Ep#8: Oakley the Dachshund is.. HOME ALONE! 😮

9-Yan, 2021
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This episode was filmed and c-produced by BEAUFILMS.ca
In this episode, Oakley the #dachshund finds himself left #homealone when his parents mistakenly leave the house without him. If you've ever dreamed of a dog-version spoof of the beloved Home Alone movies, this is it!
Oakley is very happy to have the house all to himself at first, and even orders a pizza all for himself and watches another great beloved dog movie, Beethoven!
That's when a burglar, or as Oakley calls him, a hamburglar, breaks into their home. Oakley, who is looking adorable in his little doggy pajamas at the time, thinks fast on his paws and plays the movie loud of a scene where two scary big Dobermans are barking, which thankfully scares away the burgler - but only momentarily.
The burglar eyes Oakley in the window, gesturing he is going to return. This is when Oakley embarks on his mission to booby trap the home in preparation for the attack. Oakley sets a variety of adorably and funny dog-themed booby traps for the bad guy, including a banana peel, his iFetch tennis ball fetch machine, and some swinging toys, and even a bucket of poop bags! Finally, Oakley's ingenuity pays off when he traps the burglar in a dog crate at the end, saving himself and his home - just as parents decide to cancel their trip and come back to Oakley.
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  • Tell me what your favorite 'trap' of Oakley's was in the comments!😬😅

    Crusoe the DachshundCrusoe the Dachshund12 kun oldin
    • Trapped in cage

      Leon PaulLeon Paul3 soat oldin
    • The Poop Bomb!

      Bobobarkley 101Bobobarkley 101Kun oldin
    • i like the traps

      Tyler Mason SabilloTyler Mason SabilloKun oldin
    • The cage trap

      Mya WikMya WikKun oldin
    • The tennis ball

      Koray TekbaybarsKoray TekbaybarsKun oldin
  • Is that a real hamburger

    holidayz 1234holidayz 1234Soat oldin
  • The cage

    Maxie KidsMaxie Kids10 soat oldin
  • Adore Oakley always.

    Suzan DemirSuzan Demir10 soat oldin
  • Hey...in regards to Crusoe & his elevated liver enzyme levels, please please PLEASE join the FB group Cathy's Yorkie Tips & Suggestions & look in the Units for elevated liver enzymes, or search. Most likely what you're feeding is causing his problems. Cathy has helped save many many dogs with this problem & he will be an honorary Yorkie too!! Best wishes for his healthy recovery too but PLEASE check out what her recommendations are & I promise they will start with his food.

    Teresa StricklandTeresa Strickland12 soat oldin
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  • Dogs can’t eat cholclit

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  • I love when he's eating the banana 😸

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  • This is so good 👍😀

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  • 3:06 is an Alan Walker

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  • when he shrugged his head back OMG so cute and funny

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  • I love youre vids i am your #1 fan

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  • other people: OMG, such a cute puppy! Me:WHY ARE YOU GOING ANYWHERE ON A PLANE YOU FOOLS

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    D_V_ QueensD_V_ Queens3 kun oldin
  • Oakley cuteness I would have come back for you no matter what.

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  • That shot of Oakley in the window looking into the backyard is perfect 👌🏻😂

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  • You have the best videos!

    Ashkan PiroozanAshkan Piroozan3 kun oldin
  • Also

    Ashkan PiroozanAshkan Piroozan3 kun oldin
  • My favorite trap is the poop bag trap

    Ashkan PiroozanAshkan Piroozan3 kun oldin
  • the fan with the poop! that one was SO silly! btw can i have shout out pls? thx🐶 huge fan

    natalya arangonatalya arango3 kun oldin
  • In 4:08 this is the face of smartness :)

    Alfredo MendozaAlfredo Mendoza3 kun oldin
  • Hi I love your videos oakley looks like my dog Carlo who died

    Carlo The weinner dogCarlo The weinner dog3 kun oldin

    Sara DaggettSara Daggett3 kun oldin
  • I am so hoping cruso is getting better, and be in controlled. With God's help, he has so many people who care. You too take care of your family. I have another story It seems daphne and Oakley had to pee out sided at the cottage. There is a stream that runs near the cottage. Daphne and Oakley were next to the stream and spotted something in one of the shallow deep pools , from the spring melt. Large fish. Daphne and Oakley picked up sticks and one was the stick fish she. Cough on the fishing trip in the lake. They took the sticks into the house for fishing pools. Mom and dad went out side with the net to catch the fish. They were so scared that they let them go in the lake. Perhaps they were trout. Any way, now I can think of something else now. Stories just pop into my head. I may send this again because this should work well.

    Betty WishartBetty Wishart3 kun oldin
  • Wow Oakley is clever

    Among UsAmong Us3 kun oldin
  • Plot twist:He's not home alone because the camera man recording Oakley

    CoalReaperYTCoalReaperYT4 kun oldin
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  • Whoever decided to be the burglar he has balls of steel

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  • Oakley reminds me of my chihuahua

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  • I LOVE IT:)

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  • this one was your bast video ever

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  • The Cru and The OAK are my two favorite actors!!! Hollywood has no one alive to compare these to!!!!

    Janice KendrickJanice Kendrick4 kun oldin
  • Oakley: should I just kill him since he's in the cage?? Me: yeah just kill him heres a brick weiner dog toy

    Heather PittmanHeather Pittman4 kun oldin
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