Ep#4: OAKLEY TAKES THE BUS - Goes to Visit Crusoe & Daphne! [Part 1]

24-Sen, 2020
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Your favorite #dogs are back with a new episode! In this video, Oakley wakes up one morning and decides he wants to go visit his brother Crusoe and sister Daphne (since Oakley doesn't live with them). So he packs his suitcase to take a fun #roadtrip to see them, but he doesn't quite know where he's going, so he has to figure it out.
Of course, riding the bus is and being out in public is new to Oakley, especially during pandemic times, and when it comes to wearing #facemasks.
Oakley finally reaches the end of the bus route and has to continue on foot, still unsure of where he is going, walking endlessly. Finally he has to resort to hitchhiking before the sun sets, and well, you'll have to see how it ends.
Part 2 will continue as the three pups continue on their adventure together!
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    Crusoe the DachshundCrusoe the Dachshund26 kun oldin
    • no worrys crusoe!!

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    • Crusoe when is part 2 coming out

      Pro GamerPro GamerKun oldin
    • Love your videos. Sad that Oakley had ditch his suit case and his dinosaur. Glad y'all are back.

      Edie BaxterEdie Baxter3 kun oldin
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  • I saw your update on crusoe. He might have to have a biopsy in the near future. Would it help if you got another vets opinion? If cruesoe needs a biopsy it seems his vet would go ahead and do it. We love you guys so much. We're very concerned for all of you.💝

    Carol RegisterCarol Register5 kun oldin
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  • Thank you for sharing your well trained furbabies I'm a doxie mom also my lil Lily reminds of Daphne she's a bit sassy yet corny loving & sweet always picking on her brother Rocky thank you for bringing a smile to my days

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