Father of the Bride Part 3 (ish)

25-Sen, 2020
2 745 103 Ko‘rishlar soni

The Banks family is back for a very special event!
Please consider donating to World Central Kitchen! www.wck.org/father
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  • My favorite part, the song at the end.

    Clara Alvarez GonzálezClara Alvarez González2 soat oldin
  • I can't believe anyone would give unlike to this.

    Clara Alvarez GonzálezClara Alvarez González2 soat oldin
  • What they call, a love letter to the fans, like Ghostbusters Afterlife and TopGun Maverick.

    Independent ContractorIndependent Contractor4 soat oldin
  • Creative.

    Independent ContractorIndependent Contractor4 soat oldin
  • Loved it. Thank you

    Rhonda LanglinaisRhonda Langlinais8 soat oldin
  • 😭😭😭😭😭 this. Is. The. Best. Please make part 3 full length movie.

    Elizabeth CarballoElizabeth Carballo8 soat oldin
  • This is NOTHING more than MINDCONTROL. Beast system. Wake up people.

    Artisan MotionArtisan Motion13 soat oldin
  • Fell in love all over again.

    Miceala terryMiceala terry18 soat oldin
  • Really part 3 on dvd I can’t wait plzs make more

    Heather GlasgoaHeather Glasgoa20 soat oldin
  • This was incredibly written and performed fir a short!!! I want more!!!!!!!!! Please bring this movie into A series !!!

    Stephanie SalazarStephanie Salazar20 soat oldin
  • Two of my favorite childhood movies! I loved this ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Karina MartinezKarina MartinezKun oldin
  • PLEASEEEEE make this into a movie!!!!!! Father of the Bride 1 & 2 is 2 of my FAVORITE movies!!!!! I need that time of happiness and great quality movies back ❤️

    shannon wshannon wKun oldin
  • So much love!! I love this! Congrats!!

    Natalie GardnerNatalie GardnerKun oldin
  • Okay now I NEED Martin Short to officiate my wedding.

    AnnaAnnaKun oldin
  • I'm just so happy I survived to see this! Thank you so much!!😭

    The Faraway TimesThe Faraway TimesKun oldin

    Эмилия ТагиеваЭмилия ТагиеваKun oldin
  • I need this movie as soon as this pandemic is over!! This was amazing! My sister and I loved these movies...this brought back so many memories!😍😍

    Shaveh CurryShaveh CurryKun oldin
  • Steve Martin's character in Father of the Bride always remind me of my late father. Miss you, Dad...

    Hartaty SiraitHartaty SiraitKun oldin
  • Movie please please xxxx

    Shelley FryShelley FryKun oldin
  • Awe!!!! So sweet!!! I am in love

    Shannon jonesShannon jonesKun oldin
  • I used to produce events, and i HATE weddings, but I've loved these movies my ENTIRE life. Diane Keaton, you're just the greatest. You're all adorable for this. Thank you!

    Andre WalkerAndre WalkerKun oldin
  • I just love Father of Bride please bring it on

    Barbara MusumbulwaBarbara MusumbulwaKun oldin
  • This made me so happy tears and smiles of joy such love is priceless!

    Catherine BatemanCatherine BatemanKun oldin
  • I guess it was mandatory that Rachel wasn't white? As a non-white person, even I'm over it!

    Sarcastically DerangedSarcastically DerangedKun oldin
  • When uncle Franck appeared I cried he is sooo sweeet

    SalomeSalomeKun oldin
  • I love this movie! Please do Father of the Bride 3 movie!! This has to happen!!!

    Liza MLiza MKun oldin
  • OMG! THAT WAS THE BEST!🥰👍😅👏. Now you know we need a FULL part 3!

    Tabatha TeeTabatha TeeKun oldin
  • Robert De Nero

    Aksinya KostyrkinaAksinya KostyrkinaKun oldin
  • My favorite movie series of all time

    baddkittyybaddkittyyKun oldin
  • Lovlely ❣️❣️❣️

    Azucena FarrugiaAzucena FarrugiaKun oldin
  • this is gay

    Fifi LeighFifi LeighKun oldin
  • 🥰

    Daniela Medeiros ElerDaniela Medeiros ElerKun oldin
  • Oh Matty 😭

    xstream1234xstream1234Kun oldin
  • I watch father of the bride every time I finish semester exams 😢 such a feel good movie ♥️

    xstream1234xstream1234Kun oldin
  • Such a great video! Made me so happy and cry tears of joy and love. I loved both Father of the Bride and Father of the Bride Part 2

    Heather IshamHeather Isham2 kun oldin
  • When will Netflix release the film in Brazil?

    Franklin SternbergFranklin Sternberg2 kun oldin
  • ❤️

    dreamadreama2 kun oldin
  • Such a beautiful video 😭😭😭😘😘😍😍😍

    The LibranThe Libran2 kun oldin
  • Madre Mia !!!!!!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍👏👏👏👌👌👌

    Yasmin Oyarce ToledoYasmin Oyarce Toledo2 kun oldin
  • "I give you this rung"

    CanalanaCCanalanaC2 kun oldin
  • Ight Netflix.. the people has spoken. We need it!!

    Amy HewlettAmy Hewlett2 kun oldin
  • Just make a movie....

    mr.nobodymr.nobody2 kun oldin
  • I didn’t realize how much I needed this but I also need this to be a full movie...so here’s my plot: these two have an actual wedding or they’re pregnant and baby sister gets engaged and grandson gets engaged and they have a double wedding!

    Mystery G.Mystery G.2 kun oldin
  • I love this movie ,,, this is the best thing ever ,, Netflix gift us a full movie 🍿 we will cherish it so much... this what we need love and family union in the craziness of pandemic 😷 - I love 💕 it it make me cry in a good way..

    Frenchíe KaíFrenchíe Kaí2 kun oldin
  • So this was the legal part? Can we please have an actual wedding and a full length movie as the next part.

    Gaby PGaby P2 kun oldin
  • That was beautiful. Thank you Everyone 💖. It would be great to see more 🥰.

    Victoria HelmeVictoria Helme2 kun oldin
  • I like it, it’s funny, and good.

    Mike CohenMike Cohen2 kun oldin
  • Ridiculous, that I cried 3x in under 30 minutes... but if anything will do it, it's definitely this

    cr3aT!FFitycr3aT!FFity2 kun oldin
  • I haven’t cried so much like this since my mom died 18 months ago. The ring hit me hard. I’m wearing my moms favorite ring to remember her by. My fiancé said she gave it to him to give to me if he truly loved me. We’re getting married at Disneyworld in 2022. Had to put it off a year due to the pandemic. Also our wedding planner got word they will be closing the parks and resorts again for sanitization

    Retrodee412Retrodee4122 kun oldin
  • I have just wept buckets. Thank you to the cast for their sheer brilliance in this terrible year. A perfect pick-me-up. 😍😷😭👰🏽💍💏

    Charlotte MaceCharlotte Mace2 kun oldin
  • Imagine the savings in a zoom wedding

    Dex ManuelDex Manuel2 kun oldin

    nasnas2 kun oldin
  • could this get any better

    Ashmi GuhaAshmi Guha2 kun oldin
  • Thanks so much! Cast and Netflix. I’m sending, Love 💕 Light and Laughter to all!!..you put on these Movies, it brings Healing, Hope and Happiness in a Very Healthy and Prosperous way, In our lives. I’ve cried 😭Laughed😂🤣 🤭 😅 and I wanted more of this Brilliant feeling, I have. I’m trying to describe best.. Best Blessings Hope Love 💗 Light!! to dreams and Wishes happening into more fruition 🎉🎊 Yay!! Yay!!! Yay!!!!😁 Thank you, all so much! Again.😉💜🌟🤗

    Essence HarmonEssence Harmon2 kun oldin
  • Cried so many times. Love this movie franchise ❤️

    Emily PiperEmily Piper2 kun oldin
  • I have no words to express how happy this made my heart... 😢 As a fan of these movies, this was just amazing and needed in this time... Thank you.

    Drea L.Drea L.2 kun oldin
  • Please do a full movie on this. I didnt realize how much i missed this movie 😭😭

    xhoi ioxhxhoi ioxh3 kun oldin
  • Oh my gosh! I loved it! I probably shouldn’t have been putting my makeup on while I was watching this, because it was a tearjerker😭Oh, I hope this becomes a movie🙏🏻

    Gail VielGail Viel3 kun oldin
  • I absolutely loved Father of the Bride 1 and 2 and i miss the glorious movies of the 90s with such iconic actors and beautiful sets and how wonderful the 90s were which are sealed like a time capsule to revisit when we cnt tolerate how life has become anymore and if it werent for whoever is respomsible for pushing the whole online impersonal marriage and isolating the most intimate relationship of all by a screen and make it virtual and suck people into it. If it wasnt for this i would absolutely love it. And i want a part 3 with a REAL WEDDING. NOT BUYING THIS ONLINE VIRTUAL WEDDING PROPAGANDA. not going to catch on as much as the govt tries. Your not going to separate us. Not going to happen .so i hope netflix gets it right by making a part 3 whicj is desperately needed with a REAL WEDDING where the couple are present in person. But nonetheless i thank the actors for bringjng back a slice of the wonderful times through this revisit and if it wasnt filled with covid propaganda and separation of families and loved ones through screens it would be perfect. Still thank the actors for coming together to give thuer time and energy to donate to a worthy cause. The plot though was propaganda and whoever is responsible for this , just knw its not going to work. Were humans u cannot and will not succeed in keeping us apart and making us a robot generation.

    M.N. DM.N. D3 kun oldin
  • I sooooo needed this..... NETFLIX as always you knocked it outta the park. I was in tears and emotional the entire time. Please make this movie for real when the pandemic is under control.... pick up right here at the end of the zoom meeting. God bless y’all for this. Y’all PLEASE DONATE. Be blessed.

    Je ZoriJe Zori3 kun oldin
  • That was terrible

    mbrandon85mbrandon853 kun oldin
  • Im crying - my dad was so much like George Banks over my wedding - I lost my daddy this year and I miss him so so much

    Kate wKate w3 kun oldin
    • Aaaw I’m so sorry😥❤️

      Danielle IapalucciDanielle Iapalucci2 kun oldin
  • Please make it a movie, heal our hearts with the father of the bride 3, in this hard times 🙏🙏🙏

    carolina parracarolina parra3 kun oldin
  • OMG I love this

    Michelle LashuayMichelle Lashuay3 kun oldin
  • Wow

    Shwetha BShwetha B3 kun oldin
  • Amazing!!! Crying!! Thank you, what a gift. Donating now!!

    DMCDMC3 kun oldin
  • Kieran culkin looks absolutely like he's been in Scott Pilgrim vs the world

    elise bimanelise biman3 kun oldin
  • Absolutely beautiful

    Paula DunnPaula Dunn3 kun oldin
  • ❤️.... this need need need to be a real movie when this is all over ☺️

    Spoilchild Sam SamSpoilchild Sam Sam3 kun oldin
  • awsome x

    rachel Stanleyrachel Stanley3 kun oldin
  • Father of the Bride I & II are two of my all-time favorite movies. I thought that it was pretty cool that I saw FOTB I for the first time when we were actually planning our daughter's wedding and my husband could SO relate to George Banks, lol! I'd always hoped that a part 3 would be made. Great movies!

    Elaine's Country HomeElaine's Country Home3 kun oldin
  • Nice. Cheers and Office zoom is needed.

    Sean NortonSean Norton3 kun oldin
  • Thank you for this. ❤

    Geraldine SmithGeraldine Smith3 kun oldin
  • This was beautiful! It made my day! Thank you ❤️🙏🏾

    Junie MarzJunie Marz3 kun oldin
  • This was amazing

    Liz HillsLiz Hills3 kun oldin
  • This is EVERYTHING!!!!!🙌🙌🙌 A full length movie version pleaseeeeeeeee 💖💖💖💖💖💖

    Life is BeautifulLife is Beautiful3 kun oldin
  • amazing, beautiful

    diah resitadiah resita3 kun oldin
  • Wow!!! This was amazing🥰

    Kimyatta SatchelKimyatta Satchel3 kun oldin
  • Good grief why am I crying?! Please make this a movie!

    Zachs MomZachs Mom3 kun oldin
  • This was so so so sweet omg!!!

    Sabrina JohnsSabrina Johns3 kun oldin
  • Love this!!!! ❤ i love how they are doing stuff like this with old movies after so long!

    the Good's, party of sixthe Good's, party of six3 kun oldin
  • Wait but it’s like Steve has aged but like he hasn’t at the same time...🤔

    Sabrina JohnsSabrina Johns3 kun oldin
  • I wanted "chaahpp chicken"!

    Beckala67Beckala673 kun oldin
  • Oh the joy this brought to my life!!! Made my heart smile. The cast of this movie is Phenomenal... makes me laugh & cry every time I watch both movies & this warms my ❤ THANK YOU!!!!

    Leeann JohnsonLeeann Johnson3 kun oldin
  • Ok we got the cast. Let’s make this happen!!! By the way. Don’t watch the first 2 then this one in a row. Your heart will explode with love and Care Bear stares. 😍😍😭😭

    Blair J. RobinsonBlair J. Robinson3 kun oldin
  • I need this movie 😭. Also I Love Florence and ben too.

    Ale GutiAle Guti3 kun oldin
  • The only reason i got through it is cuz i loved the show so much. This whole thing is a joke. What less than 10 people cant come together to share such a huge moment of life? No its more important to see who can be the most paronoid. Also btw you dont look that refreshed after a 24 hour shift. Lamest thing i ever seen.

    Mary KayMary Kay4 kun oldin
  • Oh wow this is such a good movie I love that his gf Fiancé is black/biracial, like love ❤️! There going to need a part 4 where Mattye has a kid etc.

    Fly&ThriveFly&Thrive4 kun oldin
  • how did a zoom call make me cry?! this makes no sense!

    EssenceEssence4 kun oldin
  • This just never gets old. Brilliantly done

    Ellen MEllen M4 kun oldin
  • Steve Martin looks good to be 75 yrs old!

    Yadira LopezYadira Lopez4 kun oldin

    Surjorimba SurotoSurjorimba Suroto4 kun oldin
  • Please Netflix make it a part 3

    Shannen RebelloShannen Rebello4 kun oldin
  • Dumb

    Amelia SRAmelia SR4 kun oldin
  • The song!!!

    TonberryBlueTonberryBlue4 kun oldin
  • Wow what a wonderful way to help our families in need! Way to go Netflix nothing says caring like sharing! I loved the first film it's one of my all time favorites! Reese Witherspoon is America's sweetheart of goodness a true roll model for our young ladies! I did not even know this film assisted and it has all our awesome favorite characters yeah! Can't wait! Thank you for sharing this fun family film with our family of humanity! ♡♡♡ :)

    Mallen JMMallen JM4 kun oldin
  • Oh my! Loved it ! Crying so much! Thank you 🙏🏾

    Luci BourguignonLuci Bourguignon4 kun oldin
  • This was perfect 😍 I love Father of the Bride

    Carrie SmithCarrie Smith4 kun oldin
  • I’m not crying, I’m not crying 😭 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Ornella NsokiOrnella Nsoki4 kun oldin
  • oh woww..that beautiful house...😍

    parvathy asokanparvathy asokan4 kun oldin