FBI's Most Wanted Con Artist Reveals Loopholes in The System

2-Apr, 2020
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FBI's Most Wanted Con Artist Reveals Loopholes in the System. Order the book: amzn.to/2UAyhcA Former Con Artist Matthew Cox in a sit-down with Patrick Bet-David at the Valuetainment studio in Dallas, TX.
About: Matthew Bevan "Matt" Cox is an American former mortgage broker and admitted mortgage fraudster. Cox, also an aspiring author, wrote an unpublished manuscript entitled The Associates in which the main character traveled the country to perpetrate a mortgage fraud similar to the one Cox ran.
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  • I love this guy!

    mustang94299mustang9429914 soat oldin

    Gary SmithGary Smith16 soat oldin
  • This is the best guest Patrick has ever had 👍

    Big PumpBig PumpKun oldin
  • Great, Great, Great, interview!

    HG OVHG OVKun oldin
  • Patric, you mics and camera setups are probably bad. When you look into camera you don't talk into mic and the sound becomes like from garage.

    StouneStouneKun oldin
  • Its troubling that a dateline interview could be "working with the government." As always i love these interviews. Watchong mt chili brew and loving the crazy content

    Exodus fivesixfivesixExodus fivesixfivesix5 kun oldin
  • Patrick doesn’t seem to have a clue about mortgages and loans?

    BlueLine RacingBlueLine Racing6 kun oldin
  • Guys like this are the reason the cfpb is able to write vague generalities as law and then prevent mortgagors from making exceptions for ppl who need and deserve them.

    JaneQPublicJaneQPublic8 kun oldin
  • He is not a criminal... Our banks, institutions and governments have been doing it since the depression. Cabal is done.....💥💥💥

    OneConsc333OneConsc3338 kun oldin
  • Bank of Ybor is a real bank... it's on 19th St and 7th ave in Ybor City...

    BOSS 350zBOSS 350z8 kun oldin
  • Great interview Patrick. You are like Larry King in that you always ask the questions that I want answered from your guest. Keep up the good work!!!

    Irwin GraulichIrwin Graulich9 kun oldin
  • Smart guy, greedy as fuck as well.

    mike kobermike kober9 kun oldin
  • No different than what politicians do with our taxpayer dollars

    Erik BrandsenErik Brandsen10 kun oldin
  • i cant stop laughing on him hahaahah

    Anan JAnan J11 kun oldin
  • America does Business on good ethics, being truthful and getting that commission check and worry about the cheating, fraud & lying later.

    darryl mdarryl m12 kun oldin
  • If he was black he would get 20 life sentence

    Carlos BaileyCarlos Bailey12 kun oldin
  • I love bad boys...marry me

    Caren philCaren phil12 kun oldin
  • This is why the economy is in the crapper. The grand of money

    Ben AlmbergBen Almberg13 kun oldin
  • This is our country's worst nightmare you should be replying for 25 years so we can use his weasel mind how to do the rest of his life once he gets out when he is 65 years old I have a hard time watching this freaking diesel I don't even understand how he's out of jail right now??!

    Shannon JokerShannon Joker14 kun oldin
  • Dirty dirty person dirty and I mean piece of s***

    Shannon JokerShannon Joker14 kun oldin
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    Jimmy LoganJimmy Logan14 kun oldin
  • He may be telling enough info. to self implicate and get arrested again!

    JNS4LIFE20JNS4LIFE2015 kun oldin
  • It's not that hard to manipulate. 2 simple rules i have. Tell them what they want to hear. And second, tell them what they want you to say. Simple.

    JosephJoseph15 kun oldin
  • And this how the real estate market got inflated and collapse in 2008

    Robert divanyRobert divany15 kun oldin
  • I did 18 years in the feds. I never evern HEARD, in all of that time of one single case of rape in prisons. There was one rape by instrument of a guy who was selling his ass, took the money and then wouldn't perform, so the guy who got ripped off did him with a mop handle. I heard of a case in a county jail, dunno if it was a federal guy. Mostly, if the word got out that you'd done such a thing, everyone on the yard would have been sticking a knife in your kidney.

    bali songbali song16 kun oldin
  • The guy is leaking sitting in front of Patrick.

    Ashmeet BhattiAshmeet Bhatti17 kun oldin
  • Dyslexia?

    Bettina AscainoBettina Ascaino17 kun oldin
    • Apparently, some constraints, like dyslexia, end up being a great advantage that “breeds” entrepreneurs. That’s because they start life with this huge problem of not being able to read, so they become experts at talking to compensate, great communicators/leaders that find solutions to everyday problems.

      Bettina AscainoBettina Ascaino17 kun oldin
  • This poured salt on my personal wounds. My husband refinanced our house thru Countrywide in 2007 without me and ended up losing it after we had been living there since 1989. Then he committed suicide and at 57 I became a widow. I'm still trying to recover and it has been nine years. I was married 37 yrs and we met when were 16. Just saying damn.

    Pam GilbertPam Gilbert18 kun oldin
  • I love watching all of Matthew Cox’s podcast interviews

    Erik HayesErik Hayes18 kun oldin
  • Best Buy also got rid of the commission because employees were buying stuff and ringing it up under there sales number and then returning it

    Pat VPat V18 kun oldin
  • He shuda sold houses in Toronto LOL he'd make dumb bands

    Milan SidhuMilan Sidhu19 kun oldin
  • Always get those deals with the gov't in WRITING 1st!

    JaniceJanice19 kun oldin
  • He's shocked that his girlfriend is crazy!?. The same girl whos in a 3 way relationship AND who wants to go on the run with him. He's shocked she'd keep his 600k and not bail him out. That's sad and cute.

    I'm outI'm out20 kun oldin
  • hmmm... some pretty good pointers here...

    joe alcottjoe alcott20 kun oldin
  • Amazing and fascinating interview, covering a very interesting topic (understatement).

    Tony PearlTony Pearl20 kun oldin
  • He just described Donald Trump!physcopathic!

    Larry youguessameLarry youguessame20 kun oldin
  • Smile joke laugh now, cry weep gnash teeth later. Only a fool believes anything stolen in life is free and for keeps. This segment should be called how to steal from your own life and soul.

    moniquemonicatmoniquemonicat20 kun oldin
  • Another thing that shows is, HE DIDN'T WRITE HIS OWN BOOK!

    ExteEriorityExteEriority21 kun oldin
  • Secondly, coming to you as a legitimately diagnosed "sociopath" aka anti social personality disorder, I can assure you, this guy is a pathological liar. It started at hello. The very idea that this guy would say "I'm a sociopath...." lolssss like no, sorry, a sociopath would never do that. Might you ask why would I? Good question-Good luck figuring out who I actually am though. A person who has truly been diagnosed as having anti social personality disorder would never say to ANYBODY "I'm a sociopath look at meeeeee reeee" Sorry, that doesn't happen. He IS narcissistic and he IS a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR! Almost every single thing he said about the things he knew you wouldn't be able to validate, was a lie. Body language and small little ques give him away. Only person he is fraud-ing is himself.

    ExteEriorityExteEriority21 kun oldin

    ExteEriorityExteEriority21 kun oldin
  • The interviewer is an idiot. He doesn’t pay attention.

    Jordan GarciaJordan Garcia21 kun oldin
  • This man is proud of . using his brain to to defraud the system instead building and helping his fellow man. 👎👎👎😡

    Myrna LeonMyrna Leon21 kun oldin
  • The online loans you said are 'ripe for fraud' are probably by design.

    Marc BMarc B22 kun oldin
  • I don't believe his process, he's lying. Doesn't even make sense with the fake socials..I believe most of it..but that how he really did it, not exactly. I hope none of y'all goofy ass try repeat his process he feeding yall on here. Lmao!!

    Lo'Down MediaLo'Down Media22 kun oldin
    • *thats not how he really did it*

      Lo'Down MediaLo'Down Media22 kun oldin
  • This is my favorite interview by far! Phenomenal story by Matt Cox! I love that he fucked the banks, good for him! 👍Just remember, the entire banking system is built on fraud! 😉

    ROGUE 7ROGUE 722 kun oldin
  • So proud of himself. Amazing story.

    Velvet BrewerVelvet Brewer23 kun oldin
  • This idiot says he is not reading because of a learning disability but claims to write books!!! Lol. He is not brilliant. He is a thief, that's all. 49:30 Big ego and a douche on so many levels.

    Haley BHaley B23 kun oldin
  • Hahahaha! Noooo, NOT everyone thinks their mom’s a saint, lol.

    Maria E. LabbeMaria E. Labbe23 kun oldin
  • This man is a hacker that couldn't be bothered with computers.

    PedroPedro23 kun oldin
  • I don't care what anybody says. If you're robbing a bank , not hurting anybody, on my books, you good. Well, if the government bails them out, that's another sign of how fucked up the system is.

    PedroPedro23 kun oldin
  • And we dont give life sentences to these pieces of shit??? This is corrupt as fuck.

    Forest StrobleForest Stroble23 kun oldin
  • “Socialism is your public schools” Public Schools: Closed 🧐🤨😅

    Robert FreemanRobert Freeman24 kun oldin
  • He did get people loans that im sure were a high risk but some of them probably paid their mortgage on time.

    Bert DahlmanBert Dahlman24 kun oldin
  • I've NEVER been bored of this channel! Great interview

    J EvendenJ Evenden24 kun oldin
  • It will come to you. WTF! hahahahahaha

    T smithT smith25 kun oldin
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    Natalie BoydNatalie Boyd25 kun oldin
  • If u dont think china and north korea are doing this right now ur nuts!

    Jimmy JenkinsJimmy Jenkins25 kun oldin
  • These are the kinda secrets you usually only hear in jail or prison. Aka crime school.

    r2dxhater2dxhate26 kun oldin
  • He is a great interviewer. Loved the direct questions.

    Terri PetersTerri Peters27 kun oldin
  • Tihs man has no soul. And the way he impersonated his mother's voice... he has no respect for her either. I call BS on not be willing to leave is mother's side

    Roosevelt Media NewzRoosevelt Media Newz27 kun oldin
  • One of the best interviews I've ever seen, and def his best interview

    Joe DeMaioJoe DeMaio28 kun oldin
  • Smart enough to scam dumb enough to do it

    Player 1Player 128 kun oldin
  • wouldnt they notice the number seqence on the ss card is that of newly issued cards not one from 30 years ago?/

    Todd SmithTodd Smith28 kun oldin
    • loophole in loophole

      Todd SmithTodd Smith28 kun oldin
  • if you made 11 millions in fraud or whatever and you are broke, you are a dumb ass and deserve to be broke.

  • I wasn't flashy, I just had a $40k sports car and a pretty girlfriend and I was contrent....... me as he pulls up next to me in my 7-year-old base model civic......... mumbles flashy dbag.

    Atl Anvil506Atl Anvil50629 kun oldin
  • This was an awesome interview, Patrick! Thank you.

    Liz WeeklyLiz Weekly29 kun oldin
  • Is that a 35,000 a year person 🤔 I see that’s a different language of being derogatory towards people you feel are beneath you because of their financial level 💯 I didn’t expect that from you my brother 🥺 but thanks for the clarity.

    Silent Ambition Bronx GoldSilent Ambition Bronx Gold29 kun oldin
    • @Silent Ambition Bronx Gold read what i saud again

      misutatomasumisutatomasu15 kun oldin
    • @misutatomasu so because he’s been that guy before you totally rule out the fact that his statement for that brief moment was derogatory 🤔 right 👀

      Silent Ambition Bronx GoldSilent Ambition Bronx Gold21 kun oldin
    • It was cut short because he wanted to get to the point and hear the guy's answer. I don't think it was meant to be derogatory, more like "was the guy paid enough to care?" Listen to the whole context again. he's been the "35,000 a year person" too.

      misutatomasumisutatomasu22 kun oldin
  • I never could figure out how I was able to buy 2 homes thru countrywide in Helper, Utah when I was on unemployment, Guess I know now. Title company, inspectors, real estate agents to loan companies are all crooked. Foreclosures inevitable, who was protecting the home buyers?

    Shauna EllisShauna Ellis29 kun oldin
  • Maaann 12 in DA pen?? What?....what?!

    cash Dollarcash Dollar29 kun oldin
  • Vladimir Klitschko

    ECCO BECCO BOy oldin
  • Yeah, and if he wasn't white and had a Hispanic last name boom they call the cops on him on the spot

    Damaris VazquezDamaris VazquezOy oldin
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    Laury LeclercLaury LeclercOy oldin
  • give a government, and he can make a new world order.

    Herman VelardeHerman VelardeOy oldin
  • Imagine how many people he fucked over

    melindadoesmelindadoesOy oldin
  • Famous last words: "things are going too well for me to fuck up"

    zero mitsubishizero mitsubishiOy oldin
  • He is 51 looks more like mid 30's

    m. steffenm. steffenOy oldin
  • This guy should never be free again

    Waynesville Aerial PhotographyWaynesville Aerial PhotographyOy oldin
  • I think my cousin went to that same school. I wish he could have said the name because i forget but it was 1st grade through 12th & only 1 class room. They would also put fancy dramatic plays each year

    Osama Bob ladenOsama Bob ladenOy oldin
  • What an amazing story! He gets locked up while capital hill robs us blind with zero consequences.

    Big KidBig KidOy oldin
  • Is there a podcast

    Wi FineWi FineOy oldin
  • What’s this? A job interview?

    Ahsan MohammedAhsan MohammedOy oldin
  • I bet you, this guys mentor is an (east) Indian. This type of thinking and fraudulent activity is common in India.

    Ahsan MohammedAhsan MohammedOy oldin
  • Be right back going to my nearest mortgage broker 😆

    Angel RodriguezAngel RodriguezOy oldin
  • Who else clicked this because they caught a glimpse of Chuck Liddell in the thumbnail only not to see him in the video?

    Knock-t -foutKnock-t -foutOy oldin
  • Ngl this guy is ruthless😂😂

    davidssshhhssshhhdavidssshhhssshhhOy oldin
    • You can tell he’s still pissed that he was the only one that went down, even though ppl knew it was illegal and they were complicit

      davidssshhhssshhhdavidssshhhssshhhOy oldin
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    Laury LeclercLaury LeclercOy oldin
  • Nothing an egotistical con man loves to do more than talk about his cons. Watching him drone and lie and inflate everything he did like it is something brilliant and noble - he shows no remorse - is just an exercise in watching a sick and broken man.

    N CorsoN CorsoOy oldin
  • He said he was getting new social security cards made because they will give new socials to children not present if under 10 months. Then he will get credit cards in this childs name?! Then build credit and buy houses with a 1-2 year olds name?! This doesnt make sense at all. EDIT: patrick completely caught this guys lie!! They do check age, u cant set up credit on a social of a 10 month old

    N CorsoN CorsoOy oldin
  • Amazing that a person can put in all that effort to knowingly do the dishonest thing. Why is it so difficult then to put in the same effort to actually do the honest thing?

    froukje matthewsfroukje matthewsOy oldin
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  • Super interesting. Everyone wants to know the story- every detail- about the guy that got away with it; the guy that screwed the banking systems and made them look as money-hungry as they are. They want to know how that guy even made the cops look foolish- and got away more than once. They want To know how he finally got caught, paid his dues and found a road to redemption.

    John WardJohn WardOy oldin
  • This will be a crazy movie. The ultimate crazy "prankster" to the max! Just insane!

    Aras BAras BOy oldin
  • Great show!!! I just subscribed!

    Carmen GCarmen GOy oldin
  • The interviewer is crazy. Tell which character you are. Were you scared of me. Whats a psychopath. Lol. Crazy interviwer dude. With a sinister laugh.

    CybersecuristyCybersecuristyOy oldin
  • Interview with my parole officer Amanda cox?

    Jessica BaileyJessica BaileyOy oldin
  • We need a movie of this man

    Isak AbrahamIsak AbrahamOy oldin
  • This guy part of the problem! This is how prices get ran up on houses for sale also😡

    Diane M RoachDiane M RoachOy oldin
  • So they want this fraud but don't care about Election frauds🤔😡

    Diane M RoachDiane M RoachOy oldin
  • GREED... I would have got a good chunk and then run away lol...

    Azalea AltAzalea AltOy oldin
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    908 resell908 resellOy oldin