Eddie Murphy's 'Coming 2 America' Gets Purchased By Amazon For $125 Million

14-Okt, 2020
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  • If we still married and we have sex without your consent is it rape. The answer is yes. She stole the money.

    Wesly JanvierWesly JanvierKun oldin
  • I can't wait to see it! Would pay for it! Idk who buy it Im watching

    Karla HazelKarla Hazel2 kun oldin
  • Bought by amazon??? So are they only releasing it on amazon?? How lame. I wanted a regular movie, released in theaters. This is shit

    Epiphanny TaylorEpiphanny Taylor2 kun oldin
  • Amazon, Netflix, UZworld...these will finally give minorities a chance to showcase their work instead of what hollywood was doing

    Bush ManBush Man2 kun oldin
  • Wow that’s going to be a Billion Dollar Block Buster for sure

    George SellmonGeorge Sellmon2 kun oldin
  • Idgaf who bought it release the damn movie already

    Rome ORome O2 kun oldin
  • Angela is a transgender who won't admit it Charlamain is a Mook1 Envy is gay 4 pay

    Geoffrey CortezGeoffrey Cortez2 kun oldin
  • Eddie murphy should have asked for 250-300mill

    DJ FX KenyaDJ FX Kenya2 kun oldin
  • Huge flop coming to amazon soon.

    Ramy HRamy H2 kun oldin
  • Had to watch the whole thing to get to Eddie?!

    georgeharvgeorgeharv2 kun oldin
  • Yes!! Imani. I wasn't saying he shldnt be to blame. He's a pure dirt bag for doing that. That shit will get you dead quick! But these women out there need to be held accountable also. They always get a pass a d they shldnt.

    ForsaFitForsaFit2 kun oldin
  • Who gets that money? Murphy?

    Marlon BladeMarlon Blade2 kun oldin
  • $125 million that's a rip off😃😃😃. Well I ain't watching it until they sort out the justice system for descendant of slaves.

    starbwoi 1starbwoi 13 kun oldin
  • Love it..

    Ceici Du'moiCeici Du'moi3 kun oldin
  • Eddie, I wish you would've kept it! This is a Black Classic! Should be owned by a Black person.

    Elads GarsElads Gars3 kun oldin
  • It said WITHOUT authorization.... That means she stole it

    Boe TbBoe Tb3 kun oldin
  • $125 mil? wtf? that's not much ...

    Jen JJen J3 kun oldin
  • Angela Yee is apart of that Ike Turner acceptance culture. She like getting knocked out

    Trigger WarningTrigger Warning3 kun oldin
  • Man all that shit is in Ryan's character he been that way

    Brian DixonBrian Dixon3 kun oldin
  • FFS why Netflix? WHY!

    K BenK Ben3 kun oldin
  • Ok when can we see this cause Im tired of the wait

    Underground Boombox PodcastUnderground Boombox Podcast3 kun oldin
  • FYI the First coming to America Sold 200+ million world wide! 🙄

    Cortney M16Cortney M164 kun oldin
  • It's time to stop promoting the devil and start praising God.. y'all don't see what's going on around the world you trying to get youruzworld.info/player/video/bonerZlmZ8-SpoA attention.

    S.O.T.L MUSICS.O.T.L MUSIC4 kun oldin
  • Cancel Vlad

    Mr WilliamsMr Williams4 kun oldin
  • Very Smart..Paid upfront💯

    Chai B.Chai B.4 kun oldin
  • these guys need to read a few law books. is she Dre's agent? can she make those moves without his knowledge or approval? she is a dumb ass lawyer and will be liable to Dre for that money...

  • Don’t trust em g

    MykeOn TheBeatMykeOn TheBeat4 kun oldin
  • Is Angela Yee reporting from home? Cos the camera doesn't pan to her when she speaks

    Akumbu Sylvia OhucheAkumbu Sylvia Ohuche4 kun oldin
  • Wow damn

    MR. ALL THE WAY 89MR. ALL THE WAY 894 kun oldin
  • Selling out is the new norm i guess

    Cross10th AlabamaCross10th Alabama4 kun oldin
  • That kid is going away on adoption

    Kunle AyanjokeKunle Ayanjoke4 kun oldin
  • I’m so confused. Is it your baby moms or your wife? Was they together? If not..that’s life.

    troyforce2troyforce24 kun oldin
  • If funny how Charlemagne keeps ripping dr Dre wife it funny how Charlemagne keep ripping wife instead of Dre it funny

    George ButtGeorge Butt4 kun oldin
  • I'm with Charlemagne ... I prefer to watch movies at home. If you have a big screen TV, 4k HD surround sound why go to the theatre? I draw my blackout curtains to turn my family room into a theatre. Its not like Eddie Murphys home theatre but it works.

    GoldenState LolitaGoldenState Lolita4 kun oldin

    ...AlwaysMoore...AlwaysMoore4 kun oldin
  • Dre’s wife looks like a man frfr ❤️✊🏿💚

    Mighty DreadMighty Dread4 kun oldin
  • Male friends should not mix with your wives. Period

    Mario SaintMario Saint4 kun oldin
  • I would hurt dude and leave her alone!

  • Black excellence baby! Eddy making moves

    vincent starnesvincent starnes4 kun oldin
  • envys lightskiness was triggered there

    Fred JonesFred Jones4 kun oldin
  • Translation: Amazon is about make triple that.

    Aristotle WarbuckAristotle Warbuck5 kun oldin
  • uhh Stevie J did the same hes the Godfather of faith Evans & Biggie son n now he married Faith 🤯🤔

    pfunk298pfunk2985 kun oldin
  • Hold on. Y’all really take relationship advice from Angela Yee?? 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Dukki Boi1Dukki Boi15 kun oldin
  • Not enough. Eddie Murphy would have made more by not giving it amazon.

    SilentmessengerqunSilentmessengerqun5 kun oldin
  • Every Black person needs to purchase the albums Robbie Blue 1 million views and The Food Stamp Apocalypse chp.IV and chp.V!!!

    Robbie BlueRobbie Blue5 kun oldin
  • Dam you Eddie, Mr Funny man. You couldn't make a deal with Netflix?

    ShinOwen2ShinOwen25 kun oldin
  • To be honest Dre gonna pay that lady when it's all said and done. If they don't have a prenup he gonna pay big time.

    M. RizzyM. Rizzy5 kun oldin
  • angela yee needs a bit of edumacation ... embezzling funds means using company money for personal use... it has nothing to do with getting authorization because no one can give you authorization to use company money for personal use...

    B JvuB Jvu5 kun oldin
  • 6:20 what you clicked for

    Sam MSam M5 kun oldin
  • Messed up

    Kate GainerKate Gainer5 kun oldin
  • That's was a business account that she went and withdrew almost $400k out of (not some regular/personal joint account). But those that have knowledge on such topics understand that the business as a separate entity and it's own being. Its separate from Dr Dre, the soon-to-be ex wife; almost like a pet or a child even, and its recognized as such under the law. And if she goes and just drains the account of $400k without proving how that money was to be used FOR THE BUSINESS, then that IS theft. No emotions, no exaggeration, just facts.

    The ProdigyThe Prodigy5 kun oldin
  • Eddie moulson

    Terrance AllenTerrance Allen5 kun oldin
  • So called boys always do shit like that

    Admir CargillAdmir Cargill5 kun oldin
  • Angela is beginning to be fkn annoying.

    mr.c.p. brownmr.c.p. brown5 kun oldin
  • I wouldn't have sold it... I would have held on to it/ this is the moment of the world's biggest pandemic where most people are home watching TV!!! I have been waiting 20 years of my life to see this movie be made and now that is here , we still have to wait a little bit longer to actually view it.. $125 million seems cheap knowing that every eye in the world will be watching this movie$$$$ all black cast too why would you do that?

    Johnathan TaylorJohnathan Taylor5 kun oldin
  • Coming to America should have sold for close to half a billion dollars. That movie is going to make CRAZY revenue for years to come. Amazon got a steal

    manninlamanninla5 kun oldin
    • Agreed it will earn far more than that - Rorshach voice

      Black RorshachBlack Rorshach4 kun oldin
    • Good point! You should've been in on those negotiations for real

      The ProdigyThe Prodigy5 kun oldin
  • Get off the demon time dumbos!! and then u won’t be in trouble with 🙏🏼 or the law duh?!

    January MJanuary M5 kun oldin
  • And how many times did Ryan cheat on and dog her 🤷🏻‍♀️ so his karma came n it came in that form

    January MJanuary M5 kun oldin
  • well ryan neva gettin back wit his bm itz ova bro

    StylebreakaStylebreaka5 kun oldin
  • Well Shittttt yall know the game if didn't spend much thrn ofcourse thats an instant come up💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

    Jack BrownJack Brown5 kun oldin
  • How is that stealing from her husband of twenty years, if no pre-nup, she's entitled to HALF. Hollah, we want pre-nup.

    frog deefrog dee5 kun oldin
  • Intimate Partner Violence is a crime. I'm sorry you experienced that....

    Chinua Joi IveyChinua Joi Ivey5 kun oldin
  • You didn’t credit storm monroe for the first part of the interview you did credit the libel b show for the second part

    Scareofthelight BookScareofthelight Book5 kun oldin
  • You can't take money out of a business account.

    Danny Wong : Ultimate Bad BoyDanny Wong : Ultimate Bad Boy5 kun oldin
  • When is it coming out already !! Been hearing it’s been done for the longest

    Tommy GamesTommy Games5 kun oldin
  • $125 million is LOW. Cuz we all know EVERY black person over 35 is going to see Coming to America ---thats an easy $400 million in sales. (However, smart move since we're stuck in the house from quarantine).

    LaToya TerryLaToya Terry5 kun oldin
  • I bet he haven't even did his wife that many times a year.

    CHON JAECHON JAE5 kun oldin
  • #CommunityPU🙀🙀Y

    DL ChapmanDL Chapman5 kun oldin
  • Now Angela saying she didn’t want him in jail for hitting her is a clear indication she probably had played a part in some wrong doings. Not making it right but people do shit and press buttons

  • F#%* Ryan... NEXT

    Marie BMarie B5 kun oldin
  • That Favio pic man looks gone

    Donnell EvansDonnell Evans5 kun oldin
  • I think that was a bad move on Eddie part. Is they end up putting it into the movie theaters after the pandemic, Amazon would make way more than what they bought it for. Now if he sold it, Amazon can put a hold on the release date to see if the movie theaters are open. I know they closed the ones here but, who knows if it would be closed for good or not. That's just my opinion, feel free to. Put your opinion also. Im not here to judge.

    j gloverj glover6 kun oldin
  • Actually if you are involved in a legal proceeding regarding finances then no you are not permitted to withdraw the funds even if your name is on the account. A good example of this would be if you are suspected for a crime..you could leave the state however if you did more than likely a conviction would follow.

    B0 H4ckingt0shB0 H4ckingt0sh6 kun oldin
  • Like, I’m I the only one that feels like 125 mil is not enough? Or the movies is not all that? I’m confused. But on the other hand I don’t really know anything about selling movies. So don’t kill me in the comments. (Envy looked like he agrees with me)

    Dorival SilvaDorival Silva6 kun oldin
    • Its enough because not everybody watches Amazon Prime. Netflix maybe could've offered more but 125 is fair for Amazon.remember they gotta recover a profit after spending the 125 mil.they can't give them 250 mil & expect to earn much money.🤷.either way it's more than they would've made had they not sold it, because the theater closed due to the pandemic.

      Supreme VictorySupreme Victory2 kun oldin
    • Considering its Eddie Murphy , he could have got a lot more and I am baffled cos Nteflix would have paid up - Rorshach voice

      Black RorshachBlack Rorshach4 kun oldin
    • I'm sure it won't be for relinquishing all the rights to the movie. I'm sure there will be back-end deals

      Kunle AyanjokeKunle Ayanjoke4 kun oldin
    • I was saying the Shìt

      bruce johnsonbruce johnson4 kun oldin
    • It’s a rumor report. They are speculating on public knowledge. If this were the NewYork Times or the Tribune maybe it would even be valid. This is for entertainment purposes only.

      Cutay7BOOTAYCutay7BOOTAY5 kun oldin
  • Dr. Dre told his wife, Don't make him fight. He told her it would be to the point of No Return. He Begged her! LOL 😆

    7n1 Sun7n1 Sun6 kun oldin
  • Who Owns, "Coming To America"? Paramount Pictures. Who Got Paid $125 Million? Paramount Pictures. And will the Stars in the Show Still Get Residual Checks from the Show Sales on Amazon? No. Only Paramount Pictures. 7n1

    7n1 Sun7n1 Sun6 kun oldin
    • @7n1 Sun first of all stop liking your own post it’s unbecoming of a troll. I provided a source. You didn’t you just replied and said I was wrong so the only one who shared their opinion was you. Bye now

      Tom stormTom storm2 kun oldin
    • @Tom storm Looks Like U Hate the Fact U Are Wrong. No More Time to Waste On U. My Post was Only So that the People Don't be Miss Lead, and to Get them to Do their Own Research, and Don't believe everything you hear, and Think for Yourselves. What you have taught us is; There is a Difference between Opinions and Facts.

      7n1 Sun7n1 Sun2 kun oldin
    • @7n1 Sun just go to Wikipedia. But you won’t because who wants to be proven wrong. You clearly read what my link said so you would’ve gone there on your own

      Tom stormTom storm5 kun oldin
    • @Tom storm (Could Not Open your Link.) My source that information came from Google. Just Ask Google; "Who wrote & Produce the Movie Coming to America" Staring Eddie Murphy"? Ask who Owns the Movie. (Sorry I just Assumed Everyone on the planet Earth, Knew that they Can Ask Google or Siri Anything?) The Smart Phone has the Answers to Everthing.

      7n1 Sun7n1 Sun5 kun oldin
    • @7n1 Sun I just sent you a link. You are the one who didn’t provide a source of your information. But you’re welcome

      Tom stormTom storm5 kun oldin
  • Selling out to Amazon

    Team YoungTeam Young6 kun oldin
  • $125m does that account for viewers purchases for % and what about the actors/actress do they get any of that depending on contract...🤔🤔🤔✌✌✌

    Patrick MartinPatrick Martin6 kun oldin
  • To the people saying that 125 million isn't enough. You gotta remember the situation the world is in. They got more than they would have at the box office.

    F SF S6 kun oldin
  • I think that Netflix would have been a better streaming platform for Coming 2 America. Netflix has the largest viewer subscriptions at almost 55% of the U.S. Population. Not to mention that Netflix has the majority of African-American streaming viewers at 40%. I have both Amazon Prime (mainly for 2-day shipments) and Netflix. 99% of my streaming is Netflix. Their are people who will just pirate the movie over subscribing to Amazon This was a good deal for Amazon for more diverse content and to gain subscriptions but it wasn't a good deal for the success of the movie, in my opinion.

    VENICEVENICE6 kun oldin
  • I had that same situation happened to me my BM was pregnant we got into an argument she was throwing things it made it sound like I was up there fighting her a neighbor called the police I went to jail I was almost facing two years for nothing all because she was tearing my house up I went to jail for a week I almost lost my job all because she was mad about nothing my advice to you black men stay away from these wicked women Ecclesiasticus 25:24 “Of the woman came the beginning of sin, and through her we all die.” 1 Corinthians 14:38 “But if any man be ignorant, let him be ignorant.”

    Isaac ISRAELIsaac ISRAEL6 kun oldin
  • Why does tamar Broxton looking like magic Johnson son?

    Glacka GlackGlacka Glack6 kun oldin
  • Yep people cheat so get it over it! I’ve been cheated on who hasn’t! What the F ever, hard to find a real one but they out there!!

    Infamous Power MusicInfamous Power Music6 kun oldin
  • It's just a matter of time b4 they make an offer for the SHREK movies.. WOW 🤔🤔

    Steve VisaSteve Visa6 kun oldin
  • Favio got on a purse . Looks suspect

    provider vipprovider vip6 kun oldin
  • As if Eddie Murphy has made it his business to hire black. Y’all better check his stats. Look up the producers and directors of his movies... then com back and talk to me. This “sequel” is 30 years too late ...BTW. 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Trajan NervaTrajan Nerva6 kun oldin
  • Where I live, domestic violence a crime against the state. So whether the victim didn’t call police or called then withdrew their complaint, the abuser still goes to prison. It’s a step taken to try and deter domestic violence or stop it from escalating.

    JasmineJasmine6 kun oldin
  • Why you growling?? 😂

    MiMiMiMi6 kun oldin
  • He hit you he should go to jail...🤣🤣🤣🤣...y’all act like jail is a death chamber that shit is boring asf

    corregidor park villagecorregidor park village6 kun oldin
  • those 125millions are not a lot of money, Amazon will make a minimum of 10 times that amount in revenue. Black Artists and athletes really need to improve their financial literacy.

    YeshuaMyLordYeshuaMyLord6 kun oldin
  • It’s a business acc

    Prince ThomasPrince Thomas6 kun oldin
  • Ain’t nobody going to no damn movie theatre...Man..COVID-19 Ain’t going nowhere Anytime soon❗️SMART MOVE TO ME.This is about to be the NEW NORM..Yall better wake up ‼️✊🏾💯✌🏾

    Ghenya JordanGhenya Jordan6 kun oldin
  • Sympathy hook up.

    Kim JohnsonKim Johnson6 kun oldin
  • And the rich get richer!

    Jeffrey TisoitJeffrey Tisoit6 kun oldin
  • Yee as bout as normal as any celebrity braud

    soldier storysoldier story6 kun oldin
  • see thats why u stay outta folk relationship...u trynna defend them meanwhile they defending the ex...or bac wit them🤷🏾‍♀️

    blue skiesblue skies6 kun oldin

    Kehido HunKehido Hun6 kun oldin
  • Im so proud of Dre. HOT=HARD ON THOTS!

    Kehido HunKehido Hun6 kun oldin
  • Why do his son looks like Ryan tho 😳🤭🤔🤯

    Monsta R.o.e.Monsta R.o.e.6 kun oldin
  • If you don't have Amazon prime, can you watch the movie on any other streaming services ?

    DippingWithThe RevolvingShottyDippingWithThe RevolvingShotty6 kun oldin