Dogs: Man's Best Friend | Modern Marvels (S17, E5) | Full Episode | History

26-Sen, 2020
181 227 Ko‘rishlar soni

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Man's best friend--fearless, faithful, determined and swift. They're our sharpest eyes, noses and ears--and among the bravest hunters, soldiers, rescuers, and protectors. From natural instincts to training, see more in Season 17, Episode 5, "Dogs." #ModernMarvels
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  • NOW THIS IS CONTENT! This is what we want, History Channel. Upload more of this and get rid of all the Reality Show BS you've been posting lately!

    Jennie NeedhamJennie Needham15 soat oldin
  • Because the 9/11 search and rescue dogs couldn't find any survivors, they became depressed

    0riginal _Panda_Child0riginal _Panda_Child2 kun oldin
  • A dachshund came from a wolf! What a bs!

    M17 DassM17 Dass8 kun oldin
  • After dogs are retired from active deployment, the Armed Services do NOT pay for their return home. So a dog deployed to Iraq or Iran is abandoned there in country. Don’t let this happen anymore. There are charities around that you can donate to that actively get these brave dogs home. Contact the VA and let them know how terrible their rules are. These dogs have served with their keeper; let them come home and be rewarded for their valor. When they are left in the country they served in, they are rounded up, tortured and killed. These dogs deserve better treatment, just like our GI’s deserve better treatment. They need transport to the USA, food, and vet care. I’ve recently moved and I can’t locate the name and address of the charity I was speaking of. You might have success if you look on Google or Facebook. These dogs love us and protect us. Don’t leave them over there. And don’t let your dogs here have litter after litter of puppies. Millions of dogs and cats are put to sleep or are abandoned by their owners. Dogs love us unconditionally, please show them the same love and respect.

    Allison BauchAllison Bauch10 kun oldin
  • never enough

    ali shakierali shakier11 kun oldin
  • I dont believe one dog can pull 1000lb on a rough train

    Alex GonzalezAlex Gonzalez13 kun oldin
  • I can't imagine you guys doing this you are amazing I always look on your website to find a new dog cuz my past just a few months ago I real I'm really sad so I love the way you guys treat dogs and I would love to have another you guys are amazing

    Bell HurstBell Hurst13 kun oldin
  • Dogs are great 👍🏻 I love my dogs 🐕

    Phyllis JohnsonPhyllis Johnson13 kun oldin
  • My "pack" consists of a pitbull mix, an Australian Shepherd, an Apple Head chihuahua, a chihuahua/terrier mix, a chi-weenie, a dachshund. And they are all marvels to me!

    Michelle ClarkMichelle Clark15 kun oldin
    • I'll bet the "little ones" are hilarious.

      KRONOS 1957KRONOS 195713 kun oldin
  • I had a Australian shepherd, pitbull, husky mix and unfortunately I had to put him down 6 years ago. It was definitely hard to go through that but he was suffering. He had cancer. Now I have a Labrador retriever. The dog that I had and the dog that I have are really loyal and friendly not to mention pretty dang funny. It's like dogs have their own sense of humor. Love that about dogs.

    ElectroShockElectroShock15 kun oldin
  • How can anyone dislike dogs? This video should only have likes.

    ElectroShockElectroShock15 kun oldin
    • Unfortunately there are a lot of dog haters in this world.

      KRONOS 1957KRONOS 195713 kun oldin
  • This has been, by far, my favorite episode of Modern Marvels.

    Jordan NyeJordan Nye16 kun oldin
  • Now make a video about highly trained service cats that stare with indifference when you drop your car keys.

    CaptainNapalmCaptainNapalm17 kun oldin

    Darrell KiddDarrell Kidd18 kun oldin
  • Iditarod seems cruel. Guy seems like a psychopath.

    Dylan CDylan C18 kun oldin
    • Things are not what they seem in the sled-dog world. I saw a documentary once about it.

      KRONOS 1957KRONOS 195713 kun oldin
  • So is my cat’s great greatx2000 grandma a Tiger?

    VegasJaceVegasJace19 kun oldin
    • @M17 Dass you morons do know cats came from a type of wild cat in Africa right?

      Vitlium VitalityVitlium VitalityKun oldin
    • @M17 Dass yea like how the white milk turn chocolate i not believe the government about mines brown milks

      VegasJaceVegasJace3 kun oldin
    • I know right! Such a nonsense! When scientists don't know how to explain something, they make it up.

      M17 DassM17 Dass8 kun oldin
  • I just came here to see all the good boys and girls. Not sure what this is about other than dogs.

    Benjamin GrossBenjamin Gross20 kun oldin
  • how would a dog be considered a modern marvel?.. they were grasping at straws in season 17.

    Thomas WeissThomas Weiss21 kun oldin
  • At least this video doesn't glitch half way through, drilling, "fah.. fah.. fah.. fah.. fah.. fah.. fah.. fah.. fah.." into your sleeping brain, over and over, for more than an hour straight! (a few of you know what I'm talking about!)

    DD21 kun oldin
  • I miss seeing stuff like this on TV.

    DD21 kun oldin
  • This is all garbage. You're stating "thinking" and "probably" as fact. This is not science. That's called.... imagination. Show me ONE "down bred" wolf. You can't. Saying my Maltese is an ancestor of a wolf because of the similarities in their DNA is like saying the banana is the human's ancestor

    Michael PaitMichael Pait21 kun oldin
    • 😂

      M17 DassM17 Dass8 kun oldin
  • This so called Wolf scientist don't even know how dog breeding works. You can get dramatic changes in 3 to 4 generations in dogs, that's less than a human lifetime. Nobody has been breeding doxon's for thousands of years.

    Lefty16jdLefty16jd22 kun oldin
  • I've never met a dog that wasn't way smarter than a 3-year-old child so I'm not sure how or where you got that statistic but maybe you made a mistake

    Little miss S in a mini dressLittle miss S in a mini dress22 kun oldin
  • I love dog's my dog Sandra she is on my profile.. Jennifer Siagian FB

    FiginformerFiginformer22 kun oldin
  • 666 =doggone

    Steven NunezSteven Nunez23 kun oldin
  • I konw why dachshunds were developed ; BUT WHAT POSSIBLE USE , CAN THERE BE ; FOR A CHAWAWA !?!!

    Stanley WilkinsStanley Wilkins23 kun oldin
    • @Michelle Clark Hi, I have one short haired "apple head" and 4 "deer head". The "deer heads" i have are of a mixed breed but still have a Chi build and character traits, all 4 are short-haired also. I adopted all of them from a good family, their only problem was / is they had too many of them and had to "downsize" their pack / family. They're my babies and wouldn't trade them for all the money in the world. BTW, I also have a German Shepard mix. lol

      KRONOS 1957KRONOS 195713 kun oldin
    • @KRONOS 1957 Small but mighty!! I got my first chihuahua when she was 8 weeks old and she just turned 8 in July... She's definitely given me a newfound love for the small breeds. She's a full blood Apple Head. What breeds do you have??

      Michelle ClarkMichelle Clark15 kun oldin
    • Chihuahuas are one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, they were bred to hunt and kill rodents. 2 of my 5 Chihuahuas love to kill field mice. Their big ears are like super-sensitive radars and they will sound-off at the slightest sound disturbance that we humans can't hear thus warning you somebody is sneaking around, that's why people complain about their barking. They're little warriors with the heart of a lion yet devoted to their owners.

      KRONOS 1957KRONOS 195722 kun oldin
  • 13:03 - "I call it the Big-D" Me too!

    ViolentViolent23 kun oldin
  • I miss my best friend here in my picture

    diggy dougdiggy doug23 kun oldin
    • It is a terrible thing, I am sorry for your loss.

      Michelle ClarkMichelle Clark15 kun oldin
  • 10'000 plus years and counting that says alot about true loyalty and friendship.

    Jake RoarkJake Roark23 kun oldin
  • Being a history and trivia addict.... Modern Marvels was, IMHO, one of the best TV shows ever !! ** even if the topic was something that I'm not even familiar with : )

    K. G.K. G.23 kun oldin
  • No mention of John F. Kennedy's dog named "Pushinka" that was one of the pups of "Strelka" the Russian space-dog.

    KRONOS 1957KRONOS 195723 kun oldin
  • What they don't show is, how the sled dogs are treated when they're deemed no longer viable.

    KRONOS 1957KRONOS 195724 kun oldin
  • Compassion for animals is intimately associated with goodness of character, and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to living creatures cannot be a good man. (Arthur Schopenhauer)

    KRONOS 1957KRONOS 195724 kun oldin
  • And we as humans continue to treat them like trash.

    KRONOS 1957KRONOS 195724 kun oldin
    • KRONOS 1957 your worse than me And think world revolves around you and your comments

      Mattie MittsMattie Mitts20 kun oldin
    • @Mattie Mitts I was referring to mankind. Like almost all UZworld commenters you're too lazy to scroll through the comment section and pay attention to what is posted. I have 6 dogs and treat them as my best friends so STFU.

      KRONOS 1957KRONOS 195721 kun oldin
    • Yeah you treat them like that maybe but my dog is respected

      Mattie MittsMattie Mitts22 kun oldin
  • The dogs on the chain go round and round. Round and round 😂

    RedEyed PatriotRedEyed Patriot24 kun oldin
  • I Love My Best Friend Shala, this little gal means the World to me. I am so grateful to have her in my life.

    Joshua Aldus HobbsJoshua Aldus Hobbs24 kun oldin
    • Soul long beloved.

      Steven NunezSteven Nunez4 kun oldin
  • It all started with a hungry wolf, probably a pup who stumbled along a camp of (proto?)humans. In any case, bones and food left over from feasts gave rise to our puppers

    Jeff NaslundJeff Naslund25 kun oldin
  • I don't even own a dog 😂

    deminybsdeminybs25 kun oldin
  • Dogs are not man's best friend look at how many people get killed an at least attached by them

    James MatthewsJames Matthews25 kun oldin
    • Like h

      Tom BolickTom Bolick23 kun oldin
  • 3:48 don't be fooled by the false indicator command given by the Handler; Kik Kik, tap tap "what's here boy what's here what is it."

    paul ulloapaul ulloa26 kun oldin
  • Hahae so good

    Alto ImperialAlto Imperial27 kun oldin
  • One question , who are the 21 Karen’s that gave this video a thumbs down 😠

    Aw Was hereAw Was here27 kun oldin
    • To say that a dachshund came from a wolf is kind of ridiculous.

      M17 DassM17 Dass8 kun oldin
    • Probably just cat people.

      Michelle ClarkMichelle Clark15 kun oldin
  • I lived in Alaska for 15 years. People don't know the terrible secrets behind the Iditarod. They murder dogs. I witnessed a musher shooting puppies in a barrow because they were born with dew claws. I didn't speak of the cruelty to dogs in Alaska for fear of my family because they protect their dirty little secrets with fear, intimidation, and death threats. They don't feed their dogs for days when the dogs don't run. The musher they advertised on the show is NOT what other mushers do to their dogs.

    Robert Rootes Bestselling AuthorRobert Rootes Bestselling Author27 kun oldin
  • A natureza é maravilhosa

    nobody homenobody home27 kun oldin
  • Best episode ever! I love my dog more than life itself, and he loves me even more. I cannot imagine my life without a dog.

    Mike DelamaterMike Delamater27 kun oldin
    • They definitely are a blessing we don't deserve.

      Michelle ClarkMichelle Clark15 kun oldin
  • Mister dog!?

    randomtask5420randomtask542028 kun oldin
  • There is no way a pug ever evolved from a wolf.

    Trevor NewlandTrevor Newland28 kun oldin
    • @M17 Dass They all lie. just like nobody was on this side of the world before that so called bridge.

      charles championcharles champion8 kun oldin
    • Now we know where our pet cats came from, those nice big tigers from India 😂

      M17 DassM17 Dass8 kun oldin
    • When scientists don't know how to explain something, they make it up.

      M17 DassM17 Dass8 kun oldin
    • 😄

      M17 DassM17 Dass8 kun oldin
    • half gnome and monkey?

      charles championcharles champion19 kun oldin
  • Police dogs should be in full kevlar

    R. AralarR. Aralar28 kun oldin
  • dogs are allowed to scream all night and i cant shoot it or call the cops but the moment i start screaming full volume in my backyard neighbors have a problem lol

    • The sound of the dog bark is not offensive ...the sound of a grown man screaming all night long IS....

      Bax 60Bax 6028 kun oldin
  • there is a reason Dog spelled backwards is God, they are God's way of letting us know he is with us all the time!

    Rik FroschauerRik Froschauer28 kun oldin
    • I never knew that but always felt the same way about them❤️

      Menelik MasreshaMenelik Masresha22 kun oldin
    • Truth to that statement

      Wayne DWayne D26 kun oldin
    • I agree!🐾🐾🐶

      Angie GrossAngie Gross26 kun oldin
  • Mans Best Friend they have been with us for a long time. Dogs have many jobs Rottweilers, Dobermans, German Shepherds, and Labradors are the police, Bloodhounds, Golden Retrievers, and Dalmatians are used in recovery of fugitives they also work with Bugles, Pitbull's, Pugs, Porges and St. Bernard's if you are caught smuggling or you get trapped they will find you, and Husky's are your sled dogs they also guard livestock. Greyhounds and the Border Collie are your standard race dogs Husky is right there with them. Yes Dogs have many jobs that why they are Man's Best Friend. This is for you Horace my brother's sheep dog.

    Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad PhotographyAaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography29 kun oldin
    • And my dog hahn the Belgium malinois believes himself to be the king of all dog breds...and he gets away with it at the free range dog park...

      Bax 60Bax 6027 kun oldin
  • Watching this in bed with my dog.

    levi recordlevi record29 kun oldin
  • this lady has never worked a boerboel....... tell me again about your cute lil dog that cant fight a wolf........

    chris belitzchris belitz29 kun oldin
  • Humans need to learn to love, from a dog !

    Seattle ManSeattle Man29 kun oldin
  • When people are stupid and hunt a's not about danger to's about protecting live stock, and also large game animals. Hunters often do not want the competition from wolves. Hollywood does not help either with the way they portray wolves in most movies.

    Kavik 28Kavik 2829 kun oldin
  • My dog was a Neapolitan Mastiff 255 lb of him his name was Arthur and I loved him more than I do almost any creature on earth unfortunately he was killed a few years back he was my friend he was my partner and yes my protector most adults were terrified of him children and old people walked up to him like he was just another puppy and that's the way he behaved with children and old people he knew he wasn't stupid

    Michael MeagherMichael Meagher29 kun oldin
    • @Bax 60 out of the 10 coolest people I know three of them are dogs 2 our horses

      Michael MeagherMichael Meagher28 kun oldin
    • I never met a dog I didnt like.Dogs have truly been my best friends all my life...

      Bax 60Bax 6028 kun oldin
    • His registered name was arturus castus his call name was Arthur

      Michael MeagherMichael Meagher29 kun oldin
    • That's a great name for a big guy like that.

      Bax 60Bax 6029 kun oldin
  • If dogs are man's best friend and Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend what's that say about girls oops just a thought

    Michael MeagherMichael Meagher29 kun oldin
    • @Bax 60 we men have two heads unfortunately God only gave us enough blood in our bodies to power them one at a time

      Michael MeagherMichael Meagher28 kun oldin
    • @Michael Meagher women love fashion and jewelry, while men love horsepower and chrome..

      Bax 60Bax 6028 kun oldin
    • @Bax 60 I was thinking emotionally We Men love something as wonderful as dogs women love diamonds you don't have to love or care for a diamond just wear it

      Michael MeagherMichael Meagher29 kun oldin
    • It's because us men are a bit like dogs in many ways.

      Bax 60Bax 6029 kun oldin

    Harry BallzHarry Ballz29 kun oldin
  • We have a sled dog reject. He loves to run, but loves to play. I was an Iditarod volunteer on the Iditarod 25 years ago on Norton Sound..

    Chris AldenChris AldenOy oldin
  • Dear friends, Jesus Christ comes first for He deserves first place over EVERYTHING in our lives. Jesus is above and over all. “He is before all things, and in him all things hold together” (Col. 1 : 17). Jesus is supreme over all creation (vv. 15-16). He is “the head of the body, the church” (v. 18). Because of this, He should have first place in all things. Jesus deserves the best of our time, energy, and affection. When we give Jesus the highest place of honor in each area of our lives, this truth becomes visible to those around us. At work, are we laboring first for God or only to please our employer? (3 : 23). How do God’s standards show up in the way we treat others? (vv. 12-14). Do we put Him first as we live our lives and pursue our favorite pastimes? When Jesus is our greatest influence in all of life, He will have His rightful place in our hearts. Dear one, place Jesus first in your life by first acknowledging that you are a sinner in need of our Savior. Confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord of your life. Welcome Yeshua (Jesus Christ) into your life. Receive grace through faith by believing in Jesus Christ and what He did on the cross, His death, burial and resurrection for the sins of all mankind. You will then be sealed in salvation and blessed abundantly. Your life will be forever changed! Please pray the following prayer with me...Dear Lord Jesus, You deserve the best of my time, energy, and affection. I crown You King of my heart and Lord over everything I do. Help me to always trust You and put you first in every aspect of my life because I know Your way is the BEST way! Thank you Lord, this I pray in Your Mighty Mighty name, Amen! May God bless you in the Glorious name of Jesus Christ our Lord and our Savior.❤️❤️❤️

    Ms. LovingMs. LovingOy oldin
    • Thank you for writing that. It was short, sweet, and to the point. May our Father in Heaven richly bless you.

      Claidheamh da LaimhClaidheamh da Laimh9 kun oldin
  • ❤❤❤❤❤

    Angie ArellanoAngie ArellanoOy oldin
  • I have a Belgium malinois. It bothers me the way the cops handle them and treat them.Take a look at how they handle the people and know that they dont handle the dogs well Ethier.

    Bax 60Bax 60Oy oldin
    • oh jesus....

      Derek GodinDerek Godin29 kun oldin
  • My dog is an angel.

    Mike PoteetMike PoteetOy oldin
  • Life is better with a dog.

    Patrick O'BrienPatrick O'BrienOy oldin
    • yes i love how they yell all night and you arent allowed to do anything about it.

  • no pet in the world is more loyal than a dog.

    jamie turnagejamie turnageOy oldin
    • @Adam Rainwater yeh

      DougtheirishthugDougtheirishthug7 kun oldin
    • @Bax 60 Dog = God

      Adam RainwaterAdam Rainwater8 kun oldin
    • Dog spelled backwards is...

      Bax 60Bax 6029 kun oldin
  • this video left out so much more that dogs do, but that is ok.

    redsammyredsammyOy oldin
  • i do not believe in the evolution theory in regards to animals..u aint gonna go from a wold to a teacup dog sorry

    Kevinator _Kevinator _Oy oldin
    • god created life through evolution, smarten up and quit trying to deny his creation.

    • The smaller dogs were likely descended from the fox family .

      Bax 60Bax 6029 kun oldin
  • if it wasnt for the *wolves* looking for scrap from humans we woudnt have *modern day dogs*

    darkball31darkball31Oy oldin
  • Yup, you nailed my thought. I Like this, and pretty Woman.

    BruceBruceOy oldin
  • This world is a much better place thanks to dogs!

    Bob FishBob FishOy oldin
  • i-love-english-bulldogs

    mike hoagemike hoageOy oldin
  • My children, come follow me . I am your god..

    Jorge GarciaJorge GarciaOy oldin
  • Police dogs that are trained to attack are abused animals and that's the bottom line. Dogs that are killed in the 'line of duty' never had a choice.

    DerksDerksOy oldin
    • bet u a vegan

      Derek GodinDerek Godin27 kun oldin
    • @I OFFER YOU THIS where are u from cause i can guarantee you've never had a bad run in with cops. you just watch the news.

      Derek GodinDerek Godin28 kun oldin
    • police are trained to be sociopaths, so what makes you think they would ever care about an animal when they are specifically trained to not care about humans?

    • @Derek Godin You must be high because none of that makes any sense and has nothing to do with poor dog handling...

      Bax 60Bax 6029 kun oldin
    • if u own a dog and didnt ask he or she first. you're just as at fault. the logic of you is amazing and need to be studied. next time i eat meat im gonna think, did the cow have a said in whether they died or not?

      Derek GodinDerek Godin29 kun oldin
  • Good ol history channel...

  • I've had dogs all my life 💓 my dad had a pack of hunting dogs when I was born and I have never been without a dog in my 59 year's. Always faithful and always by my side. I have a rescued Australian Shepherd named Dave now and he's my best friend I don't know where I would be without him 🐾🐾💓 my last dog Sammy passed away last year at 18 she was a Border Collie Dave and I miss her every day. Before that I had a Pit Bull named Sissy she was the best dog, loved kid's didn't matter who's kid she was truly a Nanny dog nothing like what you hear about Pit Bulls 💓🐾🐾 I had her for 12 years she died from cancer 💔

    R JayR JayOy oldin
  • Guess who doesn't have dogs unless u count mellania

    congoballs Gamingcongoballs GamingOy oldin
    • @Ewolf5150 Idk the polls maybe or the corona virus maybe 200k people dead somethinh like that 😆 need more?

      congoballs Gamingcongoballs Gaming26 kun oldin
    • Trumpsta is a bit of a germaphobe, and this is why hes not found of dogs in his home.

      Bax 60Bax 6029 kun oldin
    • @Ewolf5150 obviously u do lol aww is trump losing 😆

      congoballs Gamingcongoballs Gaming29 kun oldin
    • Dont start it..

      Bax 60Bax 60Oy oldin
  • Golden retriever and labs are mentally retarted I sware. Such loves tho 😍

    not much leg hairnot much leg hairOy oldin
  • I've had a dog since I was 10 years old. I now have three and will have dogs as long as I can.

    Regular GuyRegular GuyOy oldin
  • Proud owner of 2 GSH here 💕🐾🐾💕

    Space__CloudSpace__CloudOy oldin
  • TGEEZY #1 FULLSUPPORT . . . . .

    Taren GibsonTaren GibsonOy oldin
  • primates are different than humans. they lived in the wild. humans are civilized. there is a difference.

    Passion 4 LifePassion 4 LifeOy oldin
    • weird how you think you are smarter than God by saying you know he couldnt have created us through evolution simply because people who prove his work dont believe in him. fake christian.

  • alright atheists. give me your best shot.

    Passion 4 LifePassion 4 LifeOy oldin
    • @Ewolf5150 Just wait ,he will prove it too you one day... of this you can be absolutely certain.

      Bax 60Bax 6025 kun oldin
    • @Ewolf5150 l would say the understanding of mankind is less than childlike compared to his creator...everything around us ,even at the molecular level has an intelligent design that was well thought out, wasnt just an accident...

      Bax 60Bax 6026 kun oldin
    • He is the great I Am and he always was and will forever be the alpha and the omega. It is beyond our comprehension because God is completely removed from what we know as time.

      Bax 60Bax 6027 kun oldin
    • god created life through evolution. if you disagree you are saying that god is not capable.

    • If there was no God there would be no life.

      Bax 60Bax 6029 kun oldin
  • I love my Staffy and miss my Lab Bull, Pekingese and Schnauzer

    BxxDxx HoodooBxxDxx HoodooOy oldin
  • Dyah like dahgs

    BxxDxx HoodooBxxDxx HoodooOy oldin
    • Oh, dogs.....yeah, I like DAGS!

      Matt PeacockMatt PeacockOy oldin
  • I like dogs better than I like people

    Mallory SimonsMallory SimonsOy oldin
  • Yesssssssss

    Senior Whoopy IRLSenior Whoopy IRLOy oldin
  • Dogs are in fact something very special.

    E M KE M KOy oldin

      Linda ThrallLinda Thrall4 kun oldin
    • 🎀

      Steven NunezSteven Nunez23 kun oldin
  • Vets tell you to not feed things like chicken with bones in it, but wolves have no issue eating prey with bones. Granted, cooked chicken is different.

    Pat McBridePat McBrideOy oldin
    • dogs have no issue eating raw food either they have the same GI track as a wolf Vet's aren't allowed to recommend raw feeding because it goes against everything they are thought in Vet school. Kibble is trash food and can cause issiuses like cancer and food allegies feeding your dog a Biologically Appropriate RAW Food diet will let them live longer healthier lives

      Red SchaferRed SchaferOy oldin
  • oh god i hated when my dog would sent mark she would find where the male deer and other woodland critters would pee and roll in it and boy would she reek lol

    Red SchaferRed SchaferOy oldin
    • Yeah that phenomenon is bad. The Funkiest they could find

      Jerome DuffyJerome DuffyOy oldin
  • Woof...woof...bark...woof

    Spidey WhiplashSpidey WhiplashOy oldin
  • Lab mutts are the most popular breed of dog in America for good reason, they're the best!

    Matt PeacockMatt PeacockOy oldin
    • I had a Lab/Rottweiler mix when I was a kid. She looked just like a black lab but her paws were huge.

      RumjackRumjack28 kun oldin
    • I’ve had both Labrador and Golden Retrievers and they’re related but Golden Retrievers are the best.

      GR ReedGR ReedOy oldin
    • Labs are the BEST!

      nova423nova423Oy oldin
  • I wished they would've told the viewers that the dog also loses heat thru their paws, ALSO. You'll notice that dogs like to puddle their paws around in a spot of water to cool off also.

    mike talasmike talasOy oldin
    • Good to know

      FlankerActualFlankerActualOy oldin
  • Noted Shih Tzu owner here! 🐾 these pawed organisms are so sweet!

    NW EmersonNW EmersonOy oldin
    • Indeed they are! I've had many! Same breed, no two ever alike!!

      lowell hawkinslowell hawkins26 kun oldin
  • My dog Eleanor, named after the beetles song, helped me through the hardest parts of my life. I loved her more than any human. She's been gone for 5 years now, and I still miss her. I'm just glad my children got to know her love in her old age. My dogs have never been pets, they are family, our best friends and our most trusted companions.

    Joshua BlackJoshua BlackOy oldin
    • Whenthe666 allDogsgone

      Steven NunezSteven Nunez23 kun oldin
    • I never met a dog I didnt like

      Bax 60Bax 60Oy oldin
    • beautifully said. thank you for the story

      Timothy TamezTimothy TamezOy oldin
  • It was Togo that did all the work

    K wutahK wutahOy oldin
  • I ❤ my 2 doges

    Jake PJake POy oldin
  • We were always cat people. That was cool. Never had a dog growing up. So we finally got our first dog in 1996, 12 years after we got married they all were adopted or rescued. We are on our 3rd dog. He's about 4 years old and his name is Cola. We live here in Cincinnati. I can say unflinchingly that I am a dog person.

    Peter MayerPeter MayerOy oldin
    • bet the neighbors love when he yells at full volume in the middle of the night

    • Me? I'm a 'hyena-boy.' I have a hankerin' for skinnin' those canines and then scalping it and eating its pancreas raw. Makes me feel kind of 'holy,' ya know? Like Pluto or Abraham......ya know what I mean?

      Yih DzelonhYih Dzelonh29 kun oldin
  • We can’t make a dog from a wolf even today, our ancestors knew more than we do or God created domestic animals alongside the wildlife and at the same time.

    mike schoolcraftmike schoolcraftOy oldin
    • I agree Mike! When scientists don't know how to explain something, they make it up.

      M17 DassM17 Dass8 kun oldin
    • Actually dogs have been made from wolves and foxes, etc. The process is faster than you might 'PINOCCHIO'-believe...

      Yih DzelonhYih Dzelonh29 kun oldin
    • @ mike schoolcraft actually we can that's the cool thing in the 1950's Russian fox farmers found out that by breeding the tamest foxes together they wound up with dog like foxes within three generations theres no reason to believe prehistoric man Couldn't have done the same thing with the wolves that they had adopted and generations later we have the domestic dog it's only with in the past 200 years that we actually started breeding dogs with a job in mind

      Red SchaferRed SchaferOy oldin
    • We can absolutely make a dog from a wolf today. Only takes a couple of generations of selective breeding to domesticate a wolf and make a litter of dogs. Unless you mean turn a wolf into a specific breed. That can take hundreds or even thousands of years of selective breeding

      Joshua BlackJoshua BlackOy oldin
    • You believe there is an invisible guy up in the clouds listening to everyone? You should be evaluated for schizophrenia...

      Mr. B. TraceMr. B. TraceOy oldin
  • Togo

    Jeremy BarrettaJeremy BarrettaOy oldin