Doja Cat Sings 'Say So' To Test Our Cheap Microphones | Expensive Taste Test | Cosmopolitan

24-Avg, 2020
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Doja Cat needs go back to Cheese Puffs 101. Watch her test her skills on Cosmopolitan’s ‘Expensive Test.’ Watch more Expensive Taste Test 💅
She tests champagne, cheese puffs, and analyzes hair extensions to see if she can tell the difference between the cheaper and pricier versions. 👀
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  • doja: you can't make me sing also doja a few seconds later: oH mY My mY My

    victor arenavictor arena12 daqiqa oldin
  • Your wrong doja haha it says that" The blutooth device is ready to pair " 😊

    Chloe YuChloe Yu6 soat oldin
  • It’s my 21st time watching this, i love this

    JC PaalanJC Paalan7 soat oldin
  • "Expensive doesn't always mean better though" -Doja Cat. WELL THATS A TRUE *QUEEN.*

    MelleMelle8 soat oldin
  • DOJA CAT I DISAGREE WHEN YOU SAID YOUR BODY IS RIDICULOUS AT THE JEANS PART. Your body is amaaaaazing.. its not that you look bad in jeans, it's the jeans look bad on you!! Thats a compliment!!

    Monica SimMonica Sim14 soat oldin
  • Shoutout to Erykah Badu!!!

    MrsButtersworth82MrsButtersworth8215 soat oldin
  • But the darker jeans was more expensive

    Chemi Samzareulo • ჩემი სამზარეულოChemi Samzareulo • ჩემი სამზარეულოKun oldin
  • can yall put megan on here????

    C IC IKun oldin
  • me lactose too😭😭😭

    C IC IKun oldin
  • We love you voice, DOJA!

    Victoria CVictoria CKun oldin
  • Doja Cat: *Archer mode*

    Caitlin BirdCaitlin BirdKun oldin

    Sarena LeyvaSarena LeyvaKun oldin
  • The dark pair of jeans were the expensive ones... But they still gave her that point? I'm confused

    MUAprilMUAprilKun oldin
  • “Milk? I’m lactose intolerant, give it to me.” -Every lactose intolerant person ever.

    Dennis PraterDennis PraterKun oldin
  • sweetie it says the Bluetooth device is ready to power.

    Zoe ShearinZoe Shearin2 kun oldin
  • Is there Bts on here :0

    Donut Army!!Donut Army!!2 kun oldin
  • dude she looks different everytime i see her

    couldyou Natcouldyou Nat3 kun oldin
  • the microphone part is funny

  • I swear they showed the darker jeans as more expensive

    Andrea BurkeAndrea Burke3 kun oldin
  • She's so annoying ..... She tries so hard..

    ThuggyMachoThuggyMacho3 kun oldin
  • The microphone says ‘ this Bluetooth device is ready to pair “

    KK & JJKK & JJ3 kun oldin
  • "I'm lactose intolerant, give it to me" -all lactose intolerant people

    Mwanfwe C.KMwanfwe C.K3 kun oldin
  • Khlcjl

    Hfxkhf KhgkxguHfxkhf Khgkxgu4 kun oldin
  • 3:41 - my last two brain cells during a test

    candice swanepoel candidscandice swanepoel candids4 kun oldin
  • She doesn’t wear jeans because her body is unbelievable 🌚

    Martin EglesiasMartin Eglesias4 kun oldin
  • Stunning

    Be BetterBe Better4 kun oldin
  • 5:03 💖

    Dor MarDor Mar5 kun oldin
  • “im lactose intolerant, give it to me” yes queen

    your daddy issueyour daddy issue5 kun oldin
  • Wow, this is what struggling with ideas looks like?

    kingikillerkingikiller5 kun oldin
  • She's so weird. I love her.

    Franziska GspurningFranziska Gspurning6 kun oldin
  • she must be so sick of this song

    EllthanqEllthanq6 kun oldin
  • she is fun. she is like a child but in the body of a very successful adult

    delfina dsdelfina ds6 kun oldin
  • Literally had to search if she was singing erika badu she was lol kinda sounded like her.

    Maria AvilaMaria Avila6 kun oldin
  • Is it just me or Doja Cat's speaking voice sounds like Billie Eilish's

    cza pabilonacza pabilona6 kun oldin
  • SHES SO GREAT, SHE'S SO FRIKIN ADORABLEEEEEEE. I laughed so hard. I love heeeeer.

    La Bruja VioletLa Bruja Violet6 kun oldin
  • i have the same blue mic and it says the bluetooth divce is ready to pel wich means that you can connect it to your phone

    Aleena MorenoAleena Moreno7 kun oldin
  • 3:40...My last brain cell be like:

    Cate RackawayCate Rackaway7 kun oldin
  • The jeans where wrong though 😅

    Maja KMaja K7 kun oldin
  • "Ima tast a bit" *Drinks all of it* I don't know if someone said this

    Itz_music UwUItz_music UwU7 kun oldin
  • Doja Cat sings 1.5 seconds of ‘Say So’.

    Chloe JaydeChloe Jayde7 kun oldin
  • "what kind of milk is this, ostrich milk?!" LOL WHAT

    dumb bee FBI editiondumb bee FBI edition7 kun oldin
  • Anybody know what brand of microphone is the expensive one?

    Joanna Marie SeguraJoanna Marie Segura7 kun oldin
  • The jeans was wrong lol

    Susana AlvaradoSusana Alvarado8 kun oldin
  • Doja: *"this one is just speaking french"* The mic: *"Da Blootut Debays is konekted on saksespuley"*

    croissant croissantcroissant croissant8 kun oldin
  • Wait I think they messed up? They said the dark blue jeans were 216 and then she picked the faded ones?

    Ramona BonerRamona Boner8 kun oldin
  • Idk why but I rewatched the jeans part 10 times and I feel she was wrong but they say she was right .......did I get shadow banned or something

    vibha vivekvibha vivek8 kun oldin
  • she's so dreamy

    fetBfetB8 kun oldin
  • “I’m not singing you can’t get me to sing” Doja cat: proceeds to sing

    Abraham RuizAbraham Ruiz8 kun oldin
  • Doja is such an angel!

    -amonguslemon --amonguslemon -8 kun oldin
  • I don't really know her, or her work. But her inner child shines through in here. Such a lovely and funny personality.

    TheConfusedheroTheConfusedhero8 kun oldin
  • In the thumbnail it looks like she has pink roots and blue pigtails and honestly I'm here for it

    Mr KrabsMr Krabs9 kun oldin
  • Okay with the Eryka Badu😏😏

    Sshhh..LetsTalkSmackSshhh..LetsTalkSmack9 kun oldin
  • beautiful

    Doralyn WalkerDoralyn Walker9 kun oldin
  • Does anyone recognize the mic brands 🥺🥺🥺

    Kaili ChaKaili Cha9 kun oldin
  • Cosmopolitan : Doja cat sings say so to test our cheap mices Doja cat : sings say so for 3 seconds

    Ula UlaUla Ula9 kun oldin
  • Doja sees hair extensions: "My WoRlD" Doja sees cheetos: "mY wOrLd"

    Keirah DugasKeirah Dugas10 kun oldin
  • Ze blu tof devays iz wedee tu peyr.

    Vince MisaVince Misa10 kun oldin
  • Normal people testing a microphone: Hello? Hello? Doja cat testing a microphone: HHHEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEE AAGGGHHHH

    Marcus ZiganayMarcus Ziganay10 kun oldin
  • "What kind of milk is this, Ostrich milk?", Doja Cat-2020

    Dragon FNDragon FN10 kun oldin
  • "The Blue cheese your wife sheedy Chapal" 💅🤩

    Ethan ChohteEthan Chohte11 kun oldin
  • i love her

    Kayla MillerKayla Miller11 kun oldin
  • The Microphone: The bluetooth device is ready to pair Doja: The blue cheese ur wife sweetie schapair

    Florence NjoguFlorence Njogu11 kun oldin
  • No one : Makcik aku panggil : 11:15

    Adam HolmesAdam Holmes11 kun oldin
  • But you guys literally showed that the lighter more faded pair of jeans were cheaper.. and Doja chose the lighter ones to be expensive.. who’s wrong who’s right? the world may never know..

    Kashmala KhanKashmala Khan11 kun oldin
  • Please invite Sia😁❤️

    Jujin ShaotoJujin Shaoto11 kun oldin
  • When she imitated Erykah Badu in the beginning 😍🙌🏾💯

    Sextina AquafinaSextina Aquafina11 kun oldin
  • 40$ is still cheap for a microphone

    Crossover NegroCrossover Negro11 kun oldin
  • Did they really just call Doja a liar?

    Ashy WalesAshy Wales11 kun oldin
  • Maybe you can use that mic on tinychat...

    angelic1912angelic191211 kun oldin
  • I know she’s problematic but i cant help but love her

    TrentKaeTrentKae11 kun oldin
  • Both microphones are cheap

    Leji TVLeji TV11 kun oldin
  • does reverb change ur tone and make its sound better of sum

    luoluo11 kun oldin
  • if you can sip the whole thing in three seconds its cheap.

    Dylan AskenazyDylan Askenazy11 kun oldin
  • no one doja cat: nyyYyaAaEee hAAaaaaA 3:44

    Estelle KingstonEstelle Kingston12 kun oldin
  • didn't she get the jeans wrong? 6:48

    bluebehrbluebehr12 kun oldin
  • Doja: can I taste it Crew: yes Doja: drinks whole glass

  • "I don't have the water taste bud" I love her omg

    Catherine McKirdyCatherine McKirdy12 kun oldin
  • 4:36 she really said "ha u thought"

    yomnaZyomnaZ12 kun oldin
  • milk is bad for cats Doja CAT...... she's lactose intolerant

    RendaculurRendaculur12 kun oldin
  • They did her wrong w this thumbnail

    MunchyMokaMunchyMoka12 kun oldin
  • The subtitles said dogecat lol

    Nandi. Onguru.Nandi. Onguru.12 kun oldin
  • doja is so funny

    Corine NewsomeCorine Newsome13 kun oldin
  • Toni B. YEE

    Leslie DangareLeslie Dangare13 kun oldin
  • Ew.

    Daksh KumarDaksh Kumar13 kun oldin
  • She needs to cover Erykah Badu now

    Pricila GarciaPricila Garcia13 kun oldin
  • She can really rock anything

    DADDYDADDY13 kun oldin
  • She’s like one foundation shade away from blackface ..?

    Jackie OJackie O13 kun oldin
    • Her dad is South African lol.. she’s biracial 😂

      Amber VarnerAmber Varner13 kun oldin
  • Cosmo was really trying to convince us that there wasn't a hair in that milk

    Olivia RoseOlivia Rose13 kun oldin
  • Doja keeps saying “well this looks cheap/expensive but...” Don’t judge people, I might look cheap but... No she’s right I’m broke

    Sydney BSydney B13 kun oldin
  • I actually thought this was a microphone review video..

    Happy HoneyHappy Honey13 kun oldin
  • Didn't she get the jeans one wrong??

    Kyle Woolridge GrantKyle Woolridge Grant14 kun oldin

    Vincent Anthony AbrenioVincent Anthony Abrenio14 kun oldin
  • "I'm not singing right now you won't make me sing" dOjA cAt siNgS sAy sO

    Jasmin TeaJasmin Tea14 kun oldin
  • “ Im gonna taste it” chugs the whole two glasses of wine

    Mimi MelendezMimi Melendez14 kun oldin
  • The song at 5:02 is On & On by Erykah Badu !!!

    RAAYRAAY14 kun oldin
  • It looks like the dark jeans are the expensive pair but then she says the light ones are expensive? Did I miss anything?

    Amelia BurraAmelia Burra14 kun oldin
  • She doesn't even need auto tune

    Conner LandryConner Landry14 kun oldin
  • 😂😂☺😭☺😂😂😂

    Sharon MottSharon Mott15 kun oldin
  • my werld

    KylinKylin15 kun oldin
  • It said the bluetooth device is ready to repair lmao😂😂😂

    Alinafe nkhomaAlinafe nkhoma15 kun oldin