27-Noy, 2020
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Today Miller and I head out on the pitbikes for a intense game of Hide N Seek! I cant believe he actually found me! Guess I'll have to step up my camo game next time!
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  • 201 Pennigar Rd Unionville, North Carolina i gotcha addy my dude

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  • You are going to be the best person in the world to get a chance

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  • It got 41k

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  • I like your marks I want a shirt

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  • Hell yea

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  • Jump in that swamp !!! You got way more then 50 k likes

    Eric MillerEric Miller20 kun oldin
  • Braydon= i haven't been on a bike in so long also Braydon= wheelies through whole compound

    Huck Breaux motoHuck Breaux moto23 kun oldin
  • i do i am 10 i whant to stare

    Denise ProcunierDenise Procunier24 kun oldin
  • Put the mud tires on the x3 on the outlander

    Kristine LorensenKristine Lorensen29 kun oldin

    Justin StromleyJustin StromleyOy oldin
  • No more pit bike videos go in the mud with the full Willer

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  • 10 thousand more

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  • U should play hide in seek on the atv

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  • Braydon you should play hide and seek on four wheelers

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  • You have 39K likes or you gonna jump your bike in the pond

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  • Get the video to 50k likes

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  • congrats on one mill and what were the tires for were they for the outty

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  • Braden please add me on Facebook please thank you

    ant nothing to any body who care about meant nothing to any body who care about meOy oldin
  • I love the gloves

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  • Snorkel riser

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  • This is a cool video

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  • hide and go seek tag next

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  • Dkld

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  • Do more pit bike videos

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  • me to aaron's off roading

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  • Then super atv warrior tires suck my buddy put them on his and changed them a week later

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  • a does not stand for effort it is e 4:13

    Corbin's rc adventuresCorbin's rc adventuresOy oldin
  • You should wrap it camo

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  • I still don’t know whose white charger that is ?

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  • I subbed

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  • When can we get a supermoto vlog?

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  • And you gotta get the front springs and rods and rear spring and extender on top of shock 👍

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  • Gotta tighten/adjust that back brake lol

    Chris MorganChris MorganOy oldin
  • Love the pit bike footy especially the Crf110 need to do a pit bike tug of war lol

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  • 4 Strokes suck 2 Stroke ScreaminEAGLES only

    gloatinggloatingOy oldin
  • more big bike videos

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  • I've always wanted a small "Mess around" bike, or just a dirtbike in general, (Honda is better)

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  • Pov:ur scolling on the commets

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  • Pov: ur in bed wstching because I forgot to watch the bud earlier

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  • Les see Miller jump in the swomp

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  • You should go live and play offroad outlaws and have all your toys and give the coad to everyone that joins the live

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  • Yall should take the pit bikes hunting

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  • Congratulations on the 1M

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  • braydon like my profile pic

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  • I love your content keep up the good work 👍

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  • Tracked you

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  • He cheated

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  • Do a side by side hide and seek

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  • And it is the best

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  • Braden your my favorite youtuber I love you like family and I’ll never leave you Colton gilbert ps I’ve bin to North Carolina

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  • You should make a video of a overview of all your toys

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  • Love the video’s

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  • 2weeks is long???😂🤦🏽

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  • have kyle get a mavrick and you both get a renagade.

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  • we are at 1Mill!!!!!!!! let's go you influence a lot of kids

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  • Come on 50k like I wanna see that ttr fly

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  • Buy a cheap p💩lars and just trash it

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  • Who’s not liking because it’s a nice bike

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  • Do tag on the big bikes

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  • Also congrats on 1mil subs bro

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  • Pulled up the location 😂

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  • 35 thousand in 2 days that bikes going in the pound for sure

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  • So how does the 110 handel with weight because I want to get one but I'm...heavy . So I was wondering how I can't put on the thing

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  • 1 mil!!!!!!

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  • Pretty impressive dirt bike hide and seek just got a little safer happy to see that

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  • Defender build🔥👍

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  • Lol

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  • Big bikes

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