Driver Trying to Cross Interstate Hits Barricade || ViralHog

20-Noy, 2020
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Occurred on November 19, 2020 / Memphis, Tennessee, USA
"Captured while driving to work the other morning. I only suffered a scratch. Happened in Memphis TN on I-69 going south around Jackson Ave."
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  • The dash cam was a Viopo A129 Pro Duo 4K dual dash cam 3840x2160K Ultra HD. And for the people commenting why did you not stop. Do you know how many shootings have happened along 240 in Memphis? This was taken by a dash cam not some one holding a camera and videoing. The person who took it did not know what was on it until they got to work and looked at it. They had just got it a few weeks before. The person who took it did have a mechanic later look at their vehicle to look for damages. As a woman I would not have stopped. When I had my dude rear end me at a red light, it was caught on Sky Cop cameras but did they catch the guy no. I found the car on Facebook Marketplace within 3 months and the damages matched the damage to my car. I called the Memphis detective and even with the vin number they could not catch the why report it to the cops as they won't do their job. So sad what our world is coming to. I have called Memphis Police on my drive to work and it is like you are bothering them by calling them. The last time I called it was about a guy with a toddler walking along the interstate and the guy was holding the babies hand but the kid was closer to the traffic. I gave the location as best I could. I can only hope they responded.

    TN GirlTN Girl28 kun oldin
  • Geico didn't save this driver any money on his insurance. And canceled it immediately.

    Seamus603Seamus603Oy oldin
  • ha ha!

    Dan RodriguesDan RodriguesOy oldin
  • Let the Dead bury the Dead!

    Vernon ThiedeVernon ThiedeOy oldin
  • I had one do this in front of me while I was driving a fully loaded tanker truck/trailer with asphalt. I laid on he breaks just hard enough and she jumped all the lanes to her exit. I almost could have killed her and she would have ended up as part of the grille on the semi.

    majobismajobisOy oldin
  • Nice dash cam video quality.

    David HernandezDavid HernandezOy oldin
  • Total idiot. Shame he screwed up such a nice car. The other day I saw someone backing up on the freeway. Everyone was honking at the moron.

    wrohr15309wrohr15309Oy oldin
  • "But I had my blinker on!" Servers the clown right. Can't stand these morons who think just because they have their blinker on, they automatically think they're entitled to the lane they're NOT in. Driving is about being prepared. Considering its a freeway, this driver should have been in the right hand lane to merge right off the road about a half mile back.

    TodayzTomSawyerTodayzTomSawyerOy oldin
  • Horrible lane discipline by the Co-Ben Electric truck driver right at the beginning.

    ErichhhErichhhOy oldin
  • Total moron

    ArtagainArtagainOy oldin
  • did you stop to tell him his was open!.LOL

    ahoorakiaahoorakiaOy oldin
  • Recording car's driver better check that left front tire for embedded Camaro pieces

    A AtturaA AtturaOy oldin
  • Genius!

    Superior CBD Hemp OilSuperior CBD Hemp OilOy oldin
  • About 1/10th of a second later and the Camaro would have been riding the concrete divider getting its guts ripped out. The stupidity of some people is simply off the charts.

    MrPLC999MrPLC999Oy oldin
  • I hope this vid makes it to their insurance company and they don't cover it, if they had insurance at all.

    Zero the WandererZero the WandererOy oldin
  • Another boy racer douchebag runs out of talent and nobody else got hurt.... who says 2020 is all bad?

    ThunderStruckCoachThunderStruckCoachOy oldin
  • Hope the video was send to the police.

    casanova419casanova419Oy oldin
  • Hate these type of drivers. They only know one way to go. They stop in the middle of the road to block traffic waiting for the green light just so they can change to the left lane and make a left turn. They don't know how to go to the next light and do a U-turn or try a different route.

    Crypto ICOCrypto ICOOy oldin
  • Take the next off-ramp! Idiot!

    roi joiroi joiOy oldin
  • Must be one of those 'Russian' drivers that thinks their cars can do Star Wars maneuvers! 🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪🤪🤪

    Jesse JohnsonJesse JohnsonOy oldin
  • I have zero sympathy for the driver of the Camaro.

    Rob WRob WOy oldin
  • I guess he thought he was in one of those UFOs that can make a right angle turn.

    jscott1000jscott1000Oy oldin
  • Happens all the time in LA. Except instead of the divider, it's a bunch of cars.

    Carl ChaoCarl ChaoOy oldin
  • Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes.

    Hit the ground runningHit the ground runningOy oldin
  • I just dont understand one thing. You saw it, and you recorded it, but you did not even think about to stop and help it. Shame...

    bobomacleodbobomacleodOy oldin
  • Reminds me of a typical Chicago moron driver i see on the road everyday 🤣

    Charles BronsonCharles BronsonOy oldin
  • That shit will buff out.

    Michael BMichael BOy oldin
  • Damn i hope that barrier is ok

    AAOy oldin
  • All he had to do was go behind the truck. People will literally kill themselves to get in front of a truck.

    Jarrel MuhammadJarrel MuhammadOy oldin
  • With all the GPS technology today, who would be so desperate? Miss the turn / exit / whatever. You'll lose a few minutes at most, but the GPS will just reroute and you can keep moving.

    MarvMarvOy oldin
  • Was just itching for a reason to get a C8. Well played.

    Vic KeschrumrusVic KeschrumrusOy oldin
  • Anyone know what dashcam this was recorded on.

    emerson lopezemerson lopezOy oldin
  • This is why you should point your side view mirrors out to the side and the rear view to your rear. This person was obviously looking over the rear shoulder

    Matt HebertMatt HebertOy oldin
  • I drive a semi and that happens all the time and for what? So u don't have to pull behind a truck for 2 seconds? Hope the insurance doesn't cover it. You wanna risk your own life fine but leave mine out of it

  • What a idiot could of drove a mile up and looped back 🙄 😒 😑

    Willie329 EsparzaWillie329 EsparzaOy oldin
  • typical Bay Area driver

    Metro BoominMetro BoominOy oldin
  • The article that I saw this video on called it a "full blown catastrophe".... I only saw 1 car get fucked up. I feel ripped off

    Esai SolorioEsai SolorioOy oldin
  • Totally preventable, dumb and uneseccary.

    T VillaT VillaOy oldin
  • Anyone notice the van crossing into the lane

    T VillaT VillaOy oldin
  • All that to save a couple dollars for a toll, highway planning at its best, gotta keep the economy going by making dumbasses pay one way or another 😂

    Brian DaileyBrian DaileyOy oldin
  • CRASH DUMMY💯👍😂 101

  • Dumbass, serves em right!

    Chris WilsonChris WilsonOy oldin
  • Should've just slowed down and got between the semi's

    Danny sDanny sOy oldin
  • Would have been cheaper to go to the next junction pal ......

    Carlo YCarlo YOy oldin
  • This belongs in an instant karma compilation.

    Bar WarsBar WarsOy oldin
  • You see this all the time in Maryland. Particularly, the surrounding Baltimore area

    CCOy oldin
  • A lot of judgment going on in the comments, but I guarantee most of you assholes would do the same. He just didn’t account for the concrete lane separator

    DayDay BoogieDayDay BoogieOy oldin
  • That is normal driving behaviour in NYC. Either they are on the right lane with the exit on the left or all the way on the left lane while the exit is on the right. And they drive the same road everyday, and still cut off people to get to the exit. The worst part is they never admit they were the culprit if an accident happens...

    Patricio GarciaPatricio GarciaOy oldin
    • New jersey and VA. Definitely

      A AtturaA AtturaOy oldin
  • He needs some motor mounts😆🤣😭😭🤔

    Manny CatManny CatOy oldin
    • Needs a bus pass

      A AtturaA AtturaOy oldin
  • killed his car in 3 seconds

    Sonic CrashSonic CrashOy oldin
  • Now he can stretch his left leg out when he drives.

    R PR POy oldin
    • 😂😂😂😂😂

      Willie329 EsparzaWillie329 EsparzaOy oldin
  • Dude got lambo doors now

    Benjamin D.Benjamin D.Oy oldin
  • He deserved it. I'm glad no one else was hit but I'm tired of these clowns.

    1smimi1smimiOy oldin
    • Too bad covid wasn't designed to take these people out 😂

      Brian DaileyBrian DaileyOy oldin
  • Nah next exit. This was too close. And i dont play games with trailers

    Monique CoxMonique CoxOy oldin
  • Damn. Door and front fender...gone...he's lucky

    Stevie JoStevie JoOy oldin
  • I believe i seen that car in the median against wall in Memphis, Tn whr i work. And i said to myself the driver door was all jackd up, lookd like lambo doors.. Lol could anybdy

    Steve PerkeySteve PerkeyOy oldin
  • 😆 DF!

    B TorresB TorresOy oldin
  • This is your brain on drugs! Any questions?

    Truly BlessedTruly BlessedOy oldin
  • It upsets me that the writer of the article that sent me here assumes everyone would try and take the exit instead of just wait for the next one. Not only does it out them for being a shit driver but it also directly insults every single person who wouldn't try and kill three people in three lanes of traffic. No not everyone is a selfish entitled prick Vlad

    Evilrose0611Evilrose0611Oy oldin
  • Pepe who do this should have their licenses taken away for good.

    AaronAaronOy oldin
  • He could have went behind the truck and kept his side panel. Lol I've seen this so many times. Why always try to beat the truck when the road is open behind it? People don't think

    Christopher RobertsChristopher RobertsOy oldin
    • That car might be totaled.

      Robert GaffinRobert GaffinOy oldin
    • Side panel ? His front fender is gone and the door is barely hanging on. Stupid driver deserved it.

      crystalball2469crystalball2469Oy oldin
  • Has nothing to do with the incident but the van on the right at the beginning of the video crosses the line and has to jerk back. Almost two separate accidents at the same time

    James HannahJames HannahOy oldin
  • Why you have to think ahead. Its a chevy needs to get rid of it anyway.

    Pat MasonPat MasonOy oldin
  • To bad he didn't hit it head-on and do the world a favor!!! Stupid self centered people don't deserve to live.

    Jason DJason DOy oldin
  • Just an idiot... Nothing more to it

    oñyoñyooñyoñyoOy oldin
  • How are people this dumb smart enough to afford these cars?

    Chris BeckChris BeckOy oldin
    • Minimum payments 😂

      Ruvim TrofimovichRuvim TrofimovichOy oldin
  • I don't get these people who has miles of signs posted of an exit and being in the 21st Century a computer that tells them when to exit and they still can't manage to find what lane to be in and how quick their exit comes when they end up realizing they are about to miss their exit. They put people lives in danger trying to reach their exit when they missed it at the last minute and end up cutting people off because of their irresponsible driving.

    5 minutes alone5 minutes aloneOy oldin
    • As someone who lives in the left lane, it's moreso that no one wants to be in the right cause that's where the slow people drive. You try to pass as many of them as possible before your exit but I usually quit if there's a long line of trucks or traffic. It's not worth trying to merge.

      Lady JennLady JennOy oldin
    • They're not paying attention to the signs and they can't see the map on their phones because they're either talking on the phone or more likely texting!

      Mr. BillMr. BillOy oldin
  • By law as a witness to an accident especially if a commercial motor vehicle you must stop!!!

    Robert BehlesRobert BehlesOy oldin
    • @Brian Dailey correction: isn't rigged for common sense..

      Scott DoughertyScott DoughertyOy oldin
    • @Brian Dailey Oh, no argument there. Question is: how do we get on the road to fixing it? It seems the system is rigged for common sense.

      Scott DoughertyScott DoughertyOy oldin
    • @Scott Dougherty a jury came to that decision, shows you how f'd up the system is

      Brian DaileyBrian DaileyOy oldin
    • @Robert Behles sad about what?! I've blown by many an accident. Come get me.

      Lady JennLady JennOy oldin
    • By law, as a driver of a motor vehicle in any state, stupidity behind the wheel isn't an excuse. ......unless, of course, you're in Texas and have a wealthy family. Then, you can plead "affluenza". For you math folks; Stupid÷$=4 dead and a plea bargain. Stupid shouldn't be allowed to breed.

      Scott DoughertyScott DoughertyOy oldin
  • If its not a Mustang driver wrecking its a idiot driving a Camaro

    Henry 32 HerreraHenry 32 HerreraOy oldin
  • Almost did this on a motorcycle, will never try and cut it close again.

    Milk BoiMilk BoiOy oldin
  • Anyone notice the Van on the right almost hit the car recording?

    Arturo ZambranoArturo ZambranoOy oldin
  • No he is lucky the highway patrol didn't see him.if they did he wouldn't have to worry about where he was going because he would have been stopped and got a ticket and possible charges also.and may have been arrested.its dumb asses like this that probably don't even have a license in the first place that gets people killed every year from poor judgement.they think because of the car they are driving they are all of a sudden richard petty.smh he doesn't belong behind the wheel of a car.he needs to riding a bike do other motorists and be safe.he could have easily cost someone their life because of his stupid selfish driving.and not being concerned about other motorists.i have had this happen to me before miss my exit but because I am a responsible driver I went to the next exit and went back and started over and made sure I was in the right hand land to not miss it the next time.this act was inexcusable

    50 kal50 kalOy oldin
  • Driver and his insurance company disliked this vid

    Turkee SonvichTurkee SonvichOy oldin
  • That could have been a whole lot worse.

    ElamontelElamontelOy oldin
  • Lol good fucking good he could’ve caused much worse of an accident

    JoshJoshOy oldin
  • I see these idiots driving like this every day. They just think that they are the only ones on the road 🤦🏼‍♂️🙄 IDIOTS !!

    adam0U812 Daviesadam0U812 DaviesOy oldin
  • A hole .. hope he or she never drives again . They could kill some one !!

    Travis WilliamTravis WilliamOy oldin
  • 🤣🥴🤦‍♂️Good job buddy

    scary terry55scary terry55Oy oldin
  • Obviously he/she had poor judgement but is this what we've become as a society? All the " likes" for someone almost killing himself and others? Man i wish we all thought of " if that was me" b4 posting ignorance on the web.

    Chris And Logan ColeChris And Logan ColeOy oldin
    • You say ask ourselves if that was me? If that was me then I would absolutely deserve what I had I coming!!! It’s something a lot of people don’t get or understand anymore. It’s something called responsibility!!! People should try it sometime. Stop enabling the actions of people who deserve to be punished by their actions by feeling sorry for them and enabling them to do better next time. By better I mean worse!

      Dustin BotkinsDustin BotkinsOy oldin
    • Do you think this guy even considers the lethality of thousands of pounds of metal moving at a low velocity? Go pray for him or some other self serving bs behavior made to make you feel holier than the rest of us. Inconsiderate pricks like him will never change their behaviors until they face enough pain from the external world.

      Benjamin GarrettBenjamin GarrettOy oldin
    • We have too many people who are irresponsible and only care about themselves. One less doesn't hurt. Sorry, not sorry.

      TimTimOy oldin
  • I’m Glad no innocents were involved in his dumb judgment mistake

    tha1Gemini24tha1Gemini24Oy oldin
  • I'm glad this happened to them and no one else for hurt other than that barrier. Poor barrier. 😐

    geraldkittgeraldkittOy oldin
    • Poor Camaro...............

      A AtturaA AtturaOy oldin
    • Won't somebody *_PLEASE_* think of the barriers?!?!

      Michael BradleyMichael BradleyOy oldin
    • I dunno, chunk of metal hit the cammer's car, would wanna check for damage to the front end, underside, and potentially sliced tires.

      Zero the WandererZero the WandererOy oldin
  • Good for him/her!!! Idiots like this need to learn the hard way.

    MA MiliánMA MiliánOy oldin
  • Lives to be an idiot for another day.

    SinikkaLSinikkaLOy oldin
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣😅

      Willie329 EsparzaWillie329 EsparzaOy oldin
  • Atleast he didn't miss his exit

    • And he gave his car a weight reduction.

      MarvMarvOy oldin
    • Glass broken!

      Mr. BillMr. BillOy oldin
    • Glass 1/2 full. Lol

      OT StephensonOT StephensonOy oldin
    • Silver lining. I like that.

      eygner artigaeygner artigaOy oldin
    • Got that right

      James SiekJames SiekOy oldin
  • Idiot

    Logic LoverLogic LoverOy oldin
  • 😂 moron

    ROTTBOXX 1980ROTTBOXX 1980Oy oldin
  • Chevy drivers 🙄

    MonkeyWith72MagicMonkeyWith72MagicOy oldin
    • Stfu.

      SinikkaLSinikkaLOy oldin
    • Newly converted mustang driver, still in the habit of hitting stuff

      Logic LoverLogic LoverOy oldin
  • Hmm let me decide. 🤔 miss my exit or carve up my front end like a turkey 🦃 on Thanksgiving ?

    young oneyoung oneOy oldin
    • @I'll have another That thingy hanging off the front? That's the front bumper. It costs at least $600 for that molded piece of plastic on a new car when the after market parts are not an option yet. You are an IDIOT.

      Edward SchmittEdward SchmittOy oldin
    • @I'll have another When the insurance company comes out to survey the damage they will list it as "Driver side front fender" didn't you see that being ripped off? Or did you just open your mouth first before thinking 🙄

      young oneyoung oneOy oldin
    • Lol you do know that's the side of the car, right? The front of a car is where they put things like head lights and radiators

      I'll have anotherI'll have anotherOy oldin
  • When she says “im home alone”

    Victor VelazquezVictor VelazquezOy oldin
  • That IS a confusing stretch of road. The problem is that if you want to continue south on what we call I-240 Midtown, you can't just logically stay in the lanes you are already in. Those lanes do a lazy 90* turn and head west toward Downtown Memphis, the Miss. River bridge, and into Ark. So, to go right you stay straight, to go straight you have to "exit" to the right. It's marked but is counter-intuitive and even locals miss it sometimes. That dude failed to move to the right, realized it late, and had to get on it to clear the semi. He didn't account for the center barricade. The outcome was about the best he could hope for at that point. He could have nailed the barricade and either spun back in front of the semi or into the video vehicle, both potentially catastrophic.

    bldn10bldn10Oy oldin
    • @Mr. Bill That's right, Mr. Bill. It was a choice. And you would know, given your history of horrible accidents. "OH NOOOOOooooohhh..."

      MrodgtMrodgtOy oldin
    • "had to get on it to clear the semi" No, he CHOSE to get on it to clear the semi.

      Mr. BillMr. BillOy oldin
    • @Mrodgt it's obvious it was idiotic, but I do like the break down of the thought process for these irrational decisions. In cali I see so many close calls, but there's less room to explain it away here because there's an exit every ½ mile to turn around. I wonder if there's an study on the driving ego..

      Don ChakoDon ChakoOy oldin
    • It may be a confusing stretch of highway, but it's still idiotic and careless for ANYONE to try to squeeze over like this driver did. Bozo deserves his car getting wrecked for gambling with other people's lives. He probably learned nothing from this, though. Smh.

      MrodgtMrodgtOy oldin
    • well explained

      shadow_of_darknessshadow_of_darknessOy oldin
  • Clues lead me to believe this to be Chicago Metro Area....

    Michael BoyerMichael BoyerOy oldin
    • Lol you'd be a bad detective.

      qq4funqq4funOy oldin
    • It says Memphis Tennessee in the description. Dumb drivers are everywhere though.

      Joshua BoothJoshua BoothOy oldin
  • He is lucky he is still alive.

    Shawn LiuShawn LiuOy oldin
    • @DarthCuda thank you! Thank you! I'll be here all week!

      The Wood Welding Fabricator !The Wood Welding Fabricator !Oy oldin
    • @The Wood Welding Fabricator ! That is exactly what I was going to post, well played.

      DarthCudaDarthCudaOy oldin
    • They walk among us!

      Mr. BillMr. BillOy oldin
    • Truth.

      William McKenzie IIIWilliam McKenzie IIIOy oldin
    • That's a little dramatic...

      Bo LawrenceBo LawrenceOy oldin
  • Got what he deserved 👏 Also, why didn't the car filming stop, since the debris hit underneath, I'd be getting some "oh, my back."

    Derek HeserDerek HeserOy oldin
    • That's sad

      Aranak AsulisAranak AsulisOy oldin
  • I guess it's not that fast

    mark Gmark GOy oldin
  • Karma.

    Roman AbeytaRoman AbeytaOy oldin
  • Ive been side swiped by a clown doing this. Well deserved. Glad it wrecked his car

    Assault PaperclipAssault PaperclipOy oldin
    • @Assault Paperclip might want to read your policy a little closer, genius.

      MobileTazMobileTazOy oldin
    • @H.c ChYes if there is only the driver's statement, they will usually have to believe "i got cut off" or some other bullshit story the driver makes up. But all insurance policies include a recklessness and wanton negligence clause which voids the policy in the event of an accident caused by recklessness or wanton negligence on the part of the driver. This is clearly both. If the adjuster saw the video the policy would be dropped like a hot pile of shit.

      MobileTazMobileTazOy oldin
    • @H.c Ch disagree, if i pay for it then you should garuntee the service. Let your stupidity be handled by the police, not companies.

      Assault PaperclipAssault PaperclipOy oldin
    • Sad part is insurance does cover stupidity in an accident. They really shouldn't so it can teach moron a lesson but as long as they pay their premium moron still get cover by insurance.

      H.c ChH.c ChOy oldin
    • And I hope the cammer submitted the video to the police and insurance company, and the insurance company denied his claim for reckless driving.

      MobileTazMobileTazOy oldin
  • How much faster it would have been to go to the next exit.

    icntfknbelviticntfknbelvitOy oldin
    • 1 miles would of lost 10 minutes

      Willie329 EsparzaWillie329 EsparzaOy oldin
    • Them alabama exits be 50+ miles. Gotta risk it for the biscuit lol

      AlexAlexOy oldin
    • Less than a mile most likely

      Bakura TheifBakura TheifOy oldin
    • @Jared Lands PERFECT answer!! 👍👍👍👍👍

      LustfulvenganceLustfulvenganceOy oldin
    • About $30k faster.

      Jared LandsJared LandsOy oldin
  • G O O D. he deserved every bit of that.

    WombatsWombatsOy oldin
  • well deserved, don’t put others at risk with your stupidity

    jose iglesiasjose iglesiasOy oldin
  • Bitchin camaro bruh

    Kyle BrockKyle Brock2 oy oldin