Eddie Murphy & Arsenio Hall on Friendship & Coming 2 America

2-Mar, 2021
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Eddie & Arsenio talk about the last time they saw each other in person, Eddie’s love of the artist MonoNeon, Arsenio interviewing Eddie on his talk show, Donald Trump getting mad at Arsenio for not mentioning him during an interview, making the decision to put Louie Anderson in the original Coming to America, making the sequel Coming 2 America, the amazing makeup in the film, Oprah not knowing that Eddie & Arsenio play the old men in the barbershop scenes, changing Tracy Morgan’s role in the movie, and the possibility of doing a standup comedy tour with all of the comics from Coming 2 America.
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  • Wasn't as good as I thought

    Chasing a MurdererChasing a Murderer2 kun oldin
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    Music 4MySoulMusic 4MySoul4 kun oldin
  • That interview was actually a lot more interesting then the movie in my opinion.

    Joe InceJoe Ince5 kun oldin
  • 7:03 That Laugh 😂

    610_TYIT_Dhrumil Surelia610_TYIT_Dhrumil Surelia9 kun oldin
  • Eddie's laugh.... oh I miss that!

    Disney GalDisney Gal10 kun oldin
  • Jimmy sucks but I like Eddie Murphy

    Hoyt DavisHoyt Davis11 kun oldin
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    Keough MelaraKeough Melara14 kun oldin

    Nicola AblettNicola Ablett16 kun oldin
  • Proceed to the playlist entitled: THE GREATER ONE.

    ross andersonross anderson18 kun oldin
  • Jimmy Kimmel is cringe inducing.

    Goorie HenkelGoorie Henkel20 kun oldin
  • Come all over Australia

    Brad LeyBrad Ley20 kun oldin
  • My gosh Eddie and Arsenio look AMAZING, vow.

    barbara bainbarbara bain20 kun oldin
  • ha... never heard about mono neon.. but i like the guy playing metal synced with rants of random ppl same style just different genre..

    JakommoJakommo21 kun oldin
  • "Coming all over America."....LOL!!!!!!!

    No Lies AllowedNo Lies Allowed21 kun oldin
  • I absolutely loved Coming to America II; it was wonderful to see. Beautiful and fantastic outfits and hair styles. Also, Eddie paid homage to so many older actors and entertainers. When I first heard the cords for Midnight Train to Georgia I laughed, then I saw Gladys beautifully decked out in African garb and I literally screamed. James Earl Jones at 90!!! Morgan Freeman!!! John Amos still acting. A picture of the lovely Madge Sinclair, his mother from the original film. Sadly, she passed away some time ago. Many young folks are not going to "get" a lot of references from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, so they miss a lot because Eddie cleverly inserted so many great references from long ago. Just his quick second "HEY" when mentioning James Brown, giving respect to other Black movies, such as Barber Shop and then mentioning Queen Latifah's Beauty Shop. Wesley Snipes having a good time. The underlying storyline about taking the crown from his oldest daughter just because she is female, then doing the right thing. Giving Leslie Jones a good time. Tracy Morgan in his 80s leisure suits. Luenell dancing. These are just a few things that make this movie great. Not to mention, paychecks and another chance to shine to so many actors we don't see enough of. It is not supposed to be a "serious" movie, it is a comedy which is silly, funny and downright fun!!! WELL DONE, EDDIE!!!!! PEACE to ALL ... and STAY SAFE and HEALTHY.

    Sheila BurnsSheila Burns23 kun oldin
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    Annalee StuessyAnnalee Stuessy24 kun oldin
  • Murphy owes his entire carreer to his very charming teeth gap

    it's me, Georginait's me, Georgina24 kun oldin
  • The movie sucks shouldn’t of bothered with a sequel only wanted $$

    Shadow WalkerShadow Walker25 kun oldin
  • i love eddie but my god the movie was a bunch of crap

    venomvenom26 kun oldin
  • Michael Blackson should've been the son. Bruuuuuuhhhhhh!

    Andre FarrarAndre Farrar26 kun oldin
  • ✌💚🌹

    Bluerosefire_Bluerosefire_26 kun oldin
  • It's the tour name for me😂😂😂😂😂

    Nour DetteNour Dette27 kun oldin
  • Arsenio not mentioning who the ‘other’ two people were shows class. Good raising and morals 🥰🥰🥰

    LisaMarieLisaMarie27 kun oldin
  • I never seen either movie but this interview REALLY makes me want to.

    Doris CDoris C27 kun oldin
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    evan griffithevan griffith27 kun oldin
  • Eddie needs a biopic 😂

    I-am WeezdotI-am Weezdot28 kun oldin
  • No no, we all knew that Eddie and Arsenio played 3-5 people each in this movie (part 1 as well).

    Joanna DziokanJoanna Dziokan28 kun oldin
  • They could just do a TV series with the Barbershop guys and it would be a hit

    sonavagunsonavagun29 kun oldin
  • I liked coming 2 America but It wasn't as good as the original but still good.

    Nigel TreacyNigel TreacyOy oldin
  • Eddie is real talent becos his real life persona is totally different from all his movie characters. He is very reseved in real life...i know him in person😂😂

    nadeanadeaOy oldin
  • Best interview ever!🤣

    Love EndlessLove EndlessOy oldin
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    WheatThinGamesWheatThinGamesOy oldin
  • Eddie's Mr. Cool and Arsenio and his big smile... as delightful as ever. Nobody aging around here. Do men really have fights and give silent treatment? Educate me please.

    Tashnah TVTashnah TVOy oldin
  • Coming to America 2 was terrible. The first Coming to America is one of the best movies ever. Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall and Wesley Snipes were good in Coming to America 2, but the story was horrible.

    Dan LivniDan LivniOy oldin
  • This is so entertaining and funny ash🤣🤣 well done

    Jeremiah CheverJeremiah CheverOy oldin
  • It was a good movie glad they did it. That idea about the old dudes doing a movie is a Good idea.

    Jay DKBJay DKBOy oldin
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    Samuel SandersSamuel SandersOy oldin
  • incredible interview on howard stern show also

    GeorgeJansenGeorgeJansenOy oldin
  • I love their friendship

    The Confident NoviceThe Confident NoviceOy oldin
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    Soleofthe6ixSoleofthe6ixOy oldin
  • This was such a great movie. It was great to see everyone from the original and other great cast members. Wesley Snipes was hilarious. I would've loved to have seen Lisa's sister as well as Eddie's mother Madge Sinclair. RIP❤

    Latanya MaloneLatanya MaloneOy oldin
  • I wanna go eat at McDowell's! There's actually a website for McDowell's

    Abb ABAbb ABOy oldin
  • Coming 2 really sucks !

    Maro VokMaro VokOy oldin
  • I like their friendship. They are so funny

    Teresa CorbittTeresa CorbittOy oldin
  • Imagine having these guys over for dinner 😆

    Trarera _Trarera _Oy oldin
  • Dang they look great and are so funny ❤️

    Dresses365daysayearDresses365daysayearOy oldin
  • Eddie is krazy: "comin all ova America"

    Shawn CarterShawn CarterOy oldin
  • Coming all over America LMAOO

    M. CaesarM. CaesarOy oldin
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    Hamilton ArraouHamilton ArraouOy oldin
  • Jimmy Kimmel is a great friend ... saying that Coming To America 2 was a good movie. LoL

    KcsealesKcsealesOy oldin
  • Coming 2 is horrible

    Carlos LozadaCarlos LozadaOy oldin
  • Loves these guys, but part 2 sucked lol

    23codez23codezOy oldin
  • Are you sure that it's been 30 years since C2A1? They don't look a day older!!!!

    Marwah El KamilMarwah El KamilOy oldin
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    Jon GuerreroJon GuerreroOy oldin
  • Coming all over America...lol

    joshmartins101joshmartins101Oy oldin
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    iam oneclickeriam oneclickerOy oldin
  • These two still funny

    MakamurphyMakamurphyOy oldin
  • This some stuff like panther 30 years later what the hidden measure ?

    T RingoT RingoOy oldin
  • I love Eddie's laughter!

  • Big Shout Out to Mono Neon

    Ernest SloanErnest SloanOy oldin
  • Black don’t crack. They look great.

    Angela FergusonAngela FergusonOy oldin
  • Literally haven't heard or thought of Arsenio Hall for a long time. 1988 was a year before I was born. But do I love Arsenio Hall. Hella funny. I don't understand why he's been gone so long but welcome back Arsenio. Can't wait to see other movies or maybe Coming To America 3.

    William Wellman IIWilliam Wellman IIOy oldin
  • This was a great way to wake up!! thank you

    Gilbert TafoyaGilbert TafoyaOy oldin
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    Nico PachecoNico PachecoOy oldin
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    Connie FairchildConnie FairchildOy oldin
  • Maybe for the third one, Morgan Freeman can be your son😁🤣😁

    Humanity IS4KEDHumanity IS4KEDOy oldin
  • Coming all over America. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Wendy wilsonWendy wilsonOy oldin
  • 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    Wendy wilsonWendy wilsonOy oldin
  • They are so great together

    Kayak AnglerKayak AnglerOy oldin
  • I love Eddie

    Shaniqua BShaniqua BOy oldin
  • The make up scares me how people can get away

    Jay KingJay KingOy oldin
  • As an African, coming to America 2 was so annoying that I couldn’t go through 20 minutes of it. In 2021, Black Americans should have by now studied enough and known that Africa is no longer the stereotype it was in the 80s. Africans should play African roles in future movies.

    Morris TayebwaMorris TayebwaOy oldin
  • Hilarious

    Rebecca GonzalezRebecca GonzalezOy oldin
  • I would watch that tour. That'd be AMAZING!!!

    jubi1leejubi1leeOy oldin
  • my niece died feb 8th from covid

    4thecollectors4thecollectorsOy oldin
  • Man Eddie looks exactly like snoop 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    JAK ,JAK ,Oy oldin
  • "Coming all over America" hahaha I'm ready, that will be lit

    Broks KiiBroks KiiOy oldin
  • Love ‘em both! The first Coming was a revelation. This second Coming was a struggle to get through, sorry. Only Reggie Watson & Sexual Chocolate’s appearance saved the day at the end...Reggie needs to get a movie of his own! 😉😎❤️👍🏽🙏🏽👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    Sanjeeb ShresthaSanjeeb ShresthaOy oldin
  • zzzzz

    TookiedooTookiedooOy oldin
  • Arsenio looking and has the same energy as he did in the 80s/90s! Crazy! You with Eddie it’s funny, you get glimpses of that energy but he’s very filtered. It’s kinda feels like he’s holding back and then when he relaxes we get glimpses of that comedy energy

    Jk PJk POy oldin
  • Deporting america da

    Spear WininSpear WininOy oldin
  • has to be the worst movie or sequel ever made.dont waste your time

    Neil DicksonNeil DicksonOy oldin
  • aged like fine wine

    y my mOy oldin
  • I can't wait !!!! I love them!!!!! 💘

    roseroseOy oldin
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    Grimes EliannaGrimes EliannaOy oldin
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    Carmelle HarbenCarmelle HarbenOy oldin
  • Coming 2 America is a must-watch. and Coming all over America sounds too much fun.

    Ash BAsh BOy oldin
  • Eddie is a Gentleman.

    Florence SpinelliFlorence SpinelliOy oldin
  • Damn and neither one has aged a day.

    Courtney HenleyCourtney HenleyOy oldin
  • Ces pour quand un film avec Eddie Murphy et Will Smith...

    HELPHELPOy oldin
  • Eddie Murphy , "Coming all over America tour" ! Too fuuny!

    D KD KOy oldin
    • Sounds like a old 90s adult movie. 😂 😂

      Nur AliNur AliOy oldin
  • That’s how Michael Jackson went out most of the time.

    Arnetta BosbyArnetta BosbyOy oldin
  • Eddie looking really low here, really low and tired and perhaps depressed

    Silent RefusalSilent RefusalOy oldin
    • He's stoned bruh. Smoked the devils lettuce

      Thanosaurus RexThanosaurus RexOy oldin
  • I love to see you guys again, like back in the days.

    Malang KujabiMalang KujabiOy oldin
  • Love these gents though the film was very underwhelming. The original is amongst my favourite movies ever.

    poutsa1974poutsa1974Oy oldin
  • don't overthink this film. it's simply a joy to see them all on the screen riffing off each other and being hilarious, and to revisit the old characters, and any time you can see en vogue, gladys knight and salt-n-peppa in the same 3 minutes, plus tracy morgan, leslie jones, eddie and arsenio in the same scene, it just makes life a bit less dreary after a horrible year.

    Mark LeVineMark LeVineOy oldin
  • They have aged so well! Just saw the movie and it was hilarious.

    Broadway LoverBroadway LoverOy oldin
  • Long live Eddie Murphy..

    from the invisible desk of mike dfrom the invisible desk of mike dOy oldin
  • I love this, Jimmy!!! You're awesome and you have a new fan!!!!

    Jacinta SealsJacinta SealsOy oldin
  • lolol coming all over america

    thestronggoodmusicthestronggoodmusicOy oldin