefit of the doubt because I was a girl, and I think more and more over the years I didn't give them a hundred chances and feel at some point (especially because most were a few years older than me) that they need to deal with their shit and learn from having some sort of punishment or harsh reality.

    Ava JamesAva James6 kun oldin
  • Girl get another cardigan and turn it into a skirt ♥️

    Moniker CovertMoniker Covert6 kun oldin
  • please do 'Nerve'

    m e l i o r i s mm e l i o r i s m6 kun oldin
  • It's fun how clueless a lot of people seem to be that there was a Clueless TV show.

    Eprocto-FilesEprocto-Files6 kun oldin
  • I legit started crying by the "saying no" talk, cuz I relate so hard

    the louthe lou6 kun oldin
  • Yes to the chat about consent! So important. No means no. It doesn’t matter if the other party feels embarrassed or hurt or angry. It’s happened to us all, where we’ve been manipulated into doing something we’ve clearly been uncomfortable with. This needs to stop, I hope it will.

    LilMissLizzie328LilMissLizzie3286 kun oldin
  • Thank you for unintentionally teaching me how to use a milf clip

    Fabulous RoyFabulous Roy6 kun oldin
  • nobody: me: *staring at the squishmellows in the back ground*

    Demi DeDemi De6 kun oldin
  • Watch Scream please x

    Najwa CarewNajwa Carew6 kun oldin
  • What is this background music?

    Shaddy TalaimataiShaddy Talaimatai6 kun oldin
  • LMAO

    karinakarina6 kun oldin
  • trin: i'm only 5'8 me here, 5'2. 👁👄👁

    Maya Shalgi-ShiraMaya Shalgi-Shira6 kun oldin
  • get rekt, noah

    jade edwardsjade edwards6 kun oldin
  • It makes me so mad that Stacey Dash voted for Trump, like I'm trying to simp for u but u make it SO. FUCKING. HARD

    Catdisc stanCatdisc stan7 kun oldin
  • Trin you are a bisexual queen that respects herself, I would give myself over to a makeover in a heartbeat

    KE WFKE WF7 kun oldin
  • Plzzzz react to mean girls plzzzzzzzzz

    thatsavage _girthatsavage _gir7 kun oldin
  • 14:44 you could give me a makeover 😂all I wear is nightclothes

    Marina MoonberryMarina Moonberry7 kun oldin
  • What's the name of the background music at 3:32

    LizLiz7 kun oldin

    Kendra lamKendra lam7 kun oldin
  • i'm so sorry for commenting this but the lighting during the sponsor gives me *big* 2010s beauty/life style youtuber vibes...

    makenna ehmakenna eh7 kun oldin
  • please do mean girls !!

    Camila NavarroCamila Navarro7 kun oldin
  • The freeway scene was a huge reason why I spent the first 5 months driving only on the streets.... 😂

    BrianZatzkeBrianZatzke7 kun oldin
  • Anyone else notice the bubblegum kk in the background during the ad? Also, omg I did not know you were bisexual I love that so much. I only just started watching you no hate pls.

    galabanigalabani7 kun oldin
  • I'm only 18 hehe... that's cute, why? If you have something substantial to consume, you don't need the cheap clickbait.

    ThatonechickdaniThatonechickdani7 kun oldin
  • And how could you NOT be bisexual after watching this movie

    AutumnAutumn7 kun oldin
  • When you find out you can't buy Raycon earbuds because you live in Australia

    Giorgia MurrayGiorgia Murray7 kun oldin
  • ok ok hear me out. that Cher set for you... but in mint

    lil Jolil Jo7 kun oldin
  • My name is also Trinity. I'm a woman, I'm gay (bi), and I can't drive. The only difference is that I'm Hispanic and short so I can't reach the pedals. Also wtf we are the same age too someone help

    Trinity BairTrinity Bair7 kun oldin
  • person on screen: does anything trin: "this is like glee when"

    AngelitaAngelita7 kun oldin
  • Trin, a bissexual asian woman driving: Me, crossing the street: Please run over me queen It's really nice that you talked about "setting boundaries" and "saying no" when you feel like it I feel like women especially are always taught to please others, and it is important to know you have no obligation to make others feel better

    KamomillaKamomilla7 kun oldin
  • "I've learned not to scream while passing a big truck" haha thats amazing and I completely relate

    Luna LambingLuna Lambing8 kun oldin
  • You should react to I Know What You Did Last Summer from 1997

    Shsh BummmShsh Bummm8 kun oldin
  • trin thank you for sharing your experience with us! learning to say no is definitely not something I knew right away and I wish I knew how to set boundaries with people earlier in life but it takes time and that's okay! hope you're doing well :)

    Angelina ZepedaAngelina Zepeda8 kun oldin
  • her saying "coercion is not consent" is so powerful i need that to be taught more!!

    SecondBestOliveSecondBestOlive8 kun oldin
  • i also had that impact from boundary setting scenes in movies and it really sucks. im younger than you and i've already had a few experiences where i needed better guidance, but luckily i have really amazing friends that taught me the right way to be treated and treat people. men (and teenage boys especially) really need to take no for an answer even without explanation. first its little things that make you uncomfortable that they dont respect and then it escalates so dont take anyones shit!!

    SecondBestOliveSecondBestOlive8 kun oldin
  • i love this channel so much ah!! the commentary, the outfits, the respect and the cuteness?? perfect. wouldnt change a thing

    SecondBestOliveSecondBestOlive8 kun oldin
  • Can you react to stranger things pls

    Edneniee UiliataEdneniee Uiliata8 kun oldin

    Jasmine MoreauJasmine Moreau8 kun oldin
  • I love Trin. She's like my older sister,,, even tho we're the same age.

    flowerfeastlouisflowerfeastlouis8 kun oldin
  • i feel like a big reason why the media criticizes characters like cher and jennifer is because of that inherent expectation that women should be modest and respectful so female characters like themselves get a lot of flack for breaking those norms which is real fucked up because you wouldn't see the same reaction if they were male characters

    ray whoopsray whoops8 kun oldin
  • i want to help trin become a better driver

    SmoolaSmoola8 kun oldin
  • girl the curbs hit into you not the other way around

    Emma WellsEmma Wells8 kun oldin
  • elton gives me jd from heathers vibes

    ELLA TUFFELLA TUFF8 kun oldin
  • you should watch dark shadows with johnny depp

    Jacie CarlsonJacie Carlson8 kun oldin
  • Thank you for speaking on that car scene. I also did this as a child, all the time, and it has fucked me up to this day. I'm 22 and I still let people take advantage of me all the time. I never set boundaries so as not to upset the other party. God, I need therapy.

    polnareffpolnareff8 kun oldin
  • I love how fresh your reviews are and that you actually give positive takes.

    Drucilla DeVilleDrucilla DeVille8 kun oldin
  • trin- i just watched the “Before trilogy movies” and they have to be one if my favorite movies ever. im going to recommend them to everyone till the day i die. you definietly should watch them, i highly highly recommend it!!

    RubyRuby8 kun oldin

    Selma Becker StrandSelma Becker Strand8 kun oldin
  • you have to watch enola homles ,feel the beat ,disturbia,holidate or clouds because i love these movies and i want to know what you think about the movies 💕💕🥺. I love your videos 💕💕❤️

    Finja KrausFinja Kraus8 kun oldin
  • 5:29 There used to be a website called polyvore that I think was the actual closest thing we have-and I loved it so much, and was so upset when it was taken down!! While it's long gone now, I hear there's a similar website now called URSTYLE that functions very similarly! : )

    nothingtoseeherenothingtoseehere8 kun oldin
  • wow when im 18 my brother will be 26-

    Sophia ChangSophia Chang8 kun oldin
  • Your taste in music=

    Kozi MasamuneKozi Masamune8 kun oldin
  • Can you watch the duff it’s on Netflix it’s really good

    Katie ScribnerKatie Scribner9 kun oldin