Elon Musk Calls Robert Reich A Moron

12-Sen, 2020
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The Patrick Bet-David Show Podcast Episode 10. In this clip Patrick Bet-David, Adam Sosnick and Matt Sapaula talk about the Elon Musk's twitter feud.
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  • HAha that's hilarious! but no matter what, they did take a hit if they just balanced out their income :P

    Headless GamingHeadless GamingSoat oldin
  • This guy took 12 min to get to a point

    emersoneee2008emersoneee2008Kun oldin
  • I've been saying this for years --- total fraud and farce. While receiving BIG paychecks for speaking before jobs offshoring groups (BPO associations) and pro-globalist groups --- like DAVOS, which he spoke before --- while posing as anti-globalist in academia. While part of the Clinton Administration, Reich claimed to be clueless about the "jobless recovery" back then. Dude is a total bogus card-carrying member of America's China Class! www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/americas-china-class-fights-trump

    James WoolleyJames Woolley2 kun oldin
  • They are number one in corporate espionage as well, (China) and being a billionaire in China can be very temporary (ask Jack Ma) they have already copied Tesla battery tech over there like Vivian.

    Peter WilliamsonPeter Williamson2 kun oldin
  • **Patrick is WRONG.** China’s wealth is NOT FROM Capitalism. It is from the Chinese state one party system prohibiting imports and taxing anything not Chinese, they control EXPORTS and the monetary system. The CCP engages in state owned business, takes the wealth from these massive banks an corporations and injects it into infrastructure funding which provides limitless jobs to its nation. I love Patrick but he has NO CLUE. Also China tax is only 15% and homes are provided FREE to every household. They do not have a functional stock market so Chinese must solely invest in domestic and foreign real estate which provides rental incomes and capital gains.

    nationwidebwnationwidebw2 kun oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/qbLUes2JZbi7dog

    YASH UHAYASH UHA2 kun oldin
  • It feels like a gut punch when I hear 👂 crap like that. It’s hard enough to be entrepreneur, let alone some politician who’s never created jobs try to pull your card. More power to Elon. 👍🏿

  • If you want any credibility when you discuss the conclusions of someone with 30+ years of experience, many of which as an economics prof and LABOR SECRETARY, it would be a good idea not to presume he's on the payroll of CHINA, but to debunk his thesis on actual ideas of your own or that come from expertise. I wouldn't know, but I'm would be very surprised if the stock option gains balanced out a 10% pay cut. Musk has more money than God. Nickel and diming the people who create it under your leadership is pretty damned cynical....especially when your hobby is launching a delorian into deep space.

    Dalai DollyDalai Dolly3 kun oldin
  • Under totalitarian capitalism. Don't forget that keyword. BTW it will be coming to a city near you.

    watchthis12daywatchthis12day3 kun oldin
  • Stop trying to tell other people how to live, run their companies, teach their own children, believe, think, speak, etc! Grow a damned pair and do your OWN!

    Aaron GoodwinAaron Goodwin3 kun oldin
  • Reich is a member of the club that is actively trying to destroy america. the establishment steals our jobs through legislation, then blames us for our bad economy. Reich is not necessarily a moron, but he is a devil worshipping scumbag. It's his job to fook with our heads.

    cchanc3cchanc34 kun oldin
  • “Bitch, you wanna make some real mother F*ckn $?” Butters said it best

    Patrick BatemanPatrick Bateman4 kun oldin
  • The gap in wealth and standard of living in China is way way larger than that in the US, and social safety nest in China is near nothing comparing to the US. Robert Reich is not that stupid so he's definitely payrolled by CCP

    Ty NelTy Nel4 kun oldin
  • 100 percent

    dilson reyesdilson reyes4 kun oldin
  • You think it’s China buying America? But follow the trail of the other power hidden from every mind who is competing to be the world super power and it helped in the downfall of ussr, it has more gold then Any country. For trail please!! Vatican !

    abdel shadrack St-Legerabdel shadrack St-Leger4 kun oldin
  • Love Elon Musk !,, I also hope he gets us to Mars fast I wanna get the hell outta here.

    Sandi’s StarSandi’s Star4 kun oldin
  • Elon Musk gave the perfect response. During economic crisis it is better for everyone to take 10% lower income than some people getting fired. However, I love how republics came here to criticize forgetting Great Depression happened after 12 years of Republican government, 2008 crisis happened after 8 years or Bush and 2020 because of incompetent trump administration.

    Joanne JoaJoanne Joa4 kun oldin
  • Finally Reich gets his comeuppance If a genius calls you a moron. . . It must be true!!!!! Ha Ha

    JB RobertsonJB Robertson4 kun oldin
  • Man, I love Pat, if I just have a brother like him. ❤️

    Baby AdenBaby Aden5 kun oldin
  • Tesla stock wealth is entirely hypothetical.

    Efrain RojasEfrain Rojas5 kun oldin
  • Musk provided so many jobs and helping the US economy. Yet, some of these lazy-hungry shameful politicians just wanted it free from these hard-working initiatives who built our country.

    LanLan BerkshireLanLan Berkshire5 kun oldin
  • Anyone in despair can be bought, anyone with low self confidence can be bought, anyone with a weak work ethic can be bought.

    Todd BertramTodd Bertram5 kun oldin
  • I’ve made some gains

    themad scientistthemad scientist5 kun oldin
  • Most people stay at shitty jobs that’s why wages stay low

    themad scientistthemad scientist5 kun oldin
  • What dumb people say when going broke...lmao

    Mattie AlexanderMattie Alexander6 kun oldin
  • And therefore, our noble people, What is the transcendent superior wisdom, for the sake of Global Humanity, Oneself, and Immortality, according to the Ancient Secret Chinese Wisdom Tradition; what are the five kinds of the most prosperous, most powerful knowledge and wisdom that every individual could and should possess? PaideiaEsotericSociety.

    Alexander PaideiaAlexander Paideia6 kun oldin
  • Conor Mcgregor: Robert Reich is a lying rat 🐀

    George ZagrGeorge Zagr6 kun oldin
  • Maybe you aren’t meeting a woman who can take care of herself

    blue lyneblue lyne6 kun oldin
  • fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me !!!

    Marian MaximMarian Maxim6 kun oldin
  • Naw...you are pushing bullshit here. Your interviews tell you plenty. Don’t destroy your good work with this kind of junk.

    Warren ByrdWarren Byrd6 kun oldin
  • “How has robert reich made the world a better place?” He hasn’t. Reich is the epitome of a modern day lib. Hates business, hates America, hates anyone doing better than him, and only looking to virtue signal so he can score social brownie points.

    SunsetSheenSunsetSheen6 kun oldin
  • You need to learn how to pioneer your message into our young of all ages. My son is a 20 year old in his 3 yr of school studying to be a math Professor. He is blown away when you talk economics. His response is always the same. Why doesn't everyone know this. Its sounds so simple.

    R MarR Mar7 kun oldin
  • The Bush "fool me once" caption still kills me 😂😂

    Chad MaskellChad Maskell7 kun oldin
  • Oh! Come on... :) you guys should know that... "Fool me once and shame on you. Fool me twice and shame on me!". You're welcome. (^_^)

    Purvika AnandPurvika Anand7 kun oldin
  • 6:01 Wow are you describing Donald Trump? seems pretty accurate!

    Raul CruzRaul Cruz7 kun oldin
  • China lifted people out of poverty. Yeah because apparently they changed what the government considers poverty. So if you earn the equivalent of 9 Chinese Yuan which is about 2 dollars here in NZ then you are not in poverty... They lifted people out of poverty by changing its definition. Its the economic system world wide that is fucked. In western countries the money goes right to the top with a promise of the trickle down effect and those rich families spending money in their own country and employing people. In places like China the money goes to whoever is in the Chinese government CCP or rich businessmen and woman with close connections to the CCP, like Jack Ma who even Carmen Sandiego can't find.

    ChaosHacksChaosHacks7 kun oldin
  • Once again Musk is absolutely right

    Shawn ChisolmShawn Chisolm7 kun oldin
  • Bro if Elon Musk call you an idiot.......you're officially a diagnosed special needs person.

    Daniel AguirreDaniel Aguirre7 kun oldin
  • Patrick is doing his best to pass wisdom and his other two companions keep taking h off topic and are focused on being funny every opportunity they get. These guys have to get themselves together and learn to stay on topic

    Tshepo MafifiTshepo Mafifi7 kun oldin
  • Love Elon!!!

    ana aana a8 kun oldin
  • Yes. No surprise there.

    BobBob8 kun oldin
  • It seems good to you. You think good is coming from fucking with God but everysecond you've wasted of God time from the beginning should be looked at. Because every second lives are lost. Lives God's position and power could save though your ignorance kills.

    Hands Of LightHands Of Light8 kun oldin
  • Those pick-up lines are creepy. I would run away for sure.

    Sand TxSand Tx8 kun oldin
  • Round up all those pro-china traitors and send them to the ccp, they will appreciate new "workers" for their concentration camps or new organ donors.

    Dave FrancoDave Franco8 kun oldin
  • They always are trying to make China look good. It's not a good country!!

    Mark CaudillMark Caudill8 kun oldin
  • Reich is an evil little midgie! This idiot stands 4’11 !

    Clubber LangClubber Lang8 kun oldin
  • I would never trust Elon Musk

    Paul DubonPaul Dubon8 kun oldin
  • i think capitalism for china's growth is for thieft--izum

    justice foralljustice forall8 kun oldin
  • Moron? that was nice!

    Leon Franklin DavisLeon Franklin Davis8 kun oldin
  • Who aided China rise. George Bushes, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell.

    Algernon CalydonAlgernon Calydon9 kun oldin
  • I saw an increase of income of $2300 after Trump re-instituted the Child Tax credit and Earned Income Credit that Obama let lapse.

    Algernon CalydonAlgernon Calydon9 kun oldin
  • Good for Elon Musk. Title should be "successful businessman who can get more done than any other calls professor a moron." Reich ever run a business. Does he know the difference between profit and loss and the stock price. Is Reich teaching young adults about economics? Reich is just stoking more hatred for the wealthy. Wants a new cultural revolution.

    Algernon CalydonAlgernon Calydon9 kun oldin
  • Great opening Commercial! Great Show!

    Paladin KrayPaladin Kray9 kun oldin
  • Robert Reich is your standard Democrat who bangs the socialist drum. His statement is echoed by many within his social/political circle. I can’t stand the Democratic Party.

    AndrewAndrew9 kun oldin
  • Reich is a feebly disguised subversive communist.

    David ADavid A9 kun oldin
  • IMHO secrets are what have destroyed our nation holding secrets is not in our national interests.

    jo LaFrancejo LaFrance9 kun oldin
  • Why is this video getting any thumbs down?

    Bu JinBu Jin10 kun oldin
  • 2:39 The host slanders Robert implying that obvious facts he stated on a webpage means he is "on a payroll from China" (for the self-evident Truth on his webpage about Chinas' growth?? ). So - telling the facts that are unconfy is an disgusting label slander of "not loving America"?? How about being a patriot in a more sane way than slandering the truth-speaker (that made a mistake on tesla on Twitter. Regardless, the error in logic is that twitter writeup does not change the factual truths written on a web page statement about China position now. For a wrong connecting, and a slander - you owe Robert an apology for a witchhunt (so Mckarthy-style) More care next time, please. Best

    flowinggod49flowinggod4910 kun oldin
  • I appreciate all that you do to cover a plethora of topics and all the unique people you bring with the way they think or view topics in life. It brings great insight for me personally and I believe many others.

    Kim CrosbyKim Crosby10 kun oldin
  • Are the tesla employees allowed to sell that stock?or must they wait 20 years when it could be worthless

    William LacombeWilliam Lacombe11 kun oldin
  • Yup, the shorts don't understand technology and the holisitic approach of Elon's companies, on top Tesla. God bless, Rev. 21:4

    SevenDeMagnusSevenDeMagnus12 kun oldin
  • The laughing was very annoying

    Roadside GuyRoadside Guy13 kun oldin
  • I wish Elon Musk could start a uncensorable social media platform.

    Helena ChaseHelena Chase13 kun oldin
  • wtf

    VincentVincent14 kun oldin
  • Cant stand musk a stupid rich kid with no engineering experience at all

    Danny BoyDanny Boy15 kun oldin
  • Criticizing is easier than creating.

    elizabeth Celizabeth C15 kun oldin
  • Robert Reich has no idea how business function or work! Elon Musk doesn't have 40 billion dollar in a bank account...

    AnthonyJAnthonyJ15 kun oldin
  • In twenty years China built the world's largest network of high speed rail. In the U.S. we will spent that much time doing environmental impact studies for a single rail segment.

    Greg JGreg J15 kun oldin
  • Musk is a dope. The world needs more than Paypal and electric cars. He is calling Reich a moron and Chomsky a communist. The money is going to his head. Musk is your typical capitalist as in let someone else capitalize your business like taxpayers for example. Without taxpayer subsidy, Musk would not be the richest guy on the planet. He is slowly starting to sound like Trump.

    Dave DavidsonDave Davidson16 kun oldin
  • +Valuetainment Putting employee pay into perspective Tesla employees make less than GM and Ford, only FCA paid less in 2019. And Tesla also paid at the lower end of other Tech companies. Tesla does have a larger minority staff than its competitors so it looks like Musk's South African Apartheid heritage and American Jim Crow education may be why he's now the richest man on earth (in stock value of course). Do you think If Chinese capitalism has its way Musk will end up where Jack Ma is now? www.teslarati.com/tesla-tsla-median-earnings-81-percent-us-average/

    David BlakleyDavid Blakley17 kun oldin
  • Most comments are on the bit about Elon, but the wisdom came after... it’s why I listen to Patrick.

    HawaHawa18 kun oldin
  • Wow tell us something we don’t know Betdavid

    FrankFrank20 kun oldin
  • getting stocks is atm even better deal lol

    Shadownoob NoobslayerShadownoob Noobslayer20 kun oldin

    James SchmidlinJames Schmidlin20 kun oldin
  • It's time for you to Bring Elon to your podcast.

    134peaceandlove134peaceandlove20 kun oldin
  • Reichs net worth is 4m Elon’s net worth is 40Billion

    Stephen constantinouStephen constantinou20 kun oldin
  • Hurray for Elon!! I’ve been calling Reich a moron for the past 25 years.

    R PondykeR Pondyke22 kun oldin
  • You guys are really too much one sided. Being an entrepreneur is respectable and has a lot of merit. But it's not enough to build and sustain a society. Some entrepreneurs contributed to the development of the society other only profit of it. But come on. You can invents wonderful things and still be an a**hole and a sociopath. And sometimes someone has to be strong enough to tell a person of power, a billionaire that he is being an a**hole when it is the case.

    classicForTwinsclassicForTwins24 kun oldin
  • They’re genuine job creators that are doing good for Americans and they’re job creators that do it for status and privilege who don’t do good for Americans.

    Matthew KrihaMatthew Kriha24 kun oldin
  • Must of been Joe Rogan that called Patrick? Will I lose my UZworld followers on Spotify he asked ??

    LandscapeInMotionLandscapeInMotion25 kun oldin
  • Yes ! Elon go for it

    Liza cchLiza cch26 kun oldin
  • I wouldn't sell Reich short! Now really, just a little perspective here may help. Good on Musk giving stock to his employees but they may be worthless after the crash. Current equity valuation of Tesla is so overpriced it's absurd. Tesla hasn't made a profit since it went public nine years ago, in fact Tesla has lost 6 billion. On top of this they only manufactured about 350,000 cars and we all know how far behind schedule they are. And it's worse! The equity valuation of their stock currently equals that of about 10 of the largest manufacturers of cars and trucks in the world! Those manufacturers produced about 90 million cars and autos last year. When the crash comes (and the correction could be as large as 80 percent) Elon is going to want to get to Mars as soon as possible and stay there.

    AlAl26 kun oldin
  • Robert Reich the NAFTA Bolshevik

    Catania Momma ItaliaCatania Momma Italia27 kun oldin
  • My problem with this video is that both of this things can be true...stocks and GDP do not reflect main stream real economy and overall well-being of America 🇺🇸 . Just look at right now! millions under poverty and facing evictions lost their jobs and stock market hit an all time high.

    Rodolfo AvalosRodolfo Avalos28 kun oldin
  • Not that my opinion matters, but if Robert Reich is a moron what category would you place yourself in. As a Technology company founder I have some first person experience with raising capital from investors. As the founder one of my stated goals was to provide living wage jobs for Americans. Every investor (sophisticated) I met with had the same question "Why don't you have the hardware manufactured in China?" Maybe we might have made 10-15% more in profits, is that worth the decline in our country. Last comment your obviously someone who puts profit over country, that's called being greedy. Greed is not a good thing it only leads to a unfulfilling life. Job creators... you know who are the only job creators "CUSTOMERS" It's very sad how this country has turned into such a self indulged, greedy, and shallow fuelled society.

    Big D Traveller'sBig D Traveller's29 kun oldin
  • Consumer capitalism is a modern day relic & I bet Musk would agree! He’s fighting for noble causes & in the process he’s probably going to be the richest guy on the planet.

    Unemployed Rocket SurgeonUnemployed Rocket Surgeon29 kun oldin
  • You guys think an18-year-old woman wants some drooling letch to keep her financially captive??

    Charlean SmithCharlean Smith29 kun oldin
  • Robert Reich is a player of "Big Lie", his ideas of economy requires thief of others labors.

    Victor AveraVictor Avera29 kun oldin
  • End of American Empire it is the Asian Century no matter what you say or do Nothing will change. China will Dominate and be the World Economic Powerhouse.

    Paul GagnonPaul Gagnon29 kun oldin
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    Rodolfo VitangcolRodolfo VitangcolOy oldin
  • Elon musk is a robber baron the fact that he’s a billionaire proves it you boot lickers make me sick Americans subsidized all the financial gains with tax dollars computer technology 50 years of our tax dollars only to be given to private sector “socialism” subsidizing technology is socialism our tax dollars prop up Wall Street socialism for the rich where’s your free market rules when it came to 08 crash you people are phony’s I can out debate bet- David with real American issues Bezos is a criminal who needs to be prosecuted for crimes against American economy he creates less jobs over time by monopolizing the American economy for his fascist self bet-David you have no idea what your talking about so you built a company and you want everybody to know it you should become a rapper at least their honest about their bragging you are a strutting ass in all these conversations with no real facts to back any of it we can see the damage that capitalism has caused look at our infrastructure falling apart go over to China and see how modern their infrastructure is as well as Europe’s the fascist our betting against Americans NAFTA proves it by being a part of trickledown economics which has been proven not to work for Americans

    Heather RobinsonHeather RobinsonOy oldin
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    Elizabeth KingElizabeth KingOy oldin
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    Sascha AttaSascha AttaOy oldin
  • conservatives 1. a person who is averse to change and holds traditional values. Similar: right-winger reactionary rightist diehard Tory Republican true blue gammon 2. a person favoring free enterprise, private ownership, and socially traditional ideas.

    Sascha AttaSascha AttaOy oldin
  • Libertarianism: an advocate or supporter of a political philosophy that advocates only minimal state intervention in the free market and the private lives of citizens. "no true libertarian would ever support a culture where citizens must show their papers to travel" 2. a person who advocates civil liberty. adjective relating to or denoting a political philosophy that advocates only minimal state intervention in the free market and the private lives of citizens. "he holds libertarian views on most social issues"

    Sascha AttaSascha AttaOy oldin
  • Found this by accident now I’m a fan. Amazing how realism is so rare now days. But it makes sense why our perspective of a lot of these people is so tilted. The perspective from people who actually grew their own morals and ethics vs adopted unilateral ethics are vastly different. The difference is always how they handle details. Are you being direct or are you arguing regurgitated points that prove nothing other than your overly emotional, personal and salty stance on something you barely understand as an “expert”.

    Noah HillNoah HillOy oldin
  • Reich has never been right about anything.

    Scooby DooScooby DooOy oldin
  • Reich is one of those down in the mouthers, always a negative Nancy. Good to see the Musker call him an idiot.

    Mike NomadMike NomadOy oldin
  • Reich like most political operatives is a parasite. A worthless, needless blood sucker whose very existence is sustained and buoyed by people who create value.

    uncle jj 13eruncle jj 13erOy oldin
  • I love Elon Musk. He's a patriot!

    Buford C.Buford C.Oy oldin