Eren Epic Transformation - Attack on Titan Season 4 w/YouSeeBIGGIRL/T:T OST

10-Yan, 2021
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Hello, I made an edit in this part changing the OST, not because I don't like the original (I love it) but because I wanted to feel how it would sound with YOUSEEBIGGIRL/T:T OST. This scene and the audio of it (from the Soulmadness' chapter 100 video) was used on purpose in honor of Soulmadness for his great videos provided for the AOT Community. I hope you enjoy it!
I do not own any thing presented in this video. All rights reserved to its proper owner.
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Attack on Titan The Final Season was produced by MAPPA.
Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin is written by Hajime Isayama.
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  • A lot of people were ungrateful and behaved wrong, harassing the director etc. For anyone who wants to know this was the last tweet from his account before locked. "I'm not very good at English. I'm sorry. I'm fine now. Your love has rubbed off on me. Thank you so much! I'm fine!" Seriously if you didn't like their choice of OST go watch some edited videos on UZworld or something, like this one, but dont hate. If Isayama Sensei makes a choice that you didn't like would you harass him too ?? Probably not, because all of us respect him. So please show the same respect for the studio staff. My video is just an experiment, I loved the original OST like I mentioned in my other comments. Their OST choice for this scene was really good and there are multiple people who already explained that. Most of anime onlys loved this scene but a lot of manga readers were disappointed because the community didn't understand the scene put in the manga and instantly went to focus on Eren or overhyped it or thought about some misinterpreted parallels and put YouSeeBIGGIRL OST in this part of the manga. Don't be disappointed. Respect everyone, open your mind more and happily enjoy the official release!

    DrakoXDDrakoXD8 kun oldin
    • Im so confused, and it sucks that people would do such things, i thought this was awesome, and i haven't even started watching season 4 yet smh

      Bravo Mike ProphetBravo Mike Prophet16 soat oldin
    • @- Aaron - I have netflix account too! I didn't know attack on Titan was available in netflix! The last time I check it was not available on Netflix!

      ElangbamElangbam23 soat oldin
    • Those who harassed the staff were same like crazy KPop-ers around my school

      ClokopucsClokopucsKun oldin
    • @TimoTeaTarou true bro

      ClokopucsClokopucsKun oldin
    • Why are you all such babies? They’re public figures they get harrassed and death threats over every thing every day

      TheGeoXWarTheGeoXWarKun oldin
  • Willy: "I'm declaring war on Paradis!" Eren: uno reverse card

    cactus momcactus mom7 daqiqa oldin
  • This version sucks

    burgerking220burgerking22021 daqiqa oldin
  • R.I.P to the guy in the back

    BrittsterBrittster37 daqiqa oldin
  • perfect music

    levi slice up asslevi slice up ass47 daqiqa oldin
  • Willy is the trash talker who dies first in the game.

    SmiLeySmiLey2 soat oldin
  • It's a shame that reiner and annies parents are still alive and kicking after Eren's genocide. Would have been a nice parallel with what Eren experienced. If you take away the limited lifespan, reiner and annie really came out on top in this series.

    Santan ThottempudiSantan Thottempudi2 soat oldin
  • This was so perfect I can’t believe this wasn’t used

    MFI GamingMFI Gaming3 soat oldin
  • willy got spawn peaked by a yeager main 😂

    devindevin3 soat oldin
  • Why is no one talking about the voice actor for Reiner!!! The way his voice cracks and goes in and out now that’s voice acting.

    Mike HawkMike Hawk4 soat oldin
  • 2:40 anybody else just see that person get hit by the debris?

    Erwin LinaresErwin Linares4 soat oldin
  • The music was perfect 💯

    Official BlueOfficial Blue4 soat oldin
  • Grande eren

    SrMaldito.SrMaldito.5 soat oldin
  • This ost better than original scene

    xEmirhanimationxEmirhanimation6 soat oldin
  • how was Eren able to transform in a cramped place?

    John GoldfieldJohn Goldfield7 soat oldin
  • Hey people, I analyzed and compared when Reiner and Bertholt revealed that they were titan shifters, and saw the song used here was a little different (The part of the song) I made my own version which uses the same part where Reiner and Bertholt transformed, I just wanted to share my version so if you’d like please check it out -

    NarwhalNarwhal9 soat oldin
  • I wonder why reiner didn't transform and try to fight too? Maybe he felt so guilty he couldn't even fight eren.

    whoopsie doowhoopsie doo10 soat oldin
  • ''this is a decleration of war'' ''Okay, you asked for it''

    Xrisus94Xrisus9410 soat oldin
  • Every time i hear the music its gives me goose bombs.

    SleqzzySleqzzy10 soat oldin
  • This song kind of fits but it seems too emotional, I still prefer the song they picked originally. The original song feels more like something momentous is happening, and the end brings a sort of cliffhanger feeling (which I guess it was since it'd take 2 weeks instead of 1 to see what happened from when it aired).

    Iceman9009Iceman900910 soat oldin
  • Amo a MAPPA, mas eles vacilaram demais em não botar essa Ost nessa cena

    Sam TodSam Tod11 soat oldin
  • He knew he was going to die, do any of you guys actually watch the show?

    Blippie ReddBlippie Redd11 soat oldin
  • Question for anyone, when eren is fighting the war hammer how come refiner does transform aswell or am I being stupid??

    App ReviewsApp Reviews12 soat oldin
    • how do u think Falco was saved

      Ishaaq KhanIshaaq Khan12 soat oldin
  • Now that's what I'm talking about.

    ArioArio12 soat oldin
  • Willy: I do not wish to die Eren: well, neither do I

    a non descript bulleta non descript bullet13 soat oldin
  • Willy : To the enemy forces on Paradis, this is a declaration of waaarr !!! Eren & the gang : Coming to u live :3

    Edith MellEdith Mell13 soat oldin
  • 全然合ってなくて草

    安倍晋三の陰毛安倍晋三の陰毛13 soat oldin
  • This goes to show how much Reiner has been broken

    Quella VenixQuella Venix13 soat oldin
  • Willy: i dont wish to die Eren:

    Mushroomman #!Mushroomman #!14 soat oldin
  • Reiner…Beautiful…

    おいなり食べ郎おいなり食べ郎15 soat oldin
  • What a bastard Eren, killing civilians in that way!

    Cortometraggi 7* ArteCortometraggi 7* Arte15 soat oldin
    • @Cortometraggi 7* Arte wooo coso sei italiano?

      L'universo letteralmenteL'universo letteralmente14 soat oldin
    • @L'universo letteralmente Si, è orrendo.

      Cortometraggi 7* ArteCortometraggi 7* Arte15 soat oldin
    • This is war

      L'universo letteralmenteL'universo letteralmente15 soat oldin
  • Mappa original music moments it's a disaster.

    Drag8nDrag8n15 soat oldin
    • @TheInternet what an idiot you are xd. The people in charge of the soudntrack is the same as in last 3 seasons is not mappa's fault dude

      yoriichiyoriichi5 soat oldin
    • They just don't hit hard as Wit's..

      TheInternetTheInternet11 soat oldin
  • imagine bro, marley is talking a shit about paradis, declare a war and then when eren get his revenge, marley is crying like a shit

    ino suke_ino suke_15 soat oldin
  • imagine bro, marley is talking a shit about paradis, declare a war and then when eren get his revenge, marley is crying like a shit

    ino suke_ino suke_15 soat oldin
  • Not gonna lie, when I read this manga, I envision this ost to play in the anime. But still great choice nonetheless for the director.

    Eman 1223Eman 122316 soat oldin
  • An epic part

    cecep nurjamilcecep nurjamil16 soat oldin
  • miss the eren who had emotions

    NostalgicNostalgic16 soat oldin
  • That was dope af

    SaitamaSaitama17 soat oldin
  • Director made the right choice This ost doesn't suit this scene that much 😞

    SëMï SëñïoritïstSëMï Sëñïoritïst17 soat oldin
  • Eren: I just keep moving forward, Until My enemies are destroyed. I get chills reading that. Btw if you got a problem with the animation do yourself a favor and don’t watch it.

    YaBoyTheC.I.BYaBoyTheC.I.B17 soat oldin
  • I honestly think mappa did a pretty good job with the attack titan

    Kinky SushiKinky Sushi17 soat oldin
  • Bring the "GOD" Sawano san back

  • Youseebiggirl sounds AMAZING with this scene but the messeged delivered from said music isn't the same though

    Luke SobrinoLuke Sobrino19 soat oldin
  • I'll say this once. YOU SEE BIG GIRL couldn't have fitted this scene perfectly. MAPPA nailed this scene in every possible way

    • Yeah,but let people take a look at the other versions cuz its what they wanted,lets just respect them as long as they respect us and Mappa studios

      Adin Andrei VillanuevaAdin Andrei Villanueva18 soat oldin
  • Aww man this had shivers go down my spine, so good!

    Mr. MysteriousMr. Mysterious19 soat oldin
  • eren : *becomes titan* willy : *dies*

    Firash IrfanFirash Irfan19 soat oldin
  • Bertoltoo Rainaaaa You damn traitor !!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Rifki LazuardiRifki Lazuardi20 soat oldin
  • One of the best anime episodes the build up was crazy

    The Adonis DudeThe Adonis Dude20 soat oldin
  • 2:40 I like how detail that rock hit the guy in the background.

    Living DollLiving Doll20 soat oldin
  • imagine willly got stuck on eren's throat and he just dies

    turtlarturtlar20 soat oldin
  • I dont know whats so bad about aot 4, why many people blame mappa ? Its so good ya know

    Amirul RasyidAmirul Rasyid21 soat oldin
  • RIP that one guy in the crowd who is immediately killed by a piece of wall at 2:40

    idontwork4statefarmidontwork4statefarm21 soat oldin
  • Please edit using eren attack on titan theme 🙏🏻

    bakhtiar baharubakhtiar baharu21 soat oldin
  • Not gonna lie... I got VERY goosebumps but I haven't watched it before on season 4. But I watch all season from the past which is season 1-3 that all I watch. But man I can not wait till I get a season 4 for watch it!

    mikeyatlas15mikeyatlas1521 soat oldin
  • 2:24 what name of the song???

    Alvino VictoryAlvino Victory22 soat oldin
  • Cant help but tear up knowing what's happening with all the innocent audience members after the last few chapters. Not the Marleyan's tho. Fuckers only wanted Paradis so they could take over the world with the titans. Fuck them.

    Xac MasheXac Mashe22 soat oldin
  • 2:32 Willy: THIS IS A DECLARATION OF WAR! Eren: OH HERE COMES WAR MUTHAFUCKA so badass i love it

    CyberCyber22 soat oldin
  • wtf have i missed since season 2 i’m lost asf

    IsaiahIsaiah23 soat oldin
  • This is the coolest episode ever. 8 years of waiting for this moment. I almost died seeing this.

    Rekias ChannelRekias Channel23 soat oldin
  • This is the coolest episode ever. 8 years of waiting for this moment. I almost died seeing this.

    Rekias ChannelRekias Channel23 soat oldin
  • Eren woke up and chose violence

    Sammy JimmySammy JimmyKun oldin
  • me: where tf is berty boi? also me: oh ye, he got murked

    Boundless GamingBoundless GamingKun oldin
  • With/(Out) the youseebiggirl ost its still good episode, not good but AMAZING. Dont care about the ost the original ost is still good.

    ClokopucsClokopucsKun oldin
  • It’s actually epick you nerds

    NayutoNayutoKun oldin
  • Who’s the kid who looks like him. Did he have a kid?

    LillygamesLillygamesKun oldin
  • ngl cg looks great.

    vince. ntvince. ntKun oldin
  • This music brings me back

    Dylan KuklerDylan KuklerKun oldin
  • Almejo o dia em que estaremos avançados no conceito VR, assim como em Sword Art Online. Onde poderemos usar nossos DMT's e sobrevoar as muralhas, sentido o vento bater em nossos rostos e a velocidade enjetando a adrenalina em nosso sangue!

    Hiago SoaresSHiago SoaresSKun oldin
  • It’s for this ost that people are sending death threats to the studio? It doesn’t even fit well and even if it did the other one isn’t even bad.

    HeathcliffHeathcliffKun oldin
    • Sadly yeah. People really love to hate on everything.

      xiilerii Ixiilerii IKun oldin
  • Paradis

    xKyuutaxKyuutaKun oldin
  • People really hating on this OST, I just feel bad for the guy, the first time I heard this( not gonna spoil but if u watched u probably remember) it gave me chills over and over, even when I rematches it still chills, unbelievable

    DS FreedDS FreedKun oldin
  • youSeeBIGGIRL >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Luke MagesteLuke MagesteKun oldin
  • when u denounce the nation in preparation for war but they declared a surprise war with giant death robots on the same turn

    Achilles PeraltaAchilles PeraltaKun oldin
  • Eren:"Hey Reiner, remember the time when you transformed into a titan on our walls? Well ain't karma a bitch!"

    _So.ul_ G4z3_So.ul_ G4z3Kun oldin
  • idk why people complained, that scene was fucking gold from start to finish

    Bolinho 1v7Bolinho 1v7Kun oldin
    • @Xbessa eu entendo que YouSeeBIGGIRL dá mais impacto a cena, mas eu acho que a cena quis ser algo mais tenso e sério, não muito algo que choca, mas sim o que vai vir a seguir que tem que chocar

      Bolinho 1v7Bolinho 1v7Kun oldin
    • @Xbessa KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK jurei q tu era gringo

      Bolinho 1v7Bolinho 1v7Kun oldin
    • Ok, mas eu ainda preferi youseebiggirl dá mais impacto, vc sente que é um negocio grandioso, mas esse proprio video ainda pode ser melhorado pra ficar ainda melhor que o original

      XbessaXbessaKun oldin
    • @Bolinho 1v7 cara pq eu te respondi em inglês tu é BR kkkk

      XbessaXbessaKun oldin
    • @Xbessa I know, I was talking about the original one, that soundtrack was fine imo, YouSeeBIGGIRL still goes amazingly, but the one used in the anime was good too, it was great and fits the scene, but that's just my opinion

      Bolinho 1v7Bolinho 1v7Kun oldin
  • Eren answered that declaration of war real quick didn't he?

    ur mama fartingur mama fartingKun oldin
  • Naw, this soundtrack doesn't work. This was the beginning of a war, not some magnificent "aww" moment like when it was used. I like te original OST with it. These whiners are just children with no taste.

    sacr3sacr3Kun oldin
  • Willy: I do not wish to die Eren: lol hahahaha

    FeroziYuudaiYoriFeroziYuudaiYoriKun oldin
  • Now i dont like AoT eren became ugly and mikasa too

    F HF HKun oldin
    • @ThePowrot so because she has short hair and muscle body she’s a male? Wtf she’s a fucking soldier. Did u expect her to be like every fuckin “big b00bs uwu girl” ?

      xiilerii Ixiilerii IKun oldin
    • is there any person who like eren before ? :d but mikasa jest its a male now :D tbh eren suit better now

      ThePowrotThePowrotKun oldin
  • Imagine Eren having a dinner with his family and accidently bite his tongue..

    Алекс ВладимировАлекс ВладимировKun oldin
    • what family?

      Willian TavaresWillian Tavares23 soat oldin
  • Lol he declared a war to paradis island and didn't even last 5 seconds on his own war

    Knight Crusher2Knight Crusher2Kun oldin
  • If “I’m just built different” was a scene

    FuzeFuzeKun oldin
  • Willy: I declare war on paradis Eren: Bet, we already here

    AB VisualsAB VisualsKun oldin
  • Recommend : watch this with bass boosted + headset that support bass. Wuh~~~ got a goosebump

    Aletta Digni EdlinaAletta Digni EdlinaKun oldin
  • Willy:*declares a war* Eren:SUPRISEEE SHAWTYYY

    Wendy AckermanWendy AckermanKun oldin
  • :0

    BalaXXBalaXXKun oldin
  • Eren and Reiner parallel lives reminds me of Naruto and Obito, just different outcome.

    Ryan SoobeRyan SoobeKun oldin
  • I liked it better in the manga tbh. The music kind of ruins the mood.

    jh1jh1Kun oldin
  • Shout-out to the poor bastard to got his head smashed in with debris, you were the first to fall 😤

    Jah OoseJah OoseKun oldin
  • Pain be like

    YusarikYusarikKun oldin
  • The scene shows that Eren completely acknowledges the humanity of his enemies and empathizes with them, but unlike Reiner who struggles to reconcile his actions with righteousness, Eren has endeavored to continue down the path and destroy his enemies, not because they are evil or because he is right, but because they wish to destroy him and his people.

    dogboy0912dogboy0912Kun oldin
  • When Eren transformed I was like mmmhhh PERIOT, with an uncertain face.

    Madison BittnerMadison BittnerKun oldin
  • I don't know how many time I have seen this?

    Jannatul NayeemJannatul NayeemKun oldin
  • I aint gay but like.... season 4 Eren kinda hot

    ClypticClypticKun oldin
  • Others dont like it, but me, im getting fired up!!! This is one of the best manga and anime,

    roll lajatoroll lajatoKun oldin
  • 1:16 just staring at teh booty

    loly cookie tiger owololy cookie tiger owoKun oldin
  • 1:48 the guy who's crying is smokey

    Mr. MacaroniMr. MacaroniKun oldin
  • Go EREN! Kill all of them. Every Marleyan, each and every human outside the walls. Who hated Paradis blindly. The people of the walls suffered too much. Kill them all. for freedom!

    Ron Jervis CatanguiRon Jervis CatanguiKun oldin
  • _Eren Transform Into Titan_ The Audiences : Don't worry it is a part of the show

    Mikasa Is My WaifuMikasa Is My WaifuKun oldin
  • You see big girl ost has its place to shine no need to put it in every new intense climatic scene , just ruins it

    KakashiKakashiKun oldin