Evelyn Evelyn [DSMP Animatic]

21-Yan, 2021
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I did this way back, like a day before Tommy's exile. This was just for fun :)
Song: Evelyn Evelyn
Artist:Evelyn Evelyn
Also, the reason why there's people from a month ago before post was because they're a patron :D
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  • LOL

    Nico NicoletaNico Nicoleta32 daqiqa oldin
  • 0:25 *slightly touches tommy* 0:32 "Don't touch me bro" 0:36 "Did you forget about corona?" 0:41 "Dude i just slightly touched you" 0:45 "I'm telling mom" 0:48 "No" 0:50 "I will" 0:52 "You wouldn't dare" 0:54 "I would" 0:56 "YOU SNAPPED MY WRIST HOW WOULD I NOT TELL MOM" 0:58 "IT WAS AN ACCIDENT"

    jas • 69 years agojas • 69 years ago2 soat oldin
  • its cool that sadist shows tubbos persinalitys ( the shadows i think)

    The Everland MicronationThe Everland Micronation2 soat oldin
  • god its torture waiting for the next animation! Im looking forward to when it does drop though

    Gustav samuelsonGustav samuelson3 soat oldin
  • wow

    Riley SlemonsRiley Slemons4 soat oldin
  • I have an idea! You could do an animation with the song drivers license but it’s about Tommy in exile, if you agree

    I eat breadI eat bread7 soat oldin
  • You should create a movie whole dsmp history that would be a real pogchamp.

    Hatidza DurmisevicHatidza Durmisevic7 soat oldin
  • why does this actually sound like tubbo and tommy singing??

    CC BoysCC Boys7 soat oldin
  • “Tommy and Tubbo”: We grew up so very close “Tommy”: A parasite needs a host “Tubbo”: I’m only trying to do what is best for us. “Tommy”: Well I never asked for this “Tommy”: I never wanted this “Tommy”: All that I want is some time to myself! “Tubbo”: Looking in your eyes “Tubbo”: I’m coming home “Tommy”: Just get away from me! “Tommy”: Please just stop touching me! “Tommy”: Your always trying to be somebody else!

    RafKoasterRafKoaster8 soat oldin
  • Очень круто....👍🏻

    Null NoNull No9 soat oldin
  • The title:Evelyn Elelyn Song name:Evelyn Evelyn Song artist:Evelyn Evelyn Song album:Evelyn Evelyn EVELYN EVELYN OMG!!!!!!!!!

    Fire eyes GamerFire eyes Gamer10 soat oldin
  • Sad-ist is asome!

    Isabella LawlerIsabella Lawler10 soat oldin
  • We want the finale animation.

    Abdur NadeemAbdur Nadeem11 soat oldin
  • Pain

    ghost in your roomghost in your room13 soat oldin
  • From your first animation you advanced alot

    xvzkid9212xvzkid921214 soat oldin
  • Tommy: God won't you just leave me alone! Tubbo: Ok. _Exiles Tommy leaving Dream to torment him._

    TheAdvertisementTheAdvertisement16 soat oldin
  • I can never tell if you’re a sadist or you’re just sad. Or it’s just your name that’s awesome.

    Lukas DreemurLukas Dreemur16 soat oldin
  • Its been 2 months I miss her 🙁

    kenJi SinaskenJi Sinas16 soat oldin
  • Maybe a slight muss

    BadBoyCliixBadBoyCliix17 soat oldin

  • A

    BrrrBrrr17 soat oldin
  • this really hits different after tommys recent streams

    Moth the 4thMoth the 4th17 soat oldin
  • You should do an antimatic on tommys death and revival

    Glitchy playzGlitchy playz18 soat oldin
  • Hey sad-ist! I have a song that you could you use in your animations. Toxic remix by 2WEI

    x X Luñar_Føx X xx X Luñar_Føx X x18 soat oldin
  • will sadist animate the battle with dream phil and techno or will he just skip to the current dream and tommy lore

    PoggodemonPoggodemon18 soat oldin
  • 0:30 Tubbo is a stand user

    CobioCobio19 soat oldin
  • Wow you've come far since your hollow night videos

    Big WeebBig Weeb19 soat oldin
  • This has a... different feeling now that Tommy is dead...

    Nahla SpringfieldNahla Springfield19 soat oldin
  • Tommyinnit did child abuse

    ᆞRoomᆞRoom20 soat oldin
  • 0:51 *It sounds like Tubbo’s voice tbh,*

    FarisBlayzFarisBlayz21 soat oldin
  • honestly im pressed with your art sad-ist, keep up the good work.

    J_EvanJ_Evan21 soat oldin
  • the 1.9k people who disliked cried to hard and got angry at the animation

    Fabiola PinedaFabiola Pineda22 soat oldin
  • I’d die to watch this again for the first time

    Emma-lee JacksonEmma-lee Jackson22 soat oldin
  • Can you please tutor me?

    YorokobiYorokobi22 soat oldin
  • and now tommy is dead. pain. oh he literally hot revived like, today why whenever i say something it backfires just cuz im misinformed damn it

    Fabiola PinedaFabiola Pineda22 soat oldin
  • I can actually hear tommy sing the parts

    MichelleMichelle22 soat oldin

    hani the weebhani the weeb22 soat oldin
  • Funny drama

    a professional trasha professional trash22 soat oldin
  • Goosebumps

    Aamir monzAamir monz23 soat oldin
  • Im only admiring the music fitting the storyline so well

    A. TorresA. TorresKun oldin
  • I don't see anyone talking about this but when Tommy said, "you're only scared of me!" He backed away in the process, seemingly contradicting his statement. Ormaybeimoveranalyzingthisidk.

    IrenicIrenicKun oldin
  • And now he’s DEAD! (Dance)

    Rapid SlothRapid SlothKun oldin
  • All of these are so amazing its really impressive and breathtaking

    Luna_ KozumeLuna_ KozumeKun oldin
  • I feel like the song Bad Guy by Set It Off would work great for one of these but not sure

  • I feel like the song Bad Guy by Set It Off would work great for one of these but not sure

  • This is amazing

    D HarriramD HarriramKun oldin
  • Just saw it. I thought u were gone XD Will there be an animation "Dawn of the 16th" tier for the destruction of L'Manberg or are you waiting for more to happen?

    Grzegorz BrzęczyszczykiewiczGrzegorz BrzęczyszczykiewiczKun oldin
    • from what I saw on twitter, she's working on something right now :)

      Peter parkers assPeter parkers assKun oldin
  • The dislikes are jealous that they cant do art this good

    TechofIashTechofIashKun oldin
  • Tommy’s dead lol

    SpiffydubsSpiffydubsKun oldin

    CallMeRedCallMeRedKun oldin

    ImaginebeingmadisonnImaginebeingmadisonnKun oldin
  • My playing friday night funkin and im rapping with pico: 0:48

    Eren YeagerEren YeagerKun oldin
  • _

    quackity's chairquackity's chairKun oldin
  • tommy starts angry and ends sad and tubbo starts sad and ends angry

    cull the herdcull the herdKun oldin
  • Do tommys death animation (if u want)

    DeanbeanzzDeanbeanzzKun oldin
  • Tubbo and Tommy not crying-0:50 5 seconds later.. Tubbo and Tommy- 0:55 *cRys*

    xXx Heyyilikefood xXxxXx Heyyilikefood xXxKun oldin
  • There’s a song called cold blooded and I thing you’d like it lol

    シtëaTädpöleシシtëaTädpöleシKun oldin
  • Man this hits so different after tommy died and came back

    Fool Bait GamingFool Bait GamingKun oldin
    • @Same not for u but for me at least

      Fool Bait GamingFool Bait GamingKun oldin
    • No it doesnt

      SameSameKun oldin
  • When I first watched this I liked it because the animation was great and didn’t like the song much And then what two months later I have this tune stuck in my head and couldn’t remember where it was from until just now, and something about the song is just hitting me right

    Leigh LoopsLeigh LoopsKun oldin
  • Do a Tommy innit dying for the last time

    Da yeeter Yeet yeet YEETDa yeeter Yeet yeet YEETKun oldin
  • ship them

  • This hit different now that tommy is dead....

    Josue MartinezJosue MartinezKun oldin
  • coming back to this hurts

    cute pinkycute pinkyKun oldin
  • This hits different now..

    • trintrez •• trintrez •Kun oldin
  • this hits different after the prison

    James UJames UKun oldin
  • this hurts so bad now

    huesnm shuesnm sKun oldin
  • You need to make a music video about dream and Tommy’s time in prison together!

  • add some color plz

    elan playzelan playzKun oldin
  • Bro people really be coming here DAILY I don’t blame them, this thing slaps

    Isabellz BirdIsabellz BirdKun oldin
  • Next animation Tommylnnit losing he’s tre lives 🤣🤣

    Claudia CamposClaudia CamposKun oldin
  • "Here Tommy have a flower...theirs nobody their to pick it up anymore." -Ranboo GOSH WHYY IT WAS SOO SOON TOO SOON. You know whats going to last forever. Dreams prison sentence.

    SoftixSoftixKun oldin
  • I swear to god that before I heard the real song, I thought they were singing it.....

    Aayush KulkarniAayush KulkarniKun oldin
    • So true he is like that in real life sooo...... GG sadist

      Aayush KulkarniAayush KulkarniKun oldin
    • Lmfao- but ngl tubbo’s line fits perfectly

      EpioneEpioneKun oldin
  • Is no one going to talk about the smile at the end?

    Ketty KeilyKetty KeilyKun oldin
  • When comes the next ep? :C

    PurpleWaterPurpleWaterKun oldin
  • And the Tommy fucking dies

    BallsBallsKun oldin
  • Ok here me out I hear this song as wanda and vision now oml

    NicoNicoKun oldin
  • R.i.P tommyinnit

    tr3e powertr3e power2 kun oldin
  • This hits different after Tommy died...( In the SMP)

    Chase ChampChase Champ2 kun oldin

    milkysuu _milkysuu _2 kun oldin
  • I am from the future and tommy died by dream. Just saying

    Gamer CentralGamer Central2 kun oldin
  • Please do an animatic of Tommy’s death

    Astro KonesAstro Kones2 kun oldin
  • fuck this hurts now o7

    Potato PancakePotato Pancake2 kun oldin
  • I watched it too much that now I hear them as they actually singed this maybe even better.

    Ahsen ÖzekAhsen Özek2 kun oldin
  • if you hear it to much you can actually hear tubbo singing

    Giornno BananiaGiornno Banania2 kun oldin
  • Welp...

    Dysty Dawn :DDysty Dawn :D2 kun oldin
  • Tommyinnit real cry reveal lol

    Joellen BrownJoellen Brown2 kun oldin
  • i hate this. it's just so perfect... i can't, this is just fucking incredible

    P. Imagi ChannelP. Imagi Channel2 kun oldin
  • where is the techno and dream destroing l´manberg animation?

    Luiz Fernando Barbosa FurtadoLuiz Fernando Barbosa Furtado2 kun oldin
  • When u make an animatic of Tommy’s last cannon death u better make him pretty bloody because he was gored to death with a potato by a sociopath

    Laurence HartnellLaurence Hartnell2 kun oldin
  • When is the next animatic?

    kreedlolkreedlol2 kun oldin
  • I really want him to make one of the most recent war, ya know the tnt grid and the L’man-hole, and exileI

    sophiafaith_sophiafaith_2 kun oldin
  • Do animation about death of tommy

    KR_ST4RYKR_ST4RY2 kun oldin
  • This hits different now. :(

    CelestialOrcaCelestialOrca2 kun oldin
  • i feel bad for sadist, when they are half way through an animatic 2 main characters die, 4 wars happen, 3 discs are stolen and 2 entire prisons are built

    Plate of Wise Noodles McnoodlePlate of Wise Noodles Mcnoodle2 kun oldin
    • \*/ i mean this is really sad-

      ExoticExotic2 kun oldin
  • When does the next animatic come out

    Green SlothGreen Sloth2 kun oldin
  • Fun fact:Tubbo having horns is canon!And it has been since Schlatt was the president of Manberg. Tommy and Tubbo even got into an argument once about them, Tommy saying that they didn’t make him like Schlatt and that he liked them, which is really sweet, but also proves it.

    Human GarbageHuman Garbage2 kun oldin
  • Tommy is now dead! :D

    JL BajarJL Bajar2 kun oldin
  • RIP tommy in present

    Sabina ImamSabina Imam2 kun oldin
  • Here after Tommy’s death... it just hits different now after you watch this

    theOGjoletheOGjole2 kun oldin
  • Tommy is dead the next cinematic will be insane

    Tommy pog InnitTommy pog Innit2 kun oldin