13-May, 2020
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Someone had to say it....100k likes and ill keep my promise
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  • Ya know ur sister just made one

    MattMatt4 kun oldin
  • He's funny, you're funny man! He's kind of like Jake Paul in a way. I might just sub to him later for sure. Check that out He's wearing a Sesame Street shirt I didn't really notice that too is the closer end or the middle of the video. So man you really didn't get some purchase some naughty eye catching content on Only Fans? 👯👭👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 👩‍💻💻⌨️🖲️That's funny he did like a spinoff / ripoff Only Lemonade. Selling it for $3.99 lol 😂 🍋🍺

  • Whos here after milan made a onlyfans 🤣💀

    FunnysauceFunnysauce6 kun oldin

    qlatypusqlatypus8 kun oldin
  • Who’s here after Milan OF

    Lil-Bambino 13Lil-Bambino 138 kun oldin
  • am i rlly the first person to make this joke?.. this aged well though

    Mac SandersMac Sanders9 kun oldin
  • this aged well

    Mac SandersMac Sanders9 kun oldin
  • Expose your sister now 💀

    Easton PowellEaston Powell9 kun oldin
  • Who here knowing that milan has an OF lmao

    JDR_854JDR_8549 kun oldin
  • now it’s ur sister 😭

    GlizzyBuildsGlizzyBuilds9 kun oldin
    • Factssss oh hellll nahahahahahaha

      qlatypusqlatypus8 kun oldin
  • The girl on the thumbnail tho

    LMO PaNdALMO PaNdA23 kun oldin
  • There is no "the one" you blue pilled boi

    calebcalebOy oldin
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    RoonalijinRoonalijinOy oldin
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    Prashanth mandyaPrashanth mandyaOy oldin
  • That’s a great example what simps bruh 🤣🤣🥲🥲

    Dave Lopez95Dave Lopez95Oy oldin
  • That is kind of sus...

    BoatePlaysBoatePlays2 oy oldin
  • Who is this kid , and why does he have so much money

    Ryan BronsonRyan Bronson2 oy oldin
    • Used to be a very entertaining cod youtuber, they all moved to vlogs and shit now tho

      JessyJessyOy oldin
  • Get this to 100k likes yoo 😂😭

    Fantasy vevoFantasy vevo3 oy oldin
  • Pointless ass video

    VIIJuniorIIVVIIJuniorIIV4 oy oldin
  • Omg faze temperrr is a black belt?

    Lee HLee H4 oy oldin
  • Only fans is for the boys not adapt

    Buffum Auto racing teamBuffum Auto racing team4 oy oldin
  • Of onlyfans.com/carina2102 😘💞

    Carina MeyerCarina Meyer5 oy oldin
  • "fire sale" lmfao

    Tommy TTommy T5 oy oldin

    KonjiYamiKonjiYami5 oy oldin
  • Frazier and Jarvis’s reaction when he said gimme the other stack 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    KonjiYamiKonjiYami5 oy oldin
  • Frazier and Jarvis and Alex tho. That part. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 omg i couldnt stop for like 20 mins

    KonjiYamiKonjiYami5 oy oldin
  • Onlyfans girls r all lames and dumb so they couldn’t go to college and get an actual job

    Carly Edwards ✓Carly Edwards ✓5 oy oldin
  • Mine was permanently restored through *Cyberwizard19 on instagram* he is truly a life saver 💯

    Sapatos Delo SantusSapatos Delo Santus5 oy oldin
  • I hope a random person who likes this will become a billionaire ha

    Tommyinnit RobloxTommyinnit Roblox5 oy oldin
  • Molly eskam😅😂

    Tony JuarezTony Juarez5 oy oldin
  • Don't review onlyshit cuz it's shit

    amk jidoamk jido5 oy oldin
  • Can we talk about how bruce jennner was an olympic runner a long time ago before was all wack

    Spirits AceSpirits Ace5 oy oldin
  • James chariools is gay

    COW_BOY_blayze13 YeetCOW_BOY_blayze13 Yeet6 oy oldin
  • Everybody had that one gaming nerd walking around the school using a gaming headset as headphones. One time a kid in my class pulled out his Rgb razer mouse and pad to pullup the textbook

    JwillyJwilly6 oy oldin
  • So happy Jev isn’t here

    WoodyWoody6 oy oldin
  • he said 5 letter word

    Chase HainzlChase Hainzl7 oy oldin
  • He should do Celina Smith aka SteveWillDoIt girlfriend

    Omar De La TorreOmar De La Torre7 oy oldin
  • "what gaming nerd keeps a headset on..." You don't game idiot😂you're washed

    Christian WestonChristian Weston7 oy oldin
  • No hate to the real ones but im with you. Onlyfans is ok now but its gonna turn into a MySpace an because you set yourself up to only rely in that with no back up. You're pretty little face is going to be flippin burgers at a mickey D's when onlyfans finally dies an we all know it will in time

    Jr O.Jr O.7 oy oldin
  • cringe

    Evan StutzmanEvan Stutzman7 oy oldin
  • 796,256 views 87 k likes 1.5 k dislikes

    Mr YoshiMr Yoshi8 oy oldin
  • Review ash.kashh

    Spaze. CookiesSpaze. Cookies8 oy oldin
  • _Am proud to recommend _*_Donaldhack1_*_ on _*_IG::_*_ he is the best... _*_WA: +16282596917_*

    Robin RandRobin Rand8 oy oldin
  • _Am proud to recommend _*_Donaldhack1_*_ on _*_IG::_*_ he is the best... _*_WA: +16282596917_*

    Robin RandRobin Rand8 oy oldin
  • Am so proud to recommend *donaldhack.1* on *IG:::* got me into my boyfriend account and I saw nasty sh**t he does. WhatsApp: +16282596917

    Freddy MaxFreddy Max8 oy oldin
  • Does crystal lust have a fans only?

    idiotidiot8 oy oldin
  • Let’s go congrats on 6mil adapt ⚡️

    Juan CuchillaJuan Cuchilla8 oy oldin
  • says he cant fall back but he fell back on that jump 3 times

    -ELITE --ELITE -8 oy oldin
  • We miss the 'adapt is the type of' videos likenif u agree

    Axtro_MeeziAxtro_Meezi8 oy oldin
  • Where is the account

    SnowyySnowyy8 oy oldin
  • Adapt: "What kind of gamer keeps his headset on" Jev:

    FrebreezeCanFrebreezeCan8 oy oldin
  • what a douchebag 🤮🤮

    zachariah brittzachariah britt8 oy oldin
  • You’re fake and your sister is better Faze

    Alex HoeflerAlex Hoefler8 oy oldin
  • Why tf did this fkn guy come up next...

    LOLUMSLOLUMS8 oy oldin
  • bro we so close to a 100k cmon guys adapt the funniest to do this ong yurr

    ghostghost8 oy oldin
  • 7:45 thats a big ass lake with tacos

    big ass lake in thebuildingyesirbig ass lake in thebuildingyesir9 oy oldin
  • 6:53 A glass?! A glass?! It's a plastic cup.

    BALD MANBALD MAN9 oy oldin
  • Little does alex know how deep and all the truth he was talking when starting only lemonade

    Ferocious_Snail RoswellFerocious_Snail Roswell9 oy oldin
  • washed up

    Ace TeamAce Team9 oy oldin
  • 💘 my of is @ juicyamber

    tiffany ambertiffany amber9 oy oldin
  • Ain’t no saving her if she had an onlyfans

    Vctr FlrsVctr Flrs9 oy oldin
  • Man tommy asking alex if he’s good, really think that wasn’t planned

    Vctr FlrsVctr Flrs9 oy oldin
  • 5.27 adapt: give me ur other stack for another cup Faze Kay: um ok?

    PrizE ClanPrizE Clan9 oy oldin
    • No refunds and if u guys want more there's plenty here

      PrizE ClanPrizE Clan9 oy oldin

    BeefyBeefy9 oy oldin
  • Who every reads this u don’t know what to say

    Thutop TsewangThutop Tsewang9 oy oldin
  • how u gon be mad that she has an onlyfans but she dont even want u

    Lil LillzLil Lillz9 oy oldin
  • Faze adapt ain’t looking too good bruh I hope his mental health is good

    Ern BurnErn Burn9 oy oldin
  • I miss his old videos tbh back in Arizona and new york

    Myst16Myst169 oy oldin
  • who else waiting for the vid of him reviewing them?

    Aaron MoralesAaron Morales9 oy oldin
  • The girls that are easy to get is not insteresting to me at all

    LilBoyDomasLilBoyDomas9 oy oldin
  • Hey y’all check out my onlyfans. Brand new to the site. And fun content @taxley21 😛🥰

    Tara HeidorfTara Heidorf9 oy oldin
  • Adapt type of guy to play a game when his monitor isn't on and say easy dub "I beat u in fortnite Jarvis" if he says that

    OneandonlyfateOneandonlyfate9 oy oldin
  • Adapt should request to buy lana rhoades only fans

    Raheem StewartRaheem Stewart9 oy oldin
  • Hey, I'm Melody Radford from Australia 🔞 I have all free content once you join! onlyfans.com/melodyradford

    Melody Radford GamingMelody Radford Gaming9 oy oldin
  • Guarantee 97% of your viewers are younger than 14

    MoistBandito ¿MoistBandito ¿9 oy oldin
  • Fire sale had me dying

    versetheworldversetheworld9 oy oldin
  • post videossss

    Enzo CaparelliEnzo Caparelli9 oy oldin
  • I am about to sell OnlyFans for $55 now just because of this video

    Darrick JoryDarrick Jory9 oy oldin
    • Wait the max is $50.00. Such bullshit man!

      Darrick JoryDarrick Jory9 oy oldin
  • Yo

    Kobe SosaKobe Sosa9 oy oldin
  • who was the girl he was talking abt?

    LowkLowk9 oy oldin
  • I don’t get how you can shit on a girl for making money... shit on the guys buying her shit.

    mikaelatubemikaelatube9 oy oldin
  • Actually there are free only fans

    Bajram KelmendiBajram Kelmendi9 oy oldin
  • i mean 4.00 that's a steal tho... Edit: Its a joke relax lmao

    HydrqqHydrqq9 oy oldin
  • Adapt put the headphones on the alligators eyer lol

    Santa's GhostSanta's Ghost9 oy oldin
  • Ff

    Lorena BarbaLorena Barba9 oy oldin
  • Yo pretty sure i just fought you cod ffa. Astronoman1. You're a baller amd prolly best quick scoper out there. I got you a few times though 😉👌👌

    Logan HobbsLogan Hobbs9 oy oldin
  • Chloe but the c and l is silent

    Sshwiwiwj EhehejSshwiwiwj Ehehej10 oy oldin
  • You stupid

    Morgan ElliottMorgan Elliott10 oy oldin
  • Who else is watching this in 2021 👇

    Thomas EvansThomas Evans10 oy oldin
    • Ur not funny

      Ky leKy le9 oy oldin
    • Nope 2020 cause that’s when u posted it😂

      Fishy brotherFishy brother10 oy oldin
  • Review belle delphine onlyfans

    Michael FavreMichael Favre10 oy oldin
  • Adapt type of guy is one who smashes faze rain car then buy him a new one

    Ball gay tonyBall gay tony10 oy oldin
  • Yooooo

    AvalancheAvalanche10 oy oldin
  • I hope the random person who likes this will be able to do a backflip!

    Daddy KeighstonDaddy Keighston10 oy oldin
    • Already can

      Dante TauntsDante Taunts9 oy oldin
  • 100% clicbait

    dowedowe10 oy oldin
    • Clickbait my ass onlyfans 4 dollars pshhhh that’s expensive

      Ball gay tonyBall gay tony10 oy oldin
  • Hi

    James CateJames Cate10 oy oldin
  • Who else is watching during COVID-19

    Maddux MunneckeMaddux Munnecke10 oy oldin
  • I love adapt mans 😂😂

    Omar AliOmar Ali10 oy oldin
  • Its been 2 moths and Adapt is still Sub'd to that girl on onlyfans

    RefiRefi10 oy oldin
  • Trisha patyas omg your reaction would be priceless !!!

    Skye~LeighSkye~Leigh10 oy oldin
  • Hello 😊 support my channell uzworld.info/player/video/h4-SbJl5YtK8mJY 😘

    Huru HaraHuru Hara10 oy oldin