diggin' hole and rollin' coal.

28-Noy, 2020
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How to drive an excavator a.k.a.; how to run a hoe.

  • If you leave it on someone else’s property it is an understood invitation to borrow when you are not there....

    Ashley WilsonAshley WilsonKun oldin
  • first thing i do is fine the switch to switch the controls over

    34racn bobcat34racn bobcat6 kun oldin
  • It really looks like a lot of fun

    demofilmpuntnldemofilmpuntnl7 kun oldin
  • AvE the greatest Canadian Export.....In my humbly laughing opinion.....I am learning a new language at 70 yrs young......

    Phillip RagsdalePhillip Ragsdale13 kun oldin
  • I be runin some ho's too, like a side thing.

    Matt GordonMatt Gordon17 kun oldin
  • Hiya

    William T. MusilWilliam T. Musil17 kun oldin
  • man i would love to work side by side with this guy he is hilarious and seems to have a great attitude

    占い当てる占い当てる19 kun oldin
  • Very nice clear video what camera set up are you using for this

    blackrx1turboblackrx1turbo24 kun oldin
  • Your style of... instruction seems to resonate a lot more with me than the typical monotone explanation with diagrams and a written test. am I... different?

    Xavier StewartXavier Stewart24 kun oldin
  • Man.... I'm an Engineer, and I'm SMASSSSHED with family right now for New Years....watching your sexy ass videos.

    Ron PaulRon Paul24 kun oldin
  • The beauty of rentals you Drive it like you stole it and you use (coughing make.. it work and earn its keep. How the manufacturer is hoping you'll use it.

    A HA H25 kun oldin
  • 5:48 was that a nod to carlin?

    Carbon StampedeCarbon StampedeOy oldin
  • I just love getting on hoes, but getting off, is even better..

    Dave SmithDave SmithOy oldin
  • It ain't that hard.

    KansasScoutKansasScoutOy oldin
  • Actually, proportional valves are the same price as the bang-bang valves these days.

    Groo from the UPGroo from the UPOy oldin
  • looks like fun

    BurialBurialOy oldin
  • Pourquoi t’es si drôle je ne me l’explique pas bien. Ou alors c’est justement pour ça que t’es drôle. C’est pas le grossier mais plutôt le dérogatoire, pour faire en Français ce que tu fais en Anglais, la tangente verbale, le relevé systématique des absurdités de l’appendice buccal. Les plus déviants des lexicographes et les pervers du nerdgasm se côtoient sur ta chaîne, pour notre et ton bon plaisir. Mets tes Robert dans la vis alors que Richard se prépare, Ça veux rien dire mais tu comprendras. La Chine se soulève à l’approche des Nippons, c’est bien connu.

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  • Jack of all trades, master of none

    tweber1286tweber1286Oy oldin
  • LPL and AVE? I want to see LPL deftly open something and then AVE create a jigsaw powered rake pick

    Zeek1020Zeek1020Oy oldin
  • check out rototilt, that will really melt your head

    Dallan StevensonDallan StevensonOy oldin
  • *Long, long, long time fan of your* channel, I do believe in that long haired blue eyed arab hippie you are talking about, and I do believe he loves you. And fuck, anybody who thinks himself superior for believing either way. I think you are more christian than millions of people who think themselves christian but are actually just wearing their religion like you would a thousand dollar tuxedo at your local pizza hut.

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  • Regens are fun, and smell great too.

    JemFiparJemFiparOy oldin
  • I belewe it is eweyones dreem to operate a excavator. A Australian gy worked in a progekt in oer port. I askt if he preferd oer whether upp I Scandinavia. He anserd. No its the rototillt. Woh ewer I bet I was a girl. But wyh don't you use Rototillt everywhere. uzworld.info/player/video/mqu5nraLktSmdYg

    Håkan SmedjaHåkan SmedjaOy oldin
  • Back in the day ... digging holes and running hoes got me in some very tricky spots ... 😅

    Salty grandpa JoeSalty grandpa JoeOy oldin
  • All jokes aside, is that speed setting for the wipers?

    djd829djd829Oy oldin
  • Points awarded for the Friendly Giant reference.

    TroubleondemandTroubleondemandOy oldin
  • Mulga Bill's Bycycle by Banjo Paterson 'Twas Mulga Bill, from Eaglehawk, that caught the cycling craze; He turned away the good old horse that served him many days; He dressed himself in cycling clothes, resplendent to be seen; He hurried off to town and bought a shining new machine; And as he wheeled it through the door, with air of lordly pride, The grinning shop assistant said, "Excuse me, can you ride?" "See here, young man," said Mulga Bill, "from Walgett to the sea, From Conroy's Gap to Castlereagh, there's none can ride like me. I'm good all round at everything as everybody knows, Although I'm not the one to talk - I hate a man that blows. But riding is my special gift, my chiefest, sole delight; Just ask a wild duck can it swim, a wildcat can it fight. There's nothing clothed in hair or hide, or built of flesh or steel, There's nothing walks or jumps, or runs, on axle, hoof, or wheel, But what I'll sit, while hide will hold and girths and straps are tight: I'll ride this here two-wheeled concern right straight away at sight." 'Twas Mulga Bill, from Eaglehawk, that sought his own abode, That perched above Dead Man's Creek, beside the mountain road. He turned the cycle down the hill and mounted for the fray, But 'ere he'd gone a dozen yards it bolted clean away. It left the track, and through the trees, just like a silver steak, It whistled down the awful slope towards the Dead Man's Creek. It shaved a stump by half an inch, it dodged a big white-box: The very wallaroos in fright went scrambling up the rocks, The wombats hiding in their caves dug deeper underground, As Mulga Bill, as white as chalk, sat tight to every bound. It struck a stone and gave a spring that cleared a fallen tree, It raced beside a precipice as close as close could be; And then as Mulga Bill let out one last despairing shriek It made a leap of twenty feet into the Dean Man's Creek. 'Twas Mulga Bill, from Eaglehawk, that slowly swam ashore: He said, "I've had some narrer shaves and lively rides before; I've rode a wild bull round a yard to win a five-pound bet, But this was the most awful ride that I've encountered yet. I'll give that two-wheeled outlaw best; it's shaken all my nerve To feel it whistle through the air and plunge and buck and swerve. It's safe at rest in Dead Man's Creek, we'll leave it lying still; A horse's back is good enough henceforth for Mulga Bill." The Sydney Mail, 25 July 1896.

    Ian BIan BOy oldin
  • I love the george carlin reference.

    Willie CollopyWillie CollopyOy oldin
  • where was this video 2 years ago! lol it is fun!

    ClLyClLyOy oldin
  • Diggy Diggy Hole.

    Samira PeriSamira PeriOy oldin
  • You can really fuck up a machine bad if you don't let it regen. If you keep the revs up it won't need to though.

    bzaconbzaconOy oldin
  • SKYDADDY is ALWAYS watching AvE....AKA: JHVH-1- And JHVH-1-'s relentless premier prophet?.... Original flounder of the "Church Of The Sub-Genius ~J.R "Bob" Dobbs...THE greatest salesman thats ever lived! :.JR "Bob" Dobbs, as the almightys trusted 'Erfly representative has been desperately trying to re-establish our collective STOLEN "Slack" until his untimely death in 1984....Or DID he just APPEAR to perish?...;) ~Let us not forget the REAL power & divine feminine representative behind the throne, behind the throne: ~Constance Marsh "Connie" Dobbs....JR's 1st & primary wife.....;) Shes also the tireless founder of "The Home For Slackless Children" Or could JR "Bob" Dobbs be the nexus point for the holy triumvirate? ~Being the "Father, Son & Holee BOAST" all one in the same? "The Difference Between Heaven & Hell , Is Which side Of The Pitchforks Ones On"

    HURON AKA:Creighton Lee RoseHURON AKA:Creighton Lee RoseOy oldin
  • AvE with heavy equipment? We all know this can only end in one possible way and I think that we all know what way that is.

    Peter WhitePeter WhiteOy oldin
  • Speaking of "Runnin Hoes" Ive had this dream for quite some time now, seeing as it only takes 60 or more people to begin a new town/city in the great state of Idaho-(IIRC?)- The name of such a fine city, complete with >TWO< "Evil Sides Of Town"?..... ~DrumRoll Please>>>>>>>>>>HEDAHPIMP! ~Hedahpimp, Idaho....At least it may make most national/U.S postal clerks, providing they ever even read shipping labels a belly laugh? Sounds like epic amounts of hedonistic fun already as a not quite yet aborted dangling, motherless brain baby?

    HURON AKA:Creighton Lee RoseHURON AKA:Creighton Lee RoseOy oldin
  • Loved running hoes as a kid. My cousin had an excavating company, so I got to run some really big iron as a summer job in high school. Not many 14 year olds get turnt loose on a job site with a big Link-Belt hoe, Komatsu 355 dozer, big belly pans, dump trucks, and the like.

    AR GAR GOy oldin
  • no stick extension on that one ?

    LeinieLeinieOy oldin
  • Forgot to show where the under ground water/power line eliminator button is.

  • Im 100% capable of doing this now. Thanks bud!

    a 6a 6Oy oldin
  • this is awesome, it is something I have never done and now I have watched the master i feel like hiring one over crustmas ... then i dig the whole garden up ... and get the good lady in a stirr

    PeteyPeteeePeteyPeteeeOy oldin
  • Best vidjayo yet!

    Drew's EnthusedDrew's EnthusedOy oldin
  • Great Video. That is one of two machines I have not operated and really want to. Now I can study up so when I get back to Las Vegas my one hour digging a hole may go better. Thank You.

    Airborne MisfitAirborne MisfitOy oldin
  • Ah fuck he's running asia/excavator controls Fucking Canucks

    Vincent SlugaVincent SlugaOy oldin
  • Finally something I’m better at than AVE at, my life is complete!

    Jlp 741Jlp 741Oy oldin
  • Do you run John Deere or asia controls?

    Vincent SlugaVincent SlugaOy oldin
  • Sketchy as frig.

    Joshua WoodJoshua WoodOy oldin
  • The damned ass mini x is the best for a guy to learn on, they are touchy, they are sloppy and assholes. Big machines are sweet after running a mini

    Hadley TorresHadley TorresOy oldin
  • We need you and Zip ties and bias plies to make a vid together.

    Compeer RaaCompeer RaaOy oldin
  • The tortoise is for damp ground, obviously

    Nick's StuffNick's StuffOy oldin
  • So before I was a greybeard, I used a hoe with a thumb we did railroad tie replacement. And rail road crossings.

    Raymond MucklowRaymond MucklowOy oldin
  • Nice. I hate new equipment with all the safety shit. New boom lifts only allow one movement at a time some of them allow 2 directions. I like the older ones I can drive, turn, and go up at the same time. hell why else do I have two hands? It's not for holding on!

    Brian GrayBrian GrayOy oldin
  • If you create a shirt/sticker with "tighten till it cracks then back off 1/4 turn..." I'd immediately buy

    Efram GoldbergEfram GoldbergOy oldin
  • Lol @ lock picking lawyer reference.

    B SB SOy oldin
  • I have seen diggers that have a rotating plate thingy on the end of the arm just before the bucket. Seems here in Sweden every large digger has it these days. Don't think it is as common on the smaller machines though.

    VorpalGunVorpalGunOy oldin
  • When I say, "I need a hoe", the wife ways, "Idaho!" She's got my sense of humor and that's why I am married to her.

    dandexinventordandexinventorOy oldin
  • Those Kobelco mini excavators are great to learn on. Just gotta watch the tracks in loose rocks or your day will get a bit longer.

    David WhittenDavid WhittenOy oldin
  • I'm just here to say I caught the Friendly Giant reference

    dwaynezilladwaynezillaOy oldin
  • Nice to know that I am not the only 250 lb gorilla that can screw it all up in a hurry

    speedbuggy16vspeedbuggy16vOy oldin
  • Lockpicking lawyer referance made me smile

    CirccaCirccaOy oldin
  • I watched the whole video. Am i an operator now?

    Jack MehoffJack MehoffOy oldin
  • Just remember, you don't want glitter on your dipstick or lipstick on your collar depending on the type of hole you've been in.

    okymekokymekOy oldin
  • I see green DEERE in the reflection on the display, but yellow on the arm.

    CS_FLCS_FLOy oldin
  • Backhoe pattern is superior. Each stick controls a section of boom instead of all over the place.

    StapleCactusStapleCactusOy oldin

    chbruleschbrulesOy oldin
  • Next time try to add hard tar on the rims instead oil on pads :D tips from trialriding times... :D nice video

    Rain KruusmannRain KruusmannOy oldin
  • Ahh AvE, getting me to watch a video about how to operate an excavator, despite me have spent many an hour operating them before now. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    ABFMickABFMickOy oldin
  • Doing it wrong, to learn something like this you don't rent a reasonably well maintained and properly working machine, you buy whatever is still mostly yellow and fits your budget, that way you learn whilst fighting 30+ years of abuse and when and if you ever jump in something that works right you immediately look like a master (not actually because it will be pretty much guaranteed to be not the control style you are used to and thus you will do everything backwards and incorrectly, but with confidence).

    Chris BallChris BallOy oldin
  • This is just what I need for building amateur MTB dirt jumps.

    Andrew BeveridgeAndrew BeveridgeOy oldin
  • Somethin about the "hard as woodpecker lips" comment got me to spit my lunch laughing all over my keyboard. Man this dude still got it.

    B AB AOy oldin
  • on some models when you push the blade all the way down while using the boom to lift the other end off the ground, the tracks will extend out wider for spanning the ditch you just dug.

    Ben hBen hOy oldin
  • Woodpecker lips 😂😂🤣🤣

    Richard BrockbankRichard BrockbankOy oldin
  • I was 5 years old when my dad took my on his knee and let me play with his excavator. I was digging away merrily on the building site he was on, and I brought the bucket towards the cab and I freaked out thinking I was going to smash the cab. He didn't want me working on the buildings, but said it wouldn't hurt to know how to drive the machine. And he wasn't wrong!

    Michael BurkeMichael BurkeOy oldin
  • DO NOT DEGRADE A MINI EXCAVATOR BY CALLING IT A HOE? Backhoes are totally different useless machines.

    Rok AdamljeRok AdamljeOy oldin
  • When it's hot, check fuel level, turn on A/C and radio to mellow tunes, slide seat back & recline all the way, take nap, fatigue management is important on 12hr shifts. When cold, same as above but turn heater on.

    Jimmy D CricketJimmy D CricketOy oldin
  • Shake hands with danger!

    hrosemdhrosemdOy oldin
  • Now take it apart and comment on the quality. My Deere 690E is the last excavator built mostly in the USA - 44,000 pounds and 6200 trouble free hours. Don't get your stick stuck in a vice

    Richard RaucinaRichard RaucinaOy oldin
  • Where's the button to kill someone during an ice bucket challenge?

    SaigylSaigylOy oldin
  • Had to use one of these little guys to dig out our se-210 when the bank gave way this spring would like to buy one but nearly the same price as the big one was new

    y dy dOy oldin
  • Thanks for this. The more you know...

    Rob WithoffRob WithoffOy oldin
  • Don't forget there are only so many equipment keys in the world, which can all be bought online for a fairly low price. You know, something about a job worker losing keys, then the machine not being able to be run, so make the keys all the same and then no problems. Just keep the equipment physically locked up some other way.

    snoopdogie187snoopdogie187Oy oldin
  • Pro tip: Remember to swivel both ways equally, otherwise you’ll unscrew the machine from the base

    Thomas BexThomas BexOy oldin
    • Is it really that private :D? Shouldn't it just beep at ya if ya doin it wrong? Sometimes you just need a proper garden tool :) 11:43

      ArthursHDArthursHD3 kun oldin
    • @Bollibompa if you have to ask..

      Rhubartu the SaiyanRhubartu the Saiyan7 kun oldin
    • Lmao... I got a great belly laugh outta that...😅😂🤣😆

      Jay YouTubeJay YouTube9 kun oldin
    • Joke? I hope...

      BollibompaBollibompaOy oldin
    • It's a feature, so you can't overwind the hydraulic hoses to the tracks!

      bzaconbzaconOy oldin
  • Hate to tell ya but the Arab hippy in the sky is the same god as the last 1/3 of the ground hippy / spirit hippy / sky hippy trio who's religion is named after Jeezless Keeericed.

    rickylarchrickylarchOy oldin
  • Ill pick up a glass bottle without breaking it with the thumb.....

    JtR esearchJtR esearchOy oldin
  • I feel like I'm trained for any piece of equipment now. I mean, something bigger is basically the same, but bigger right? I want to rent the bagger 288 to dig a garden.

    Red SquirrelRed SquirrelOy oldin
  • i wonder if you can replace these controls by a minuature boom you put your arm in like a sock puppet

    Cracked EmeraldCracked EmeraldOy oldin
  • I've never had the chance to operate any type of heavy equipment. I guess people see how I drive my car and don't trust me. Can't say that I blame them. I drive like I'm being chased by the devil herself.

    D.A.L.D.A.L.Oy oldin
  • very cool stuff

    mushenjimushenjiOy oldin
  • My lawnmower makes 19hp why it need 19 I have no idea

    chloe rose gamingchloe rose gamingOy oldin
  • I’m a union heavy equipment operator.... this hurts me lol 😂 Brings me back to the apprenticeship.

    Caleb DoddsCaleb DoddsOy oldin
  • Learn'ed by UBBF

    scoobtoober29scoobtoober29Oy oldin
  • Best way to get the job is lie and say "yeah, I done that before. Just gimme a quick refresher, my machine was different" lmao

    Cory ErneweinCory ErneweinOy oldin
  • looks like you need a lot of practice to run one smoothly.

    djaysenpaidjaysenpaiOy oldin
  • I own a rental company and I rent these excavators. Its laughable to watch you yahoos operate. But seriously, your last bit of advice about the key needs a warning.. It costs $20 per month to track an asset. I know exactly where my machines are at every moment of every day. I know when the machine is started and exactly how long you operate it. My more expensive machines have multiple trackers in them. Absolutely every rental company and most contractors have tracking for their equipment. Technology is too cheap not to protect your stuff. Its super easy to hotwire a machine but ya better know that 3 minutes later guys with guns and badges will be knocking at the door. The key is only to keep the kiddies out.

    3-D Services LLC3-D Services LLCOy oldin
  • I worked at Caterpillar as a younger lad as post assembly repair. We had to test the machines after repairs so I guess you could say I did my fair share of knob polishing. I liked operating the 324s and 325s because they were quicker, and with a well timed acceleration and lift of the boom, you could pull decent wheelies.

    MODeration nXSMODeration nXSOy oldin
  • skookum demo of when you'd want to be controlling every degree of freedom at the same time. Or be good at the ones you need the most at least: uzworld.info/player/video/o5rLsaStdLOTm6o

    rocketri.de motorsrocketri.de motorsOy oldin
  • *_I’ve always loved runnin’ hoes & diggin’ their holes!!_*

    FLOJOtubeFLOJOtubeOy oldin
  • AVE long time watcher of your videos and big fan here. Question... Do you believe in God? Serious answer please

    I lost My iPodI lost My iPodOy oldin
  • I dunno about this rotating business but we do call that slewing, slew ring, slew bearing, slew motors blah blah blah, the only thing that doesn't get the slew tag is rotary connections

    J GibbsJ GibbsOy oldin
  • Which one is the frackit bucket??

    Samuel ScottSamuel ScottOy oldin
  • "I can tell the wife 'Sometimes you just need a hoe.'" 👏👏👏

    James AmicoJames AmicoOy oldin
  • You are a poet.

    TTGeekTTGeekOy oldin