Fans React to The Mandalorian Chapter 16: "The Rescue"

25-Dek, 2020
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  • What Star Wars is meant to be

    Stephen SmithStephen Smith11 daqiqa oldin
  • In the end, Luke destroyed a platoon of Darktroopers, and the just look like he had a nice walk from his ship to the bridge - epic....

    AntaresBeyondAntaresBeyond3 soat oldin
  • Lame should if used sabastian Stan

    Lauren ruyol - cuevasLauren ruyol - cuevas4 soat oldin
  • Didn’t cry, but I was grateful and felt like Favreu and Filoni truly understand what was wanted all along.

    Dave DahlDave Dahl4 soat oldin
  • No one was as speechless as StarWars Theory!

    Daniel DimovDaniel Dimov6 soat oldin
  • 00:18 Wait; Thor did UZworld reaction videos between "Infinity War" and "Endgame"?

    J W BJ W B6 soat oldin
  • Lovely video mate! Thank you Mandalorian for restoring my love for star wars. Since this episode I have been bodying people on battlefront 2 with Luke. My life is complete.

    Lamar PeddieLamar Peddie7 soat oldin
  • I still think that the Jedi that showed up should have been Mace Windu. I also think that the Mandalorian should have given the little metal ball to Grogu.

    Monkeywrench542Monkeywrench5428 soat oldin
  • So is it a bad time to bring up the fact Kylo Ren probably killed Grogu...

    Caleb RaphaelCaleb Raphael8 soat oldin
  • Luke Skywalker: master of the full-upper-body Force-choke.

    J W BJ W B9 soat oldin
  • "Shannon....." "Matthew......" "Shannon...." Sums it up right there.

    Michigan SkinnyMichigan Skinny15 soat oldin
  • Wow I thought I was the only crazy guy at 43 years old crying like a baby... OMG so good to share this moment with everyone. Thank you for this video really ❤️

    Pedro CaixinhasPedro Caixinhas15 soat oldin
  • This show gave the fans so much in two seasons

    britpack dogbritpack dog16 soat oldin
  • I'm 47. I saw Star Wars in 1977 at the drive in theater with my parents. The Mandalorian is the first time I have felt emotional about Star Wars since 1983.

    WillWill18 soat oldin
  • Its incredible how the legend of the great luke skywalker lives not just in the star wars universe but in the real world too

    odnanreFodnanreF22 soat oldin
  • hermoso grande PEDRO PASCAL soy chileno y estoy orgulloso de ud don pedro pascal gran serie maravilloso final perfecto chao triologia barata

    Pablo AscencioPablo AscencioKun oldin
  • I thought Boba Fett is supposed to be a bad guy.

    Cory ThompsonCory ThompsonKun oldin
  • "You're beautiful, daddy, you're a handsome man!" Lmao

    daffawaffadaffawaffaKun oldin
  • Bad CGI Luke is better than recasting Luke with anyone even Sebastian Stan. There is only ONE Luke Skywalker and that's Mark Hamill.

    CHRIS HCHRIS HKun oldin
  • How did R2 get down the halls full of trooper parts? Dies he have a little push broom that shoved the parts away to clear a path?

    Captain CrunchCaptain CrunchKun oldin
  • I mean I'm a pretty normie Star Wars fan- but it's pretty cool seeing actual star wars fans get this excited over such a phenomenal show.

    Jacob RajiJacob RajiKun oldin
  • Love how its "Oh my god luke!!!!!" To *lots of crying*

    Tom TomTom TomKun oldin
  • This is all we ever wanted from Star Wars.

    MitsukiMitsukiKun oldin
  • You know what. Luke school was burned down by Kylo ten and no one survived. Oof

    Alonzo YazzieAlonzo YazzieKun oldin
  • 4:02 stormtrooper shooting stars

    Arooj KazmiArooj KazmiKun oldin
  • Anyone who hasn't cried here is not a person. John Favreau, you're the best.

    Jongsoo ShinJongsoo ShinKun oldin
  • Ahhhh kindred spirits, these people are amazing! Feels great to share the same vibe and passion for STAR WARS.

    Daken MossDaken MossKun oldin
  • i got so angry at myself for not starting season2 when it aired bcoz i got spoiled about luke in coming in the finale but its still cool to see how i would've also lost my shitt warching this episode just like everyone here

    Praharsh DesaiPraharsh DesaiKun oldin
  • No me canso de ver el ultimo episodio y este video.

    Noel MendezNoel MendezKun oldin
  • Kathleen JJ and Brian killed the spirit of Star Wars. Jon and Dave revived the spirit of Star Wars....just wish Disney executives could realize it.

    Jaime LopezJaime LopezKun oldin
  • One scene better than the entire sequel trilogy.

    Andrew CorbettAndrew CorbettKun oldin
  • Lucasfilm: Kathleen, the fans are united, what should we do? Kathleen: Fire Gina Carano!

    F MF MKun oldin
  • Some of these reactions are fake

    Nolan RatuNolan RatuKun oldin
  • Gina Carano looks like Jesse The Body Ventura from Predator 1987 shooting that chain gun.

    TKD Jedi Knight 2nd BBTKD Jedi Knight 2nd BBKun oldin
  • The dark troopers take longer to load up than my ten yr old computer

    Benjy GilbertBenjy GilbertKun oldin
  • I have watched these reaction videos multiple times and each and every time its like the first time. Dude, I dont know who you are but you are extremely talented. You not only did an awesome job of editing, you were able to capture the raw emotions of everyone at just the right time. If you are not already in the film industry you should be! Again, all of your Mandalorian vids are great. Keep up the great work.

    Vorlon Angel 1811Vorlon Angel 1811Kun oldin
  • its bullet proof,,ummm those are blasters dude.

    Terry TracyTerry TracyKun oldin
  • Can anyone explain to me why do we cry when luke come out? I cry and i dont know why, i not even a big fan of star wars but i cry do.. why?!?!

    Sebas YSebas Y2 kun oldin
  • They didn't show Theory's because man said more with his tears than anyone can ever say with words

    Max L. MossMax L. Moss2 kun oldin
  • Proof good storytelling is above all

    Walter BlackWalter Black2 kun oldin
  • What happens now??...Disney finds a way to screw it up :(

    S TS T2 kun oldin
  • Dark troopers...if they brought that back then technically didnt they make dark forces the pc game from mid 90s back as well? Hey id have loved to see Kyle Katarn come kick some dark troopers butt AND general mohc in a phase 3 dark trooper suit.

    revan skywolfrevan skywolf2 kun oldin
  • Anyone else realize that Ben solo most likely killed Grogo

    Kaden BucklerKaden Buckler2 kun oldin
    • Ben’s fall is a long way away, there’s lots of reasons why Grogu wouldn’t still have been at Luke's Academy.

      wyprmanwyprmanKun oldin
  • My forecast for what will happen in season 3, which takes place "after" the book of Boba. Years have passed, and the new Jedi order has fallen. Luke returns Grogu to Mando, because he saw that Mando would truly care for Grogu, and Grogu has now received some training.

    Walter P ChryslerWalter P Chrysler2 kun oldin
  • I hope Rian Johnson is sees this and understands the opportunity he had and missed...

    Brady Thurman - I VOTEDBrady Thurman - I VOTED2 kun oldin
  • Literally one of best compilations

    Silent WatcherSilent Watcher2 kun oldin
  • 21:11 That Guy In The Middle XD !!!!!

    Josue DomínguezJosue Domínguez2 kun oldin
  • What would have made a funny ending, is just as Luke , R2D2 and Grogu entered the elevator., Grogu pulled out and stuffed his last egg from "Chapter 10: The Passenger" in his mouth as the doors started to close.

    Lordleerick100Lordleerick1002 kun oldin

    Sourav SQSSourav SQS2 kun oldin
  • Is black-and-white still relevant? When they switch from the b&w monitor to 'live' color...yeah.

    dlc1119dlc11192 kun oldin
  • totally best tv ending ever now ruined in many ways again by kennedy and her posse at lucasfilm firing gina,own goal after own goal with this company.

    Brendan HigginsBrendan Higgins2 kun oldin
  • Saw the 1st Star Wars in 1977, been a fan ever since. Seen every movie at least 10 times but have not seen any episode of The Mandalorian. I like reaction videos, so I watched this one. I liked watching everyone's' reaction to Luke's fighter, his music , his green light saber, his gloved hand and when he removes his hood and shows himself saying he is a jeti. Then I realize it is really Luke's father, who would have a green light saber, a gloved hand, those fighting skills and as 1 girl noticed a dark side choke hold. His father would have also been old enough to train Yoda.

    cdakota1cdakota12 kun oldin
  • Man whenever I'm down and the world is just being a big fucking dick I come back to these videos and they are THE LIFT. GammaRay's comp edits are PRO.

    Star Wars Ride Or DieStar Wars Ride Or Die2 kun oldin
  • A real one woulda tossed that saber at Gideon and said, "whoops"

    RockemsRockems2 kun oldin
  • Why am I crying again like I haven’t seen this scene a thousands times and other peoples reacting to it . I . Can. Not . Wait. For. The. Kenobi. Show.

    erika calleerika calle2 kun oldin
  • Besides the IG-88 action episodes, this was by far the best ending to a Star Wars franchise series !!!!

    william coadwilliam coad3 kun oldin
  • When Luke came thru in the clutch let's just say my body had a reaction 🤣😂😂😜

    MsTip73MsTip733 kun oldin
  • :: I Love Each and Every One of You guys!!!! So genuine. Thankyou for being human and Beautiful.. So SpeciaL. May the force be With You aLL! 1.

    Mark HukMark Huk3 kun oldin
  • I cried when I saw it. Im crying while watching you all watch it. The bond is real haha

    Timmah DTimmah D3 kun oldin
  • Imagine one episode surpassing 3 movies in only a few minutes

    SjpetrsonSjpetrson3 kun oldin
  • 10:52 was when it all began

    BendyBendy3 kun oldin
  • And they say Wandavison the best shown on Disney+. I but you differ

    Brandon EtzerzaBrandon Etzerza3 kun oldin
  • Everyone: crying That one dude: this is the greatest fucking shit that’s ever happened

    The Great Skink PriestThe Great Skink Priest3 kun oldin
  • Compare Luke in the sequel trilogy and the fan reaction, to about 8 minutes of screen time in The Mandalorian having fans in tears.

    Weenis McBungusWeenis McBungus3 kun oldin
  • Better than the whole original trilogy

    Slim KimSlim Kim3 kun oldin
  • I feel so stupid that "The Rescue" made me cry in like four five scenes! Hucking lov'd this episode, season, series!

    MD Stov179MD Stov1793 kun oldin
    • last 5min. was nothing but Niagara Falls

      MD Stov179MD Stov1793 kun oldin
  • what would have happened if the troopers had been Vaders 501st division at their prime

    Rod LepineRod Lepine3 kun oldin
  • Who's the guy at 12:38

    cowntfranchewlacowntfranchewla3 kun oldin
  • all i can say is... imagine the reaction IF it actually was Sebastian. THAT would be the king of all reactions.

    james frieljames friel3 kun oldin
  • Bro or sis or what ever u are , thank you for this !!!!!

    lenii vasquezlenii vasquez3 kun oldin
  • 11:55 😂💀

    emiliovega21emiliovega213 kun oldin
  • crying.

    Austin GreenAustin Green4 kun oldin
  • Imagine if it was him and Leia

  • Amazing ending. Seeing Luke with a baby version of the Jedi who he had such a strong attachment to was a master stroke and in reality, couldn't have been any other way. Right?

    Michael GossMichael Goss4 kun oldin
  • When they named this episode the Rescue they meant the franchise, and the hope of it's fans

    Yseson _Yseson _4 kun oldin
  • Mark Hamill YOUV"VE BEEN AVENGED WITH THE MANDALORIAN ^_^ K.K. Take a bite on your politics, and they had Bad Ass Women to boot. ^_^ Live and Learn.

    Louis BennettLouis Bennett4 kun oldin
  • It was actually mark hamill, but they used a little bit of editing to make him young, but it was actually mark hamill

    Mitchell RollingMitchell Rolling4 kun oldin
  • The true sequels.

    Robin EllisRobin Ellis4 kun oldin
  • If only us fans could put into words how much we appreciate Mark Hamill 😭❤️

    Huh EhHuh Eh4 kun oldin
    • For real

      Dwayne HumphreyDwayne Humphrey3 kun oldin
  • Favreau get's it. This is what makes StarWars magical. Notice how everyone knows all the original trilogy's characters names and lore after all these years. The new films were trash (except Rogue One, that nailed it!)

    kalekoldkalekold4 kun oldin
  • Luke is a character that transcends like no other character created

    BronzeAliveBronzeAlive4 kun oldin
    • Don't tell that to Darth Kennedy! Her Force Vision was way too myopic!

      Alan ClarkAlan ClarkKun oldin
  • Seeing others have such a strong reaction makes me relive my own reaction. I love it. I'm so happy that other people felt that same way.

    OofOof4 kun oldin
  • After seeing the teaser to Book of Boba Fett...I'm curious as to whether or not Bib Fortuna was trying to start looking like Jabba intentionally, or if Twi'leks are at all related to the Hutts once they gain power. (I'm sure someone here will school me before I get to figuring it out).

    Christopher DayChristopher Day4 kun oldin
  • Crew at Blind Wave: “Such a fuckin nerd” We all are brotha, we all are

    Alsandair O'SullivanAlsandair O'Sullivan5 kun oldin
  • this editing was on point thanks for this

    Ashdan SeveAshdan Seve5 kun oldin
  • "YOU'RE A CLONE NIGGA" - Darth Vader when Boba Fett asked him for more money

    Zacharie El FaliZacharie El Fali5 kun oldin
  • I remember when I had hope.

    Russell SchiwalRussell Schiwal5 kun oldin
  • I swear I watch this almost weekly. And I'm not a top-tier SW fan.

    James WyattJames Wyatt5 kun oldin
  • Starwars is for kids.... yeah right😀

    bolithosbolithos5 kun oldin
  • adios amigo

    Ahmad AfyouniAhmad Afyouni5 kun oldin
  • like father like son baby

    Ahmad AfyouniAhmad Afyouni5 kun oldin
  • Where have all the cowboys gone?jon favreau:right here ladies...

    Vida McCurdyVida McCurdy5 kun oldin
  • How come they don't know Luke Skywalker

    saka rajusaka raju5 kun oldin
  • Mando has to be in battlefront 2.. they can add one more to the light side.. be perfect if gidian to be on the darkside too

    Matthew JacobyMatthew Jacoby5 kun oldin
  • This whole series, and the culminating episode especially, felt like the writers had a mandate of, "Make the fans love Star Wars again." They succeeded brilliantly, but I wish it hadn't been necessary.

    Paul LundgrenPaul Lundgren5 kun oldin
    • I agree almost 100% but probably without those 'bad' times this series cannot be as unforgettable as it is.

      Róbert FölkelRóbert Fölkel17 soat oldin
  • Best episode ever

    Anthony GuevaraAnthony Guevara5 kun oldin
  • What Happens in this video: Screaming Being sad Crying I was emotional too

    DreamWasNotFoundDreamWasNotFound5 kun oldin
  • 12:20 Enter Luke Skywalker, exit everybody's God damn minds

    carvermckaycarvermckay5 kun oldin
    • With justification.

      That Patrick GuyThat Patrick Guy2 soat oldin
  • let's be real.. mando season 2 just saved all of Star Wars.. lol..

    Dadk0vecDadk0vec5 kun oldin
  • Luke making a camio in one episode of a series > everything he did in 7 8 9

    Donavon ZerbestDonavon Zerbest5 kun oldin