3-May, 2019
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  • Why didn’t rug put the bean bag down first and then drop the watermelon 🍉.

    Caiden BilottaCaiden BilottaOy oldin
  • faze adapt the type of guy to call faze rug and say i want your new house

    Mr. AKBMr. AKB6 oy oldin
  • Faze rug is wasted for not putting a million layers of duck tape.

  • Alex at 5:58 I don’t know how gravity is going to work😂

    Yeet NadesYeet Nades9 oy oldin
    • Sorry 5:53

      Yeet NadesYeet Nades9 oy oldin
  • bro u wasted all those when people are starving

    JJV MEDIAJJV MEDIA10 oy oldin
  • What is up with the tpye of guy thing

    Karen GarnicaKaren Garnica11 oy oldin
  • I didnt even get a perfect look at Alex melon...

    KOmi PopKOmi PopYil oldin
  • Yo Frazier is so rich

    princess bubblegumprincess bubblegumYil oldin
  • God bless u all! The Lord is by ur side no matter what!

    Parkourer 72Parkourer 72Yil oldin
  • Rug should have placed the Bean bag down and and throw it

    KayOrSomething 0515KayOrSomething 0515Yil oldin
  • FaZe Rug lookin like Anesongib

    Kill3RKill3RYil oldin
  • Why didn't rug just put the bean bag on the floor and drop the watermelon onto the bean bag?

    FabrizioFabrizioYil oldin
  • 4 teams not 5 teams

    JuicyboiiJuicyboiiYil oldin
  • Shermanthevirgin

    Lambo Rambo FamborghiniLambo Rambo FamborghiniYil oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to think Siri is a ghost

    AbadaboboAbadaboboYil oldin
  • FaZe down

    Ken PurackelKen PurackelYil oldin
  • # Sherman #FaZe Rug #FaZe Adapt I love ❤️ y’all them

    kaileybre Lkaileybre LYil oldin
  • FaZe adapt is the Type of guy who try’s to wear a shirt as pants

    kaileybre Lkaileybre LYil oldin
  • They should of put the watermelon in the love sack

    Vortex涡流Vortex涡流Yil oldin
  • Hi Rug

    jessica castrojessica castroYil oldin
  • Hi Adapt

    jessica castrojessica castroYil oldin
  • Cant believe Kay lives in LA about 5 years and still have his britian accent

    itsElevenzitsElevenzYil oldin
  • faze rugs physics are stupid

    Evin MunizEvin MunizYil oldin
  • $2000 to them is $5 for me

    Elton EnosElton EnosYil oldin
  • I can upload a vid of me do it

    Donovan duhhh WilsonDonovan duhhh WilsonYil oldin
  • Can i have the 10,000 it would help

    Donovan duhhh WilsonDonovan duhhh WilsonYil oldin
  • I Love you faze clan Love you adapt

    Sanna DahanSanna DahanYil oldin
  • Such a easy challenge you lot had no creativity in this

    Reece HarveyReece HarveyYil oldin
  • You got me Adapt HAHA

    Abby AbellonAbby AbellonYil oldin
  • lmaoo put the bean bag on the ground.... then throw water melon off balcony.... not that hard

    rip to all my guysrip to all my guysYil oldin
  • I recall them having a bean bag chair before, someone could have just taped the melon to it

    SaturceSaturceYil oldin
  • Why do you sound like you high all the time

    Dunk For BandzzDunk For BandzzYil oldin
  • #goodcontent

    Benjamin GuðmundssonBenjamin GuðmundssonYil oldin
  • Sherman - rugs channel = famous Other faze channels = “who tf is this”

    Sins UntakenSins UntakenYil oldin
  • Faze Adapt the type of guy to DM me for a colab cause I got ideas!!

    FTWItachiPlaysFTWItachiPlaysYil oldin
  • I think it survived

    Giovanni MoranGiovanni MoranYil oldin
  • Shermanthevirgin

    Arlin EagleelkArlin EagleelkYil oldin
  • U came for 2:35

    BaRonBaRonYil oldin
  • HoLy mAn

    Harrison DuskeHarrison DuskeYil oldin
  • - Anthony “why not” 😂

    Deyvis GuzmanDeyvis GuzmanYil oldin
  • Adapt is the type of guy to think that a plastic bag is gana protect a watermelon

    MyStic _ShaDowsMyStic _ShaDowsYil oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to eat a seed when he is dying so he can turn into a tree

    Tom CTom CYil oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to eat an apple when he gets hurt so he can gain 5 extra health

    Tom CTom CYil oldin
  • Pellow

    Tom CTom CYil oldin
  • I’d use the elevator

    Isaiah AlzolaIsaiah AlzolaYil oldin
  • You could’ve put the love sack in the bottom and then dropped into the love sack

    Harlem ReyesHarlem ReyesYil oldin
  • The quality is terrible ngl

    KrimzzyKrimzzyYil oldin

    •CaM_•CaM_Yil oldin
  • Blaze is such a nice guy bcs he eating the water melone still

    Namir - RobloxNamir - RobloxYil oldin
  • Is this adapts vlog or rugs

    llZerollZeroYil oldin
  • Adapt put the title where it says don’t crack the water melon then it says win 1,000

    Elias ReyesElias ReyesYil oldin
    • I mean 10,000

      Elias ReyesElias ReyesYil oldin
  • Adapt put the title where it says don’t crack the water melon 🍉 then he put win 10,000

    Elias ReyesElias ReyesYil oldin
  • When it hits its going to bounce off and break

    Jeremy godinoJeremy godinoYil oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to ask what is the number for 911

    Michael DavilaMichael DavilaYil oldin
  • They should have put it in the love sack

    Anonymous userAnonymous userYil oldin
  • At 7:05 its a proof you were idiots boys

    TheHunter-Tx2TheHunter-Tx2Yil oldin
  • This man Anthony is hecka smart

    Francisco MartinezFrancisco MartinezYil oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to open up the door in a zombie apocalypse because his friends weren’t there

    Chase aka bruh CEOChase aka bruh CEOYil oldin
    • If there was a zombie apocalypse

      Lil JokerLil JokerYil oldin
  • Your Face when u saw ur watermelon Was cracked

    EasyClapsEasyClapsYil oldin
  • 1:39

    Emilio FloresEmilio FloresYil oldin
  • O

    Conor MacDonaldConor MacDonaldYil oldin
  • It was today I found out I have the same pillow as blaze I’m happy Weird flex but ok

    Aiden BlackburnAiden BlackburnYil oldin
  • more nigga

    Ace GraceAce GraceYil oldin
  • Adapt forgot to put there channel in the description

    GetSmokedLoser _GetSmokedLoser _Yil oldin
  • Faze adapt is coping faze rug

    Hamster DanceHamster DanceYil oldin
  • 4:40 faze rug " we won" puts watermelon in beanbag chair Asks faze adapt if it's ok. 4:43 adapt sighs says it's cool 4:46 adapt goes back to putting as many bags as physically possible around the watermelon 🤣

    samir Mussasamir MussaYil oldin
  • Use the elevator

    Llama KeanLlama KeanYil oldin
  • Do it again so someone wins

    Dave GaveDave GaveYil oldin
  • Kay cheated he thru the bean bag

    Reverse AshtonReverse AshtonYil oldin
  • Everyone: “that’s busted.” Rug: “I think it survived.”

    Griffin Capp80_10Griffin Capp80_10Yil oldin
  • You shoulda used adapts tv

    Ryan KennedyRyan KennedyYil oldin
  • There are 4 teams

    Kate MaleKate MaleYil oldin
  • Funded by faze rug

    verdenxyverdenxyYil oldin
  • come rug and sher

    Ava ReginaAva ReginaYil oldin
  • Who else thought rug could've just threw the bean bag first then the watermelon on the bean bag

    its your boi chuyits your boi chuyYil oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to steal free bread

    AllyAllyYil oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to get hit by a parked car

    AllyAllyYil oldin
  • Wow rug, pillows and blankets... That's crazy. I can't believe no one thought of that.

    WyattFreakingMayWyattFreakingMayYil oldin
  • Kay’s new nickname fraze kay

    Fortnite ChannelFortnite ChannelYil oldin
  • This is how many times they said “ Oh We Won!!” ( and literally none of them did 😂😂 ) 👇

    FAMILツFAMILツYil oldin
  • “I don’t know how gravity is gonna work”

    Will BaxterWill BaxterYil oldin
  • Wow

    Wyatt SuttonWyatt SuttonYil oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to call sick on his appointment and he is the doctor😂

    Vaggos TripVaggos TripYil oldin
  • 8:47 the cutest laugh 🥺🥺

    foh drahakefoh drahakeYil oldin
  • Adapt said check for their links in the description and the links are not there 😂

    P A CP A CYil oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to shut off the power because he wants the lights out for bed

    Julian MyersJulian MyersYil oldin
  • Don't sleep on Adapt! This dude a genius!

  • 7:35 looks like a lot of cocaine

    Tackson JoxicTackson JoxicYil oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to est the leaves off a tree and call it a salad

    thorthorYil oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to eat cerial with Powerade/pickle juice

    VacahntVacahntYil oldin
  • Yay! Faze adapt😊😊😊😍😃😃😃😃

  • where is the links to their channels? hmmmm

    mpmpYil oldin
  • on 4 floor

    carl murraycarl murrayYil oldin
  • put it in the bean bag

    carl murraycarl murrayYil oldin
  • It’s 2019 and faze rug still hasn’t come out of the closet

    Chris HartnessChris HartnessYil oldin
  • I don’t fucking get it, how stupid can someone be. There is 10k on the line and these mfs thought a pillow could stop the melon from cracking? I don’t know which idea was the dumbest but Rug really didn’t think about taping the melon in between the beanbag? And these guys get rich because of playing a video game the world is a very sad place

    BubischBubischYil oldin
  • Why do you always look drunk

    Anick 7394Anick 7394Yil oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to put sauce around a watermelon to protect it 😂

    Frantic AJ - GamingFrantic AJ - GamingYil oldin
  • Adapt the type of guy to charge his portable charger with a portable charger

    dieNkill 20dieNkill 20Yil oldin
  • No no where good don’t tape it famous last words

    Evvade UEvvade UYil oldin