Eren Declares WAR In Attack on Titan (Season 4)

11-Yan, 2021
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  • The maid is the warhammer titan

    Nathan dennisNathan dennis26 daqiqa oldin
  • heavenly controller while reacting to AOT: *FULL CONCENTRATION* heavenly controller reacting to any other anime: *imma just ignore 99% plot n joke around*

    Sriram SedimbiSriram Sedimbi51 daqiqa oldin
  • yo do you post vods? i always miss the streams bc its weird timing for me and i wanna see the full reactions bc shits mad funny.

    b kb k2 soat oldin
  • The amount of people that have misinterpreted Eren's drive to do what he has to (including the guy reacting to this) really upsets me

    DarkVaderDarkVader3 soat oldin
  • If heavenly does rant on his stream tomorrow, I’ll just shower until he reacts to ep 6

    Eric DiazEric Diaz3 soat oldin
  • Armin is 5'4" and that guy is over 6 feet

    Jimmy SoxJimmy Sox3 soat oldin
  • I already watched the episode but I clicked on this just for this niggas hair damn that shit looking smoth

    Pub Calvin RosePub Calvin Rose5 soat oldin
  • Heavenly:Willy came

    OrangeOrange6 soat oldin
  • If you want to see marleyans getting opressed by eldians, go rewatch the Season 2 ED.

    The SenateThe Senate7 soat oldin
  • Great Vid

    Christopher M. GitongaChristopher M. Gitonga8 soat oldin
  • " its like eren knew he was there " but he actually remembered that he was there >.>

    Curtis RuddyCurtis Ruddy8 soat oldin
  • lmao this show bout to blow your mind with time

    SkySky8 soat oldin
  • "I declare war!!!" ... Eren: "I accept."

    Paul MaresPaul Mares8 soat oldin
  • You could make “he’s trippin’” into a t-shirt

    Eric is Tres_Z1Eric is Tres_Z19 soat oldin
  • Historia be like eren your not the dad Eren:awww men Mikasa:oh thank god

    TirRon_TirRon_9 soat oldin
  • You would need a giant lawnmower to barb a titans hair or a levi

    INF_Dragon_X _INF_Dragon_X _10 soat oldin
  • At least eren let Willy finish his speech

    Yakumo SosukeYakumo Sosuke11 soat oldin
  • Eren:I see the Marley army wants the smoke welp time to smoke these people out of existence

    Yakumo SosukeYakumo Sosuke11 soat oldin
  • AOT has the SSS tier plot and beyond

    Yakumo SosukeYakumo Sosuke11 soat oldin
  • 10:21 Proof that Heavenly Has read manga or spoilers. He says Eren Knows the whole story.10:21 He mentions it. If you understand, you understand.

    Y. N1Y. N111 soat oldin
  • i like the content but you pause a lot and keep it paused for a long time

    battlefieldelite1battlefieldelite112 soat oldin
  • someone in heavenly chat said dont pause every second lmao im dead. like why you here then silly😂

    Manas RaghuvamshiManas Raghuvamshi12 soat oldin
  • Its never been so hard to watch a reaction video🤣

    FloFlo13 soat oldin
  • Man this is just the beginning yall not ready for season 4 eren 🐐🐐

    GMC McGMC Mc13 soat oldin
  • 21:15 what Falco is thinking

    penguinpenguin14 soat oldin
  • U don’t gotta explain everything bro just stfu

    Exclusive OroExclusive Oro15 soat oldin
  • the music at 0:22 anyone?

    Daniyaal NoorDaniyaal Noor15 soat oldin
  • Heavenly should Bing back the intro and outro. I miss them. 😢😭

    MosaJr MatlaloMosaJr Matlalo18 soat oldin
  • Hey could u please not pause the clip like every 2 seconds, but still enjoyed the video

    melonbrainmelonbrain22 soat oldin
  • I like watching your reactions cause you actually think and express your opinion, however your chat doesn't seem to understand that by spoiling the story and saying stop pausing.

    _JokesteR __JokesteR _23 soat oldin
  • HC really sucking up all the marley propaganda! Bruh Willy is what we call a unreliable narrator

    Ultra GamerUltra GamerKun oldin
  • Reiner: you won't touch me you won't hit me Eren: Ong I won't hit Ong Ong Eren: *BITCH I DONT BELIEVE IN GOD*

    Lightsaber993Lightsaber993Kun oldin
  • The Maid: My Time is now!

    Sally CarterSally CarterKun oldin
  • ok but Willy was lying tho

    x. Sunshinex. SunshineKun oldin
  • bruh it cant just be me but whenever i see heavenly controller in a thumbnail his hair look like rock lee

    George MassaquoiGeorge MassaquoiKun oldin
  • Eren literally said: "Nah you misunderstood what I said, Im not gonna kill you, Ima kill all of you"

    The King of MoncowThe King of MoncowKun oldin
  • “Ya ass is mine now” 😂😂😂😂😂

    Spencer HivelySpencer HivelyKun oldin
  • I swear Heavenly Has had to Read the Manga like this man is really talking Like He knows A lot more then a Regular Anime only His Reaction Is Everything it’s so damn amusing to Watch

    Reaper RaccoonReaper RaccoonKun oldin
  • That tall person isnt armin btw

    FateZ sznFateZ sznKun oldin
  • it’s funny If you think about it like This Eren is just Like the Manga Reader And The others are just Anime only’s after Kissing The Queens Hand

    Reaper RaccoonReaper RaccoonKun oldin
  • Love this guys reaction 😆 manga reader here just enjoying the ride😉

    JoshwaaJoshwaaKun oldin
  • At least least he waited for willy to declare war so he was justified

    Isaac SchaeferIsaac SchaeferKun oldin
  • bruh the live stream chat commments going fucking crazy jeesus crist lol

    Jack GuldnerJack GuldnerKun oldin
  • Pog Ptsd

    Darien 3.0Darien 3.0Kun oldin
  • i predict falcon eats reiner and gaints armored titan like on ep 9

    NaiFromHeiNaiFromHeiKun oldin
  • I have returned😎😎

    Dorian BartleyDorian BartleyKun oldin
  • eren on that marley pack

    Hey im DarkHey im DarkKun oldin
  • They seeing Erens titan in 4D

    MarianneMarianneKun oldin

    Daira PerezDaira PerezKun oldin
  • I haven't read the manga but Im absolutely convinced the 9 titans can have memories of the future. Eren Kruger mentioned Mikasa and Armin by name. I also suspect future holders of the titans can influence actions of the past members, thus altering history. It would explain why Eren Kruger wanted Mikasa and Armin to be saved even though he doesn't know them. It could be Eren Yaegers feelings influencing his actions. That's just a theory thought.

    A EA EKun oldin
  • Bro imagine if eren drank historias period blood

    Football HighlightsFootball HighlightsKun oldin
  • AOT legit hit us wit that "We'll be right back" ending lol

    Josh JonesJosh JonesKun oldin
  • 4:55 Heavenly: THEY DON’T WANNA BE VILLAINS S4 Eren: Yall hear sum?

    Risk_TheAgentBoyRisk_TheAgentBoyKun oldin
  • i think they choose the wrong theme for erens transfromation. they should of put something diffrent

    nwachainwachaiKun oldin
  • Willy: declaration of war Eren: let me get that war started for you

    VSVPx GooNz96VSVPx GooNz96Kun oldin
  • Tbh the funniest thing is that Eren even waited until they declared war on Paradis before he attacked( yeah he does some fucked shit but so did Reiner, Annie, Bertolt, and most likely Marcel if he survived long enough.

    Eric SearsEric SearsKun oldin
  • This negu belongs in the Garrison regiment!

    J. R.J. R.Kun oldin
  • AOT in a nutshell: Two wrongs do not make a right. Everyone has their own reason for fighting, whether it be selfish or for the preservation of their clan, nobody fights without cause, and no cause is more just than the next, especially when you aren't considering what the person on the flipside goes through. However this also means that you have that much more reason to fight, since your enemy is going to be thinking the same thing as you, protect whats his/hers at all costs.

    Eric SearsEric SearsKun oldin
  • I really get pissed off when someone I’m watching is reacting to something and they pause like every 5 seconds, but I don’t skip myself 😂🤦‍♂️

    Severe EditsSevere EditsKun oldin
  • Ok yeah we’re all talking about eren transforming. But real shit, Rest In Peace Erwin

    YongbokFelixYongbokFelixKun oldin
  • You know nothing about AOT yet. Eren goes fucking big brain at the end.

    Alex DanaAlex DanaKun oldin
  • *RIP Hange*

    Sakidi SapupuSakidi SapupuKun oldin
    • @Sakidi Sapupu piecks' endurance

      Dave GDave G13 soat oldin
    • @Dave G u need it

      Sakidi SapupuSakidi Sapupu13 soat oldin
    • Too soon attention seeker

      Dave GDave G13 soat oldin
    • @Imagine having a good name RIP Keith, Magath, Porco, Sasha, Daz, Samuel. Falco became Jaw Titan inherit when ates Porco forcedly, then later became Beast Titan because from the Zeke's Beast Titans fluid then later became Flying Beast Titan. Eren team up Zeke then later betrays him, then Eren starts rumbling then Colussus Titans/Wall Titans wakes up, then calling the Ancient Titans with the 9 Titan Forms, then start marching to destroy the world.

      Sakidi SapupuSakidi SapupuKun oldin
    • fake spoilers I mean they're bad but not bad as real spoilers but still shut

      Imagine having a good nameImagine having a good nameKun oldin
  • Wow eren make willy in to skinny all might when he twisted and crushed him

    allen Serranoallen SerranoKun oldin
  • I cant understand how ppl watch this guy h'es so annoying There is not a single second that he doesn't speak

    Raz AsuRaz AsuKun oldin
    • Jake ratakek, aj richk, ishinobi

      Raz AsuRaz AsuKun oldin
    • @Imagine having a good name i watch a lot of ppl 3 main ones but this guy just annoying

      Raz AsuRaz AsuKun oldin
    • he's not a reaction UZworldr who doesn't put content in his vids I mean you probably watch like people who say:cool omg great lame and then upload it without cuts fast as possible

      Imagine having a good nameImagine having a good nameKun oldin
  • 12:32 lol look at chat

    GlammyGlammyKun oldin
  • Bro if dudes gettin excited for this, y'all really ain't gonna be ready for ANYTHING at all in these later episodes. BRO VOLUME 33! The craziest shit is happening

    arglax Z.Oarglax Z.OKun oldin
  • Rip

    Aaron SmithAaron SmithKun oldin
  • Rest in 2 pieces Erwin 😔✌️

    Jared19 LostJared19 LostKun oldin
  • You know people be just clickbaiting when they put an image from the preview of the next episode into the thumbnail.

    OneForAllOneForAllKun oldin
  • sometimes you have to become your enemy, to defeat your enemy

    ApeOutApeOutKun oldin
  • When you gonna be watching solo leveling

    Naszir runchiNaszir runchiKun oldin
  • "..just grab a popcorn and let us enjoy going on this ride" like fr!!! some manga readers think they are superior against the anime onlys. im a manga reader and i love watching the reactions of the anime onlys, like theorizing sometimes correctly and sometimes not, and getting blue balled on every cliffhanger. yall fellow mangareaders lets all chill and hold your balls from accidentally spitting spoilers

    CluXieCluXieKun oldin
  • The amount of "niggas" in this video made it unwatchable.

    Chris RedfieldChris RedfieldKun oldin
  • *willy starting a war* *Also willy got killed first*-_-.

    LᴏɢɪsᴛɪᴄLᴏɢɪsᴛɪᴄKun oldin
  • Eren didnt Declare war they did

    Crimson ShenaniganCrimson ShenaniganKun oldin
  • Stop swearing

    OZONEOZONEKun oldin
  • commander erwin gets the n-word pass for life, fr.

    Nicolas LamyNicolas LamyKun oldin
  • Yes.

    melxdiq doomsmelxdiq dooms2 kun oldin
  • Don't mean to be rude, but damn I was caught off guard by how smart heavenly is damn 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🔥

    Devonte BaileyDevonte Bailey2 kun oldin
  • My guy you gotta watch mushoku tensei

    Knot. KirkKnot. Kirk2 kun oldin
  • When is the next solo leveling bro

    Shadow UnichaShadow Unicha2 kun oldin

    Silvio NunezSilvio Nunez2 kun oldin
  • Can you react to Black cover ep 158 bc its so good and the ending

    NinjaxlvNinjaxlv2 kun oldin
  • u gotta check out akudama drive

  • It’s Jean that dumped galiyard and pieck u can even search it up

    Roro RoroRoro Roro2 kun oldin
  • I just realized that you got a long af neck

    Peter FarombiPeter Farombi2 kun oldin
  • Just because of Eren, I might end up buying Black Air Force 😂😂😂

    Carlos ACarlos A2 kun oldin
  • Are all straight boys homophobic just a question

    Hisoka 2.0Hisoka 2.02 kun oldin
    • @Imagine having a good name I actually am why

      Hisoka 2.0Hisoka 2.0Kun oldin
    • are u a girl?

      Imagine having a good nameImagine having a good nameKun oldin
  • How do you declare war and be the first to die 🤭 smh

    MATEO PotatoMATEO Potato2 kun oldin
  • Eren on that hebi Sauske energy

    savage julian x yotadeesavage julian x yotadee2 kun oldin
  • I want to watch but I’m not caught up :(

    KenshōWonderKenshōWonder2 kun oldin
  • The Eldian and Marleyan conflict reminds me of Palestine and Israel, except it was the Nazis who oppressed the Jews and now the IDF are attacking the Palestinian Muslims.

    Anonymous UnofficialAnonymous Unofficial2 kun oldin
  • eren:i can't be an antagonist if there is no protagonist. plz dont hate on me -^-

    Omar AlhassanOmar Alhassan2 kun oldin
  • 11:38 Sup Bandit10

    Just A Random MooseJust A Random Moose2 kun oldin
  • Dead ass heavenly when through the same transformation eren did, Like look back at the old vids then now

    Ryker TrojanoriRyker Trojanori2 kun oldin
  • Fritz is derogatory and meant anti german, in WW1.

    MicheeMichee2 kun oldin
  • Eren: feeling cute today, might destroy or sum shit 😝

    IzigamiIzigami2 kun oldin
  • why the FRACK did you have to remind me of rem wtf ;-; im in tears now

    Jesse MartinezJesse Martinez2 kun oldin
  • Heavenly glew up mane

    sorry killuasorry killua2 kun oldin
  • Can anyone caught spoiling like be perma banned until the season is over? Like deadass shit be annoying

    Goop Taco 2Goop Taco 22 kun oldin