Everything Wrong With The Grubhub Ad Meme In 2 Minutes Or Less

11-Yan, 2021
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Grubhub ad meme but the cringe is counted.
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  • Subscribe or you're cringe 😡

    Arcade AssassinArcade Assassin11 kun oldin
    • @nubsy haha no

      Aaroneljugon1 GTA Y y sangreAaroneljugon1 GTA Y y sangre5 kun oldin
    • @Aaroneljugon1 GTA Y y sangre yes!!!

      TheMusicMaestroTheMusicMaestro5 kun oldin
    • 6 thousandth like btw

      nubsynubsy5 kun oldin
    • Like number 6000

      Aaroneljugon1 GTA Y y sangreAaroneljugon1 GTA Y y sangre5 kun oldin
    • T

      TheMusicMaestroTheMusicMaestro5 kun oldin
  • what was that song

    WhatWhatSoat oldin
  • Uhh the hambuger the kid dance the hambuger don’t have meanas

    Leandro RuizLeandro RuizSoat oldin
  • The music is the absolute worst for me

    Greg personGreg person2 soat oldin
  • Whats the problem with two extra sand wiches? lol

    Kota IzumiKota Izumi3 soat oldin
  • one more thing social distancing

    Gav2PlayGav2Play3 soat oldin
  • Arcade Assassin:I don't think breakdancing is for pregnant woman's Me:what do you mean she didn't even do one break dance she only like slide her knees to the floor Also me:"reminds me of when I was slide my knee to the floor again and again

    Rafie OniaRafie Onia4 soat oldin
  • Him: mayonase is disgusting Me who likes mayonase: so you have chosen ...DEATH

    Shine Pyae AungShine Pyae Aung4 soat oldin
  • Arcade Assassin: "No one has ever been excited eating a salad" *Me: "what about the kardashians? -"*

    Rechine JikahRechine Jikah6 soat oldin
  • And why is she drinking a mocha Frappuccino when she is pregnant

    Julian owensJulian owens8 soat oldin
  • I love this budget cinema cins video

  • The too extra is hard to explain but ik what they mean

    Emily SchlaackEmily Schlaack9 soat oldin
  • if ,i see this add i will comment cringe and grubhub is not a game and if i see it again i will comment cringe alot

    KefKa and Kaizer Awesome BrosKefKa and Kaizer Awesome Bros10 soat oldin
  • “choking hazard” LOL

    Ethanplayzroblox EthanEthanplayzroblox Ethan10 soat oldin
  • Cringy lvl: yes

    MarshadowthesusMarshadowthesus14 soat oldin
  • Ok I subbed and then unsubbed, i still subbed now im not cringe

    Elite_ Avacado254Elite_ Avacado25414 soat oldin
  • Something actually good about this ad is how smart it is. Because of us, making these memes and bringing Grubhub's name out there, they're still make money and it's a win-win situation for them. Same with the Kroger ad. We might be laughing at them, but they're laughing back...

    Tyrone JonesTyrone Jones15 soat oldin
  • No u 😡

    Oscar camposOscar campos18 soat oldin
  • I hate this ad as much as the next guy but you cant just sin it cause you hate mayo

    crosshair studioscrosshair studios19 soat oldin
  • You should've made the cringe count e

    PrematureKick 21PrematureKick 2120 soat oldin
  • Lol if you do cc it will say in the start grandpa parks

    Commonvanna V2Commonvanna V220 soat oldin
  • Why does he keep calling the burgers sandwiches?

    Jordon The emerald minecartJordon The emerald minecart20 soat oldin
  • Who else thought that cinema sins did this when they clicked?

    Bugatti ChironBugatti Chiron20 soat oldin
  • No sin on the Kid danceing?

    Felix GutierrezFelix Gutierrez21 soat oldin
  • me: *_likes this video the instant it starts playing_* "mayonnaise is disgusting." *_unliked, dislikes and leaves_* lol I'm a Dutch person. Mayo is basically the norm here aha

    IlayIlay21 soat oldin
  • Mayonnaise is not disgusting

    Aiden is weirdAiden is weird21 soat oldin
  • 0:03 I 100% agree it is freaking disgusting

    Jake McGuireJake McGuire21 soat oldin
  • Well it looks like I'm already subscribed. SO YOU DON'T DARE CALL ME CRINGE

    Jalal ud dinJalal ud din22 soat oldin
  • You just called a burger a sandwich. I feel offended

    Vacbanned88Vacbanned8822 soat oldin
  • The sentence should have said: “Delivered to hel”

    Da MoonYTDa MoonYT22 soat oldin
  • *Mayonaise is disgusting* LMFAO

    Ro PlaysRo Plays23 soat oldin
  • Mayonaise is disgusting, no it’s not how dare you disrespect my mayo

    Jessica MaffrèJessica Maffrè23 soat oldin
  • The man and the pregnant girl is boyfriend and girlfriend

    SnoopyScarySundaySnoopyScarySunday23 soat oldin
  • D-did this man just?

    Tianna TalkTianna TalkKun oldin
  • This guy:"Mayonese is disgusting" Me: *imidiet response* you are disgusting

    Kacper ParzęckiKacper ParzęckiKun oldin
  • Why u dont like mayonaise

  • 2 extra sandwiches for the rest of the family who is more than likely off-screen.

    ShadaneArtsShadaneArtsKun oldin

    SansLastBreathSansLastBreathKun oldin
  • I dont see cringe this ad is not cringe to me I HAVE THE POWER TO NOT SEE CRINGE the only cringe is my Moldovian cousin speaking Moldovian

    Roblox BotRoblox BotKun oldin
  • 1:11 You're a LEGEND for using the fortnite The End Theme in this🔥🔥

    RoyalToonzRoyalToonzKun oldin

    WendyWendyKun oldin
  • First of all I won't subscribe. Second of all, this add is not cringy. It's just bad. Third of all parodying cinema sins. Last: As the rule says, You can't add a sin for something that is: Incompetebt, only applying to You or a smaller group. So the first sin is already bad. EDIT: 0:37 everyone here is fat. Just beacause she's a woman doesn't mena she's PrEgNaNt

    Mr. Mirage 2Mr. Mirage 2Kun oldin
  • This is where the meme culture started. 2021 colourised

    Austin RowlisonAustin RowlisonKun oldin
  • Stop making memes about it! You're advertising Grubhub even more!

    Internet CriticInternet CriticKun oldin
  • 0:44 is that dantdm’s diamond logo right there? I’m probably wrong

    KareemWShaunPlaysKareemWShaunPlaysKun oldin
  • People are thinking that the food is drugs

    Mana HarrisonMana HarrisonKun oldin
  • Excuse me?, I like mayonaise

    SCP GuardSCP GuardKun oldin
  • The ad is actually pretty catchy it’s just the milkshake and salad girl that ruined the commercial.

    b3rry0’s Star Warsb3rry0’s Star WarsKun oldin
  • Hey I like mayonnaise

    Edward OltmanEdward OltmanKun oldin
  • Mayo is not disgusting! You’re just to scared to try it........like me

    Revolutionary ExcuseRevolutionary ExcuseKun oldin
  • Aw man, but I love mayonnaise!

    Brittney ManleyBrittney ManleyKun oldin
  • Sin everything as the entire time

    The2ndPlayerThe2ndPlayerKun oldin
  • 🟧⬛️: NO BROTHERRRRRR!!!!!

    CrapyjoeCrapyjoeKun oldin
  • Ten cringe level should be level infinity cringe if death

    Matthew A ValdovinosMatthew A ValdovinosKun oldin

    ToyatoToyatoKun oldin
  • Sound: you sound like Rudolph from roblox Santa’s boat ride and I don’t like that

    Sean Hayward JrSean Hayward JrKun oldin
  • In my opinion i like the ad

    iQuinksyiiQuinksyiKun oldin

    Ruki ACKRuki ACKKun oldin
  • how has no one talked about this YOUR NOT SUPOSED TO EAT SUSHI WITH CHOPSTICKS

    rollimonsterrollimonsterKun oldin
  • 0:34 I think u should talk about how she is putting her lips around the straw

    TanBanTanBanKun oldin
  • The kid look like Morgz

    Jan DossJan DossKun oldin
  • do you now she is fat

    Stone DeatherageStone DeatherageKun oldin
  • This real

    Th3_Toxic_WaterTh3_Toxic_WaterKun oldin
  • The part of the salad itself gets the cringe level to high

    AnarKia GamesAnarKia GamesKun oldin
  • "Mayonnaise is disgusting." --------- The Senate will decide your fate for treason against the Republic.

    Survivor #1776Survivor #1776Kun oldin
  • The lady doesn’t put her lips all the way around the straw. She wouldn’t be able to drink anything that way.

    Mason Jar 15Mason Jar 15Kun oldin
  • Surprised it’s only 2 minutes

    Liam ParrLiam ParrKun oldin
  • grubhub killed my devices :(

    Joe Mama LOLJoe Mama LOLKun oldin
  • The kids facial expressions at the end make no sense

    That Guy With The Cool UsernameThat Guy With The Cool UsernameKun oldin
  • Extra sin: Bitch that’s a burger not a sandwich

    Big SmooshBig SmooshKun oldin
  • Captions be like: Grandpa perks

  • With every passing Grubhub ad, we stray further from God.

    Samuel-REMAKESamuel-REMAKEKun oldin
  • The lady breakdancing: YEETUS YEETUS GET OUT OF FEETUS

    The fun PlayzThe fun PlayzKun oldin
  • Fortnite. Theme the end 1:11

    TransformerGuy67TransformerGuy67Kun oldin
  • No one: The captions: GRANDPA PERKS

    Rosy H VideoRosy H VideoKun oldin
  • I really need to learn what the music at the end is. The action music

    Benjamin LittleBenjamin LittleKun oldin
  • Mayonaise is disgusting is ur fuckin opinion. (But if fuckin is-)

    Kroger manKroger manKun oldin
  • The texture in the kitchen looks appetizing tho.

    Ronnie TWRonnie TWKun oldin
  • Here from muta

    TrippyTrippyKun oldin
  • Mayo is not disgusting

    Jacob BellowsJacob BellowsKun oldin
  • Mayonnaise is good

    Gerald LubinGerald LubinKun oldin
  • The actual ad Delivery Dance has 85,550 likes and 330,625 dislikes because of cringe

    Canadaball is the best thing In the year of 2021Canadaball is the best thing In the year of 20212 kun oldin
  • 0:27 Me counting up bonus sins: who thought it was a good idea to invite Morgz's mom in this ad?

    America EricaAmerica Erica2 kun oldin
  • You're disgusting- eating mayonnaise isnt a sin

    BaconboiiBaconboii2 kun oldin
  • Cringe level ultimate:u called burgers sandwitches

    Zvez 111Zvez 1112 kun oldin
  • But I’ll still sub

    creeperslayer xx9creeperslayer xx92 kun oldin
  • Hahaha jokes on u I am already cringe hahahahaha!!!!!!

    creeperslayer xx9creeperslayer xx92 kun oldin
  • Who cares u can play store on kindles

    Joshua MengesJoshua Menges2 kun oldin
  • 0:33 trollface

    MimikyuMimikyu2 kun oldin
  • If Cinema sins had a brother.

    Gaming Boonboon08Gaming Boonboon082 kun oldin
  • song

    kayu playskayu plays2 kun oldin
  • HEY!! MAYO IS DELISH but i gotta agree with ya the ads cringe

    ZHFX쟂ZHFX쟂2 kun oldin
  • Plot twist : the blonde hair woman are excited of eating salad because shes vegan woman

    garikm24 robloxgarikm24 roblox2 kun oldin
  • 0:51 it’s not extra burgers You did not see family perk??

    Мадина НарбаеваМадина Нарбаева2 kun oldin
  • mayo is not disgusting

    H Gullu KhanH Gullu Khan2 kun oldin
    • No u

      Aarav Gaming channelAarav Gaming channel2 kun oldin
  • That kid dancing at the end of the video is cringe as hell

    Yo give me back my Tea Leaf Salad manYo give me back my Tea Leaf Salad man2 kun oldin
  • Everything wrong with this video: everything Also he called a burger a sandwich u-u

    seroXWseroXW2 kun oldin
    • Actually chicken burgers are called sandwiches instead of burgers (but I don’t really know if burgers are sandwiches)

      Zain Al Abedeen Al SaadiZain Al Abedeen Al SaadiKun oldin
  • The cringe count is over 9 thousand! Edit: Wait how in the hell did I predict that without watching the end?

    Svetlana MilosevSvetlana Milosev2 kun oldin
  • The people who disliked are basically the ones who liked this cringe: impossible ad

    Spish GrapeySpish Grapey2 kun oldin
  • Grubhub gives you deals on the food you love, the kind of deals that make you b o o g e y.

    Fadlan HarisFadlan Haris2 kun oldin