🐬 Dolphin May Have Cancer | FULL EPISODE | S05E01 | Bondi Vet

30-Noy, 2019
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Chris heads to Coffs Harbor to Dolphin Marine Magic , where one of the greatest friendships between man and animal exists.
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Bucky the dolphin was rescued when he was just a baby by best buddy and head trainer, Greg. 42 years on, and the friendship is facing its toughest challenge. Some suspicious looking lumps have appeared in Bucky's mouth, and Greg is concerned it may be cancer.
Can Chris find a way to save this enduring friendship?
Chris knows a visit from the Australian Reptile Park Operations Manager, Tim Faulkner is never a straight-forward case. This time, it's a baby Tasmanian devil who has injured his leg.
But the feisty Lewis isn't going to make it easy. Will Chris survive his encounter with this angry little devil?
6 month old German Shepherd, Gypsy hasn't been able to keep any food down for weeks and is losing weight rapidly.
But getting to the bottom of the problem is proving impossible as the petrified patient refuses to let anybody examine her. Lisa is seriously concerned about what has happened to this young pup.
Will it be a happy ending for Gypsy?
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  • This is the cutest and saddest stuff I’ve ever seen

    A A AA A A6 kun oldin
  • 💗🐕🦈

    tonytlreevestonytlreeves7 kun oldin
  • These Drs really have a gift from God, amazing

    Marvelous JoeMarvelous Joe10 kun oldin
  • Worlds cutest wombat

    VerityVerity12 kun oldin
  • 42 years is such a long time! That just shows how much Bucky means to him. Chris said it. It is a lovely bond between Greg and Bucks. It's love. What a cute personality. When I saw this beautiful dolphin, it helps my animal anxiety a lot! This is so cute and special. My heart ached when Chris came back with the news, off course 42 years of dolphinship is such a long time. You could see when Greg told Bucky the news that he understood something was up. Bucky was so patient and brave! Never seen anything like this on humans, sea creatures or animals... So tough and strong!! Tooo cuuuute 🥺🥰❤️🙏🏾

    Samantha Joy R.Samantha Joy R.13 kun oldin
  • What a unique relationship that Bucky had with his owner. What a brave dolphin! Rest In Peace Bucky! 💙🐬

    Bella KokBella Kok13 kun oldin
  • Will attempt to ... Me: .... attempt! Boy you better succeed

    Vivian CuiVivian Cui15 kun oldin
  • Attached to Chris ... Literally

    Vivian CuiVivian Cui15 kun oldin
  • I’ve never seen that big of ears on a dog gipsy could break a world record

    Anne ChegwiddenAnne Chegwidden17 kun oldin
  • R.I.P Bucky 😔 ( he sadly passed away July 2020)

    Mintie_ gachaMintie_ gacha17 kun oldin
  • I never thought that animal can be so close After watching this video I am really inspired. You guys are doing a great job really a great job. Hope Allah gives you guys more success.

    Md ZaiduddinMd Zaiduddin19 kun oldin
  • chris: it serious bukey :haa haaa

    pee poopee poo19 kun oldin
  • Anyone else near puke when the pup did? always gives me teary eyes XD

    draggy76draggy7621 kun oldin
  • You have really encouraged of being a vet. I wanted to be one but I was not shut and I love animals my mom and dad said sense you like animals so much you could be a vet. But I was not sure. So you really helped thank you.

    Lillian FrederickLillian Frederick23 kun oldin
  • I hope that the breeder that Gypsy was purchased from was made aware of this defect because it came from!!

    Antonella CastroAntonella Castro24 kun oldin
  • What a sweet dolphin 🥰

    Raven-leigh McormackRaven-leigh Mcormack24 kun oldin
  • Just wanted to thank you guys for your lovely work 😊

    Lokesh SharmaLokesh Sharma28 kun oldin
  • Love Bondi Vet, all the vets and animals, mammals, birds, pets, wildlife, lizard's💝💕💙💜💙🐱🐈🦊🐺🐩🦊🐱🐈🙏🏻🙏💏😋💏💏

    Joanne MurdockJoanne MurdockOy oldin
  • I was so heartbroken for Bucky and his trainer. That is a long-lasting friendship. Can't imagine how he must be doing without his lifelong friend.

    Berny GarBerny GarOy oldin
  • Its really disappointing that people are somehow ok using wild animals as a form of entertainment

    Infinite LightInfinite LightOy oldin
  • Thats not normal dog puke. Poor baby...

    XiaCrossingXiaCrossingOy oldin
  • Roy is so sweet. He clearly loves Gypsy sooooo much

    NAT-ATNAT-ATOy oldin
  • Tazzies are so adorable!

    Birch AustinBirch AustinOy oldin
  • I love Bucky so much 😍 dolphins are my favorite animal they are so sweet and so intelligent 🐬💙

    Kym LillyKym LillyOy oldin
  • Omg buck and Greg have me balling my eyes out 😒🤕

    Tasneem EdwardsTasneem EdwardsOy oldin
  • The only weakness in all BondiVet and Vet on the Hill videos is that they don’t show the whole surgical procedure. The most interesting part is the actual surgery in full. In the US, Bravo network used to show all kinds of surgeries on humans; so, why can’t they show the full surgical procedures on these videos when it’s the main course of repair and recovery? Sadly, they never will.

    Richard ButlerRichard ButlerOy oldin
  • I hate when poor dolphins are performing tricks for an audience in a pool like that ugh

    ivana komlosovaivana komlosovaOy oldin
  • That was hurt poor Dr Chris

    Rebecca095Rebecca095Oy oldin
  • Can we give that dolphin a little credit for keeping his mouth open voluntarily while someone is poking his gums with a needle. Edit: 31:00 that dolphin deserves even more credit now.

    laartje24laartje24Oy oldin
  • this is the most amazing episode, I love the whole show but the dolphin case is amazing at the same time kinda sad 😢

    Um DanialUm DanialOy oldin
  • They need to socialise that German Shepherd more! It's not fair on the dog, and when it's older it could easily bite someone out of fear.

    Jason KinnearJason Kinnear2 oy oldin
  • My heart goes out to Bucky's trainer.

    Susan FrometaSusan Frometa2 oy oldin
  • Dr. Andrew rocks

    Susan FrometaSusan Frometa2 oy oldin
  • I was lucky enough to visit the Dolphin Marine Park in Coffs Harbour it was truly a magical experience! I was kissed by a Dolphin he may have been Bucky!💙💝💜💞💕💜💙💝💞💕💜💝💕💙

    Joanne MurdockJoanne Murdock2 oy oldin
  • You have definately a more Intresting live then our german vets 😁

    Wandi LismusWandi Lismus2 oy oldin
  • Awesome ...!!!!

    Ryan SmithRyan Smith2 oy oldin
  • Hahaha! Momma Chris!!!

    Lori McCarthyLori McCarthy2 oy oldin
  • Is there some book that describes the parameters for submandibular lymph node sizes?

    Maria WolterstorffMaria Wolterstorff2 oy oldin
  • @1:19 Tazzie WHISKIES!!!

    commonwealpanthercommonwealpanther2 oy oldin
  • That guy and his dolphin ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. Rest In Peace Bucky, you were one of a kind for sure, and I hope his handler is doing better with his loss.

    Betty SmithBetty Smith2 oy oldin
  • I really hope someone at the clinic sat down and had a chat with the owners of Gypsy about the importance of socialisation. Fear like that can create a dangerous dog and set it up for failure. It would be so sad, if some day she lashed out and paid the ultimate price.

    ChocoNuttyChocoNutty2 oy oldin
  • Is Bucky still alive? 🥺

    Keira LKeira L2 oy oldin
  • One day I wanna be like you. Taking care of all the animals in the world and being a great vet.

    Ainsley StarcatcherAinsley Starcatcher2 oy oldin
  • bucky: kiss kiss Chris: this is real not a drill bucky: if I keep kissing him he will not do it

    Brooke MeekBrooke Meek2 oy oldin
  • I want A dolphin now🥺

    Justiness NguyenJustiness Nguyen2 oy oldin
  • The intro of the black lab makes mE not want to wait any longer I am getting a black lab soon I can't wait Just saying the introooooo

    Stranger FeelingsStranger Feelings2 oy oldin
    • @Madelyn Price Nah man But I like yo cut g

      Stranger FeelingsStranger Feelings17 kun oldin
    • Did you get your dog??

      Madelyn PriceMadelyn Price22 kun oldin
  • Gypsy is so cute

    Maria VetellMaria Vetell2 oy oldin
  • Dr.Chris:bucky... Dolphin:WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA Me:😂😂😂😂😂😂OMG I CA-😂😂😂😂😂SOO CUTE AND FUNNY

    ⌈silentGirl⌋⌈silentGirl⌋2 oy oldin
  • Thes poor animals get hit by a car and even more im so glad that vets help them survive and the people that bring then to the hospital hav a good heart ♥️

    Ntina MitropoulouNtina Mitropoulou2 oy oldin
  • Hi

    Serina RyanSerina Ryan2 oy oldin
  • I think I’m the only one that watched blue zoo and Bucky was there, please prove me wrong So sad RIP bucky

    Maddison RoseMaddison Rose2 oy oldin
  • Bucky was such a good boy. RIP.

    CaraCara2 oy oldin
  • IDK why the hell i’m glued to this channel or why i’ve been bingeing episodes when it would be an understatement to say i don’t even like animals. like, i cannot stand animals. on top of that, i’m a huge advocate + believer that animals should NOT be domesticated - ever! *AND YET* here i am, bingeing an entire vet channel. 🤦🏾‍♂️ gotta be something about Bondi Vet. .....might also be the various accents. 😂😝

    hellaSwankkyhellaSwankky2 oy oldin
  • Bucky gives a kiss: 😘 Chris: Bucky.. Bucky: waaaaahaaawahhhhhhh

    Ada SimmonsAda Simmons2 oy oldin
  • Poor Bucky!! Why does Cancer always affect the good one's? Bucky is truly one of a kind!! Hopefully Greg and Bucky have many more years together!!

    Amanda MandigoAmanda Mandigo2 oy oldin
    • @YG & SM STAN. Aww thats so sad to hear. RIP BUCKY!! 🐬👼 Gone but never forgotten!!! So sorry Greg.

      Amanda MandigoAmanda Mandigo2 oy oldin
    • Bucky passed away /:

      YG & SM STAN.YG & SM STAN.2 oy oldin
  • I'm so jealous you got all the dolphin kisses

    Trista JonesTrista Jones2 oy oldin
  • When Bucky makes sound he sounds like a crying baby

    •Void Gacha••Void Gacha•2 oy oldin
  • I have the same name that the daredevil’s twin sister has,AWWWWWWE,IDK WHY I FEEL SO HONERED😂❤️

    Louna Abou AssalehLouna Abou Assaleh2 oy oldin
  • YAY SASH!!!!

    Kathryn TateKathryn Tate2 oy oldin
  • This show needs way more subscribers ! This show helps and saves animal’s life’s this need more attention ! 😭😀

    Ava AlabanAva Alaban2 oy oldin
  • Omg I am really enjoying this as a human speech therapist who does swallowing disorders! Don't worry vets, humans have bad swallow studies too

    Amanda BergAmanda Berg2 oy oldin
  • Greg looked so broken when he found out buckys cancer was back. I cant imagine how he felt when bucky actually passed away

    Tori McCoolTori McCool3 oy oldin
  • This note is for Tim. Dude, I've watched you do things I'd never do! But seeing that devil run into your arms, melted my heart. I've seen you tackle an emu, get excited about a spider, wrestle a gator and I could keep going. What an amazing thing you are doing for all the creatures. Bet as a kid you drove your mom nuts. 😁 and Dr Chris, as always a rock star. Dr Lisa, ewww on the ticks, brave woman for sure. Love you All!

    NanaVicki1NanaVicki13 oy oldin
  • I love all you folks

    NanaVicki1NanaVicki13 oy oldin

    Rachael RogersRachael Rogers3 oy oldin
  • Poor Buckaroo, I really feel for the dolphin!!

    Rachael RogersRachael Rogers3 oy oldin
  • Poor Buckaroo..I hope you gave him some drugs for that Chryo procedure

    Rachael RogersRachael Rogers3 oy oldin
  • My dog lived to 32

    Rachael RogersRachael Rogers3 oy oldin
  • On google (which is not always right) say the oldest dolphin in the world is 40 years old ands name is fungie but Bucky is 42?

    Eggy EggEggy Egg3 oy oldin
  • 26:30 that was so cute uwu

    Zoe L.Zoe L.3 oy oldin
  • That is why I love dolphins. Very intelligent, very patient and knows whay Dr Chris Brown was trying to do. Just love Bucky. Dr Andrew Marchevsky, another great miracle worker saving Gypsy the puppy German Shephard. 👍👍👍

    Jen HJen H3 oy oldin
  • I can make a dolphin noise

    Lee PoingdestreLee Poingdestre3 oy oldin
  • And I want to work at Bondi clinic

    Lee PoingdestreLee Poingdestre3 oy oldin
  • I want a pet just like Bucky he is so sweet and adorable I want to be greg

    Lee PoingdestreLee Poingdestre3 oy oldin
  • These vets are good...no matter there is extra effort due to the cameras. The other vets that have looked into that german sheapherd missed an obvious serious problem

    Jules MpcJules Mpc3 oy oldin
  • I didn't know that dolphins were so smart like this

    William mWilliam m3 oy oldin
  • So wonderful to see how much people love their animals. Gypsy’s owner really hurting for his beautiful dog!

    Jeannie HargisJeannie Hargis3 oy oldin
  • i loveeeee it how even though bucky knows something is wrong he tries to keep everyone happy

    Nicolle Borjas - MartinezNicolle Borjas - Martinez3 oy oldin
  • What a friendship with Bucky and Greg who’ve had 42 years together. Simply AMAZING! Longer than some/most marriages! I hope Bucky is still flipping and jumping today! God bless ‘em! 🐬🐬

    Toni StarkToni Stark3 oy oldin
  • I did not realize dolphins screamed. I also did not realize Tasmanian devils screamed. Does EVERYTHING in Australia just exist in a state of screaming?

    KathrynAnonKathrynAnon3 oy oldin
  • Was that pinck bag peptobismo

    TTV FLEXTTV FLEX3 oy oldin
  • It's just amazing to see so much love that that man had for Bucky. He rescued him and than stayed by his side for 49 years, until he passed of cancer in July of 2019. That's love, loyalty, and dedication. Chris was absolutely right when he said that most marriages don't last that long, now if only dolphins could teach people to love like that, than the world would be a better place!!!

    Nikki BurchNikki Burch3 oy oldin
  • I hope that bukie will be ok

    Deana WehrDeana Wehr3 oy oldin
  • The problems Gypsy could face without the surgery were the same symptoms (different source) that wound up killing my husband. (food not being swallowed properly and going into the lungs and causing pneumonia) Bucky the Dolphin is amazing. The trust he has in Greg to just stay there and let Dr. Brown freeze off the tumors is incredible.

    Julie StevensJulie Stevens4 oy oldin
  • You guys keep talking about the animals, I do agree their all amazing animals but- I really really just wanna give these people hugs, specifically gypsies dad- he just looked so sad and I have a sensitive side for old men and I'm- just thinking about it makes me cry and I just really wanna huggg himmm :'( I also really wanted to hug Bucky's owner too

    Kyre / CraneKyre / Crane4 oy oldin
  • I have a dog with a temperament just like Gypsy.. he was socialised and is very well treated (okay spoiled...), he’s just incredibly nervous. It was nice that she didn’t force her to stay in the vets and let her go home to stay somewhere she feels safe, she’s clearly very happy with her owners though.

    Chezz van der VosChezz van der Vos4 oy oldin
  • I like how Australians say "boit," as in "ya gonna boit me mite?"

    Rob AdamsRob Adams4 oy oldin
  • I crried during this Bucky

    Claudia GClaudia G4 oy oldin
  • When that superscardy dog gave her kisses after surgery, oh boy. giant change.

    Powered by MoonlightPowered by Moonlight4 oy oldin
  • Is gipsy ok

    Amelia plays among us and RobloxAmelia plays among us and Roblox4 oy oldin
  • If Gypsy went for two weeks unable to keep food down, she may be delirious if her brain is starving like the rest of her body.

    Piano Man2Piano Man24 oy oldin
  • But his names Bucky sounds like bucees tho!

    Claudia EscobarClaudia Escobar4 oy oldin
  • Did you know bucees is the name of the worlds largest gas station! It's here in Texas Its exactly the size of 11 seven elevens a small gas stasion

    Claudia EscobarClaudia Escobar4 oy oldin
  • Male dolphins are ruined for me. Also male ducks. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID.

    Nom du ClavierNom du Clavier4 oy oldin
  • Chris: it’s serious work Dolphin:waaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Cooper On PS4Cooper On PS44 oy oldin
  • I am so sad he passed away r.i.p

    Fatima talal 2012Fatima talal 20124 oy oldin
  • He also doesn’t like preforming or being the center of attention

    WhaleWhale4 oy oldin
  • No no no the average life span for a dolphin in captivity is about 20 years but in the wild it is 50 to 60 so they are telling us false information

    WhaleWhale4 oy oldin
  • I’m not a fan of places that extort creatures like dolphins and whales, but I have deep admiration for the man who is Bucky’s best human friend and I hope so much that Chris nailed the cancer🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    Angie AndoAngie Ando4 oy oldin
  • This dauphin was absolutely amazing...

    Kelly AshcraftKelly Ashcraft4 oy oldin