Djent 2020

30-Sen, 2020
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This is the LAST video I make in the "Djent" series of videos!!1!1!! I will link the other five videos down below! Please show support to the other musicians in this video by following their UZworld pages linked below! Thank you so much for watching.
Djent 2015:
Djent 2016:
Djent 2017:
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Djent 2019:
Andrew Baena:
Alain Ibrahim:
Andrew Tkaczyk:
Berried Alive:
Charlie Robbins:
Cole Rolland:
Drewsif Stalin:
Felix Martin:
I Built The Sky:
Ichika Nito:
Jared Dines:
Jason Richardson:
Joshua Travis:
Manuel Fernandes:
Matt Heafy:
Misha Mansoor:
Nik Nocturnal:
Rabea Massaad:
Steve Terreberry:
Tosin Abasi:
If you made it this far in the description you djent, and I commend thee.

  • Kmac pls...🥺

    Jared DinesJared Dines20 kun oldin
    • @Yea ItsShadow nobody cares why don't u send them to your mom and see what she says that'd be your best reaction

      covid 19covid 19Kun oldin
    • Jared I've been practicing my deathcore screaming can u tell me if they're good plz reply to this and i will send u a short audio clip.

      Yea ItsShadowYea ItsShadowKun oldin
    • Atleast we also got scuffed Kmac, Drewsif Stalin.

      sREUDIAN fLIPsREUDIAN fLIP3 kun oldin
    • Djent battle with berried alive?

      Mai‘q The LiarMai‘q The Liar4 kun oldin
    • @N word Mick Gordon doesn't djent

      covid 19covid 1911 kun oldin
  • everyone is shredding. even ichika nito also doing manuel fernandes (no) lol

    shivam kumarshivam kumarSoat oldin
  • Josh Travis’ segment should be preceded with “SKIBBI BOP MMDADAP!”

    VeroVero5 soat oldin
  • I like Charlie Robbins bets at 6:14 very musical and has a Latin flavor yet has the proper Djent sound on the bass strings. Ichika Nito had a nice funky feel rhythmically yet Djent sound people should copy that rhythm (One of the best in this video) . Stevie T's technique was unique but not very musical but very bold and great bending sounds. Alain Ibrahim had a unique rhythm, kind of reminded me of Black Sabbath meets Djent, very heavy and musical. Rabea Massaad also had an earlier rock strum integrated with the Djent sound, nice and musical. Manuel Fernandes, that pretty sound is not Djent wheres the distortion? but highly skilled playing ( he should have had the guitar sound of Charlie Robbins for this) . Nik Nocturnal was the scariest, had the wildest spirit. Tobin had a similar sinister vibe. Felix Martin is a great double neck tap guitarist but his guitar was recorded poorly, muddy and far away sounding, not enough distortion , Djent rhythm not proper except for a moment. Drewsif Stalin had the Djent Spirit.

    Peter WintzPeter Wintz6 soat oldin
  • I agree with what Austin said about Stevie t on his stream. People hate him because he is so nerdy and so good at guitar. People get mad because of that.

    Caleb dodoCaleb dodo6 soat oldin
  • Made a mistake by not involving john browne...

    Awakened SoulAwakened Soul8 soat oldin
  • did misha just play skibidi on guitar?

    Stef TStef T11 soat oldin
  • Abassi, cute, Stevie the best

    Mart1n dabassMart1n dabass11 soat oldin
  • Always liked drewsifs style. Stevie shows up: here we go lol. Berried is an alien. Misha lol. And kmac is gold as per usual.

    Fredrik SvärdFredrik Svärd12 soat oldin
  • Freaking sick bro

    CESCES12 soat oldin
  • yup yup that 6 string djents gents 5:35

    Ryan de KwaadstenietRyan de Kwaadsteniet13 soat oldin
  • Never thought I'd say this, but.... Stalin did an amazing job!

    The MarknessThe Markness13 soat oldin
  • Tkaczyk and Ibrahim didn't just djent. They Thalled.

    Fisher NewmanFisher Newman14 soat oldin
  • misha was trying so hard not to laugh lmao

    Patrick SheldonPatrick Sheldon15 soat oldin
  • 1:50-1:58 is so good

    CAMBIT CreatesCAMBIT Creates15 soat oldin
  • Hahaha the banner for your youtube page is cutoff and just says "Red Din"

    Squee6669Squee666915 soat oldin
  • Can I get the tabs?

    jay dibyajay dibya16 soat oldin
  • we get it jason you play guitar XD

    THABUGMAN 94THABUGMAN 9417 soat oldin
  • LOVE IT!!!! awesome Collab guys!

    Denny RodriguezDenny Rodriguez17 soat oldin
  • Baena's djent tone constantly pulls me back and forth between liking and disliking it. I'm not sure why tbh

    RevhalinRevhalin18 soat oldin
  • Mick Gordon have very good collective for Doom soundtrack.

    AnTi mozGAnTi mozG19 soat oldin
  • I was honestly disappointed with it, other than Jared, Drewsif, Steve, Ichika, Rabea, Charlie, and sadly not Nik. Felt like there was something missing. Like a lack of continuity, or flow between each riff. It did not make a for an enjoyable experience; for me personally.

    Andrew VirtueAndrew Virtue20 soat oldin
    • Waaaah

      Tarantula MadnessTarantula Madness13 soat oldin
  • 1:35, скибиди?????не, это рил литл-биг, по ритму точь в точь лол

    rock rollerrock roller21 soat oldin
  • Matt Heafy is thrashy, not djenty plz

    Damien LDamien L22 soat oldin
  • Manuel Fernandes has tobe the most annoying guitar player ever... ok we get it, you strum. you like to strum. did your father used to strum you when you were a kid ?

    Damien LDamien L22 soat oldin
  • Charlie Robbins gave a good example of what I hate in today metal music... an unnecessary display of borring fillings that kills the groove.

    Damien LDamien L22 soat oldin

    Damien LDamien L22 soat oldin
  • Misha Mansoor: the man that can make you mosh to Skibidi wapapa.

    Kirk WAHmett 89Kirk WAHmett 8923 soat oldin
  • That Tim Henson wannabe didnt know about Djent huh?

    Justin Y FansJustin Y Fans23 soat oldin
  • Damn Ichika own these guys with a 7 strings. Dont let that guy dial up gain and touch the first fret

    Justin Y FansJustin Y Fans23 soat oldin
  • Wait, was that Misha playing SKIBADEE DJENT DJENT DJENT?

    Tobias SampleTobias SampleKun oldin
  • Lmao that steve terreberry was actually sick af

    Austin FacesAustin FacesKun oldin
  • Rabea always plays his guitar like it owes him money \M/

    Nate JonesNate JonesKun oldin
  • Charlie absolutely killed it

    Joakim BirkelidJoakim BirkelidKun oldin
  • Why does Rabea always has one of the best riffs? They are always awesome and proof that you don't need an 8 string to djent.

    blasserdünnerjungeblasserdünnerjungeKun oldin
  • Felix Martin what the actual fok lol :)

    MetallixMetallixKun oldin
  • 08:56 Neymar can play djent thoo?!

    1980 Vintage & Classic1980 Vintage & ClassicKun oldin
  • Anyone know off hand what guitar Rabea Massaad is playing

    Will CressonWill CressonKun oldin
  • felix martin ismexican jared

    JovanJovanKun oldin
  • Noice Felix Martin!!!!

    Mad GMad GKun oldin
  • where is rudy ayoub?

    Derick JunDerick JunKun oldin
  • Drewsif went hard Mirin

    Dillon JagerskyDillon JagerskyKun oldin
  • Tosin's part made me instantly mosh

    miguel ramirezmiguel ramirezKun oldin
  • This kind of crossover it's what I like to enjoy, beautiful guys, that was amazing, greetings from Bolivia

    underfaceunderfaceKun oldin
  • kmac was the best

    K3 MODSK3 MODSKun oldin
  • Next year Mick Gordon?😃

    Iko De GrootIko De GrootKun oldin
  • LMAO Misha copying Skidibi

    Armando LopezArmando LopezKun oldin
  • Andrew Destroyed this Set! Holy

    - Nohvotic -- Nohvotic -Kun oldin
  • ichika is so insanely talented that he instantly overplays everything

    Milklover 425Milklover 425Kun oldin
  • did misha troll us, put it in mono and crank the bass?

    aynseaynseKun oldin
  • stevie killed it

    Cameron MeadCameron MeadKun oldin
  • Stevie's was more like Djub Stentp

    weatherfordjaweatherfordjaKun oldin
  • 01:02 plz tell me how do u make this effect?!

    Mr.WMr.WKun oldin
    • It's a whammy flutter. He flicked his whammy bar. Look it up

      EroEroKun oldin
  • Trying to make live djent again??

    Ale RhnAle RhnKun oldin
  • Stevie T is the clear god of ddddjent

    Joseph TsuiJoseph Tsui2 kun oldin
  • You taught us the culture of Djent with your humor. The achievement is too great. This is a historic video! 🎸🎶

    N&MCreationN&MCreation2 kun oldin
  • Hey guys, I upload guitar covers on my channel, but hardly get any viewers. I would greatly appreciate anyone taking a minute to check it out, thank you and have a great day!

    AntoineIbanezgioAntoineIbanezgio2 kun oldin
  • metal sucks

    gibbi requires soilgibbi requires soil2 kun oldin
  • My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

    CraigCraig2 kun oldin
  • The fact Misha played a little big song KILLS me

    camman1030camman10302 kun oldin
  • I respect stevie after this

    Dj.SevenDj.Seven2 kun oldin
  • Is nobody gonna point out how Misha was playing Skibbidi?

    CweaseGamingCweaseGaming2 kun oldin
  • Rabea and Nik go to the next round!

    JacobLeviJacobLevi2 kun oldin
  • Twenty djenty

    HighLordofTerraHighLordofTerra2 kun oldin
  • Convert this song into binary, then convert that into a usable machine code and you get a small 128x128 pixel animation of Jared headbanging in an OpenGL window...

    DigBipper188DigBipper1882 kun oldin
  • Please invite Tim Henson to shred collb 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lord_of_cinder 9lord_of_cinder 92 kun oldin
  • NICE !

    toke billtoke bill2 kun oldin
  • Jared's facial expressions and gestures reminded me so much of David Meshow 😂😂🤩

    Eternal_LifeEternal_Life2 kun oldin
  • Well for a LAST Video i was expecting the 1 String 2016 Djent Guitar

    Nicanor VillanuevaNicanor Villanueva2 kun oldin
  • is no one gonna talk about tosin’s part?

    Christian ManganChristian Mangan2 kun oldin
  • loads of talented players , horrible noise lol , its like dubstep for guitar :D

    Bludge 108Bludge 1082 kun oldin
  • 4:50 Omg

    Manuel ArzamendiaManuel Arzamendia2 kun oldin
  • Much kmac very djent

    The Lab of No ReturnThe Lab of No Return3 kun oldin
  • Misha caught me so off guard

    Tommy EklundTommy Eklund3 kun oldin
  • All were wonderful, but Rabea was beyond touched my spine.

    PolygunPolygun3 kun oldin
  • jason richardson listened to "medicine man-pantera" before recording lol

    Alex DumayAlex Dumay3 kun oldin
  • Misha... zero blinks given.

    Wak JobWak Job3 kun oldin
  • 1:31 Wait, wait, wait. Jason Richardson, with a Guitar Hero Xplorer?!?!?!? Something strange is afoot in these here parts...

    LOLMAN 9538LOLMAN 95383 kun oldin
  • I love seeing berried alive in this !

    Riley D.Riley D.3 kun oldin
  • Hey guys! Do you like my DJENT sound?

    Vee KurzVee Kurz3 kun oldin
  • Nobody: Manuel: Djeaven

    JaydenJayden3 kun oldin
  • tbh ichika nailed it for his first try

    Nikka LIVENikka LIVE3 kun oldin
  • I think Manuel Fernandez forgot to reamp his d.i. track

    Brayden DunlapBrayden Dunlap3 kun oldin
  • Tosin won

    Rodrigo VelascoRodrigo Velasco3 kun oldin
  • **This video was brought to you in part by Abasi Guitars**

    imHEIZTimHEIZT3 kun oldin
  • Djent最高ー そしてKmacよw

    ホンダネーションホンダネーション3 kun oldin
  • Berried Alive and Drewsif Stalin are my absolute favourites... my god dude :D

    BlackwaterBlackwater3 kun oldin
  • This is the next DOOM soundtrack.

    MattMatt3 kun oldin

    Jck BrcktJck Brckt4 kun oldin
  • Kmac did the right thing by sleeping through this video.

    Tripp R SheenTripp R Sheen4 kun oldin
  • Am I the only one that hears little big when Misha plays ?

    Theephenomenal 1Theephenomenal 14 kun oldin
  • Дай Ьог Вам всем здоровья и творческих узбеков! Джент - это круто!!!

    Partizan ResistancePartizan Resistance4 kun oldin
  • Ichika's part gave me goose bumps, can't wait for The Biggest Shred Collab Song 2020

    JEM MOSORJEM MOSOR4 kun oldin
  • drewsif is literally me playing anything

    richard mantheyrichard manthey4 kun oldin
  • Stevie T and kmac : why so serious guys?

    ouzy dorkouzy dork4 kun oldin
  • Finally subscribed. Work of art. All player were good. Hoping 2021 will be better. Steve Terreberry was G.O.A.T.

    This is weirdThis is weird4 kun oldin
  • 666 thousands watches

    Чигиани HhhhЧигиани Hhhh4 kun oldin
  • Bea is just unreal. BEAst!!!!!

    MillsyMillsy4 kun oldin
  • Steve Terreberry is playing Dubstep, not Djent, on his guitar. Checkmate Dubstep haters. This is proof that Dubstep is music because you can play it.

    Victor HerasVictor Heras4 kun oldin
  • Where can I get more of this kind of music?

    Victor HerasVictor Heras4 kun oldin