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10-Apr, 2020
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Tv show: Euphoria (2019)

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  • Why is this movie not on Netflix-

    Me don’t KnowMe don’t Know17 daqiqa oldin
  • Чел писавший сабы,я тебя уже люблю хотя не знаю даже как тебя зовут рял

    Просто Не спрашивайПросто Не спрашивайSoat oldin
  • ʜᴏʟɪɪɪ

    Pedro ArnaudoPedro ArnaudoSoat oldin
  • What’s the name of it I need to watch

    merna mohamedmerna mohamedSoat oldin
  • OvO umm that umm nvm idk i see something bad -w-


    Lesbian RadLesbian Rad6 soat oldin
  • Just ew like this is your life

    Ayat IhabAyat Ihab6 soat oldin
  • I love beat

    Anthony WillisAnthony Willis16 soat oldin
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  • NICE

    dora irma monato pavondora irma monato pavon17 soat oldin
  • 0,75 Speed

    ˇʚɞ ᭝ Emiz Edit . . .ˇʚɞ ᭝ Emiz Edit . . .18 soat oldin
  • she’s so attractive confidence is everything

    cursedcursed22 soat oldin
  • Is this a movie and name?

    Pieces Of MePieces Of Me22 soat oldin
  • 👑

    Vitória MoniqueVitória MoniqueKun oldin
  • Here before 20 mil views

    카산드라Aleksandra카산드라AleksandraKun oldin
  • Что за фильм?

    BiBi AlBiBi AlKun oldin
  • The girl from the other tiktok song

    THE BEaSTLEGendsTHE BEaSTLEGendsKun oldin
  • Some girl rappers started like this and look at them now you go girls

    francis phillipfrancis phillipKun oldin
    • ?

      Radio RebelRadio RebelKun oldin
    • To all the reading if think this is bad message go and tell carid b that😌😌

      francis phillipfrancis phillipKun oldin
  • I had not interest on watching Euphoria until I watched and listen the clip.

    SweetheartSweetheartKun oldin
  • la chica es parte de una serie o una pelicula? alguien me podria decir

  • Taking your weakness and monetizing it as armor is the smartest thing

    Grumpy Old ManGrumpy Old ManKun oldin
  • Hola una pregunta como se llama la película o serie porfavor

    Meghan PonceMeghan Ponce2 kun oldin
    • Es una serie de HBO y se llama Euphoria

      Karla ToizerKarla Toizer13 soat oldin
  • Which movie??

    Jahnvi VermaJahnvi Verma2 kun oldin
  • Bro I need a gf like that I- I need a gf / bf / someone to love me god damn it- in general 💀

    DionysusDionysus2 kun oldin
    • Same, lmao

      I'm just AngieI'm just AngieKun oldin
  • She’s not attractive cause she’s wearing “hot” cloths she’s attractive because she’s confident

    BonesBones2 kun oldin
  • She’s very beautiful but can she teach me how to THANG IT LIKE THATTTT

    Poofyyy.__ LiyahhhPoofyyy.__ Liyahhh2 kun oldin
  • What name movie?

    จมอส โพยขุนทดจมอส โพยขุนทด2 kun oldin
  • What is the name of that movie or series?

    Valeria GarcíaValeria García2 kun oldin
  • Nossa não tem ninguém brasileiro oloko

    Laine SilvaLaine Silva3 kun oldin
    • Eu aqui

      Sem limitesSem limitesKun oldin
    • O bonde brasileiro kaakka

      Laine SilvaLaine SilvaKun oldin
    • @Filmes hd kkkkk

      Laine SilvaLaine SilvaKun oldin
    • @Ana Clara kkkkk

      Laine SilvaLaine SilvaKun oldin
    • @Yasmin Lourenço kkk

      Laine SilvaLaine SilvaKun oldin
  • Honestly this is so more body positive than I expected. Instead of being ashamed she kinda embraced it and then kicked ass. Not to say sleeping around is the big thing thats good for you or something but she learned she dosent have to impress anyone with her body to be confinedt at the end and I respect that

    SoviichuSoviichu3 kun oldin
  • I love this movie.

    Night LoveNight Love3 kun oldin

    Lam KinLam Kin3 kun oldin
  • alguém sabe o nome do filme? e sabe dizer se é filme?

    euder lueuder lu3 kun oldin
    • É serie, se chama Euphoria

      Sem limitesSem limitesKun oldin
  • русские субтитры под этим видосом - отдельный вид искусства

    Анальный КарательАнальный Каратель3 kun oldin
    • Что за фильм?

      BiBi AlBiBi AlKun oldin
  • 🤭 damn i could do this in the future (*update me and my sister are now watching the show--*)

    Ahmani BalmerAhmani Balmer3 kun oldin
    • @Is canon i said i could not that i would-

      Ahmani BalmerAhmani Balmer3 kun oldin
    • Please don't is SO creepy

      Is canonIs canon3 kun oldin
  • Are you telling me this is the same girl who write a Larry Stylinson fanfic?

    Jimena GuisaJimena Guisa3 kun oldin
  • ¿Qué peli es?

    Leslye Dennice Villaseñor GodinezLeslye Dennice Villaseñor Godinez3 kun oldin
    • Euphoria (serie)

      Nicky •••Nicky •••3 kun oldin
  • OMG💖😆

    Hejterka 69Hejterka 693 kun oldin
  • Русский перевод заканчивается в половине. Я УСТАЛ АХАХАХАХАХАХАХАХ ЛЯ ОРУУУУУУУ

    ОливьешкаОливьешка4 kun oldin
  • *what a good lesson.*

    MelanieMelanie4 kun oldin
  • My favorite character 🥺😻

    Landiwe MngomezuluLandiwe Mngomezulu4 kun oldin
  • I love this girl, she is doing what she want hshshshy

    Fatma-Sena CiftciFatma-Sena Ciftci4 kun oldin
  • გარყვნილებო

    BadSanta 《II》BadSanta 《II》4 kun oldin

    Valerie ChungValerie Chung4 kun oldin
  • Alguien sabe como se llama la película o serie we

    Valeria Veliz CarbajalValeria Veliz Carbajal4 kun oldin
    • Es la serie “Euphoria”

      Yatziri JuárezYatziri Juárez4 kun oldin
  • Very sad video

    The S.Anthony showThe S.Anthony show4 kun oldin
  • What is name of thes move???

    Diviy 56Diviy 564 kun oldin
    • It ain’t a movie, it’s a series called “euphoria”

      Yatziri JuárezYatziri Juárez4 kun oldin
  • What’s the movie???

    Sanooze AshSanooze Ash4 kun oldin
    • It’s a series called “Euphoria”

      Yatziri JuárezYatziri Juárez4 kun oldin
  • A eso le llamo una buena gordibuena 🤩😍🥰

    Andrew MozzAndrew Mozz5 kun oldin
  • Which show is this ?

    Arundeep SinghArundeep Singh5 kun oldin
    • “Euphoria”, it’s a series

      Yatziri JuárezYatziri Juárez4 kun oldin
  • BJ Alex

    kurooushygushy :3kurooushygushy :35 kun oldin
  • Wrong on so many levels

    True DreamsTrue Dreams5 kun oldin
  • Qual é o nome desse filme

    Ana Beatriz AlvesAna Beatriz Alves5 kun oldin
    • É uma serie, se chama Euphoria

      Sem limitesSem limitesKun oldin
  • BRuh I had not realized that the boy from the series Dash and Lily appeared in this video.

    Leslie Lorena GarciaLeslie Lorena Garcia5 kun oldin
  • ахуеть я близнецы почему мне нельзя доверять?

    holy terezaholy tereza5 kun oldin
  • The nun costume hit different no cap

    Hannah KollascheckHannah Kollascheck5 kun oldin
  • Moti billi🙄🙄

    sara habibsara habib5 kun oldin
  • qual nome do filme? não entendo inglês

    Mirela SantosMirela Santos5 kun oldin
    • @Luh tem não

      Sem limitesSem limitesKun oldin
    • obrigada rs

      Mirela SantosMirela Santos5 kun oldin
    • É uma série, se chama "Euphoria", tem na Netflix, eu acho.

      LuhLuh5 kun oldin
  • Как называется фильм?!, movie please

    Shap T O KShap T O K5 kun oldin
  • Aquí tienes el comentario en español que buscabas :v

    Miriam Rubio PuigMiriam Rubio Puig6 kun oldin
    • Sou brasileira kakakakakak

      Laine SilvaLaine Silva3 kun oldin
  • what is the name of the series? Qual e o nome da série?

    Brenda SilvaBrenda Silva6 kun oldin
    • Euphoria

      boulette 17boulette 176 kun oldin
  • These kinda thing really fuck up your life but she made money lol

    StringcheeseStringcheese6 kun oldin
  • Is it just me or did I think this was a music video original from Dojo Cat? 😅

    xCreamySenpaixxCreamySenpaix6 kun oldin
  • Not normies learning about euphoria and commenting without even watching the shows😭🙈👁👄👁✨

    Literal LegendLiteral Legend6 kun oldin
    • omfg get over it ur not quirky

      angeliqangeliq6 kun oldin
  • People really be out here commenting without even watching the show 🤢🤮 pack it up normies go back to your tiktok dances and charli d dramas

    Literal LegendLiteral Legend6 kun oldin
  • Cat mask mad her get some moni

    Pursin ËèĘèÈPursin ËèĘèÈ6 kun oldin
  • как называется фильм

    Аида Миргул кызыАида Миргул кызы6 kun oldin
  • Qual o nome desse filme mesmo?

    Aya Yukie YoshikawaAya Yukie Yoshikawa6 kun oldin
    • Euphoria, é uma série

      LuhLuh5 kun oldin
  • Автор русских сабов устал

    Brevskaya :*Brevskaya :*7 kun oldin
  • *муд* : бля, не понятно что она поёт хвхвхвхвх

    V ã ě ç h ç ãV ã ě ç h ç ã7 kun oldin
    • Хахахахахахахха

      ЭльфЭльф6 kun oldin
  • I understand that you should never use apps that has p*rn in it. Cause this every eyes are on you... p*rn apps don’t make you a better person... they make you worse.

    groomy Cloudsgroomy Clouds7 kun oldin
  • Juicy Juicy I love that part

    fakeland_ 333fakeland_ 3337 kun oldin
  • Dona da pørr4 toda

    Ellorrayne LemosEllorrayne Lemos7 kun oldin
  • What is the name of the series?please

    Doae TamsaftDoae Tamsaft7 kun oldin
    • @Nicky ••• but where I can find it?

      Doae TamsaftDoae Tamsaft3 kun oldin
    • Euphoria

      Nicky •••Nicky •••3 kun oldin
  • this video look like the official video tho

    ThanhBình TạThanhBình Tạ7 kun oldin
  • Opss

    Nora MokhtariNora Mokhtari7 kun oldin
  • I love this show!!!

    barry b. bensonbarry b. benson7 kun oldin
  • como se llama la pelicula

    Brigith GarciaBrigith Garcia7 kun oldin
  • This song is fire. That guitar is so groovy

    Bob HarleyBob Harley7 kun oldin
  • "Theres nothing more powerful than a fat girl that doesnt give a fuck"

    Emmalise WaferEmmalise Wafer8 kun oldin
  • no no no nooooo

    Josslynn HezekiaJosslynn Hezekia8 kun oldin
  • qual o nome do filme galera?

    Raynara LorraneRaynara Lorrane8 kun oldin
    • se chama euphoria, se n me engano é uma série

      NikkiNikki7 kun oldin
  • mierd*, es jodidamente hermosa

    Katherinne Valeria Zamora ValladaresKatherinne Valeria Zamora Valladares8 kun oldin
  • Juro que prefiero ver este vídeo con la canción, que el original 👁️👄👁️❤️👌🏻 Es que Kat es Kat 👉🏻👈🏻

    Denisse HernándezDenisse Hernández8 kun oldin
  • Está demasiado guapo Austin Abrams

    Guadalupe Melina Hernandez RosasGuadalupe Melina Hernandez Rosas8 kun oldin
  • what series is this from?

    Fridas.Verden:3Fridas.Verden:38 kun oldin
    • Euphoria in HBO

      Blue OrtegaBlue Ortega8 kun oldin
  • Is it a movie?

    Rupsha BanikRupsha Banik9 kun oldin
    • HBO series, Euphoria lead by Zendaya

      Blue OrtegaBlue Ortega8 kun oldin
  • Pls , what it is film ?

    Елизавета ЛихошваЕлизавета Лихошва9 kun oldin
    • Euphoria in HBO

      Blue OrtegaBlue Ortega8 kun oldin
  • Что это за фильм ?

    Елизавета ЛихошваЕлизавета Лихошва9 kun oldin
  • Love how juscer made a story for each euphoria characters like they're all not connected 😂😂

    Ciesca ShinCiesca Shin9 kun oldin
  • Porque ta tudo em ingles??? Gente

    Stefany NogueiraStefany Nogueira9 kun oldin
  • I think this video is going to be blocked on UZworld because there such a thing that kids can watch it my friend sister watch it know she is 19 and she doing same thing so it will probably be blocked and kids can copy this so it will be 28% blocked I think so

    Butterfly DixeButterfly Dixe9 kun oldin
  • Wish doing all the things she does

    ii.bessooii.bessoo9 kun oldin
  • This video is so well edited and recorded that I thought it was the original music video OMG

    Helo JoeywalaHelo Joeywala9 kun oldin
  • Como se llama la serie?

    Shanti Leon de la CruzShanti Leon de la Cruz9 kun oldin
    • Euphoria creo

      La esposa de tu tío robertoLa esposa de tu tío roberto9 kun oldin
  • ฉันรักเธอ💛

    Buff แมวBuff แมว9 kun oldin
  • Omg i really thought that this was the video clip XD so goood omg

    bella Varolibella Varoli9 kun oldin
  • And being beautiful on the inside to is good quality to have to.

    Laura QuigleyLaura Quigley9 kun oldin
  • Omg people so what if she slept with men for money if she needed the freaking money for college moveing away from parents home if her parents were abusive then I dont see anything wrong with it plus she's gorgeous being thick or curvy or plus size can be beautiful to not everyone has to be a stick or slim to be pretty on the outside.

    Laura QuigleyLaura Quigley9 kun oldin
    • in the show she's a minor i think

      Frogzilla the killaFrogzilla the killa8 kun oldin
  • Alguien de aquí habla español

    Yoider David Correa perezYoider David Correa perez9 kun oldin