Effects of Your First Sexual Experience

31-Dek, 2020
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Patrick Bet-David has a virtual sit-down with Robert Glover to talk about his book, "No More Mr. Nice Guy: A Proven Plan For Getting What You Want in Love, Sex and Life." In this clip they discuss the impact of men's first sexual experiences. Order the book, "No More Mr. Nice Guy" here: cutt.ly/BjunIpo
About the Guest: Dr. Glover is the creator of Dating Essentials for Men and the director of TPI University.
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  • How does this conversation make you feel? Cringing or eye opening?

    ValuetainmentValuetainment22 kun oldin
    • @Gen G Agree! I have 4 daughters. My wife teaches are girls this phrase, “All men are pigs.” 👍

      JaminiteJaminite3 kun oldin
    • Makes alot of sense

      Jesse RichardsJesse Richards10 kun oldin
    • Good info. The book "The Porn Guru" and that anti porn website Oiporn .com do a great job exposing the lies. Porn leads to dependency.

      TheOtherWayTheOtherWay18 kun oldin
    • @Jeremy Taylor contraceptives cause abortions. Acess hli.org

      Pela VidaPela Vida18 kun oldin
    • It's not I opening at all. You guys have huge balls for coming out and talking about such an uncomfortable subject. Thank you for doing so.

      James HYiJames HYi21 kun oldin
  • This video needed to be shown to me about 11 years ago...

    Carlos ReyesCarlos Reyes10 daqiqa oldin
  • Dates Mexican women. Now is "Expert " on women 😂🤭😭 so if I'm Mexican by birth does that make me a Cholo homes??

    uri blackuri black3 kun oldin
  • Just because you are hotwired to have sex does not mean you should before marriage.

    Ray07110Ray071104 kun oldin
  • I disagree with passing out condoms to kids, that is ridiculous.

    Ray07110Ray071104 kun oldin
    • Why,? You prefer them get pregnant the first time they have sex or contract a disease? Interesting view

      M KM K4 kun oldin
  • communism is free masonry. elon must is lab created clone (robot).all the news (Live) comment section has been disabled. the only evil organisation of this world has stolen all the entertainers of each country , transgendered them at birth and abused them. it is what the evil free masonry (WHO ROYALS UN GOVERNMENTS) do.there is no corona virus and pfizer forcing people to take the vaccine against their will. . many people have died because of it. it is in our constitution . we cannot be forced. many people have died because of the covid vaccine . Jesus Is The ONLY Power!!

    TsambikaTsambika4 kun oldin
  • Bro i had a part time job when i was 15 and boom

    Malusi ,zwilenkosi zunguMalusi ,zwilenkosi zungu10 kun oldin
  • Herewith i take away from it porn hub should not I repeat not have anything to do with sex ed in school.. I could go on about other things in school but we will keep it there.. yes they r talking about porn hub teaching seed why not 25 35 percent they traffic online is 19 yr old boy yes truestory

    Raven NightRaven Night11 kun oldin
  • Does this also apply to women?

    Eres GyaruEres Gyaru11 kun oldin
  • I like things the way they are sex is private not shameful between two people have fun be responsible and wrap it up stay healthy no babies unless that is your intention accidents do happen and if they do be that man that sticks by her side regardless of her decision

    Blue collar nobody SitarasBlue collar nobody Sitaras11 kun oldin
  • I remember the first time. It was a night like tonight. It was dark, and I was scared, and all alone...........

    Stuntman 223 Stuntman223Stuntman 223 Stuntman22313 kun oldin
  • Fantastic but not very long in a crate.

    MgtowskiMgtowski15 kun oldin
  • no fapp 2021

    special ED studentspecial ED student16 kun oldin
  • Robert Glover: Son if you want to have sex come home and have it in your bedroom. Also Robert Glover: But don't ever tell your mother, and you damn sure better hope the girl and her parents can't find their way back to our house!!

    Stephen MillerStephen Miller16 kun oldin
  • I'ma guy...Next time interview a woman on this same subject please...I wanta here their perspective. Thank you...

    Justice ChampionJustice Champion17 kun oldin
  • Only in American education system is this guy; the guy who has no blood children of his own, just step kids is he the ultimate expert on parental sex education

    Danny TeeBoneDanny TeeBone17 kun oldin
  • Good info. The book "The Porn Guru" and that anti porn website Oiporn .com do a great job exposing the lies. Porn leads to dependency.

    TheOtherWayTheOtherWay18 kun oldin
  • You should wait until you’re an adult in my opinion

    Adam RAdam R18 kun oldin
    • You should, but most of the kids don't

      M KM K4 kun oldin
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    Reina TumikaReina Tumika18 kun oldin
  • All adulterers and fornicators God will judge. For this reason is the wrath of God upon the children of men. Get married and do it all you want. But do not encourage your kids to fornicate for goodness sake! What a moron!

    Jandre FelixJandre Felix18 kun oldin
  • I like your normal content but this was a cool switch up

    Dom JacksonDom Jackson18 kun oldin
  • Contraceptives cause abortions. Acess hli.org

    Pela VidaPela Vida18 kun oldin
  • Just be sure to also let the kids know what percentage of the population is walking around with an STD and that babies cost a lot of time and money. The boys will eventually have to pay child support and if they can’t afford it, they get to go to jail.

    Paul SurinamoPaul Surinamo19 kun oldin
  • WRONG! I am the one person here who was the first type! I was raised in a cult in which my father was the guru. It was nudity and free sex from the day I was born. So no, my first sexual experience was not hidden, guilty or shame ridden like almost everyone elses. I consider this one of the main things that provides me with a healthier (and therefore superior) psyche than most people.

    Damien StoneDamien Stone19 kun oldin
  • This guy is the world's answer to wisdom and sex. Follow The Bible instead.

    Stirred butnotshakenStirred butnotshaken19 kun oldin
  • Coolest video🖖🖖🖖

    Vishnuvardhan PoodariVishnuvardhan Poodari19 kun oldin
  • Be attentive Pat! 6:15

    Vishnuvardhan PoodariVishnuvardhan Poodari19 kun oldin
  • This is false. It isn't hidden, guilty, sin-filled, etc. for 100% of us. Those who wait for marriage and just have their spouse there's 0 shame or secretiveness. It is not sin at all for them. Teach your child to just go and have at it and not be secretive will NOT make them better off for it. Removing shame from immorality does not remove consequences (abortion/murder, unprepared pregnancy, child support, STDs, emotional damage, pair-bonding degradation, etc!).

    BehindSkylineBehindSkyline20 kun oldin
  • Most of his videos that are clips are already out

    chrischris21 kun oldin
  • Only get it out to use it like a cop with a gun. So either make the woman pregnant and have kids and a family or dont even touch her. All or nothing. No "birth control". Its self natural selection saying even though this process is for reproduction (and pleasure) i am not good enough to pass my genes on with this person. Its an insult to the other person and ironic.

    SamSam21 kun oldin
  • Gee you’re great Patrick at recalling these first time sex experiences😊

    Aurora NiteAurora Nite21 kun oldin
  • 5:15 I think this is an older generation problem...

    Beach&BoardFanBeach&BoardFan21 kun oldin
  • Sex is the highest form of bonding between 2 people that can ultimately create life. It is the highest act of physical love. Our conscience holds us accountable to all the sins we do, whether we believe in God or not, the law of God is written in our hearts and our conscience will not let us off the hook. To ignore the conscience is to embrace evil, to normalize it in your life, to willingly become a slave to what ever lusts you seek. Don't think you're a slave? Try stopping. Can't? Yeah, exactly. I speak by experience. Jesus Christ is the only way out of this bondage.

    BigDaddy LoveTapBigDaddy LoveTap21 kun oldin
    • @joe Bug I squash that notion like a bug lol

      BigDaddy LoveTapBigDaddy LoveTap14 kun oldin
  • Interesting controversial video and comments. Coming from Europe I have noticed 2 very different approaches to sex education; comparing the data about pregnancies among minors it appears that early education, just before and during puberty, produces better results. Although awkward, we parents must do our part too, the school system cannot take this challenge by itself. I remember that in Germany many years ago there were teenage magazines covering also some sex education topics...porns have actors and are definitely a poor and misguiding alternative

    Alberto NosenzoAlberto Nosenzo21 kun oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/fGqSaLuBiaK8e3w

    m33w99m33w9921 kun oldin
  • 30 and proud virgin. Happy New year.

    RamaYanRamaYan21 kun oldin
    • @Not Real right

      RamaYanRamaYan8 kun oldin
    • Good for you, life isn’t all about sex. Happy new year!

      Not RealNot Real9 kun oldin
    • @ERROL M yep

      RamaYanRamaYan9 kun oldin
    • Wow! Really?... Happy new year

      ERROL MERROL M9 kun oldin
    • Happy New Year to you too.

      Random GuyRandom Guy13 kun oldin
  • Wtf does this have to do with what’s going on in the world? This guy seem gotta-bunker-with-elites kinda calm, taking about irrelevance and nothing more!!

    Danny WarbucksDanny Warbucks21 kun oldin
  • Technology, including online pornography, is changing sex, relationships, and society. It is possible that all sex will become a type of masturbation and that human relationships, as we think of them now, will cease to exist.

    Douglas CampbellDouglas Campbell21 kun oldin
  • My first time was with the mother of my child.

    Nabil IqbalNabil Iqbal21 kun oldin
    • Damn your pullout game hella weak bruh

      vinuzovinuzo7 kun oldin
    • Same here

      SNP LIFESNP LIFE11 kun oldin
  • *It's as fun to laugh about sex as doing it*

    XanderShillerXanderShiller21 kun oldin
  • *Dammmitttt Pat...I told you this in confidence! ...who are these men??*

    XanderShillerXanderShiller21 kun oldin
  • I am very sure that that guy who is a porn addict indeed a GAY guy. There are about cca. 70-80 % of the so-called men who are attracted to his own sex (men) but they do not undertake or admit that. That is why porn is so so important beside a WIFE, a GIRLFRIEND etc.....that is the essence of "THE MEN", unfortunately. I suppose also that even the women has the same hidden trait. Thats about PORN ADDICTION.

    Violet MillerViolet Miller21 kun oldin
    • what a ridiculous bullshit!

      nonnon21 kun oldin
  • As a 22 year old virgin, IM GOODD

    Mason SamuelsMason Samuels21 kun oldin
    • Like really?

      M KM K4 kun oldin
  • Sex is the quickest way to the devil. The problem with masturbation is people want more of that super 10 second high that they keep- doing it repeatedly. Guilt and shame have nothing to do with it. Rather it is all about that fleeting high that entraps you. Of course the ritualistic satanic practitioners are a whole other deal.

    melanie hoytmelanie hoyt21 kun oldin
  • All that sounds wonderful but what about marriage

    rayne forestrayne forest21 kun oldin
  • 😂😂 single virgin 🎉🎉🎉

    Aniket SharmaAniket Sharma21 kun oldin
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    José dos SantosJosé dos Santos22 kun oldin
  • Its 2.5 hours into 2021 and Valuetainment still hasn't put out a video.

    John Smith_TreelerJohn Smith_Treeler22 kun oldin
  • Hey pat we’re can I get that potrate on the background

    mikemike22 kun oldin
  • Gross approach to discuss Sex in this manner I was more uncomfortable listening to your references and descriptions than my 1st time 😬 Ewww Bro 🙄

    Sheri TaylorSheri Taylor22 kun oldin
  • He borrowed the porn from his son 😂 “ son ..I need to make sure this is safe to watch”

    ikechi musicikechi music22 kun oldin
  • Yo, We need bodybluilders interviews!!

    MKranMKran22 kun oldin
  • 2021 - Year of freedom. No more restrictions. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich lawsuit. Copy, Paste, Share, Pass it on...

    EdgeTvNetEdgeTvNet22 kun oldin
    • Lol

      Evil ZenEvil Zen22 kun oldin
  • Hey Dr Glover, happy to see you on Valutainment!! Pat, Dr Glover and I did a talk together last year in Florida and it was awesome. Great guest to have on your channel.

    Dave Stultz AdventureDave Stultz Adventure22 kun oldin
  • keep this weirdo away from your kids.

    Top Secret BearTop Secret Bear22 kun oldin
    • He wants to let them know theyre doing it, get them into the idea at a young age, besides "they were doing it at 14 before anyway"

      gamer Guygamer Guy21 kun oldin
  • Sex should only be with your spouse. Everything else is just a useless hook up.

    Rince ResourceRince Resource22 kun oldin
  • Guys, you wouldn't believe for how many of us our first sexual experience was being abused by an adult - in my case, at about age 2 is my first "memory." Yeah, the memories get blanked out pretty darned well via pedophilia. Just rather surprised you didn't mention it. It's not only those who get trafficked & sold, it's ever so many of us in supposedly normal families. For me, it was my Dad. ~♥~

    Sita RainbowSita Rainbow22 kun oldin
    • @ryan owen You don't remember until much later in life. Many never do, but their sexual relationships are never quite right. We act in ways even we don't understand. We don't open to the memories until we're ready at a deep level, in ways unique to each one. Those who were abused into their teen years can't forget, of course. Just saying it also happens with very small children. OMG, would we even be in this Great Awakening, now, if we knew ahead of time the ugliness we'd have to wake up to at the beginning? IDK. Perhaps not. ~♥~

      Sita RainbowSita Rainbow20 kun oldin
    • How can u remember at age 2 is this what

      ryan owenryan owen20 kun oldin
    • Wtf

      ryan owenryan owen20 kun oldin
  • I am furious to know there's a channel where a female and her couple look just like my greatest and best first time! How and why this female and her guy just brought the new property and what does she do for a living? It is upsetting me because my middle e baby daddy with my first time and all are adult twin children never taught me how to be all giggly like her. she is all on camera while her guy that I think could share a relation to other parts of the middle culture and I am not gonna just watch that any sense or adjusting to her not having a job or a professional career that no one knows about I just say, let her say and do whatever on camera with his money, not cool! Plus, he is a stepparent and giving her so much wealth What does she do for a living would make me feel better because it's not cool? And that too is now why I have a doctor baby daddy too. Because of videos like the ones I am talking about I do not know them and don't want to know them. I had been thinking for the longest time there was jealousy between the baby daddies but after watching a few of those videos of that couple. I have another understanding of my middle e dad. Like I am only able to go to tutoring for ongoing eight years plus my three-four years of full-time educational studies and all of my four different careers too I am just wondering why she looks like me while he sells homes in Canada. Maybe someone can tell me why she looks like me and no one knows what she does in her professional career I am mad and I just thankful that my Irish 🍀 baby daddy lets me study where his practice is at, but that could be because of my multiple health issues too. I am more concerned with how that female looks like me and she does not have a job with her guy that could be related to other middle e family members How is she able to be online just doing whatever or modeling clothes in front of him and talking about weaves, what? Anyway, have a great day and a happy holiday to everyone!

    Heather SistoHeather Sisto22 kun oldin
  • I think it would be wise to teach teens and young adults about the responsibilities that come with sex, I still see sex as something that should saved for someone who really cares about your well-being and that it should involve and be a result of love between two people. I lived by the idea if I was going to have sex, make sure it was someone I felt I could marry, because I don’t believe in abortion. It’s not that it is a sin, but there are responsibilities, it should not be an idea of using another, and there can be consequences if you are not mature enough to deal with. It sickens me that there are so many men and women having children from multiple people and yet not providing a loving two parent home fir those children. Very immature and irresponsible, but they think nothing of it.

    ElizEliz22 kun oldin
  • He trippin

    Omar ramoOmar ramo22 kun oldin
  • My first sexual experience scared me to death, I was all alone.

    Southern CrossSouthern Cross22 kun oldin
  • Most females in porn have been sexually abused and most porn doesnt represent how two people should treat each sexually. I agree with not hiding it and that we need to change the shame and guilt associated with sex. Its just an opportunity for more education. I work in the restoration of child trafficking soace, trust me that porn is a part of chikd trafficking.

    lynette potterlynette potter22 kun oldin
  • remember reading how among apes the alpha male had 80-90% of the sex in the tribe and the rest ...little among the betas and that only because the alpha benevolently looked away... that might be the evolutionary method which is instinctual

    Gw WellsGw Wells22 kun oldin

    FAIR RIDERFAIR RIDER22 kun oldin
  • I kinda wish I watched porn before I had sex because porn just feels like a unenjoyable tease

    Allen WarfieldAllen Warfield22 kun oldin

    bluecontrerasbluecontreras22 kun oldin
  • Terrible advice from this guy when it comes to sex and raising children. You can get excellent wisdom from the book of proverbs and it’s not stuffy Bible thumper stuff either. The best wisdom for this life is found in those pages.

    Holy_War C.S.T.Holy_War C.S.T.22 kun oldin
  • my first experience was criminal in nature...was absolutely amazinggg. the forbidden will always be the best

    The KingThe King22 kun oldin
  • This is how women feel times 10. Men's hangups trickle own to everything in their lives, especially families.

    Madame BeajouMadame Beajou22 kun oldin
  • www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/mark-levins-list-15-ways-democrats-stole-the-election

    Charlie PineloCharlie Pinelo22 kun oldin
  • Me remembering Baki getting stronger after smashin whater her name

    F LF L22 kun oldin
    • My guy. You are right you don't even know

      I JI J11 kun oldin
  • I give this interview a thumbs down. 👎 is the same advise that I heard in the public fool system. If you’re gonna have sex, play it safe; and if you get pregnant there is help (planned parenthood). Why the guilt, because it is immorally wrong (God said so, period). 1 Cor. 7:2 Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband. 1 Cor. 7:8 I say therefore to the unmarried and widows, it is good for them if they abide even as I. (single) 9 But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than to burn. (lust) *the book of Corinthians was written by Paul who was in the Jews religion before becoming a Christian.

    Maria ChavezMaria Chavez22 kun oldin
    • wolf in sheeps clothing. abortion is murder. sex is for pleasure and reproduction for a monogamous hetero couple.

      SamSam21 kun oldin
  • Suppose it needs to be talked about, how the guy to took advantage of me never matured while I put up with the shallowness ,I thought one day he'd see a need for the deeper connection . In the end I realized his addiction made him terrible at it, since he didn't need me- ugh two sons too. Maybe girls aren't given the whole story -/Incomplete sex Ed set up for heartbreak

    Jenny AndersonJenny Anderson22 kun oldin
  • Wow I do not remember my first time. I wonder why

    joe.publicjoe.public22 kun oldin
  • No it's not a secretive guilt ridden experience for 99% of people nor was it. Dont push your old weird shite onto others.

    Rupert PsmithRupert Psmith22 kun oldin
  • "I want you to go back and visualize your first sexual experience." I'm drawing a blank here . . .

    John SmithJohn Smith22 kun oldin
    • Me too! I seriously can't remember it!

      Kwest57Kwest572 kun oldin
    • Hahahha

      Orlando LeeOrlando Lee14 kun oldin
    • @John Z great well done a success story.

      SamSam21 kun oldin
    • Not me,, it was almost 50 years ago and the memory,, it is as if it was yesterday. I loved her then and I love her to this day. We raised 5 kids and we're growing old [albeit broken down just a tad], but we're still alive together. Did we raise or kids with advice like this dude's passing out? No FRIGG'N WAY! I 100% disagree with this 'so called' Doctor,, he's a perv and I would NEVER recommend anything he has to say. YES, all our kids grew up normal.

      John ZJohn Z21 kun oldin

    SotdotSotdot22 kun oldin
  • My first time I didn’t know what the hell I was doing but I knew afterwards it was the best damn thing in the world lol but little did I know that 🐱 will cost ya 😂

    Derek RussellDerek Russell22 kun oldin
  • What if you are in your mid to late 20s without ever having that experience.+

    mrt094mrt09422 kun oldin
    • Go out there and get some ‼‼

      Orlando LeeOrlando Lee14 kun oldin
    • Have the Craiglist personals been gone all that time ?

      Douglas WardDouglas Ward19 kun oldin
    • Is it something that you want? Is something holding you back or preventing you?

      Trill Rêd PillTrill Rêd Pill22 kun oldin
  • Pat is just nasty!! And I love it!🤣🤣😂

    Mthunzi DhlaminiMthunzi Dhlamini22 kun oldin
  • So far bad advice! Take a look at our world today. People are not marrying anymore, just having sexual relationships for fun. Think of all the unwed mothers having children from many different partners, which tax payers are supporting through the welfare system. Worst yet is the amount of abortions, called murder by our creator, happening every year. 60 million since Roe vs Wade in the USA alone. 65 million in Canada up to 2010. Ten years later in 2020 no stats. Add all nations to this and the number is most like nearing a billion babies have lost their life because girls/women and boys/men just want to have fun. (I use this number as many abortions stats have not been kept. Ontario Canada is one. Ritual sacrifices.) Think of the sexual abuse in the home by these sexually aroused people. This is no laughing matter. What about the men/women that wanted to keep those precious souls, but were more or less forced to abort. Society is messed up, hearts have wax cold, judgement is coming for this sick world. Read the comments then tell me how this has turned out for many people. God bless those that have waited to marry and have long marriages with well adjusted children that most likely will follow in their parents footsteps.

    Carol-Ann TrudellCarol-Ann Trudell22 kun oldin
    • its not just the side effects of the sexual revolution but combined along with the system that keeps exponentially raising the price of living. should have found a way to get married off within your own age group around middle school when the males still sorta held the idea of marriage. its over once they hit legal adulthood, too many options and not enough willpower to stay committed. but no one wants to have that conversation. remember that child like innocence, yeah ponder on who minecrafted it and why.

      spacecowboy776spacecowboy77618 kun oldin
  • I was molested early. real early. and it left me with the idea that sex was just another "act". After ten years of marriage, we divorced. We just fell socially apart, that's why I say it was part of the act. Then weird shit started to happen spiritually. Life was never the same...Now I am a quantum transformer of energy. I love physics! It''s such a passion I don't want to share me. I'm too selfish with me. Perhaps when I'm older, wouldn't rule it out. But I'm only 65 and have a whole new interest. How about that for a story! LOL Life is too short. BE HAPPY. Don't worry. Hey, that could be a song. One of the best parts of 2020 is finding your podcasts. Bravo! Hope you all have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    jraejrae22 kun oldin
  • im so glad someone went there. props

    pinkyhotmessx69pinkyhotmessx6922 kun oldin
  • Ridiculous!!!

    Devon HarrisonDevon Harrison22 kun oldin
  • Your killing me with these “short clip” drops... give me the video lol this ones gonna be epic!

    thetwig187thetwig18722 kun oldin
    • Robert Glover interview...all Patrick videos that are clips the whole video are already out ...Hes not like vlad tv. Lol

      chrischris21 kun oldin
  • Not the same for women And because of what it does to women, it’s not good for men to encourage women into having indiscriminate Sex with them Women are not instinctually wired to have sex with multiple partners, it’s damaging emotionally for them. We should care enough about them to keep ourselves atleast relatively chaste

    ObadiahBumbleyObadiahBumbley22 kun oldin
  • lets get pizza.. lmao... i once masturbated and slept with my pants off and that was the most embarassing day of my life.... damn, my father saw and then i had to clean all the stains near my bed. who knew semen leaves brown stains on yellow walls. lol. and mom said you wont attend my funeral . my younger bro is still serious about the funeral thing. I am 28 , and still virgin. but i am glad i never rushed for it. now when someone says we lost virginity before marriage i am like... maybe this is a loss men celebrate all the time. but sex after marriage is my thing!

    Tarini PrasadTarini Prasad22 kun oldin
  • I can't Wait for the full interview

    Franklin SandovalFranklin Sandoval22 kun oldin
  • I literally bought his book after you recommended it over and over again on your podcast😂. Great book!!!

  • Robert Glover This is the WORST advice on teaching kids about sex I've EVER heard. But this is classic secularism devoid of God's Word. Always refer to the owners manual (Bible) to find the Creators original intent. I was 23. My (now) wife was 19. We dated 3.5 years. We were both virgins when we got married. Now married for over 39 years. We have 3 sons who are now all in and out of college, married to beautiful faithful wives. Jerimiah 29: 11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. FOLLOW GOD'S PLAN!

    Gibson guyGibson guy22 kun oldin
  • I just finished his book “No More Mr. Nice Guy” and it hit angle of a man misunderstandings that most man might have never notice! I recommend a lot of people to read it. Word of advise to people to be quick to judge: “Never Judge a book by its cover!

    Keedy ManKeedy Man22 kun oldin
  • Look, there is a reason there is shame in sex... usually because it is done in the wrong way (FYI, neither you nor your parents get to decide that). If you have no shame, it is because you are married and faithful to each other or because you have seared your conscience, with this guy I am guessing it is the latter. I know from my own experience that all the sexual activity before I got married was surrounded by guilt, after I got married it was like a magical switch flipped, no guilt for either of us, it was and continues to be wonderful. I do think that he is right about us setting up society so that people can’t grow up and get married before they’re 20 partially because our education system has dumped people down so that you are in your mid 20s before you are “ready” to get married.

    Sam BassettSam Bassett22 kun oldin
  • This man give very bad advice. Bible give best direction. Awful advice.

    HH22 kun oldin
  • Pass out condoms to their friends? 😂

    GFCGFC22 kun oldin
  • This guys wants you to have sex in public without shame? This man's fucked in his head

    Farsha 17Farsha 1722 kun oldin
  • Some take a biblical approach and wait till marriage. This guy never even mentions that. It's why this world is so screwed up. 🙏

    Renee JustForTodayRenee JustForToday22 kun oldin
    • He doesn't mention because maybe he doesn't read fiction? Comic books?

      Kwest57Kwest572 kun oldin
    • Prude detected

      M KM K4 kun oldin
    • He kept it logical. Why would he go into a topic not everybody believes in

      AndeezyAndeezy7 kun oldin
    • You people are brainwashed

      Orlando LeeOrlando Lee14 kun oldin
    • Yes! This guys advice is dangerous.

      Venom201009Venom20100921 kun oldin
  • Sorry but teenagers are children and children are incapable of deciding if they're ready for sex. Simply exposing them to sexuality at that age is shown to cause brain damage and stunt brain development

    SlavapaloozaSlavapalooza22 kun oldin
    • @Sam Bassett Get married and start having kids in your early 20's, sure. But exposure to sexuality before the brain finishes developing causes brain damage and stunts brain development and porn causes brain damage to people of all ages. The ancient Germans saw sex before 20 as the most shameful act that can be committed for a reason. And this was before Christianity came around and started causing a disconnect from nature with its twisted "morality"

      SlavapaloozaSlavapalooza22 kun oldin
    • @Sam Bassett Science disagrees

      SlavapaloozaSlavapalooza22 kun oldin
    • I agree that teenagers doing this stuff too early is not bad, I think that teenagers need to grow up faster so that they can get married at a more natural time...

      Sam BassettSam Bassett22 kun oldin
  • It's an adult adventure, the kids downstairs don't need to know about it

    chic potpiechic potpie22 kun oldin
    • Yeah and they think that sex Isa crappy dirty secret, met plenty of people like this here in North America. Then they have trouble on their families and pay hundreds of dollars to sex therapist, so yeah, great approach to pretend you are a sexless creature 👍😁

      M KM K4 kun oldin
    • "Before i go up and give my wife the wet pickle, i like to go down stairs to the living room and yell "hey guys me and your mom are about to DO IT, so uhh... Dont disturb us"

      gamer Guygamer Guy21 kun oldin
  • It's great if you have boys I didn't hear him talk about girls.

    • @REBECCA HUGHES The problem with this ideology is it implies girls are to be hidden and protected and boys should be able to do whatever they like. Some people develop the mentality that expectations for sex and what comes afterwards are MUCH lower for men when they are just as important. This leads to men doing whatever they want regardless of circumstances and consequences. Teaching your daughters sex is bad for them and teaching your sons sex is good for them is contradictory and creates more problems than benefits. In the modern day that's why we have men that knock up a girl or girls and don't care because to them being a young parent isn't that big of a deal because they're underestimating their expected contribution to the mother and child because of what they were taught when younger.

      JJ GamesworthJJ Gamesworth11 kun oldin
    • For a guy it lead to almost no risk. A bill worst case senario. A girls entire lofe and body changes in more was that are imaginable. A guy can literally get away with not even having an idea of the cause and effect of sex. Women are supposed to be more of a gift vs thrown around and used. Women create way more enotional attachment as well due to the fact that women have the children. For men sex is a reward to go behavior in a relationship as well. They have to earn will full sex. Women dont they can find it were ever so for a guy to have sex it is more of an achonplishment. Its like this in all ani.las as well. Men work for matting rights.

    • @anthonyca I never said both genders are the same. What's the problem of congratulating a girl instead of a boy for having her first-time sex? It's a cultural thing that has no sense if you abstract it.

      Santi RoaSanti Roa21 kun oldin
    • "No More 'Mr Nice Guy'"...pretty gender specific if you can comprehend English...

      Egbert McFliesterheimerEgbert McFliesterheimer21 kun oldin
    • @Santi Roa males and females are completely different. Our brains are not the same.

      anthonycaanthonyca21 kun oldin
  • Can’t wait for the full interview

    justin samjustin sam22 kun oldin