Desmond Meade Talks Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, Felon Eligibility + More

5-Okt, 2020
24 117 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • I and my org (People's Advocacy Institute) just met this man via Zoom of course . A very POWERFUL speaker and man. His story is so real and he is as well. NO FILTER and very/ highly respected. Much love to Sir Meade my male Harriett. Much love FRRC thx for what you ALL do. "One person at a time" Love this interview !!!!

    Simone WindomSimone Windom12 kun oldin
  • Great information!!

    Marzeter MooreMarzeter Moore14 kun oldin
  • Brother got a cleaner set up than both of the hosts that do this everyday.

    Ronnie RobinsonRonnie Robinson17 kun oldin
  • Charla for the Win by being the connect!!!

    T. NicksonT. Nickson18 kun oldin
  • Voting for one person doesn't cause change, you got to vote up and down the ballot and if change doesn't come then continue building the power by talking to people about the importance of voting and then find the right person to primary those that are lapsing. Change would never happen if you are not taking action and continue to complain . It would be really embarrassing to allow all the civil rights heroes, long hard fight for voting and democracy to go in vain.

    JarrodJarrod19 kun oldin
  • This is the most important interview on "THE POWER OF OUR VOTE' !!! This message needs to be drilled into the minds of minorities on a consistent basis !!!! The message comes from the streets Desmpnd Mead Is the G.O,A,T. !!!

    Troy BlackTroy Black19 kun oldin
  • Those were those felon eyes when he said I’m willing to die for pooky and ray ray

    TDGTDG19 kun oldin
  • WOWZER......JUST NOW PROVIDING ATTENTION TO THIS ISSUE!! THE FLORIDA REGISTRATION DEADLINE OCT 5. Desmond should've been here every week in 2020......RESTORING VOTER RIGHTS FOR BLACK/BROWN RESIDENTS. Meanwhile, they discuss Cardi B, Kardashian, or Nene Leakes every day. OUR VALUES ARE JACKED-UP!!!!!

    Caletha HenryCaletha Henry20 kun oldin
  • -______-

    s02 Pzychotiks02 Pzychotik20 kun oldin
  • Ron Desantis made it legislation for them to have to pay their fines, then a federal appeals court (all judges appointed by Trump) upheld it 😐😐😐😐

    mark tynesmark tynes20 kun oldin
  • One of the best interviews

    MrTleebossMrTleeboss20 kun oldin

    Jon BoyJon Boy20 kun oldin
  • Keep it up!

    darquenitedarquenite20 kun oldin
  • C the God you a little too old to be saying skreets

    Jihad anazizi menes shakurJihad anazizi menes shakur20 kun oldin

    HIP HOP HUB TVHIP HOP HUB TV20 kun oldin
  • You cant hold anybody accountable without an economy. Not one time does he tell you what your voting for 😬😬

    Mally ScottMally Scott20 kun oldin
  • How come white people don’t need leading by the hand to vote

    Dee ScottDee Scott20 kun oldin
  • Charla is ignorant... how do you expect “them” to come to us when they have been ignoring us? We need to knock some doors down with our voice

    micphi12micphi1220 kun oldin
  • Lmao dont get a felony and you’ll be straight

    Erin DuvergerErin Duverger21 kun oldin

    FUN GIRL91FUN GIRL9121 kun oldin

    Nona BrittonNona Britton21 kun oldin
  • This video needs more views. Sadly, had the topic been about Cardi B or some other hip hop artist, the views would have been astronomically higher....SMH. #priorities

    Giselle XGiselle X21 kun oldin
  • Great American at work.

    Joseph HazzouriJoseph Hazzouri21 kun oldin
  • This was great informative information given.

    penny marmarpenny marmar21 kun oldin
  • Thanks all Vote Biden/Harris to actually create not lose jobs and to also stop Covid

    Leo ChernyLeo Cherny21 kun oldin
  • ✊🏾 but Please stop saying pookie and Ray Ray. Lol

    E. BurksE. Burks21 kun oldin
  • Droppin dollars

    Brandon BaileyBrandon Bailey21 kun oldin
  • Trump 2020

    Hashtag TruckingHashtag Trucking21 kun oldin
  • @ 14min.. Envy STFU, you could’ve asked that question at the end

    NextUp LevelUpNextUp LevelUp21 kun oldin
  • Revolt tv is the best

    Milton ScottMilton Scott21 kun oldin
  • But it doesn’t last forever once your in probation you can vote.

    Rachel GonzalezRachel Gonzalez21 kun oldin
  • He seems sincere.

    KingCo AndersonKingCo Anderson21 kun oldin
  • All Power To The People

    KingCo AndersonKingCo Anderson21 kun oldin
  • Pookie and Ray Ray anytime anyone uses their name as the stigma for black people 👁👃🏽👁

    JTJT21 kun oldin
  • This was an awesome interview. When he said he’d die for this cause-it made me emotional. My brother is an ex-felon and it’s so important to restore their rights after they have served their time!

    S BrownS Brown21 kun oldin
    • Non-violent felons are who get the restoration of voting right.

      InviteTheLight ReadingsInviteTheLight Readings14 kun oldin
  • Y'all wrong for this. You should've posted this earlier. TODAY IS THE 5TH...TOO LATE!!

    KingCo AndersonKingCo Anderson21 kun oldin
    • The day isn't over yet.

      FUN GIRL91FUN GIRL9121 kun oldin
  • Thanks for bringing on a positive role model from Florida. I'm a Orlando native and ill be calling the brother today. ✊🏿

    DcTv SkeeDcTv Skee21 kun oldin

    Abogada AdelanteAbogada Adelante21 kun oldin
  • Bruh.. Sometimes I just wish dj envy Stfu.. & Let charlmange ask the questions

    NextUp LevelUpNextUp LevelUp21 kun oldin
  • Respect

    Velma LathanVelma Lathan21 kun oldin

    Gloria CookGloria Cook21 kun oldin
  • Thank you bro, we have to choose who will work for us!!! CTG has been steering the voters to not vote in many cases by not explaining the truth of voting... he's crazy!

    CiCi KnightCiCi Knight21 kun oldin
    • @leggosmodro okdo local, state and federal. Vote on all levels.

      kasimk4kasimk421 kun oldin
  • Envy is the DJ yet, his audio setup is the worst of everyone on the call. Step up your game Envy. Step it up.

    I Am XavierI Am Xavier21 kun oldin
  • You can't fall for the trap. You know the system is set up to funnel niggas to prison, jail, and the probation system. I'm from Florida and i know how shit runs down here. Nothing wrong with being a square and living a regular life.

    MrSpliffstarzMrSpliffstarz21 kun oldin
  • This is the type of voting that matters.

    J.B.J.B.21 kun oldin
    • All voting matters. Local, state and federal. Look up the candidates and vote.

      kasimk4kasimk421 kun oldin
  • I CRINGE HARD ASF every time he says "Pookie and RayRay" 😔😔😔😒😒😒

    Austin S. ClemonsAustin S. Clemons21 kun oldin
    • Me too😒😒😔

      Marzeter MooreMarzeter Moore14 kun oldin
    • i know right.. "pookie and ray ray" or as Joe Biden calls them "super predators" .

      Jalill kilgJalill kilg20 kun oldin
  • they one one law to tell people if they can vote or not in all the states .

    Shawn RobinsonShawn Robinson21 kun oldin

    Marvis OvertonMarvis Overton21 kun oldin
  • Trump👍😊🌏🌈💚

    Niki McNiki Mc21 kun oldin
  • We need the Pookie and Ray Ray's to strap up and come vote

    Fredo Knows BestFredo Knows Best21 kun oldin
    • vote for who you want them to vote for right? 😂😂😂

      JahRoxkYaJahRoxkYa19 kun oldin
    • Frfr

      Daniel BoydDaniel Boyd21 kun oldin
  • This is an amazing opportunity!!! Hopefully we can move legislation that once u do ur time and pay ur restitution...a person automatically has their rights restored!!!🖤

    K LoveK Love21 kun oldin
  • Morning ya'll Happy new week guys 🙋‍♀️ stay safe n blessed.

    Rosemarie BrowneRosemarie Browne21 kun oldin
  • My favorite Morning Show...Breakfast Club...

    Pancha MontoyaPancha Montoya21 kun oldin
  • Check my username

    Itz TinooItz Tinoo21 kun oldin
  • why this video came out on 10-5-2020.....?

    Roy WilliamsRoy Williams21 kun oldin
  • That's the penalty for breaking the laws of the land and becoming a felon. That's why crime doesn't pay, you lose your rights as a citizen and society looks down on you. So I don't understand why rappers glamorize breaking the law, and then turn 30 and start complaining about how felonies hold them back its idiotic.

    Mr. Dan FreemanMr. Dan Freeman21 kun oldin
  • Good interview! He’s on that Netflix documentary ‘Whose Vote Counts’ very informative documentary for those who are skeptical about voting.

    Shaunde' MarieShaunde' Marie21 kun oldin
  • Montrell Antoine

    Montrell AntoineMontrell Antoine21 kun oldin
  • I am anticipating seeing a lot of trolls and B.S. for this one, because it is so important

    Karen LoudenKaren Louden21 kun oldin

      Huong PhamHuong Pham20 kun oldin
    • @FUN GIRL91 exactly

      Karen LoudenKaren Louden21 kun oldin
    • @A FreeOne We can tell trolls from a honest disagreement. In 2016... there was much training about troll tactics: distraction & changing the subject.

      FUN GIRL91FUN GIRL9121 kun oldin
    • MUTE & BLOCK is fashionable.

      FUN GIRL91FUN GIRL9121 kun oldin
    • @A FreeOne I know that. I just also expect to see a lot of trolls.

      Karen LoudenKaren Louden21 kun oldin
  • Former felon of Florida taking my vote to the party of not KKK or Jim Crowe aka the man who got better federal funding for HBCUs and federal sentencing reforms. Donald trump.

    45 Savage45 Savage21 kun oldin
  • R.I.P. Jonathan Price ✊🏾 FTP FDT

    reefuno1reefuno121 kun oldin
  • What up B,club, Chicago we need help put the guns down! ,Miller 2Miller S,p,team back working on it, 🤑😷💸💯💨

    Dorian, MillerDorian, Miller21 kun oldin
  • Just pull the plug on this show!! The run is over!!

    Nicky KrystalsNicky Krystals21 kun oldin
    • @D -BLOCK This is a white station fym son? The breakfast club are workers not owners son!

      Nicky KrystalsNicky Krystals21 kun oldin
    • Post you will never see on white stations.... #Sosad

      D -BLOCKD -BLOCK21 kun oldin

    GodofbarsGodofbars21 kun oldin
    • Be easy SPAMMY

      Nicky KrystalsNicky Krystals21 kun oldin

    GodofbarsGodofbars21 kun oldin
  • Just a daily reminder Jeff Epstein didn’t kill himself.

    Weigner LeignerWeigner Leigner21 kun oldin
    • Who gives a crap??????

      Marie TaylorMarie Taylor21 kun oldin
    • kevo mcnish or Seth rich

      Weigner LeignerWeigner Leigner21 kun oldin
    • neither did sandra bland

      kevo mcnishkevo mcnish21 kun oldin
    • I don't care how he died-glad he is gone

      Leo ChernyLeo Cherny21 kun oldin

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  • 2 Peter 2:19 They promise them freedom, but they themselves are slaves of corruption. For whatever overcomes a person, to that he is enslaved.

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    GodofbarsGodofbars21 kun oldin

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      Huong PhamHuong Pham20 kun oldin
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      Dennis ConnerDennis Conner21 kun oldin
    • That sandwich has been available for like almost 2 year's. Just go to the restaurant and get one, foo.

      RajOfColumbusRajOfColumbus21 kun oldin
    • Chick-fil-a is better

      Weigner LeignerWeigner Leigner21 kun oldin
  • I told Desmond Meade that he should do this interview and the rest is history. -- TK Kirkland

    Mr. WhiteMr. White21 kun oldin
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