Doppio Vs Risotto! Doppio Calls the "Boss" ジョジョ

12-Apr, 2019
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This is a clip from episode 26 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
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  • After all these years I still can't figure out how to explain this scene to a non-Jojo fan.

    Badz companyBadz companyKun oldin
  • This was the best villain vs villain fight in all of anime

    GioGioGioGio3 kun oldin
  • Risotto: You're a stand user! Doppio: I heard that but what is a stand? Risotto: *Lol what*

    SethAtSNKSethAtSNK4 kun oldin
  • このバトル最終バトルよりアツい

    sin cossin cos4 kun oldin
  • best v vs v fight in anime

    Op 13 in anime are awesomeOp 13 in anime are awesome5 kun oldin
  • Can we just appreciate the fact that risotto was infact such a good hitman that he nearly murdered his own boss. And the only reason he died was due to sheer dumb luck? :D

    DanishbluntDanishblunt6 kun oldin
  • リゾットまじで好き

    やまだ兄弟やまだ兄弟6 kun oldin
  • Risotto: Aerosmith Subs: Lil' Bomber yo

    ShoppingBoredShoppingBored10 kun oldin
  • 2:28 Why didn't Doppio use his stand there? He was in 2 meters.

    RokuyasuRokuyasu11 kun oldin
    • Because only Diavolo could fully control King Crimson and it was later said that it would take at least 10 seconds for him to take control of Doppio's body.

      GioGioGioGio6 kun oldin
  • おぉドッピオ… 下ネタに聞こえる

    栗松栗松11 kun oldin
  • Cant believe doppio's stand was plot armor

    UltimateUltimate11 kun oldin
    • It wasn't really plot armour because Diavolo outsmarted Risotto by throwing the scalpels at Narancia which attracted their attention because he knew that Aerosmith couldn't detect him.

      GioGioGioGio6 kun oldin
  • メタリカ強すぎんだろw

    こうチャンネルこうチャンネル12 kun oldin
  • 0:49 This was Doppio’s first mistake.

    Josuha JorettaJosuha Joretta13 kun oldin
  • リゾット兄さんカッコよすぎだろ

    冷蔵庫のアイツ冷蔵庫のアイツ14 kun oldin
  • Nero should've survived and teamed up with Team Bucciaratti.

    Dark flame of PhönixDark flame of Phönix15 kun oldin
  • How the fuck was Doppio still alive after that ?

    Oumar SyllaOumar Sylla16 kun oldin
  • is the guy in the pink losing his mind?

    Pro BoiJayPro BoiJay17 kun oldin
  • 1:44 Jotaro likes him

    Kak Kogda750Kak Kogda75017 kun oldin
  • You know, Risotto probably had one of the most terrifying abilities in the entire series. He just sits disguised while mutating his prey’s body. A shame the first time we see him fight, it’s against one of the most powerful characters in all of Jojo’s.

    L LawlietL Lawliet17 kun oldin
  • 0:10 pose

    snoopysnoopy19 kun oldin
  • リゾットって人狼とか強そう

    アービングカイリーアービングカイリー19 kun oldin
  • この戦いはおかしい口内が血まみれ釘はまだ口の中出血多量で息できないメタリカ追いかけてさらに出血、血が足りないこの近くに病院があっても釘のせいで縫合が凄く難しい、この戦いがなくても死体が動いてるから納得いかない事はあるけどそれぐらい、ジョジョは好きだから悲しい

    煽りイカ煽りイカ20 kun oldin
  • Doppio : who are you, i dont have any money(trembles in fear) Risotto: you are a walking contradiction! also doppio: YAKAMASSHHHIIIIII !! Risotto : (*contradiction intensifies*)

    Vinay KVinay K22 kun oldin
  • このやりとりだけでリゾットの魅力が凄く出てる

    kotsupermandayyykotsupermandayyy23 kun oldin
  • *pimple*

    KonroKonro23 kun oldin
  • In real life the razor blades that would be enough to kill anybody haha

    Peterson's Art & GamesPeterson's Art & Games24 kun oldin
  • 2:27 that was within 2 meters.

    Zoltán PereiZoltán Perei24 kun oldin
  • this out of context is what anime looks like to people who don't watch anime

    YungToguroYungToguro25 kun oldin
  • *- A car moving in the background* ✅ *- Risotto looking suddenly at his right* ✅ *- A perfect view for the ocean, making possible to see birds flying or boats crossing* ✅ *"Ah what? You just looked at your left? Yep, Stand User with no doubt, time to die."*

    scaneloPTscaneloPT26 kun oldin
  • so the boss's power is that he can transform everything into a phone?

    Edward CullenEdward Cullen26 kun oldin
  • ドッピオがエアロスミスに気づいていたのをしっかり見てたのすげえ観察眼だよな…

    酷使棒酷使棒26 kun oldin
  • Q to go to the doctor doctor and I have to go to the doctor doctor and I have to go to the doctor doctor and I have to go

    Littlebit KumaLittlebit Kuma26 kun oldin
  • I really liked that character lol

    Duchan ParkDuchan Park26 kun oldin
  • Fun fact the most gay part of jjba is part 5 lmao

    POTATOPOTATO26 kun oldin
  • Best fight of part 5

    Rick N.Rick N.27 kun oldin
  • Doppio acts and looks so dumb when he hears the phone

    BigBrainBoiBigBrainBoi27 kun oldin
  • My Doppio...

    なぶたろう125なぶたろう12527 kun oldin
  • 封筒だけも怪しいけどな

    田中太郎田中太郎27 kun oldin

    HiiRiiMiiHiiRiiMii27 kun oldin
  • I cringe so hard when I saw him puking up razor blades I had a nightmare where I did that one time

    Sad FrogSad Frog27 kun oldin
  • Damn imagine that narancia took a break for like 2 minutes part 5 would have ended

    Ehye ot nilgh'riEhye ot nilgh'ri27 kun oldin
  • How is there so much iron in his body?

    DIO BrandoDIO Brando28 kun oldin
  • *pizza wars*

    Feel with itFeel with it29 kun oldin
  • Risotto should have won

    Clyde LagonClyde LagonOy oldin
  • 承太郎といい、リゾットといい冷静な判断力と、動じない強い心を持っている者は 強くてカッコイイ・・・。けれど薄幸で孤独なんだな。。。

    ほおべにざめほおべにざめOy oldin
  • 草³はえる

    草コメbot 登録者930人目指す草コメbot 登録者930人目指すOy oldin
  • Whats rissoto's stand

    AlucardAlucardOy oldin
    • Metallica

      Rafa Pasya Al islami /29Rafa Pasya Al islami /2929 kun oldin
  • 悪者同士の戦いは貴重

    キユウカズマキユウカズマOy oldin
  • doppio voice is like falco

    kingsla1040xkingsla1040xOy oldin
  • 0:11 Koichi pose

    Totema1Totema1Oy oldin
  • I like how they did risotto's ability. Just imagine using the iron in someone's body to use it as a weapon against them. pretty unique imo.

    Tsukuyomi SamaTsukuyomi SamaOy oldin
  • 1:04 Just now, you glanced over toward that sound. → 0:47

    風間 碧aoi_kazama風間 碧aoi_kazamaOy oldin
  • Risotto didn't won cuz the plot armor in anime is bs.

    MKIIMKIIOy oldin
  • risotto should have won risotto should have won risotto should have won risotto should have won risotto should have won risotto should have won risotto should have won risotto should have won risotto should have won risotto should have won risotto should have won risotto should have won

    Ismadi AbdullahIsmadi AbdullahOy oldin
  • If you think about it doppio might have DID the disorder

    conrad nidoconrad nidoOy oldin
  • Беды с бАшкой

    грибной парнишагрибной парнишаOy oldin
  • The amount of iton in the human body is around 3.5 grams. That's the size of a nail. Honestly risotto would only be a threat if he pierces your heart or brain or an artery. But then there's the fact that the iron isn't all in one place. So maybe he could vlog your veins with iron dust i guess.

    ScarrowRazeScarrowRazeOy oldin
  • hi

    Jelyn GallegoJelyn GallegoOy oldin
  • Tbh only one thing kinda bothers me, and that's that why doesn't risotto just pierce doppios heart or brains to instantly eliminate him? He could have easily won if he had done that... risotto is kinda dumb...

    Za hando!Za hando!Oy oldin
  • Risto had a potential to a good main character

    Dio BrandoDio BrandoOy oldin
  • He really did turn when he heard aerosmith

    UnheartedUnheartedOy oldin
  • This is the dumbest shit Ive ever seen. They really are running out of ideas in anime.

    KamishininoyariKamishininoyariOy oldin
    • @david reljac it's a bait just ignore him

      Mr. JSGMr. JSGOy oldin
    • Explain? How is any of this unoriginal?

      david reljacdavid reljacOy oldin
  • やはり相手をビビらせる意味でもメタリカいいよなぁ

    うんこ太郎うんこ太郎Oy oldin
  • 赤井やん

    アラサー童貞ニートアラサー童貞ニートOy oldin
  • Dude Risotto is so smart and that's why he's one of my favorites. The fact that he tricked Doppio to show that he was aware of Narancia's Stand is amazing

    BluJaeBluJaeOy oldin
  • Doppio vs Risotto * Gets internally cutted with razor blades, scissors, nails etc his blood iron level went so low that his blood turned yellow * Doppio after the fight * Perfectly _DI MOLTO_ *

    LuijoLuijoOy oldin
  • 2:02 i don't know why but i can hear the music from that roblox game called HOURS that you usually hear while fighting RESIDENT MIND

    The Pointless ChannelThe Pointless ChannelOy oldin
  • Thumbnail's sick

    makiiavelymakiiavelyOy oldin
  • やっぱリゾットはかっこいいよなぁ~

    hikarino sensihikarino sensiOy oldin
  • Just show this to someone that doesn't know Jojo xD

    GinGinOy oldin
  • Doppio Lost To Risotto But Diavolo Won Against Risotto so in The End Risotto Couldn't Even Fight The Boss as An Opponent Technically...

    AdwaitAdwaitOy oldin
  • 쿠라에 메타리카!!!!

    김영현김영현Oy oldin
  • 1:59 - 3:04 Imagine being a non jojo's fan and watch this part without any context

    Alejandro NelsonAlejandro NelsonOy oldin
  • Risotto: *Exposing Doppios Acts* also Risotto Posing while explaining: 0:11

    TetsxyaAMVTetsxyaAMVOy oldin
  • 人間の鉄分じゃ釘一本も作れないよ メタリカって鉄分の量も操作できんの?

    うさぎうさぎOy oldin
  • isnt the boss he himself?

    Lin KaiLin KaiOy oldin
  • cool

    両生類のピエン星人両生類のピエン星人Oy oldin
  • I have never watched jojo and watching this with out context is like smoking crack while skydiving

    Gold RushGold RushOy oldin
  • Idk how doppio didnt die from this fight, nonetheless its still a cool scene.

    Commenter Of TruthCommenter Of TruthOy oldin
  • How is Doppio still speaking his vocal chords should be fucked lmao

    OwMyNutsOwMyNutsOy oldin
  • あるじゃあ~ッないかッ

    しらゆきすーぱーしらゆきすーぱーOy oldin
  • 2:42 italian mating call

    Talxes DelmaTalxes DelmaOy oldin
  • King crimson is much stronger but id rather face king crimson than metallica. Im going to die either way, id rather be ended quickly rather than throwing up razor blades

    Skelet0 Ic3Skelet0 Ic3Oy oldin
  • So Doppio has gone mental and is talking to him self like he’s a different person

    Crusader_gaming ᴍᴏʙɪʟᴇCrusader_gaming ᴍᴏʙɪʟᴇOy oldin
  • Why is it that if you put a blindfold on someone and have them watch this they would probably think that is narancia vs abbachio

    Ice robloxIce robloxOy oldin
  • That could’ve literally been any fuckin propeller plane but Risotto immediately defaults to it being Aerosmith.

    SpectacularNubSpectacularNubOy oldin
  • jojo : how to make a bizare adventure but all act must be done with a pose.....

    火Ray火RayOy oldin
  • Nero deserved better.

    R RR ROy oldin
  • Risotto is my favorite character, it’s just sad to see how little we got to see of his true power, he could legit be one of the strongest stand users in the entire universe and can easily assassinate people. But what I love about him more is his design and his dialogue, he is an absolute work of art araki made and my favorite chapter in the entire show

    JuiceisaBotJuiceisaBotOy oldin
  • When there’s only enough iron in blood to make a 1 inch nail but risotto can pull off this shit

    Cheesus CrustCheesus CrustOy oldin
  • Risotto wasn't a villain cmon guys,he just wanted to help his crew just like bucciarati.

    GuaVaPieGuaVaPieOy oldin
  • fun fact, the adult human body has less than 5 grams of iron, which isn’t enough to make one razor blade

    LeBlancLeBlancOy oldin
  • Watched like the first 2 episodes of this JoJo anime and then dropped it. I couldn't get into into.

    • That's fair. It is pretty hard to get into. Especially if you start from part 1.

      david reljacdavid reljacOy oldin
  • Metallica works in strange ways

    eatpanteatpantOy oldin
  • 0:49 Doppio could have explained that because Risotto looked at somthing so he just curious what it was lol

    Do Hoang Truong HuyDo Hoang Truong HuyOy oldin
  • マジにこの回のドピはクッソイケメンだし頑張ってる。

    キューブリックスキ子キューブリックスキ子Oy oldin
  • risotto was so fucking strong why did he havew to die...

    Joe MamaJoe MamaOy oldin
  • No one: Risotto: 0:10

    NoinerNoinerOy oldin
  • 2:53

    ハッピーセットハッピーセットOy oldin
  • what it feels like throwing up like a 5 year old 2:07

    Agatsuma ZenitsuAgatsuma ZenitsuOy oldin