dodie - Hate Myself (Official Video)

12-Yan, 2021
650 966 Ko‘rishlar soni

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Created by dodie & Sammy Paul
Directed by Sammy Paul
Produced by
Cambria Bailey-Jones & Reb Day
Executive Producer:
Guy Larsen -
Director of Photography:
Ciaran O’Brien -
Art Director: Louis Grant
Edited by Jamie Macleod
Visual Effects by Dave Brain
Ciaran O’Brien
First Assistant Director:
Reb Day
Assistant Camera:
Rachael Hutchings
Richard Scott
Camera Trainee:
Will Davis
Niamh Crowley
Heather Clark
Special Thanks:
Salima Paul
Julyan Paul
Phoenix Stone
Bliss Wild
Edith Windle
Josh Edwards
Artie The Cat

  • Anime training ark anyone?

    Bingo BongoBingo Bongo25 daqiqa oldin
  • Klaus (2019) live action remake

    Sammy with a WhySammy with a Why4 soat oldin
  • is this the isle of Eroda?

    anonymous commenteranonymous commenter6 soat oldin
  • why did this make me sob?

    Malak El-JadaMalak El-Jada6 soat oldin
  • ok that was adorable :")

    urja durja d7 soat oldin
  • Still so good! That little 'letter drop' karate move tho

    EmsEms8 soat oldin

    ainrehainreh14 soat oldin
  • First listen, i have no idea what shes saying...

    Janella bagxicJanella bagxic16 soat oldin
  • really loving the new music!!!!

    Jordan MillsJordan Mills20 soat oldin
  • my fav movie 🔥

    AndikamuhammadAndikamuhammad20 soat oldin
  • This should be a montage song in a movie

    Jodee AKAJodee AKA22 soat oldin
  • this is wonderful

    Hazel BarzilayHazel BarzilayKun oldin

    Hazel BarzilayHazel BarzilayKun oldin
  • Okay hear me out dodie + Harry styles = legendary

    jhassan101jhassan101Kun oldin
  • Rocky post ! :D The clip is very nice ^^

    elmatador0705elmatador0705Kun oldin
  • didnt know stormfront made such cool music

    JP de RieJP de RieKun oldin
  • this looks like a movie trailer! And the music is as amazing as ever!

    Teah GoodTeah GoodKun oldin
  • This is actually fire. As an on-again-off-again follower of everything you do, I'm pretty excited for this album and this song has done nothing less than double my excitement to blast this album around friends just so I can tell them who it is when they ask and get them hooked. Keep it up Dodie, you're amazing :))

    Elijah MucciElijah MucciKun oldin
  • it is sooo good!

    jane eyrejane eyreKun oldin
  • Lmao same

    Francis Flanders-Whitney Year 9Francis Flanders-Whitney Year 9Kun oldin
  • why she float at the end?

    Jakob PincottJakob PincottKun oldin
  • the only boys in blue i support :)

    hh hehhhhh hehhh2 kun oldin
  • i need to know what 'spit to the left' means

    jessijessi2 kun oldin
  • لا تكرهين نفسج لوف يور سيلف ♥️✨

    طلقت تاي وتزوجت هوبيطلقت تاي وتزوجت هوبي2 kun oldin
  • What an amazing, but sad video. Girl only finds meaning and acceptance by absolute dedication to her job, which is most likely for an uncaring privatised entity :(

    EgregiusEgregius2 kun oldin
  • Love this, Dodie

    Dhruv ChakravertiDhruv Chakraverti2 kun oldin
  • Why was this so damn beautiful to watch?? Kind of reminds me of Klaus, haha, love it!

    CarrieCarrie2 kun oldin
  • yeapieyeapie2 kun oldin
  • These songs are so far outside my normal tastes, but Dodie just radiates my same vibes in all her videos. I appreciate this content so much.

    JumpsuitJamboreeJumpsuitJamboree2 kun oldin
  • We love you over and over we love you!

    Unrepresentative RepresentationUnrepresentative Representation2 kun oldin
  • Absolutely fantastic production. I love the sound! I really hope you don't hate yourself, you deserve much better.

    Gregg JonesGregg Jones2 kun oldin
  • i love all the little nods to the guiltless music video here!!! idk if they're intentional or not but like, the part where she takes out the chest and the part at the end where she's floating very much remind me of guiltless. almost like the opposite of guiltless though - maybe this is has to do with unpacking your problems in a way that feels more healthy rather than either ignoring them or falling into them? idk

    Caia CrowCaia Crow2 kun oldin
  • this felt like a mini-movie

    wutonearthwutonearth2 kun oldin
  • Dodie's Delivery Service, she just needs a broom.

    0y0chang00y0chang03 kun oldin
  • Was this were harry styles filmed adore you? It feels familiar

    Chloe NerdoChloe Nerdo3 kun oldin

    Nora RaabNora Raab3 kun oldin
  • Klaus vibes

    Ane MunainAne Munain3 kun oldin
  • Her music videos are always so good

    indy Mickey 5000indy Mickey 50003 kun oldin
  • not very versatile

    HumanErrorHumanError3 kun oldin
  • Note to self: Dodie is great for drawing, dancing in the rain, sitting on my roof, and sitting at the creek by myself.

    Local AestheticLocal Aesthetic3 kun oldin

    andyandy3 kun oldin
  • I'm gonna rewatch this until my eyes bleed

    Michelle SimeusMichelle Simeus3 kun oldin
  • omg i almost forgot to watch this today

    Kayla ChauKayla Chau3 kun oldin
  • Hey dodie do you wanna tell me why this made me cry

    Haley NunesHaley Nunes3 kun oldin
  • Birdie loves this ♥

    BIRDIEBIRDIE3 kun oldin
  • Wow I love this so much! anyone know what typeface she used for the title card at the beginning? Its absolutely lovely!

    Gabriel HilgerGabriel Hilger4 kun oldin
  • I listened to this the day it came out but now I'm listening back and I just felt the need to comment THIS IS TOO GOOD FOR MY EARS AND FOR MY EYES. Just amazing work. I'm absolutely in love

    Anna SchmelzAnna Schmelz4 kun oldin
  • i love it

    Ele ElineEle Eline4 kun oldin
  • It's been 10 days and yet I've listened to this song maybe 1,000 times already

    Nick AndrewsNick Andrews4 kun oldin
  • As someone with ADHD, this song encompasses the feeling of RSD (Rejection Sensitivity Disorder) where if i perceive any form of rejection from someone I care about I immediately overthink and get immense anxiety. If someone I care about who usually opens up to me suddenly shut down around me I would probably sense myself into a spiral like the lyrics of this song

    Mariah BanditMariah Bandit4 kun oldin
  • is she going to postwoman heaven

    emilie b.emilie b.4 kun oldin
  • another beautiful song (:

    Earthy LannaEarthy Lanna4 kun oldin
  • i think we all need a supportive lady giving us a thumbs up from her window honestly

    Scarlett CooperScarlett Cooper4 kun oldin
  • Ahhh lovely Polperro. One day I shall live there.

    SantaDeerhoundSantaDeerhound4 kun oldin
  • omg right on

    nathan Caguiatnathan Caguiat4 kun oldin
  • I absolutely love this!! Does anyone else get emotional when the lady gives Dodie a thumbs up? No just me? okay ✉️

    JessicaJessica4 kun oldin

    MurielMuriel4 kun oldin
  • Most native English speakers from places that aren't USA actually adopt more American accents when they sing, for phonetic reasons. Dodie's accent in this song is much less understandable for my American self, though

    Jelly RollsJelly Rolls4 kun oldin
  • mood

    truck2224truck22244 kun oldin
  • Polperro?

    The Legend20STFUThe Legend20STFU4 kun oldin
  • *sees packages left in full view on the steps/by the gate* TRIGGERED!!!!

    readmachine18readmachine184 kun oldin

    LeoLeo4 kun oldin
  • Turn this masterpiece into a movie and take my money.

    Skinniest KweenSkinniest Kween4 kun oldin
  • This is so good! The video and the song!

    Bye FeliciaBye Felicia4 kun oldin
  • For me its about being in your head. Even if there's not a problem there you fill it in with your insecurities (brain on fire) and worry about things you did or didn't say/feel. (When u go quiet I hate myself= needing constant validation for everything, big or small)

    L MG123L MG1235 kun oldin
  • This reminds me of that one movie on netflix about that lazy postman who gets sent to a rlly scary town and then works with santa to bring the town back together. Just me? Ok

    23Elyza Tuan23Elyza Tuan5 kun oldin
  • 💖iTTrue stoRy NiCeLy dOnE 🎉👏👏👏💨👏👏👏👏💖💯🌌🚀🤤

    413 Felix Ortiz413 Felix Ortiz5 kun oldin
  • This song speaks to me of dealing with bad mental health professionals. Especially when they don’t understand the anxiety they cause you. When you go quiet I hate myself. They make it feel like it’s your fault they aren’t helping; there’s something wrong with me. They’re supposed to be the ones who make sense, but then they’re like: oh so illogical I’m not magical I can’t read your mind. But how can they not hear this whole conversation I’m having sitting still with a brain on fire? It always feels like it’s your fault for not getting them to understand, like it’s your fault for not making sense- but no, I don’t think I can help it. It’s a journey to realising you’re worth a lot more than you’re getting: you’re only worth losing now. But it isn’t your fault. This isn’t how you’re supposed to feel. I don’t think they get me, dear- and that’s okay. Someone will, and eventually you will too. You don’t have to hate yourself.

    Catriona ClarkCatriona Clark5 kun oldin
    • bro me getting attacked by my psychiatrists for not talking enough when i was there for social anxiety disorder

      Beck StylesBeck Styles4 kun oldin
  • love this so much

    ShieldWolfKnightShieldWolfKnight5 kun oldin
  • oh my god I love this video I love this song I love you fanTASTIC job to everyone involved

    Lucy BaumannLucy Baumann5 kun oldin
  • that is so beautiful, thank you

    Karolina MaláKarolina Malá5 kun oldin
  • I love the Music Video and ur voice is so unique I LOVE IT ☺️👏

    Gesselle RomanGesselle Roman5 kun oldin
  • Sammy I love this

    Úna ParkinsonÚna Parkinson5 kun oldin
  • I can’t even count how many times I’ve played this song. So amazing!!

    Veronica JohnsonVeronica Johnson5 kun oldin
  • I love you, Dodie 💚

    wiji auliawiji aulia5 kun oldin
  • That music tho... Uplifting.

    Damien LDamien L5 kun oldin
  • go quiet, I hate myself) No, I don't think I can help it (Mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm)

    miko foinmiko foin5 kun oldin
  • you’re such a musical genius dodie

    for fucks sake do not hump the catsfor fucks sake do not hump the cats5 kun oldin
  • why does this remind me of eroda from adore you by harry styles

    Gabrielle KalembaGabrielle Kalemba5 kun oldin
  • loved it💗💗

    Zeno KeskinoZeno Keskino5 kun oldin

    kk5 kun oldin
    • go quiet, I hate myself) No, I don't think I can help it (Mmm-mmm-mmm-mmm)

      miko foinmiko foin5 kun oldin
  • Such a great song! Pretty sure the location here is Polperro, an absolutely beautiful little place on the south coast of Cornwall - definitely recommend a visit!

    BrindlesBrindles5 kun oldin
    • Yes it is Polperro. A little gem of a place.

      John CooperJohn Cooper3 kun oldin
  • this video looks like it takes place in the same spot as the Adore You video

    Samuel PearceSamuel Pearce5 kun oldin
  • you are so beyond incredible oh my god

    AndyAndy5 kun oldin
  • Klaus but a musical version? I think so 😎

    Morgan IrbsMorgan Irbs5 kun oldin
  • Damn. I thought this was Dido. Couldn’t click off fast enough.

    Fred FannakapanFred Fannakapan5 kun oldin
  • Please continue to do music this is literally the thing I've been saying to myself for the last week week and a half. This has also been thought that I've thought about for years

    Amber ReindersAmber Reinders5 kun oldin
  • Did anyone else think it was Dr. Dray in the thumbnail?

    David CDavid C5 kun oldin
  • if these so far released tracks are ANY indication, this whole album is gonna be absolutely amazing!!!

    Tess WTess W6 kun oldin
  • beautiful. 🖤

    Kendra FavaroKendra Favaro6 kun oldin
  • Too Dodie and everyone who worked on this, omg this is beautiful!👌💗💗💗💗

    Sophia MacGregorSophia MacGregor6 kun oldin
  • Klaus but in Dodie version

    Cristina montesinosCristina montesinos6 kun oldin
  • When you realise life is hard and dodie brings out a new song and suddenly the worlds just a bit brighter. Thank you

    Katie MclarenKatie Mclaren6 kun oldin
  • dodieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    oedipascourageoedipascourage6 kun oldin
  • Ame el vídeo, la canción, el ritmo, la letra, el significado, lo que me hizo sentir, todo junto fue wow. La amo mucho💐❤️✨🔝

    Gaby FaggionGaby Faggion6 kun oldin
  • The way this song explains anxiety perfectly.

    Wikaa 120Wikaa 1206 kun oldin
  • everyone talking about drivers license but sleeping on this songggggg 😮

    kitkat _09kitkat _096 kun oldin
  • She’s gorgeous 😍 and extremely talented

    Shari TaylorShari Taylor6 kun oldin
    • overcompensate in communication really bad (at least that's how I interpreted it)

      wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioov6 kun oldin
  • Postlady Dodie is doing things to me

    The Land Of DreamsThe Land Of Dreams6 kun oldin
    • @wnnalis cioov well i meant that in a gay way but yeah the set was beautiful

      The Land Of DreamsThe Land Of Dreams6 kun oldin
    • I love that she used a rural Cornish fishing village, the village I live in no less, even used my dad and stepmums letter box! Loved the music video

      wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioov6 kun oldin
  • I can't stop listening to this song xD

    GumkaGumka6 kun oldin