Don't Let Celebrities Tell You What to Do! | James Gregory

11-Yan, 2021
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James Gregory on elitist celebrities telling you what to do.
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  • Damn Straight 👊👍💪🇺🇸

    Dan NaDan Na11 soat oldin
  • True 😂

    michelle Tatummichelle Tatum2 kun oldin
  • People who worship celebrities need to get a life.

    Joe SmithJoe Smith3 kun oldin
  • The thing about celebrities is this... delusion of grandeur

    johnrtruckerjohnrtrucker4 kun oldin
  • Athletes, too. Every time I see one of those overpaid, primadonnas lecture me about race, I want to wretch.

    Cookie FortunaCookie Fortuna5 kun oldin
  • Right

    showgirls around the world a dancer familyshowgirls around the world a dancer family5 kun oldin
  • James, you better dig up your cash and bury gold. Paper currency will soon be worthless under a Chinese controlled President Biden administration.

    label1877label18775 kun oldin
  • Profound! Can't fix their lives ,but gonna straighten the rest of the world.

    John GloverJohn Glover7 kun oldin
  • Absolutely correct. Tell it.

    Rafaela MoraRafaela Mora7 kun oldin
  • 💯

    Electric SparkElectric Spark7 kun oldin
  • Real life not fantasy celebrities .

    M SmithM Smith7 kun oldin
  • Celebrities are the biggest hypocrites on earth. They claim the moral high ground and try to preach to us. Tell us to make all the sacrifices while they jet around and live in mansions. I wonder what the carbon footprint is for every time they get together monthly for their self congratulatory award ceremonies?

    TheVoxTheVox7 kun oldin

    ivory jonesivory jones8 kun oldin
  • Instead of vacation homes, why don't these celebrities build homeless shelters?

    FreeStang 66FreeStang 668 kun oldin
    • Brad Pitt does, he donated millions to help build community centers w essential facilities in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina and spent weeks delivering food in LA this past Thanksgiving and Christmas...

      Nathan HaleNathan Hale7 kun oldin
  • laughfer'''' all the forkin trees they stopped cuttin were not the trees spotty needed to live

    roger daviesroger davies8 kun oldin
  • Please add to that, updates on celebrities showcasing their bodies, like J-Lo and Kim K.. My husband and I take care of my 93 yr. old Mom, who lives with us and all of us have Covid! We're struggling each day and these people are more self-absorbed than the best paper towel brand! Try to have some consideration for others. We don't give a ratssass!

    Louisiana GrandmaLouisiana Grandma8 kun oldin
    • Godspeed.

      Cookie FortunaCookie Fortuna5 kun oldin
  • Here's another thing about celebrities. They tell you that the 1% is evil and owes you their money. Has anyone considered that these Hollywood people are the 1% ... when they tell us this nonsense we should immediately turn to them and say " when are you gonna give up your evil ways and give away that money you hate so much?"

    Real World GamesReal World Games8 kun oldin
  • Your still the funniest guy around! Congrats

    Todd KarrickTodd Karrick9 kun oldin
  • They are playing Chess !! the storm is brewing hold the line. I just hope CCP will not be our Boss next month, sad sad sad days coming people !!! Stand together 🎇🙏🎇Next they will ban Books, Movies', and Holidays! You will look out your window and you will see it to be a different world that I believe, if we don't turn up the tempters one day. Your grand children's are doomed if not.

    T GT G9 kun oldin
  • You're a celebrity and you're telling us what to do !! LOL.

    Gary WilsonGary Wilson9 kun oldin
  • Nice one. Political correctness way out of control . Why would any one care what a legend in their own mind celebrity thinks. Push them to the edge of the herd

    ed Ann ARBOR, MIed Ann ARBOR, MI9 kun oldin
  • Thanks for the laugh!

    Nancy KorpicsNancy Korpics9 kun oldin
  • Celebrities : private jets for vacations Average Joe : Taxed to death on the fuel needed to get to work .

    dusty hedgerdusty hedger9 kun oldin
  • this guy should be our president

    GenaWindstarrGenaWindstarr9 kun oldin
  • Offer a homeless person a meal and see how far you get rejected...better yet a job. "No just give me the money"......

    Billy Cole IIBilly Cole II9 kun oldin
  • most homeless on the street it is not about trying to better themselves. its about drugs, drugs and more drugs. they will finally start to rob in order to purchase more drugs. this was taught to us in the early 1970s by our teachers. it is now jan 2021 and nothing changed. as sonny and cher sings..........and the beat goes on. well ,the beat does go on.

    Jody GuilbeauxJody Guilbeaux9 kun oldin
  • To all those weirdos wanting to save animals and trees: you claim to believe in evolution. Let it go! Its evolution in progress.

    LindaJean HouseLindaJean House9 kun oldin
  • 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

    Bayou Storm RyderBayou Storm Ryder9 kun oldin
  • I must be kin to this man....he and I think EXACTLY alike!!!

    donna bdonna b9 kun oldin
  • including you ?

    His AssholinessHis Assholiness9 kun oldin
    • Ooooh. Witty.........................

      David McCluskeyDavid McCluskey9 kun oldin
  • James is great

    Ben NunyourBen Nunyour9 kun oldin
  • “Some of these things you can’t say at work. You could lose your job.” Wow.

    Jeb PrendergastJeb Prendergast10 kun oldin
  • ✌️👍

    One ManOne Man10 kun oldin
  • Around here, we know the seasons by the “homeless” folks showing up. Its the same ones, in the same spots every year. They get chased off for a few days to a week. Then right back they come. Theyve got a 5th wheel RV trailer that looks better than the house i grew up in! Surprise is coming for them this spring. The local store they inhabited every year closed down due to not being able to ride out the covid BS. Guess the “homeless is out one spot this year!

    Willow SvergeWillow Sverge10 kun oldin
  • A lot of homeless people are on drugs, they think that's the only way to live.

    GaminTrucker 101GaminTrucker 10110 kun oldin
    • @donna b 🤭

      Electric SparkElectric Spark7 kun oldin
    • Yeah, and they majored in Gender Studies in college!

      donna bdonna b9 kun oldin
  • He's hilarious. I do get frustrated from time to time when I see these people out there with signs. Worse when they have children with them.

    Carla AustinCarla Austin10 kun oldin
    • I love it when they bring out the wheelchair people to sit in the road. Real class acts over there on the left.

      cambellschunky704cambellschunky7046 kun oldin
  • He's hilarious. I do get frustrated from time to time when I see these people out there with signs. Worse when they have children with them.

    Carla AustinCarla Austin10 kun oldin
  • Keep'um coming.🤣🤣🤣

    Jerrel McDanielJerrel McDaniel10 kun oldin
  • Tell it, like it is !! 👍🍺

    viper expressviper express10 kun oldin
  • Those homeless people are working. It’s called working the sign.

    Sweet DrahthaarSweet Drahthaar10 kun oldin
  • To the point!!!

    Yellow lab DavisYellow lab Davis10 kun oldin
  • Lmbo

    America ScoutAmerica Scout10 kun oldin
  • You can't get better than a vidalia.

    Direct PressureDirect Pressure10 kun oldin
  • Stop calling them homeless. They're dope fiends.

    Al SwannAl Swann10 kun oldin
  • 10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    Abdiel DakotaAbdiel Dakota10 kun oldin
    • There is no 10:43

      JJ10 kun oldin
  • You put laughter in my life. Thank you. I shared you with my mom, and we needed a laugh so much, you came through for us. It was tough these last holidays, losing a brother.

    vickie davidsonvickie davidson10 kun oldin
  • You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    Virginia EvaVirginia Eva10 kun oldin
  • I've supported many people for the last 43 years...have they ever thought of get a JOB?

    vickie davidsonvickie davidson10 kun oldin
  • Northern spotted owl is the same as the southern spited owl, they only live north of a certain California highway. They are therefore not endangered.

    Ronald FlockhartRonald Flockhart10 kun oldin
  • 👍Dead on accurate.

    Rix PixRix Pix10 kun oldin
  • Funny man

    Dainty HedgerDainty Hedger10 kun oldin
  • So very very very true

    Lee SmithLee Smith10 kun oldin
  • Excellent!

    Keith E EdwardsKeith E Edwards10 kun oldin