Dennis Prager Gets Pushed By Patrick Bet-David

23-Apr, 2018
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Dennis Prager is the founder of Prager University. In this interview he shares his thought process on morals, economy, politics and the goodness of people with Patrick Bet-David. Don’t forget to subscribe to Valuetainment:
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About Dennis Prager: Dennis Mark Prager is an American nationally syndicated conservative radio talk show host and writer.
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    ValuetainmentValuetainmentYil oldin
    • Thinking that black people not "giving their children fathers" isn't largely due to systemic racism locking up &/or killing black men, & benefits like WIC only available to mothers who do not share household with the fathers, IS RACIST.

      Ami BowmanAmi Bowman2 kun oldin
    • @tot2600hrs killed by government to acquire more land. Also they didn't fit into their standard of life.

      Jean LowryJean Lowry14 kun oldin
    • Love the intelligent conversation. I miss hearing this. Also I do wish Dennis Prager would run for some office even just mayor or governor, because we need people with common sense.

      Pam WinderPam Winder16 kun oldin
    • I’ve been watching your podcast since your first, Pat. You are a quick study and have got your oncamera presence honed. You are an adept interviewer. Know that it’s ok if you are not as smart as a guest. That enhances your image, Pat. It’s ok to be humble. It’s ok to defer to someone smarter than you instead of trying to create an illusion you are tracking ahead or with an intellect.

      Sherrie AbrahamSherrie AbrahamOy oldin
    • Please tell us more about when you being a refugee for 2 yrs. he said Germany, I didn't catch that part.....would love to hear this....and how you did get away from Iran.....that would be interesting....or have you already told it.....?

      Dallas LondonDallas LondonOy oldin
  • "there has to be some degree of regulation" No, there doesn't. I'd rather not have a monopoly on any service or good... Thanks.

    HandyMan 101HandyMan 1016 soat oldin
  • Your Torah

    Casa AzulCasa AzulKun oldin
  • Dennis Prager is Awesome!!! Patrick is cool too though

    Jason BourneJason BourneKun oldin
  • I love Dennis Prager....but he's missing the most important thing in life; Jesus Christ is Saviour and Lord. It is after all a fight not of the flesh but of evil in the higher places.

    jason palmerjason palmer2 kun oldin
  • 🍅 Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to throw the tomato at the fool. Kindness is to share the tomato because both he and she are my brother and sister.

    mtnblueskiessmtnblueskiess2 kun oldin
  • I know this is old but want to comment anyway. My observation is that you don't have to teach children to be bad, you have to teach them to be good.

    foxstanfoxstan2 kun oldin
  • People should marry with common iq.

    ates gulcugilates gulcugil2 kun oldin
  • Absence of Fathers in the Black community is a result of racism.... smh. Dumbass.....

    M FitM Fit2 kun oldin
    • @M Fit It has worsened with it, there were more black fathers before the welfare system, black has stagnated since LBJ

      Masinissa IbrahimiMasinissa Ibrahimi2 kun oldin
    • @Masinissa Ibrahimi welfare to fix a problem started by racism and a unfair legal system...

      M FitM Fit2 kun oldin
    • Welfare*

      Masinissa IbrahimiMasinissa Ibrahimi2 kun oldin
  • Love him! Dude is super smart!!

    Bones JusticeBones Justice3 kun oldin

    Barbara SinkBarbara Sink3 kun oldin
  • Socialism spends the money capitalism so true.this guys quotes should be in a book.and everyone should read it mandatory!

    Frank RussilloFrank Russillo3 kun oldin
  • "Whatever the left touches it ruins" u can put that on a plaque! This is very true they destroy everything they touch.

    Frank RussilloFrank Russillo3 kun oldin
  • Well said about marriage politics don't matter , values are everything in life

    Bryan ReaganBryan Reagan3 kun oldin
  • So what do we do with Plato

    Patrick PetionPatrick Petion3 kun oldin
  • Absolute GOLD here !!!

    BDJ MBDJ M4 kun oldin
  • He cracks me, "who your viewers won't know. " yes, sir, we know who Thomas Sowell is. Thank you. 🤭

    luvnmusic4lifeluvnmusic4life4 kun oldin
  • I like Patrick but he interrupts way too much. Dennis is extremely intelligent but beyond delusional.....

  • Great interview!!!

    William GonzalaezWilliam Gonzalaez4 kun oldin
  • I love Dennis !

    Erick DiazErick Diaz4 kun oldin
  • Yeah, why would you try to debate Prager? I’ve noticed the interviewer does this with other conservatives. Trying to fill the shoes of giants is not wise. Lol

    Covfefe MagaCovfefe Maga5 kun oldin
  • 7:25 Hitchens wouldn’t have allowed that statement to be uttered unchecked.

    David WeiseDavid Weise5 kun oldin
  • Do you thi k saladin wouldn't of had use executed

    Stevo MaginnStevo Maginn5 kun oldin
  • A lot of this is interesting to listen to, but as someone who has studied science extensively, I felt I had to point out that the world can very well be explained by science. Granted, there are countless things we have yet to understand, but in my eyes, the unimaginable progress science has made in the past 300 years is proof that just because we do not understand something, does not mean it cannot be understood. No-one can completely rule out the existence of a god though! There is always a possibility of there being one, or multiple gods. I have my own theory about religion. The moral lessons and wisdom shared by most religions and respective religious texts are such an obvious guide for how to live a good life, that I figure they must have been invented by some very wise people a long time ago, to help others find meaning in life and live well. (Eg. No sex before marriage to avoid impractical pregnancies and STDs, be kind to the people around you is essential for a society to progress, etc etc - it makes sense!) However, humans are spiritual, and unlike many atheists out there I would like to underline how important I think it is to remain spiritual, whether or not you believe in god. It is calming and essential for the mind to be by itself, whether in prayer to a god, meditation, or a walk in the woods lost in your thoughts. I hope you're all well.

    MrPotantonMrPotanton5 kun oldin
  • Patrick is clearly the superior intellect in this interview. Dennis is merely (and ironically) just vomiting up the same stuff he learned from mommy and daddy. He may be right about many things but has clearly never challenged himself intellectually. In this regard, he has the same intellectual prowess as Bernie Sanders; who is the same he was in high school and will never change.

    MrViolaracer392MrViolaracer3926 kun oldin
  • Two pretty intelligent guts. My question is ...why are they both religious.

    mr zedmr zed6 kun oldin
  • Prager sounds like he's full of shit.

    Christopher MockfordChristopher Mockford6 kun oldin
    • @slardebard He says lots of nonsense, which, on the surface, without deeper thought, might actually sound wise.

      Christopher MockfordChristopher Mockford6 kun oldin
    • You mean you dont like what he says?

      slardebardslardebard6 kun oldin
  • 24:43 is where it really gets good!!!!! Amazing!!!!

    FlashinthemixFlashinthemix8 kun oldin
  • I wonder if Patrick knew how much of an intellectual giant Dennis Prager is before doing this interview? Just asking....

    Thomas DeLuccoThomas DeLucco9 kun oldin
  • Good thing about Denis is he isn’t a snow flake. Free speech advocates are always up for a debate.

    Stamps FamilyStamps Family9 kun oldin
  • Patrick was the one who got pushed: not responding to Dennis's well thought out answers, just moving on to the next subject. You can see he is bothered.

    Stephen DouglasStephen Douglas9 kun oldin
  • 14:20 he called it two years ago. After the pandemic and all the horrible decisions by the left in California bankrupting the whole state and destroying all its businesses, all the wealthy have moved out and into Texas.

    Steven ASteven A10 kun oldin
  • One of the best interview i have seen

    nivelle mendiolanivelle mendiola10 kun oldin
  • The fact that he says he doesn't know there is a god makes me respect him more. Nobody can know that there is or isn't a god.

    Paul BurkePaul Burke10 kun oldin
  • I like Prager University but this was one frustrating interview to listen to. Childhood influences do very much affect your view on politics and religion. It goes alongside the saying that a child's mind is like jello. The idea is to get the good stuff in before the jello sets. That does not take away autonomy or reasonability or people's ability to think for themselves but it does create a foundation that begins to create confirmation bias and echo chambers that only reinforces the foundation that somebody begins with based on those influences. Secondly he contradicts himself when he is talking about wisdom partially being gained by age and then using an example of women marrying younger as a common sense choice, which I actually agree with but not for the reasons he stated. He said you cannot find a good man at an older age which would not be accurate if he was older and wiser through lived experiences and had gained value in his career. I do subscribe to Jordan Peterson's value exchange as a reason for marriage in addition to the fact that fertility issues often stem from women pursuing career over having children... I personally know this because I work in the field of infertility. But I feel as though Dennis prager's stated position does the point of his argument an injustice. With all of that said I like Dennis Prager but I felt like in this interview he wasn't even listening to the questions being asked. It seems like he has attention deficit disorder and only hears his own voice in his own head.

    Jennifer NelsonJennifer Nelson11 kun oldin
  • Prager reminds me of the real life father of Richie rich

    Potter SmilesPotter Smiles12 kun oldin
  • I feel more like the left are just a bunch of demons. You know who had a pair of tits and a dick. The devil 😈

    Steve LeneganSteve Lenegan12 kun oldin
  • The good ole days whenever we were only 16 trillion in debt

    Adam ArcherAdam Archer12 kun oldin
  • I saw same about design. Its strange that our veins and plant roots look so similar...its strange that a nebula or galaxy looks like our brains firing...these commonalities or yin/yang type visible facts are amazing and there are many more

    Survivor centralSurvivor central13 kun oldin
  • The truth is though...if you have a heterosexual group of males and the boss has 4 men doing the same type job and a beautiful, qualified woman walks in to interview along with another male for same position....chances are the boss will choose some eye candy. Not to say I disagree with finding a family first; however I do see the value in wanting to compete for a career changing position when you are young and beautiful. The same can be said for your family but its much more likely walking in as a young beautiful confident woman than same but 2 kids me. It depends on the lens a person is viewing this through.

    Survivor centralSurvivor central13 kun oldin
  • Respect the man. Why are you trying to topple that? You are foolish. I may unsub.....You are a popular guy, but showing you are NOT so smart. Imagine this, does he need you? NO, he does not. Do you need him, YES you do.

    Karl KunathKarl Kunath13 kun oldin
  • That was brilliant I can’t believe I’m just now seeing this

    Kevin KnucklesKevin Knuckles14 kun oldin
  • Greatest quote ever: "Everything the left touches, the left ruins."

    Gerad MunschGerad Munsch14 kun oldin
  • Jimmy two-times

  • Dont smoke please.

    fallenSlavefallenSlave14 kun oldin
  • Dennis is wisdom upon wisdom. I would love to sit down and have a 3 hour conversation with him about any and everything.

    Gottiline Ace The OGGottiline Ace The OG15 kun oldin
  • And Dennis is correct about the wisdom and morality argument. I grew up around liberals, the cool thing to be was a Democrat and a liberal. But my wisdom and moral compass kept me from wearing a false hat for acceptance against my own convictions.

    Gottiline Ace The OGGottiline Ace The OG15 kun oldin
  • That dog looked back at you like "Scratch my butt! I know he told you I run this place already! Get to loving and swooning me peasant!" You can tell he's spoiled rotten! 🤣

    Gottiline Ace The OGGottiline Ace The OG15 kun oldin
  • Democrats are leftist? 😂 Biden is literally right of Trump in so many ways.

    Rob_ Scott3Rob_ Scott315 kun oldin
  • Fuck Prager!

    Able OneAble One15 kun oldin
  • I enjoyed the interview but Pat was focusing so much on conjecture. "Imagine if this..." and was pushing until he gets specific answer instead of accepting David's answers which kept the interview from moving forward and made it redundant. Great job though guys it was an enjoyable watch.

    allyson Cipolloneallyson Cipollone15 kun oldin
  • Republican motto: I want to influence people for the good.......Yea but what is your twisted definition of good you bufoon.....My motto: I dont want to influence to do anything they dont want to do, let people live their lives not being tainted by your lunatic beliefs

    NewEraScienceNewEraScience16 kun oldin
  • Stopped in the mid of the video and made sure I’m subscribed to Prager👍🏽

    Diana valladaresDiana valladares16 kun oldin
  • "The Rational Bible", I laughed out loud.

    Smashed HulkSmashed Hulk16 kun oldin
  • Vacuum chambers are my favorite place. Lets me see the ideas of folks on either side of ideological debate. But i am neutral takes two sides to make a coin. As well as a belief.

    Nerding OutNerding Out16 kun oldin
  • 17:43 “I’m getting cancelled” 😂

    reaccionaprreaccionapr17 kun oldin
  • Saying people can never prove there's another universe and can't prove it he just said he can't prove there's a god cause can't imperticaly prove it touch it or see it ?? This guy just wants argue for sake of it and says has no ego well I think his ego is biggest I've seen long time guy is intelligent but idiot

    barry oharabarry ohara18 kun oldin
  • God I fuckin despise Prager

    Matthew CarrMatthew Carr18 kun oldin
  • Dennis is so awesome

    Miguel PerezMiguel Perez19 kun oldin
  • Totally resonates with its values? Well the first 5 books say that you should stone a girl if she lost her virginity before getting married. Fucking shit...

    Jarek RybarJarek Rybar19 kun oldin
  • He wants to guide people to be good and labels them. Pathetic

    Jarek RybarJarek Rybar19 kun oldin
  • Nice puppy

    David LastDavid Last19 kun oldin
  • This Earth has not been here billions of years at the most 6000 years at the least probably 4500 years and yes there is a God

    Deborah HamblinDeborah Hamblin20 kun oldin
    • No there's isn't at least not your traditional perception of one

      Mansa MusaMansa Musa16 kun oldin
  • This man is utterly batshit.... the US constitution was written by liberals... Abe Lincoln was a liberal... Washington, Franklin, FDR, TR, all liberals. Freedom of speech, religion, expression, women's rights, social rights, civil rights... ALL LIBERAL IDEAS..... the US Economy thrives under progressive policies and crashes under conservative policies... everything I just said are literal and provable facts.... this guy is nuts lol

    Imac7065Imac706520 kun oldin
  • Would pay to hear this man speak Any day! Great discussion! Thank you!

    meet the gamer dudesmeet the gamer dudes20 kun oldin
  • So rationality turned Dennis Prager into a Conservative bigot?Who would believe this garbage?

    Leon HarrisonLeon Harrison20 kun oldin
  • Relax people. These issues only instigate the worst in people and should not be taken too seriously.

    A VA V21 kun oldin
  • This is the content we want Pat. Not the limburger you've been putting out recently with Adam who is incapable of having an intellectual conversation like this with you.

    travisrsmith44travisrsmith4421 kun oldin
  • Two type a

    LeDeskripshunLeDeskripshun21 kun oldin
  • The wisdom in Obama care requires one more step that does not seem to exist on the right or the left, okay so medical care would benefit everyone they get treatment the sickness may be better controlled as in we don’t haft to pay for there disability and welfare others on the same hand do not have to become sick when the others end up coming to work and spreading there affliction for financial necessity, the cost is the issue here if the actual cost is controlled on Procedures visits lab work and medication, here is an example $600.00 for a months supply of insulin this is slavery this is price gouging, now controlled costs based on the Average income in a bracket based system, possibly if you make $30,000 a year more than possibly 10% of the income would be a fair price, same with Uber what’s fair to pay a person and charge a person, same with schooling what’s fair to pay a institution to attempt a better life, we get into a basic understanding of each according to his need and each according to his ability, the only true values are in builders farmers and healers, so does x of your labor afford food shelter medicine and eventual retirement after a long life of labor, the stones weight is still the same your prices are higher though

    Spencer HeathSpencer Heath22 kun oldin
  • PragerU is phenomenal! It’s so important for young minds to see rational thoughts based in reality.

    Danny PopeDanny Pope22 kun oldin
    • Didn't they make a video defending robert e lee

      Mansa MusaMansa Musa16 kun oldin
  • “I’m a lover of reason”, says the man who believes in an invisible Superman and a religion born in the Stone Ages

    jom nasiumjom nasium22 kun oldin
    • @Matt Obermiller Since no one can hold a candle to the kind of genius who uses ad hominem attacks in lieu of saying anything of substance, there is nothing more for me to say. Thank you for implicitly agreeing with my initial sentiment by never bothering to deny its simple and succinct validity. Goodbye

      jom nasiumjom nasium21 kun oldin
    • @jom nasium You are correct, it doesn't require a towering intellect to acquire wisdom and understanding but whatever smattering of intellect it does require obviously has eluded you.

      Matt ObermillerMatt Obermiller21 kun oldin
    • @Matt Obermiller It’s laughable to me that you and your like-minded ilk think it requires an intellectual to see that contradiction. Even honest theists and deists freely admit that their beliefs defy reason. But keep pounding away at your boilerplate non responsive verbal diarrhea

      jom nasiumjom nasium21 kun oldin
    • @jom nasium That contradiction gets addressed and debunked 4 minutes into the first day of any freshman introduction to philosophy class. Not sure why pseudo-intellectuals like yourself continue to flog it for the rest of your lives but here you are. When/if you ever develop any wisdom, you'll realize that, yes, indeed, you were told the answer to this "contradiction" very early on, you just didn't have the understanding to realize what you had been told. Oh, that and your hate and prejudice blind you to many other truths as well. You'll have to deal with your hate and prejudice before you can expect to start to grow in wisdom and understanding.

      Matt ObermillerMatt Obermiller21 kun oldin
    • @Matt Obermiller I think it’s very telling that in all of your deflective, nonsensical rambling you don’t actually even attempt to address the glaring contradiction pointed out in my comment.

      jom nasiumjom nasium21 kun oldin
  • Dennis completely right, people need and want jobs not social security checks 🙄 living with no aspirations. Stop ✋ giving jobs to China 🇨🇳 instead of USA 🇺🇸 Dennis correct no wisdom in left, they believe as gen Z learn in universities that the 'isns' such as Marxism, Socialism and Communism are good 👍

    Carol JamesCarol James22 kun oldin
  • 1:01:25 “If Thomas Sowell were not a conservative, he’d be the best known black thinker in America, by far.” So sad, so true. Was he ever featured in Ebony magazine for all the powerful work he has done? No. Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court judge since 1991, incredible accomplishment for ANYONE as there’s only 9 in the freaking country, again, also denied by Ebony magazine who regularly features accomplishments by black Americans. Wake up people. We are NOT divided, but “they” are trying to make it that way.

    Bárbara HerdaBárbara Herda22 kun oldin
  • OMG I argued that as humans we are born bad and have to be taught good. I received an F for that paper. So nice to be at least somewhat vindicated in that philosophy. That was 30 years ago.

    P StewartP Stewart23 kun oldin
  • Prager has no morals to push his religious and false beliefs in ads under the false pretense of a university. Everything he says is hypocritical and contradicts his own words in the same sentence. You have to be a true grifter to have those traits. He is saying all liberals are the same and have no wisdom? Just because one person says something on one side speaks for everyone on that side because if that was the case all republicans are racist? Same guy saying god has no color says the left is the same as Islam, he’s living in his own reality where everything he thinks is right and if you don’t think like him you lack wisdom.

    Moon ChungMoon Chung23 kun oldin
    • Wish we had more people like you to see through his bullshit of dumb takes

      Ken ShaKen Sha18 kun oldin
  • Prager is a nut

    Lance WeedaLance Weeda24 kun oldin
  • Patrick, I loved this interview with Dennis Prager. I love art. I am Republican. I am overweight. Thank you Dennis for being an influencer. I would vote for Dennis Prager for President.

    CCP PerrettCCP Perrett24 kun oldin
  • The right is not always right but conservative morals and values are.

    Misty RussoMisty Russo25 kun oldin
  • Didn't really see a push 🤷

    JoeJoe25 kun oldin
  • We make a distinction between liberal and the left. Perhaps we should also make a distinction between conservative and the right. The hostility seems to come from the left and the right and NOT between liberal and conservative.

    Linda LovejoyLinda Lovejoy25 kun oldin
  • My parents had 4 daughters. 2 are conservative and 2 are progressive (one liberal one leftist). As a conservative I can reason with the liberal sister and we can have meaningful conversations. There is no way to have a political discussion with the leftist sister, she is emotionally and intellectually deaf. Religiously, we all grew up in the same protestant church ... but ... in our golden years 1 sister is Baha'I (the liberal); 2 are Hebrew Roots followers of Yeshua (the leftist and one conservative); I am a conservative and still in the faith of my birth. We have the same parents, the same relative level of education although very different fields of study and very different careers. There is no formula that explains what influenced us. I can't say our beliefs were inherited from our parents, nor can I say any one of us is rebelling against our parents. There is no formula for why we are so different (yet we still love each other).

    Linda LovejoyLinda Lovejoy25 kun oldin
  • Not between the brain and the mind, but the mind and the heart!

    Dovid HolyBrotherDovid HolyBrother26 kun oldin
  • Just watched the interview with Richard Wolff and Wooow - the difference could not be greater. It's just so obviouse how comparatively dense Prager is compared to Wolff. And if he says, there's no wisdom on the left - tell me that Wolff does not prove the opposite

    n otton otto26 kun oldin
    • I worked in Russia just after the fall of the USSR and I can tell you with absolute certainty, while Wolff is a very entertaining and charismatic speaker, he's a gullible moron and, yes, a complete fool. The values and principles, system he advocates are responsible for between 100 million and 200 million murders in the space of less than 70 years in the 20th century as well as an inconceivable amount of misery, pain and slavery for the citizens his system didn't get around to murdering.

      Matt ObermillerMatt Obermiller21 kun oldin
  • Here's something you missed. The environment isn't ony your family. It's also the entire world events. So even if he grew up with different parents. The world events would still drive him to the right

    larry jantjieslarry jantjies26 kun oldin
  • i am 19. I grew up in a Nigerian Christian family. Found Jordan Peterson at 17 and Thomas Sowell (an other like minded economist) at 19. I had been introduced to other intellectuals before that were left leaning or liberal but Prager is correct. When you hear something that just makes sense, it stays with you and changes your values

    VV26 kun oldin
  • I grew up as a kid in a liberal household. Me and a mom that worked all the time to make a living. She never took a day off. I am conservitive to say the least. She asked me why I leaned the way I did one day. "It's because of you mom." She didn't like that. But she's why.

    The2ndFirstThe2ndFirst27 kun oldin
  • this prager guy is an idiot

    benjamin bernalbenjamin bernal27 kun oldin
  • I say give me any man that will listen Jesus name will be spoken

    IMM2M Thank GodIMM2M Thank God28 kun oldin
  • I don't understand why people unlike this video it's an amazing conversation. Patrick does a good job pushing Dennis's beliefs. I wish we all did this around the country.

    Kiron ThomasKiron Thomas28 kun oldin
  • There is a God because I’ve see Him twice in the last 4 years , in the form of Jesus.

    martha connermartha conner28 kun oldin
  • Patrick your interviews, videos and the way you conduct your self and ask questions is brilliant. I really enjoying watching you have conversations with people and having my mind changed or at the least questioning my own beliefs and opinions.

    Kiron ThomasKiron Thomas28 kun oldin
  • I hear interference like another broadcast in the background that cuts in at times. Not sure if its just my phone.

    Paul DenPaul Den28 kun oldin
  • Pragers job like others like him, is to keep Americans hating eachother so Israel can keep raping America financially and no one will notice. Dennis is an Israel first and only person.

    Jesse JimenezJesse Jimenez28 kun oldin
  • I absolutely LOVE Dennis Prager. I could listen to him for hours. Wise and funny man too. Thanks for this interview

    laurice gallettalaurice galletta29 kun oldin
  • Everyone on the Left is rabidly insane.

    zero mitsubishizero mitsubishi29 kun oldin
  • I think your names should switch places in the title

    Gunnar TørnesGunnar Tørnes29 kun oldin
  • I hope what is in your mouth is not something Otto left behind and is still steaming 😳😬😁 just a thought 😎

    Dave WinnDave Winn29 kun oldin
  • Of course play girl gets pushed back but when are the elites at the top going to push back And when I say there are Elite at the top on our side there are when are they going to push back

    sue goudysue goudy29 kun oldin
  • As a Libertarian, I don't believe in putting people in boxes of Left or Right. I want small Government and less taxes but, I also want full-release Asian Massage.

    thewheelerdealerthewheelerdealer29 kun oldin