12-Sen, 2019
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I texted Tfue and asked him to join FaZe...
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family friendly pg clean

  • the MERCH IS LIVE!!! - fazeclan.com/collections/adapt

    FaZe AdaptFaZe AdaptYil oldin
    • FaZe Adapt sup adapt?

      Sneaky masonSneaky masonOy oldin
    • @xDqnce Zzz

    • FaZe Adapt of guy who never shuts the heck up

      brandon pargabrandon parga3 oy oldin

      brandon pargabrandon parga3 oy oldin
    • Sallinger McNiven that was 10 months ago but ok

      F.ShottyF.Shotty4 oy oldin
  • Adapt is gay

    John Schnabel_JrJohn Schnabel_JrSoat oldin
  • T wap in the back corner of the office

    Big Daddy RafuseBig Daddy Rafuse6 soat oldin
  • She taught he was drunk😂 9:11

    Kyle MohammedKyle Mohammed2 kun oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to return a hot wheel car because its not hot

    Angel PerezAngel Perez3 kun oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to buy the Iphone 12 and then crack it

    Teddy KoukoumisTeddy Koukoumis6 kun oldin
  • Faze adapt the type of guy to think a microsoft mouse can move it self bcuz it's called a mouse

    joseph delmastojoseph delmasto7 kun oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to bring a umbrella before entering faze rains room

    Kristen KalmusKristen Kalmus8 kun oldin
  • 2:25

    Boss at fortnite BoyBoss at fortnite Boy8 kun oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy who can’t count

    RED BALLRED BALL8 kun oldin
  • Adapt is the type of guy who would use a soccer ball on a basketball court🏀⚽.

    Aden DayeAden Daye8 kun oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to get mad at the mirror because they are wearing the same clothes

    Me My acoountMe My acoount9 kun oldin
  • Who’s watching in 2020

    Hommie RyHommie Ry9 kun oldin
  • The tfue part is fake

    LilJ 2306LilJ 230610 kun oldin
  • He said we already talked about it so adapt try to kiss him

    Zazza ReeceZazza Reece10 kun oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to build a tent with actual sticks

    Jeri- EckardJeri- Eckard10 kun oldin
  • Who else feels bad on these vids when everyone hates him even when we know it’s staged

    TVG JEBTVG JEB10 kun oldin
  • go watch rz gaming pro

  • Adapt the type of guy to buy a new phone when it dies

    Reed AnthonyReed Anthony12 kun oldin
  • did tfue awnser the text?

    Ahmed IzzeldinAhmed Izzeldin12 kun oldin
  • okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk adapt

    ali hassanali hassan13 kun oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to drink of of a urinal and think it’s a water dispenser

    Cool AidsCool Aids16 kun oldin
    • Idk what it’s called but I think it’s called a water dispenser.

      Cool AidsCool Aids16 kun oldin
  • Alex=CrackHead

    Hamzah ArzooHamzah Arzoo16 kun oldin
  • do more the type of’s

    Barney1241Barney124117 kun oldin
  • Who watching during corona 8 november 20202

    FearlicitaFearlicita18 kun oldin
  • Bro did you get your phone from at t

    Leo DonaLeo Dona18 kun oldin

    FirmFirm23 kun oldin
  • Is Lexi recoring

    Nazar MohamedNazar MohamedOy oldin
  • When it I had bad draems

    Nazar MohamedNazar MohamedOy oldin

    Mist DropsMist DropsOy oldin
  • Adapt the type of nigga to fake tlak

    Oulaye NjieOulaye NjieOy oldin
    • Not guy nigga just nigga

      Oulaye NjieOulaye NjieOy oldin
  • 8:21 LMAO so that mean he was still in character

    LyN CosmicYTLyN CosmicYTOy oldin
  • Adapt is the type of guy that wont reply to this :(

    Alejando.Alejando.Oy oldin
  • jarvis prolly complains about 60 ping bruh i run constant 80 -200

    TheShitman52TheShitman52Oy oldin
  • Adapt is the type of guy that would stay social distanced to a fly

    Cje GamesCje GamesOy oldin
  • Faze adapt the type of guy to try to sneak around his house because he's in incognito mode on Google

    Nick BarberNick BarberOy oldin
  • 70 ping bad Me playing at 120 ping It seems fine

    Jollygamer 456Jollygamer 456Oy oldin
  • Faze adapt the type of guy to wait until juice wrld makes a new song

    kb brock realkb brock realOy oldin
  • Faze adapt the guy to wake up everybody them that he’s awake

    Heather MendiolaHeather MendiolaOy oldin
  • have u ever heard of non lactose milk like bruh

    Jude ProchaskaJude ProchaskaOy oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to restart WiFi because the power went out

    Christian PriettoChristian PriettoOy oldin
  • Faze adapt is the type of guy to go get money out of faze banks

    areax _ on Youtubeareax _ on YoutubeOy oldin
  • Faze Adapt the type of guy to put an umbrella up in Faze Rain’s room

    extrortornat3rextrortornat3rOy oldin
  • FaZe Adpat the type of guy that drinks water before sleeping

    VibezVibezOy oldin
  • Adapt the type of person that sleeps outside to Learn peacee

    Max is My SenseiMax is My SenseiOy oldin
  • Adapt is a type of guy when his phone die he puts batteries b

    FaZa MarcoFaZa MarcoOy oldin
  • We're going to the movies. "Has theater in faze house"

    lolly slolly s2 oy oldin
  • Till this day tfue never replied to adapts message

    NyteROGIENyteROGIE2 oy oldin
  • this is the perfect type of dumbass content for me:)

    BradyBeastBradyBeast2 oy oldin
  • Adapt the tile of guy to say to his friends let’s play Squads and is playing with other people when he gets on

    GachaPandaGirlGachaPandaGirl2 oy oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to play Fortnite in front of Jarvis

    DeathFighterDeathFighter2 oy oldin
  • Holy fuck when adapter was doing the one that he was calling his mum to tell her he’s gonna go to the shops with his friends I had this same charge as his phone

    Revans247ok LolRevans247ok Lol2 oy oldin
  • MY PING 999✌🏻

    Der DeCaprioDer DeCaprio2 oy oldin
  • Gwidt the guy with glasses is annoying af

    Cyrus AhmedCyrus Ahmed2 oy oldin
  • Anybody else notice the phone was typing even tho his hands w assent typing when he was texting tfue

    GhouslyGhously2 oy oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to get a sniper and kill temper

    jjoo11aann on topjjoo11aann on top2 oy oldin
  • Why does this ended series remind me of ricky from trailer park boys

    ZeltfieZeltfie2 oy oldin
  • .

  • 3,341,348 views 96 k likes 1.9 k dislikes

    SmlSml2 oy oldin
  • Adapt name tfue turner LOL

    wild keywild key2 oy oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to use a lighter on water to make obsidian

    Carma :DCarma :D2 oy oldin
  • Why is 70 ping bad I play on 200 ping

    Mohammed Rameez AbdullaMohammed Rameez Abdulla2 oy oldin
  • Adapt type a guy of eat pages

    TrimiXTrimiX3 oy oldin
  • I’m your sixth million subscriber congrats

    atsxxx taxatsxxx tax3 oy oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to wear a seatbelt to keep his pants on

    ItZ _ DubsItZ _ Dubs3 oy oldin
  • It’s no even funny how close adapt is to 6mil

    Joshua NoeJoshua Noe3 oy oldin
  • Faze adapt is the type of guy to put a blanket over his PS4 why it’s in rest mode

    S4lcleanS4lclean3 oy oldin
  • I like how if famous people mess up they say it’s lag 😂

    Caleb RolonCaleb Rolon3 oy oldin
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    Lucas AndrewLucas Andrew3 oy oldin
  • Who’s here when Jarvis is banned

    KingYazKingYaz3 oy oldin
  • yo guys at 7:18 what happened what does i turned mean and they start apologising

    AstronomicalAstronomical3 oy oldin
  • Faze Adhapt is the type of guy to get a haircut and not like it and tell them to put the hair back on

    Finn ScullionFinn Scullion3 oy oldin
  • lol that was my old acc 2:20

  • Little kids: their in the hype house!!!

    Mexican FaceMexican Face3 oy oldin
  • blaze music is ass

    Scott LawtonScott Lawton3 oy oldin
  • H

    Farhad AliFarhad Ali3 oy oldin
  • Can anyone tell me what happened here? 7:16

    • He did not text tfue

      Kaden DunnKaden Dunn3 oy oldin
  • He hasn’t seen 200 text

    Chevy BrinsonChevy Brinson3 oy oldin
  • Adapt is the type of guy that insults himself them cries🤦‍♂️.

    Albino BurgerAlbino Burger3 oy oldin
  • Jarvis says 70 ping is bad... I’m out here chilling with 1000-1100 ping...

    zigityzigity3 oy oldin
  • I like how he’s screen recording acting like he jus msged dude

    Bniggz 23Bniggz 233 oy oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to poop in the trash can so it can go in the dumpster

    xdragonplayz123 Dxdragonplayz123 D3 oy oldin
  • What did Turner say?

    Grateful TortillaGrateful Tortilla3 oy oldin
  • Adapt is the type of guy to record himself to see if the 💤 will come out his head.

    FaZe Tak1zFaZe Tak1z3 oy oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to forget his own name

    Motso BrosMotso Bros4 oy oldin
  • Adapt is the type of guy who ruins the movie by saying what happens

    Mike Salois JrMike Salois Jr4 oy oldin
  • Gwidt I'm lactose and tolerance and I still drink and eat cheese idc LMFAO

    it's cody broit's cody bro4 oy oldin
  • Adapt is type of guy to to get a iphone11 and return it because it has 2 cameras

    jaden & timajaden & tima4 oy oldin
  • Adapt the tipe of guy to take a shower with milk

    Lil ZombieLil Zombie4 oy oldin
  • Jarvis is in the UbEr

    SrytzSrytz4 oy oldin
  • 3:33 man got apple sickers on a pc

    Mole 3853Mole 38534 oy oldin
  • Jarvis plays fortnite

    m mm m4 oy oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to sleep with a pencil so he can draw his own dream

    LivixFNLivixFN4 oy oldin
  • Pls pls pls u can’t take this

    Opza FnOpza Fn4 oy oldin
  • Adapt is the type of guy to empty his pool to use his skateboard

    Vibes OpTVibes OpT4 oy oldin
  • Faze adapt is the type that when his ps4 broke he gives it medicine

    Nancy CenadaNancy Cenada4 oy oldin
  • Lol 5:37

    Toyless FNToyless FN4 oy oldin
  • Jarvis saying 70 ping is so bad while me having 4000 ping and still getting kill like actually once I had 4000 ping

    Masked GamerMasked Gamer4 oy oldin
  • faze adapt the guy to push friend in pool because they did not have shower

    Agent 47Agent 474 oy oldin
  • faze adapt is the type of guy to be gay

    Sallinger McNivenSallinger McNiven4 oy oldin