29-Sen, 2020
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A normal day in Among Us animation part 3!
Thanks you so much for support me!
I love you! ❤️
Original Animation by Hornstromp.
Among Us is an American made science fiction based murder mystery video game developed and published by Innersloth. Inc. It was released for IOS and Android on June 15, 2018, for PC on Steam on August 18, 2018 and for Dajolg on November 2, 2018. Among Us follows a crew being picked off one by one by an impostor.
In each game the player is one of 4 to 10 living and working in several different environments. One of these crewmates is an Impostor whose main goal is to kill everyone else. The remainder of the players are part of the regular crew who are just trying to escape unharmed. To do this, they have to complete several tasks or (better yet) find the Impostor and vote them out Survivor-style. If they are successful, the Crew wins. If the Impostor manages to kill them all, the player is victorious. In a 10 player game with one Impostor, there is a 10% chance of being an Impostor.
The free map, Skeld, has 14 different rooms that are connected by 7 hallways. Everyone begins the game in the Cafeteria and, depending on the host's settings, as well as on RNG, Crew members have to visit some or most of the other rooms to complete their tasks.
While Impostors do not have tasks as their specific objectives, they can fake “completing” certain activities as a way to gain everyone else's trust. Every user has a chance to call an emergency meeting or, upon seeing a dead body, to report it to everyone else. For the mobile release, discussions are only possible during these time-limited events.
If you are an Impostor, your main goal is to convince others that you are not the Impostor, while the Crew's job is to spot you out. Since it is a voting system where the person with the most votes gets eliminated from the game, it does not really matter who does what. Instead, your argumentative powers are what makes a difference. To sway people in one direction or another, you have to be prepared to make your case as convincing as possible. There is a short time-limit, so you either have to present very strong evidence or come up with a believable narrative that will take others off your trail.
When you are killed by the Impostor, you become a ghost. Although you cannot interact or discuss with others, you can help them complete tasks.
Streamers complained about chat being main form of communications, so a lot of streamers used discord for voice chat.
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  • This is sad? :DX

    Hornstromp GamesHornstromp Games24 kun oldin
    • Look I love u but I got to stop making me cry

      Lol ChicaLol Chica4 kun oldin
    • Muy sad

      Angma YTAngma YT23 kun oldin
    • Good job you made me cry alot

      Teen TeenTeen Teen23 kun oldin
    • Same

      Napachad (Ohm) ThipburirukNapachad (Ohm) Thipburiruk23 kun oldin
    • Im sana cry

      Yahel GamerYahel Gamer23 kun oldin
  • 😂😂😭😭😭

    廣田まゆみ廣田まゆみ3 daqiqa oldin
  • These are so sad 😭. At least they can be happy together in the afterlife 😭. The dog sacrificed itself to save the child 😭.

    Madelyn FarnumMadelyn Farnum16 daqiqa oldin
  • Ughhhh this is soooo sadddd

    Crystal BlushCrystal Blush16 daqiqa oldin
  • Congratulations you unlocked.... You’ve made me depressed! Go to options to see your achievement

    SolarWolvesSolarWolves23 daqiqa oldin
  • As soon as I saw they killed the dog I started actually crying

    Zach PlayzZach Playz25 daqiqa oldin
  • 😟🙁☹🥺😧😥😢😥😢😭😭😖😖😣😣😞😞😩😩😫😫💖💔💔💖🙊🙊🦴🦴🐕🐕🐕🦮🦮

    Elany Cruz MaytaElany Cruz Mayta31 daqiqa oldin
  • 😟😟☹☹🙁😭😭😭😖😖😖😣😣😣😞😞😞😩😩😫😫

    Elany Cruz MaytaElany Cruz Mayta36 daqiqa oldin
  • The sounds the white crewmate is making sounds a bit sexual.

    Parrot's VideosParrot's Videos45 daqiqa oldin
  • Omg😭😭😭

    CloudGUY GamingCloudGUY Gaming49 daqiqa oldin
  • La puta madre q triste

    juan Vargasjuan Vargas51 daqiqa oldin
  • These is sad

    Luis RochaLuis Rocha58 daqiqa oldin
  • PORQUE C*ÑO SIEMPRE LLORO CON ESTA MIERDA?!?!?!? dejen de hacer esto plis, es arte pero duele mucho ;n;

    ㄔղㄚロ ケびղㄔղㄚロ ケびղSoat oldin
  • 😭😭😭😭😢😭😭😢😭😢

    Sor Helena ArbelaezSor Helena ArbelaezSoat oldin
  • Ахахаха, польская корова на 5:08 очень смешная

    E GE GSoat oldin
  • 😭😭😢😢😢😢😢

    michael de felicemichael de feliceSoat oldin
  • 😭😢😭😭😢😭😢😭😢😢

    michael de felicemichael de feliceSoat oldin
  • why its so sad why why tell me

    3xotic_zero two #15913xotic_zero two #1591Soat oldin
  • 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭👏

    Isaque OLIVEIRAIsaque OLIVEIRA2 soat oldin
  • Its Very sad 😭😭😭

    Lukáš HodnýLukáš Hodný2 soat oldin
  • this looks like anime

    Toplal PandeyToplal Pandey2 soat oldin
  • I had tears

    Joseph PfirmanJoseph Pfirman3 soat oldin
  • Omg that dog is annoying as hell

    Mr. GryffinpuffMr. Gryffinpuff3 soat oldin
  • Wey no mames me ban a ser llorar

    TheKraken 08TheKraken 083 soat oldin
  • No

    Flame the flame green wolfFlame the flame green wolf3 soat oldin
  • im not crying you are

    dino bozo jrdino bozo jr3 soat oldin

    Aidhan NavarreteAidhan Navarrete3 soat oldin

    Jake the proJake the pro4 soat oldin
  • Among us. I’m sad 😔 stop Making THEES Videos. Make me cry🥺😩😫😖😣😢😭😔😟☹️

    Jacob Carrizales-LopezJacob Carrizales-Lopez4 soat oldin

    ・munchyy・・munchyy・4 soat oldin
  • My SAD;(;(;(;(;(;(;V

    OF JERALD FFOF JERALD FF4 soat oldin
  • Por fa has inamaciones pero en español para tus sub

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  • Omg i wanted to laugh so bad truh the video

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  • Ma dejenlo morir

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  • Yo i cried so much tooooo sad DX

  • CRAP oh no

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  • This is sad i cry alot from this

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  • dont make me cry again

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  • r.i.p

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  • waa

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  • Çoooooooooook duygusal

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  • i will ciy

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  • traurig😭

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  • Red is Sus

    Gold Charters iUiGold Charters iUi5 soat oldin

    sergio focchanel CRUZsergio focchanel CRUZ5 soat oldin
  • this is so sad

    Isabella Rubio PintoIsabella Rubio Pinto6 soat oldin
  • It makes me fully cry

    Vukasin JanjicVukasin Janjic6 soat oldin
  • im cry xd

    michal jerzewskimichal jerzewski6 soat oldin

    Yumi Chrisbelly Cuba La RosaYumi Chrisbelly Cuba La Rosa7 soat oldin
  • This shit made me cry

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  • This video always make's me cry😭 this is just and really cute❤️😭

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  • This is very sad

  • 😓😓😓👍😓😓👍😓😓😓😓

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  • I cry

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  • :( :(

    Humaid master Kalban ninjaHumaid master Kalban ninja9 soat oldin
  • Im crying

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  • yeah it sad

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  • Omg I cried and I never cry in these type of things 😭😭😭

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  • 😢 😭

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  • The puppy is so cute 😭😭😭

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  • First time I watched this,near instant crying sensation

    Wolfskin 5772Wolfskin 577210 soat oldin
  • NICE 👍🏻 niceeeeeee

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  • U make me cry 🥺🥺

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  • That's it I am never killing a cremate with a pet ever again

    angelika raeangelika rae10 soat oldin
  • Не делай грустных видео пожалуйста!!!!

    Оксана БулановаОксана Буланова10 soat oldin
  • :((

    камола муиновакамола муинова10 soat oldin
  • AND THATS WHY KIDS TOO ALWAYS PICK YELLOW! ( yellow has a 1/20 chanch of being imposter aka 1/100 so...u wont have to kill the baby!)

    thientruc huynhthientruc huynh10 soat oldin
  • Red is always sus kids

    Classified SlayerClassified Slayer10 soat oldin
  • im cry like little baby

    Rilča TvRilča Tv11 soat oldin
  • 😊+🐩=Love

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  • Plot twist: white respawned in menu

    DARKEKS TMDARKEKS TM11 soat oldin
  • Did White just gave one of his bones to the dog when he died?

    AGENT 004AGENT 00411 soat oldin
  • L

    Mega MonkeyMega Monkey12 soat oldin
  • I’m gonna cry this is so sad:(

    I don’t know anything I don’t know anythingI don’t know anything I don’t know anything12 soat oldin
  • I i'm not cry

    D4VII ;-;D4VII ;-;12 soat oldin
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    Swetlana GogolinSwetlana Gogolin12 soat oldin
  • Soooo cute at the end

    Roblox_ BlossomRoblox_ Blossom12 soat oldin
  • my sister cried for 5or6 whole hours

    slimey Slimeslimey Slime12 soat oldin
    • me too

      Rilča TvRilča Tv11 soat oldin
  • this was so sad im shaking cuz im crying so much 😭😭😭

    Rebecca RichardsonRebecca Richardson12 soat oldin
  • The Puuuppy!! That DUMB IMPOSTOR KILLED HIM!!!!! Its soooooo SAD!! Leave a like if you Agree!! 👍 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • I started crying when black mini cremate saw the puppy died and was carrying him

    Sumesh KrishnanSumesh Krishnan13 soat oldin
  • New rule: We ain’t gunna kill people with pets in Among Us anymore

    Get to 5 Suscribers without any VideosGet to 5 Suscribers without any Videos13 soat oldin
  • This is my last video I watch among us stories I don’t want to cry more 😢😭

    G3 GaMeRG3 GaMeR14 soat oldin
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    Bro gamer XD brawl starsBro gamer XD brawl stars14 soat oldin
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