F**k Matthew McConaughey

30-Noy, 2020
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    Josh WolfJosh WolfOy oldin
    • I really need to get myself and my girl to one of your live shows. Keep crushing it Mr.Wolf!

      dswmetals02dswmetals022 kun oldin
    • @Theo Von hey Matthew M. is the shizzie my gizie dont be pissing me off or I'll burn down grey block pizza

      EricMcDonkeyEricMcDonkeyOy oldin
    • @Theo Von I only wear my RayCons while eating Grey Block Pizza. Get that hitter.

      andreiiliescu1andreiiliescu1Oy oldin
    • Josh I've done exactly what you just described

      Chuckie BarkerChuckie BarkerOy oldin
    • I have tried hotel and god it is amazing

      jester aka princejester aka princeOy oldin
  • 10 seconds in , my thoughts on the raycons is .. Did you have them under water before you used them, ? . No bueno 😑

    Xavier OrtegaXavier OrtegaKun oldin
  • ...tuff watch.

    Mr. TheKiddMr. TheKidd9 kun oldin
  • Used to enjoy Josh Wolf, til I realized that he has like 5 stories that he tells, over and over!

    dwayne antledwayne antle12 kun oldin
    • This is a repeat vid

      dswmetals02dswmetals022 kun oldin
  • 10 minutes?

    MJAMJA13 kun oldin
  • Nice job stealing material from tom segura

    kyle dunwiddiekyle dunwiddie16 kun oldin
  • sorry bros,never 10 min but yes to the drop and the hotel and everything else. but the curtains lol tat was a first...i will never look at hotel curtains the same way again because of this

    S LS L16 kun oldin
  • and almost broke my neck twice

    S LS L16 kun oldin
  • lol ima do it next time for sure,just to get a reaction lol....I WILL LET U NO

    S LS L16 kun oldin
  • Has anyone told you look like an older Daniel Tosh?

    SpawnX1SpawnX119 kun oldin
  • That was the longest in video ad ever

    Shane RuddShane Rudd25 kun oldin
  • He sounds about a million times more high at home than he does on stage

    talentless cult membertalentless cult member28 kun oldin
  • That hotel thing actually works

    Patrick PackPatrick Pack29 kun oldin
  • 2:20

    Samuel VargaSamuel VargaOy oldin
  • I wish I could

    Samuel VargaSamuel VargaOy oldin
  • It's ironic that the guys who don't like romantic comedies because "it's not made with them in mind" are often the same people who don't get why women don't like most movies because "they're not made with us in mind". Yeah we all want representation, it's not just about being PC. I had that conversation today and the guy went "it's just entertainment, watch it don't think too much" 🙄 Ps. Josh wolf is awesome! This was hilarious, it just made me think of this. Love his stuff!

    Sofie __Sofie __Oy oldin
  • Thank goodness you can skip the beginning commercial!

    Jacqui MillerJacqui MillerOy oldin
  • My dad is friends with Matthews best friend

    Dwight K. SchruteDwight K. SchruteOy oldin
  • You funny as F@ck. Tour in Fayetteville, AR college town. Rogers & Bentonville (Home of Walmart)..... opheliarose1234@yahoo.com

    Cynthia BrooksCynthia BrooksOy oldin
  • I love Matthew m before the vid, after will be a reply to this

    cat with a vapecat with a vapeOy oldin
  • He starts the joke at 2:44

    FrogmanpipesFrogmanpipesOy oldin
  • Everyone has different holes. 👀

    Ann MarieAnn MarieOy oldin
  • We are almost neighbors.

    Scott StanleyScott StanleyOy oldin
  • POV: you’re so stoned you listened to his whole advertisement pitch

    2nd YT Acc2nd YT AccOy oldin
    • Haha I was like what the hell hind of show is this

      Jacob MontoyaJacob Montoya19 soat oldin
    • I hate you 😭😂

      Austin JewellAustin JewellOy oldin
  • December!

  • Hey brother!

  • I fucking laughed my ass off

    matiss hansensmatiss hansensOy oldin
  • toooooo much commercial shit

    MyK IllMyK IllOy oldin
  • Almost 3 minutes plugging them stupid ear buds..... nice!!!!!

    RegularGuy76RegularGuy76Oy oldin
  • Hey Josh, can we talk? I mean this in the nicest way possible. Dude, it's ok to not smoke an entire day. Like, this quaratantine time has got you looking a little fucked up. Your outfit would have been too much even for Rick James and it really is your thing. So, am I the only one who misses his jeans and t-shirt look? Like the outfit, at the beginning of this video too much!

    Olivia H. SanchezOlivia H. SanchezOy oldin
  • 😂@5:50 dodged the mouth got it in the eye🤣🤷🏼‍♀️

    Ali AngelAli AngelOy oldin
  • Get a actual mic Josh there's no excuse for this garbage audio quality

    • Raycon quality lol

      Matthew BergaminiMatthew BergaminiOy oldin
  • Raycon airbuds suck ... sell out!

  • Anybody sick of the Joe Rogan ads? I think he’s officially smoked too much pot

    Noah.SpideyNoah.SpideyOy oldin
  • i feel like he is not talking about ear holes

    Shayne EvansShayne EvansOy oldin
  • This us the stuff I need during finals

    ArtimisRokArtimisRokOy oldin
    • Damn everyone got them finals and same

      Igotnojams_jimineeIgotnojams_jimineeOy oldin
  • Josh Wolf. You are incredibly rude. In fact, you’re downright frackin’ rude. Stop pointing your finger at my face!!!!

    TheMomatronTheMomatronOy oldin
  • This was very funny!!!

    LydiaLydiaOy oldin
  • When the hell did Josh become a Pimp?

    MarioMarioOy oldin
    • He's usually incognito about it so most people have no clue about his pimp lifestyle

      dswmetals02dswmetals022 kun oldin
  • Hey neighbor didn't know you lived in Nashville 35 miles south of you in Murfreesboro this is pretty cool I hope you are doing a gig up here so we can come see you and get some good laughs whether you do it here in Murfreesboro you do it in Nashville cuz I dig you s*** you have a good day and keep on making a smile Josh you're awesome!!! 😁

    Missie BakerMissie BakerOy oldin
  • I much prefer his serious movies. I hate romantic comedies. He is SUPER FINE though.

    Not SorryNot SorryOy oldin
  • Jimmy buffett... Kurt Cobain and mr Josh wolf combined... Prity lit bro. !!!!

    Nickelsack 619Nickelsack 619Oy oldin
    • Expand your mind.... Lol

      Nickelsack 619Nickelsack 6199 kun oldin
    • What on earth are you talking about? LOL I’m so confused

      James LeeJames Lee9 kun oldin
  • 0:14 you look like willy wonka

    Makk NordMakk NordOy oldin
  • Love you Josh...but a 2 minute commercial, then...more ads... But still, keep up the great work, and can't wait to see you live!

    Carl MurphreeCarl MurphreeOy oldin
  • Invest that 2:24 into better material

    Tink GodwinTink GodwinOy oldin
  • Dude, your videos are WACK if a 1/4 to half the video is you pushing your Ads.....

    aj200415aj200415Oy oldin
    • @Doby You are absolutely correct lol. I do love him, but damnnn those ads seem unreasonable to me

      aj200415aj200415Oy oldin
    • His ads may be long, but the 5 minutes of the video that is not actually ads is the most brilliant thing I've ever seen.

      DobyDobyOy oldin
  • Watching by accident and blown away by the ridiculousness of this man. Is he high, is he drunk, is he what? I'm outta here!

    ElAye Antique Vintage Jewelry & CollectiblesElAye Antique Vintage Jewelry & CollectiblesOy oldin
  • F*ck RAYCON, that's some 2,95 wish dot Com shit relabeled and gouged up like 2000%.

    Remco van VlietRemco van VlietOy oldin
  • This was considerably funny. I'm impressed

    Jason SJason SOy oldin
    • It is funny

      DobyDobyOy oldin
  • When 25% of the video is an ad 🥵

    David WalkerDavid WalkerOy oldin
  • Alright Willy Wonka we don't give a fuck bout RayCon ....because we already got them from the last vid...

    18 -Platform18 -PlatformOy oldin
  • Thank you for this - my abs got a great workout 😂 I'm so bummed your show in Seattle got cancelled last month - I had tickets! It was my 40th birthday present. Oh well, next year I hope!!

    Ima Catherine MaiaIma Catherine MaiaOy oldin
    • @Ima Catherine Maia No prob. Just calling it like I see it. Pretty sure any type of lotion is rare for me and can't say I've ever wore makeup. If I ever need some tips I'll ask you. Because you clearly won at life when it comes to not aging. Even though I may get some interesting looks wearing makeup since I'm a guy lol.

      dswmetals02dswmetals022 kun oldin
    • @dswmetals02 Well, thank you very much! I've been using moisturizer since I was a teenager, and makeup always helps 😁😅

      Ima Catherine MaiaIma Catherine Maia2 kun oldin
    • I woulda guessed you're about 25

      dswmetals02dswmetals022 kun oldin
    • 41 is better anyways

      L U C I F E RL U C I F E R13 kun oldin
  • I get it, everyone needs to chase the bag but damn Josh, there’s better ways to do it without a 2 and a half minute ad that looked like it came straight out of 2006.

    Alex M -Spray PaintAlex M -Spray PaintOy oldin
  • Those Raycon hitters

    Parker VavrickParker VavrickOy oldin
  • I'm listening to this on my raycon earbuds lol. Had em for a year and a half. Got the mid tier set. 100% worth

    bakedallday840bakedallday840Oy oldin
  • I'm a woman who hates romcoms.

    Roxas SoraRoxas SoraOy oldin
  • But Mary Jane isn’t legal in Nashville?!

    Dawn PikerDawn PikerOy oldin
  • It doesnt look real, because it's not real. Hahahhahahahahha.

    graffist1graffist1Oy oldin
  • crackhead.

    Cal TravelsCal TravelsOy oldin
  • They are only doing 15% off.

    Cecelia OliverCecelia OliverOy oldin
  • A two minute ad just showed me this guy isn't funny.

    Austin ToppinsAustin ToppinsOy oldin
  • you don't want to listen to your family! that part killed me XD

    Eleazar CasconeEleazar CasconeOy oldin
  • Dude two minutes about fucking ear buds and I gotta watch another commercial. Could u please cut your add time down a bit.

    James CatesJames CatesOy oldin
  • nah fuck raycons these things drop out sometimes

    AsoftDolphin2AsoftDolphin2Oy oldin
  • 😅😅

    BladeBladeOy oldin
  • Hahaha loser

    Jerry AdamsJerry AdamsOy oldin
  • I haven’t been here for a while.... what happened to josh at the start of the vid? I’m used to the country boy look, is this a new normal? I endorse it

    SisypheanBratSisypheanBratOy oldin
  • 2:24 to skip the raycon add,

    DANKISH420DANKISH420Oy oldin
  • Holy shit, a 2.5 minute ad in a 8 minute vid? Ffs

    BrownRiceBroBrownRiceBroOy oldin
  • You need to work on the acoustics of your studio. It sounds like shit😂

    Ric W.Ric W.Oy oldin
    • @dswmetals02 🤔did you not watch the beginning of the video. Because.. idk maybe that's the studio I was talking about dumb dumb.🤦‍♂️

      Ric W.Ric W.2 kun oldin
  • Josh, for all the money that went into that studio you need to up your mic game for your ads lol

    Michael CabossartMichael CabossartOy oldin
  • We just going to ignore the elton john shades? Hahaha

    Tiffany RaschkaTiffany RaschkaOy oldin
  • I bet Kim kardashian agreed when he said raycon fits all holes

    Omni King 600Omni King 600Oy oldin
  • Huh

    Durly BDurly BOy oldin
  • Real ones know this has been uploaded twice before

    LardieLardieOy oldin
  • Josh Wolf getting hooked up with the greatest hits of advertisers. Raycon, fuggin Nord vpn, manscaped probly.

    Corey Lehman EnterprisesCorey Lehman EnterprisesOy oldin
  • If you need your car fixed in Tennessee go to scotty kilmer hes a youtuber

    CAM 623CAM 623Oy oldin
    • Wait...nevermind...Tennessee

      dswmetals02dswmetals022 kun oldin
    • He's good stuff but what in the world brought this to the forefront of your mind mister?

      dswmetals02dswmetals022 kun oldin
  • Can’t wait to see him at the show in Nashville TN

    Nicholas SwanNicholas SwanOy oldin
  • I got that sweat drop into my eye...!

    Jasmin FuchsJasmin FuchsOy oldin
  • F%#^ Raycon

    Patrick HuyghePatrick HuygheOy oldin
  • Don't piss me off by promoting that shit.I expected for a comedy video

    RanjanRanjanOy oldin
  • I live 2 miles from Matthew's summer house xD

    Jaocb BelcherJaocb BelcherOy oldin
  • omfg the ending was the best😂😂😂😂

    DJ GREYDJ GREYOy oldin
  • Re upload but I am still gonna watch it cause this shits great

    Taz BunnyTaz BunnyOy oldin
  • ray con ear buds are a scam don't support them they are screwing their customers

    DrathmorDrathmorOy oldin
  • Work on sound volumes if 1/4 of your video is an ad... Plz love your work besides

  • do nashville shows, i wanna come

    Cyclone SlayerCyclone SlayerOy oldin
  • NASHVILLEEEEE , stay funny neighbor

    timekiller 9029timekiller 9029Oy oldin
  • Coronavirus is really helping the Earth coronavirus isn't killing the Earth it's killing the disease that's killing the Earth the disease is humans so am I wrong?

    Nico FransisNico FransisOy oldin
    • Please reply to my comment and say what you think

      Nico FransisNico FransisOy oldin
  • I had Raycons before and they were amazing!!! Then, they just stopped working. Would not charge anymore, so I went with a different brand But since you like them, I'll try once more Josh!! Thanks for your comedy and know I appreciate you!!!

    Jenean Bolton-GentryJenean Bolton-GentryOy oldin
  • This guys funny, he should be a comedian

    MintChocolateMintChocolateOy oldin
    • @Whirlwind Production 😐 yeah..... i know

      Justin McClureJustin McClureOy oldin
    • @Justin McClure it's not that serious

      Whirlwind ProductionWhirlwind ProductionOy oldin
    • @MintChocolate dry, don’t quit your day job

      Whirlwind ProductionWhirlwind ProductionOy oldin
    • @MintChocolate lol wtf 😆

      Justin McClureJustin McClureOy oldin
    • @Whirlwind Production r/woooosh

      KikaneKikaneOy oldin
  • Surprisingly this one didn't make me laugh out loud but still funny and im taking notes😘

    Daniel KarinenDaniel KarinenOy oldin
    • The bit is new and needs some work. You can tell from his energy. I am sure he will perfect it.

      Ozan AkyıldızOzan Akyıldız13 kun oldin
  • All my homies hate Mathew McConaughey

    Just Some Bigfoot With Internet AccessJust Some Bigfoot With Internet AccessOy oldin
    • Jesus how many feetpeople run this account?!

      John DoeJohn DoeKun oldin
    • @lieutenant salty XD between two ferns

      Samuel VargaSamuel VargaOy oldin
    • You and ya homies are also gay

      OvenProofTaxOvenProofTaxOy oldin
    • Mathew mcconau "gay" 😂😂😂

      lieutenant saltylieutenant saltyOy oldin
    • Hahaha

      lieutenant saltylieutenant saltyOy oldin
  • I don't know why im subscribed to this guy but i unsubscribed.

    WaveCrateWaveCrateOy oldin
    • @Exploration: Random Destination yeah lol

      WaveCrateWaveCrateOy oldin
  • lot of fans coming here from India. huh.

    SkupliaSkupliaOy oldin
  • This was posted with a different title within the last week.

    Praise The SunPraise The SunOy oldin
    • but there was no ad in it, was there? fuck this

      szatanovskyszatanovskyOy oldin
    • TWICE! once without the shitty raycon ad that you cant even hear the audio of at max volume.

      stapuftstapuftOy oldin
  • I’ve just woke up to this and my day is already made. Thanks, Josh!

    Louise BarrowmanLouise BarrowmanOy oldin
  • Hay raycon . When r u gonna get to india ?

    Karan Joshi GuitareadoKaran Joshi GuitareadoOy oldin
  • Stop this 2 minute ad segment

    Shadman ShakibShadman ShakibOy oldin
    • How will he earn then man..... Your mind is just bull shizzz man.....

      Mr. RadiationMr. RadiationOy oldin
  • A woman wrote most of this!

    Crissy SimsCrissy SimsOy oldin
    • Nah. He's right about romcoms

      Roxas SoraRoxas SoraOy oldin