Ethan and Hila watched my Trisha Paytas video on the H3 podcast

11-Yan, 2021
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  • i guess it's time for me to make an official apology to all of you reading this comment... i'm sorry you all have to wait until friday to see me on the H3 podcast. BUT the good news is you can see me tomorrow by following me on Twitch and catching my stream at 2PM CT:

    D'Angelo WallaceD'Angelo Wallace14 kun oldin
    • @Tacit Tern I'm confused about your reply as it pertains in the situation in Israel, but I am in agreement with all the rest of what you have said, but I have not read either of those books though. I would say Biden is another incompetant POTUS, but it seems like a George Dubya situation for now where he just is going to surround himself with a bunch of people way smarter than him. Really I feel like best case scenario is eventually Biden steps down and Kamala is president.

      syntheticgerbilsyntheticgerbil5 kun oldin
    • @syntheticgerbil Presidents are suposed to decide upon which policies we move forward with... not design them. That is for the house of Congress, isn't it? least Congress gives our Representatives a chance to voice concerns and consult academia, and debate. But each president seems to be taking more and more executive actions.... and that is just plain unAmerican; because it denies the American people their representation via the house and Senate. I once considered Bush's decision to unilateral engage in military action without the consent of Congress to be the most disturbing abuse to the constitution that i have ever seen, but it's been a slippery slope towards dictatorship since then.... regardless of the POTUS's party. Executive actions aren't supposed to be normal. And neither are Impeachments. .....but lets not pretend that trump wasn't the first president worthy of being Impeached twice. Obama was undoubtedly a much better President than Trump; pretty much in every facet. Despite ramping up many of Bush's unconstitutional policies. Sure I have my criticisms of every administration; those who can't do criticise. And btw, much of Biden's cabinet was blatantly and admittedly selected in direct violation of the Civil Liberties Act. America isn't some static state, fixed product.... America is a dynamic and ever evolving democracy.... because that's what our constitution outlines for our republic. Good Riddance to Trump of luck to braindead Biden. He should watch out for Kamala's fumes, though. I think Harris REALLY WANTS his job. Ps. We need to reinstate the Office of Congressional Ethics, the Government Accountability Office, and the MAVNI program

      Tacit TernTacit Tern5 kun oldin
    • @Tacit Tern The United States is fucked up badly right now. How can you not be negative about it? You could say a lot about any random country, there's many way worse off than the US of course, but what aboutism doesn't fix the problems in your own country. The only reason you think anyone on this podcast would have anything to say about Israel right now is because that's where Hila is from, but her knowledge of politics there would be dependent on what was going on a decade ago and what her mom tells her is going on.

      syntheticgerbilsyntheticgerbil5 kun oldin
    • @syntheticgerbil It was just plain unAmerican what happened at the Capitol; those rioters weren't patriots, and their behavior was definitely that of misguided individuals...... who are clearly of touch with reality, and likely never served. Trump is likely to go down in history as verifiably one of the worst presidents; because he's been a near perpetual National embarrassment, and a constant security risk. And I pray we never have a POTUS as incompetent again. I highly recommend people taking the time to watch the livestream of our own government on C-SPAN; to see and hear for one's self, what's said and done....without spin or biases of MSM. Not to mention the daily transcripts are made available on the Congress, Senate, and Supreme Court websites. Even if someone had the due diligence to be a properly informed/responsible voter, it's still hard to get an accurate picture of all facets involved; but its not hard to be a good Citizen. I don't understand why people do mental gymnastics in regards to the false dichotomy of Left v. Right, us versus them; when first and foremost, we're all Americans. And the average person isn't a radical extremist; but tend to be fairly level headed and independent people, who are conservative/liberal on some issues and not others. I would say most are moderate. Democracy is a very vulnerable thing; the books "On Tyranny" by Timothy Snyder is a nice pocket guide to defending democratic institutions, and "The True Believer" by Eric Hoffer covers how they collapse. The two books paired together are quite poignant and empowering to even the most average person.

      Tacit TernTacit Tern5 kun oldin
    • @syntheticgerbil They were being negative about the United States. And they most certainly are not up to date with all available information, and are speaking quite critically; when in the bigger picture, a lot could be said of Israel ..... which they never have. They obviously hate America, and don't mind living here.... and off of US.

      Tacit TernTacit Tern5 kun oldin
  • Is this reaction to reaction to reaction, am I keeping up here? ;D

    Lincoln BioLincoln Bio5 soat oldin
  • The producers are obsessed with you & crave for you to be disliked! The balls that the producers have & especially for not knowing you! 😒🤌🏼

    Dessi FernandezDessi Fernandez12 soat oldin
  • D’angelo for Producer!!!

    Tiffani VazquezTiffani Vazquez18 soat oldin
  • bro i wasnt going to say anything but we all see right through the fucking 10 minute video to get ads but holy shit do you need that many? come on now

    Megan LopezMegan Lopez19 soat oldin
    • Everyone has upped their ads it's a night mare. The newer UZworldrs arent as thirsty.

      Tintin TinternetTintin Tinternet12 soat oldin
  • You can tell by the end Ethan was rolling his eyes at the producers 😂

    Evelyn CEvelyn C21 soat oldin
  • Love this playful banter between you and H3! It's so funny

    JellybonesJellybones23 soat oldin
  • ok but fr ethan’s producers are weak ahahaha like how they be song hung up on the lamest jokes?!

    lyly101lyly101Kun oldin
  • Are you going to turn your channels into something other than a drama channel bc IT IS A DRAMA CHANNEL LOL.

    KalpanaKalpanaKun oldin
  • You react to them, reacting to you.. reacting to them

    RoseRoseKun oldin
  • tbh u dont look thicker u just look younger :)

    artfinityandbeyondartfinityandbeyondKun oldin
  • Bruh you are a drama channel just accept it 😂 and the producers were just making jokes that’s what they always do lol

    Finn The HumanFinn The HumanKun oldin
  • Let’s good I am a fan of h3 and yo bro fuck with your videos bro

    joseph narvaezjoseph narvaez2 kun oldin
  • "The Clout exchange is complete" lmfaooo

    misamisa2 kun oldin
  • Only found out you existed bc h3, loving the content u cutie

    misamisa2 kun oldin
  • Okay... now I lowkey have a crush on D'Angelo lol

    한아름한아름2 kun oldin
  • u obviously watched this vid before and had a bunch of videos ready to reference. lol u seem so fake with this

    call me garycall me gary2 kun oldin
  • clips of the videos Trish said Shane told her to delete

    Ro CoRo Co3 kun oldin
  • Can’t stand that producer lmao

    miriam kmiriam k3 kun oldin
  • 7:46 me after literally one day of watching his content. The power this man holds is incredible

    Paul VizcarraPaul Vizcarra3 kun oldin
  • Where I can I buy D'Angelo's level of confidence? I have 6 credit cards I'm willing to max out.

    FLdancer00FLdancer003 kun oldin
  • H3 literally put out a video recently where Ethan says "Trisha never lies"

    Zen DissonanceZen Dissonance3 kun oldin
  • I think that it was a really weird comment. To say the only thing Trish is good for is her only fans.

    shayshay3 kun oldin
  • Bro I’ve been watching H3H3 since 2015 and I love your channel too ❤️ so yeah there is a lot of overlap‼️

    Sophia Is StrangeSophia Is Strange4 kun oldin
  • Ethan drives me insaaaaaaaaane 😡

    P. AdolphaP. Adolpha4 kun oldin
  • Ahhhh Oml and the fact that Trish just posted a video exposing Shane.

    Hannah BooHannah Boo4 kun oldin
  • I loved this!

    CR LewisCR Lewis4 kun oldin
  • 10 min on the dot...nice

    Mudkipfan03Mudkipfan034 kun oldin
  • trisha doesn’t have a problem with him posting her breakdowns so why do you-

    stefon jabistefon jabi4 kun oldin
  • proud to say i have the same personality type as this man

    Engaging AthenaEngaging Athena4 kun oldin
  • Them: “that... onlyfans comment was kinda weird...” Also them: *”send feet pics”*

    RavenWolf KittyFaceRavenWolf KittyFace5 kun oldin
  • Watch out, these cat ears are cursed! On the other hand... Nah, I think you'll be alright.

    dermetaller15dermetaller155 kun oldin
  • Weird comment. Really weird comment. That Only Fans comment was bizarre. It was kind of a weird note to punctuate the video on. Weird comment of a weird note to punctuate the video on. That Only Fans comment. Weird comment on. Weird comment. Note to punctuate the video on. Weird comment was bizarre. Video on.

    Jono IncorporatedJono Incorporated5 kun oldin
  • UZworldrs exchanging criticisms and handling it well? Im confused, whats happening, am I on the right website?

    GemGem5 kun oldin
  • Y so sassy ? they like you! (Also all peace and love and stoned)

    Muri JuliaMuri Julia5 kun oldin
  • 1:02 wtf is that picture in the background some one please explain.

    RED SPARTAN 656RED SPARTAN 6565 kun oldin

    BenBen5 kun oldin
  • what shane video?

    ShammiShammi5 kun oldin
  • OMG that's so cool. We can talk and be civil on UZworld 😍

    PeksykPeksyk5 kun oldin
  • God damn now I’m going have to give them a view

    Jaime McDowellJaime McDowell5 kun oldin
  • this is perfect i am so happy that you and h3 are cool even if the boys are annoying lol

    Senna LanzerSenna Lanzer6 kun oldin
  • This guy is too uptight. Can’t stand. Zero stars.

    Katie LamirandKatie Lamirand6 kun oldin
    • I agree...meh

      bored shrimpbored shrimp5 kun oldin
  • You didn’t comment on them just two friends doing a podcast. He’s not her therapist, etc. Why would you skip that portion? If we want to educate ourselves on people’s differences then we need to see the ugly. We can’t learn if we only see the good. 🤷‍♀️

    LS EHLS EH6 kun oldin

    EsperEsper6 kun oldin
  • I just saw the thumb nail and came to ask (👏🏼...👏🏼...👏🏼) wanna cookie ??

    Kayla Mason2.0Kayla Mason2.06 kun oldin
  • Sooo dude That vegan teacher made a video reacting to you and tbh I freaking love you you are an amazing person inside and out please never change ❤️

  • Hahaha hes just trynna see ur feet

    Jordan RiverJordan River6 kun oldin
  • *d'angelo breathes* Producers: you should unfollow man, dude is kinda weird

    Vava BaberellaVava Baberella7 kun oldin
  • You’re totally a drama channel and I love you!

    Jade BriggsJade Briggs7 kun oldin
  • Guys I’m so high, and so happy about it, holy fucking christ

    Ski MaskSki Mask7 kun oldin
  • D’Angelo is so well spoken and neutral. I’m constantly impressed with his commentary and I only recently discovered him. Definitely subbed.

    NugglyNuggly7 kun oldin
  • Bruh, communications and film education confirmed. Every self-respecting producer monitors with Sennheizers. I got the HD-25 II's closed ear. 15 years old and still sound amazing. And it was great to see you on H3H3 and really getting along with everyone. The two top exposers on UZworld have come together, watch out content creators with shady pasts!

    Dank MheemsDank Mheems7 kun oldin
  • Dangelo: exists Producers: *so you have chosen death*

    An Intense NerdAn Intense Nerd7 kun oldin
  • Ethan and Hila react to criticism the way I wish most creators would

    Alfo BootidirAlfo Bootidir7 kun oldin
  • It takes Ethan a couple seconds to realize what he’s saying most of the time

    sockmansockman7 kun oldin
  • The real question is, when are you getting an affiliate link for those headphones tho?

    IK BIK B7 kun oldin
  • hila n ethan’s producers.... JESUS FUCK i absolutely HATE them

    worm gutsworm guts7 kun oldin
  • y'all know that ethan is problematic as fuck though right?? he's said slurs, made fun of minimum wage workers, has a huge ego, etc. like yikes

    Lauren ChavezLauren Chavez7 kun oldin
  • I always found the H3 podcast irritating. :/

    DeadAccountDeadAccount8 kun oldin
  • Why is there a wikifeet?

    Megan ChesnokMegan Chesnok8 kun oldin
  • Heard About You From H3 Podcast new follower 😃

    Mari NycMari Nyc8 kun oldin
  • Trisha Paytas is like Aphrodite level petty.

    Emma NewEmma New8 kun oldin
  • He KNOWS you told no lies & were ON POINT, as you always are. That's why he couldn't say nothing. And the fact he had the nerve to sound smug AS he was watching/reviewing your episode on him..... that ticks me off too. Who TF he think he is? And F his producer

    Rebel LoveRebel Love8 kun oldin
  • Ethan is so full of it. WHY would he say at the very beginning he doesn't know who you are.... but repeatedly contradicts by admitting he's watched you before? So fake. What an @sshole. And the fact he even MADE a podcast with Trisha Paytas (of all people) proves how full of it he IS, unless he's doing it strictly for controversy or to indirectly mock her WHY does he even have a podcast with her? For what? I used to watch him but. Nah. Glad I found better youtubers to watch 🙄😁

    Rebel LoveRebel Love8 kun oldin
  • I like the cat ears ^--^

    Peachy MePeachy Me8 kun oldin
  • Just a heads up, a "perfect 5 star rating" is quite pathetic in the wikifeet community.

    FUCKgoogle+FUCKgoogle+8 kun oldin
  • Are you trans ?

    Infinity Nexus ReviewsInfinity Nexus Reviews8 kun oldin
    • no he is not

      RebeccaRebecca8 kun oldin
  • i just trust d’angelo way more than anyone on H3 but H3 is just funny to watch and i do find myself having way more opinions on that podcast. d’angelo just is way more trustworthy

    Sabrina AbeloeSabrina Abeloe8 kun oldin
  • watching you continue to grow and get new gigs I love it !!!! :)

    Wynter RWynter R8 kun oldin
  • Reading through the comments on the recent podcast highlights, and everyone is commenting how cute he is. I love this.

    SaheasySaheasy9 kun oldin
  • I am so frustrated with UZworld unsubscribing me from your channel. I was thinking, it’s been a really long time since I’ve seen anything from D’Angelo. Turns out you had been removed from my subscribed list. I resubscribed on my iPad and iPhone so hopefully I won’t miss all the new content you’re uploading. I love a short escape from the daily grind.

    Patricia D.Patricia D.9 kun oldin
  • I’m not exactly sure what’s going on...but I’m happy to be here anyway 😊

    hindenburg2006hindenburg20069 kun oldin
  • Trisha hated their producers too. They weaponize them....Jeffrey Star has the same issue.

    50hellkat250hellkat29 kun oldin
    • Producers gotta produce.

      Dank MheemsDank Mheems7 kun oldin
  • Question wtf is WikiFeet like pls someone explain

    Phoebe McLaughlinPhoebe McLaughlin9 kun oldin
  • The clout transfer 💀

    Lucy HorikawaLucy Horikawa9 kun oldin
  • 8:01 FKKKIN DEADD 💀

    Lucy HorikawaLucy Horikawa9 kun oldin
  • Diangleo looks like somebodies aunt. Love u tho

    Strawberry SyrupStrawberry Syrup10 kun oldin
  • I don't get your videos in recomendations anymore at all :( and i was unsubscribed

    Moon MadaoMoon Madao10 kun oldin
  • Yay!!!!! Here from h3 can’t wait to get to know you on the podcast

    Gracie CastilloGracie Castillo10 kun oldin
  • Omg yes go on frenemies!!!

    Chloe CatChloe Cat10 kun oldin
  • Dangelo is so sweet and cute how can anyone hate him!!

    Chloe CatChloe Cat10 kun oldin
  • So gooot

    ToninmexicoToninmexico10 kun oldin

    Lumpy SpaceLumpy Space10 kun oldin
  • I love your catboy ears 😍 they’re the same as CinnamonToastKen’s 🤩🤓🥰

    Lil Birdie_oLil Birdie_o10 kun oldin
  • Here from H3!

    Pinkflamingo dingoPinkflamingo dingo10 kun oldin
  • the wikifeet is a running joke because he has the highest rated feet

    Abby JaskowskiAbby Jaskowski10 kun oldin
  • why does this stress me out so much, i am not the one being confronted.

    Jordan PearsonJordan Pearson10 kun oldin
  • Hands off the four producers eyyy

    Dimitra P.Dimitra P.10 kun oldin
  • Stoked for today

    Cewa PaigetCewa Paiget10 kun oldin
  • bruh he was weirded out by the OF comment because you know he’s subbed to it

    Aaron JosephAaron Joseph10 kun oldin
  • Cringe yo

    Oli XOli X10 kun oldin
  • R u a girl

    MarkMark10 kun oldin
  • R u girl

    MarkMark10 kun oldin
  • Here after seeing D'Angelo on the H3

    StellaStella10 kun oldin
  • We love constructive feedback! 😇

    Miriam OnenMiriam Onen10 kun oldin
  • yes at ab dragging you back

    pep_zpep_z10 kun oldin
  • Y’all he was kidding about having beef why are some of you taking it seriously lol

    Nerdy BirdNerdy Bird10 kun oldin
  • Kind get the vibe that the producers are jelouse of your content quality.

    boiwhybotherboiwhybother10 kun oldin
    • lmao

      pep_zpep_z10 kun oldin

    millmill10 kun oldin
  • So... Is she stil a 'he'? Or did that go out of fashion?

    PendjiPendji10 kun oldin
    • huh?

      deer.princedeer.prince10 kun oldin