Deku's past class react to his future / Dead Hero Deku / bkdk / manga spoilers

7-Yan, 2021
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  • Yall be honest DID DEKU REALLY DIED??!!!! i havn't watched all of it yet im still on episode 85 i just don't really wanna waste my time taking me more than a week watching all the episodes that deku will just die... tbh

    Meryll TolentinoMeryll Tolentino2 soat oldin
  • 1:00 this- I get this and it's so funny To me and I- I burst out laughing and This is my favorite clip of all time

    Galaxy wolf GurlGalaxy wolf Gurl4 soat oldin
  • 3:18 they make the most boring fight so epic tho-

    Mha ThingzMha Thingz6 soat oldin
  • 5:58 😂😂😂😂😂i cant😂

    Mai VoMai Vo7 soat oldin
  • Bakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudekubakudeku

    White LilliWhite Lilli9 soat oldin
  • When black hair and grey hair said gay was disgusting I was like: UMM EXCUSE WANT ME TO WHAT I THINK IS DISGUSTING UR PERSONALITY B*TCH BACKKP OFF

    Emily EllisEmily Ellis10 soat oldin
  • 5:34 I think deli would thank bakugou for being there to help him get stronger

    Breandan JoyceBreandan Joyce12 soat oldin
  • Omg I should have watched this at night I’m literally crying please 1 like=1 hug pls 😭

    Sayuri YasudaSayuri Yasuda16 soat oldin
  • Maybe i'm the only one who doesn't know this episode: 3:28 If you know it please tell me°^°

    Avegail MaeAvegail Mae17 soat oldin
  • Do you know the song(or whatever) where Crusty XD grabs Deku? (Pls tell me if you know;-;)

    ii_teddy xxii_teddy xx17 soat oldin
  • 06:08​ what kind of music is that

    ASTRO 12ASTRO 1219 soat oldin
  • don't hate me i am subbed but bakudeku tododeku todobakudeku are not canon but kinda are in someways kiribaku todomomo and dekuchako are canon sadly:(

    Gryffin Jackson LoveGryffin Jackson Love20 soat oldin
  • 6:54 what vol # cover?

    Keirah VillamorKeirah Villamor23 soat oldin
  • C'mon Bakogo just igmiret you like Deku - kun 😑😖😳❤❤❤❤ awwwwwwww sooooooo cate😛😛

    Jhana FernandezJhana FernandezKun oldin
  • Her 0:47 Me: YOU JUST NOTICED?!? 🤣

    •Mjåe Gåcha••Mjåe Gåcha•Kun oldin
  • The second one XDDDDDDDD

    Charlotte ElizabethCharlotte ElizabethKun oldin
  • I’m sooo confused now is bakugo going to die......?

    •Deku• Edits••Deku• Edits•Kun oldin
  • Shiggy Be like HolA NiNiO BrOtHeR!

    MimokoMimokoKun oldin
  • I like the part in 4:51 😊

    Arlene Dela CruzArlene Dela CruzKun oldin
  • What’s the movie called

    scomanche03scomanche03Kun oldin
  • Can they meet the future one ??

    Larissa HillLarissa HillKun oldin
  • It's not unpausing😭😭😭😭

    Larissa HillLarissa HillKun oldin
  • I want to ask to bakugau . Did kachhan born with the quirk?

    nurul najihahnurul najihahKun oldin
  • The first one XD

    Korbin BakerKorbin BakerKun oldin
  • I like it 😭😭😭😭😭

    Yanisa YangYanisa YangKun oldin
  • Were are rest of the movies do u guys have the movies?! Or am I tripped is season 5 out please some one tell meeeeee

    Mari MendezMari MendezKun oldin
  • Wait.....SEASON 5 CAME OUT???....

    Mari MendezMari MendezKun oldin
  • i hate you u spoild evereything :( im still in season 2

    Ruqayiah MisbehRuqayiah MisbehKun oldin

    Fem!NekoInk Or, Fem!izukuMidoriyaFem!NekoInk Or, Fem!izukuMidoriyaKun oldin
  • Teacher be like : it’s disgusting Me : What did you just say what did you just say!? *Me screaming cuss words*

    Levi’s TeeLevi’s TeeKun oldin
  • When Bakugo dies I'm leaving BNHA

    Blue._.ukuleleBlue._.ukuleleKun oldin
  • Please , this got worse and worse cuz of the tik toks , you are a good animator but i just don't like the ships , don't take it as hate but i just say that not a lot of people are with every ship 😁

    Stefan DrumceaStefan DrumceaKun oldin
  • 3:39 wait wait wait... Pls someone twll me whic seasone ans whic episode is this

    TV Fantastik KralTV Fantastik KralKun oldin
  • I dont know why but I want part 2

    • Sunfløwer Angel •• Sunfløwer Angel •Kun oldin

    MemusMemusKun oldin
  • At 1:03 so you have chosen death

    Tabitha OneillTabitha Oneill2 kun oldin
  • I'm about to cry. One of my eye is has dropped a tear. When I feel it, I started running to my bedroom. 🥺😢🏃‍♀️🥺😢😭😭😭

    aqran musaaqran musa2 kun oldin
  • Nobody Absolutely nobody The two classmates:he deserved it 😌

    Ishwar KhatkarIshwar Khatkar2 kun oldin
  • OMG it make me laugh the part when bakuhoe is gay 🤣😂

    Di CkDi Ck2 kun oldin
  • Everyone everyone i have something to declare Gacha logic now exists on anime i repeat

    Lëmøn BōyLëmøn Bōy2 kun oldin
  • its 12:34 PM lol-

    Red Cyan and Green Mini CrewmatesRed Cyan and Green Mini Crewmates2 kun oldin
  • he did not say it because he do not have any

    Kimberly McLeodKimberly McLeod2 kun oldin
  • Bakugou: I want to know reasons why I fell in love with Deku Tododeku shippers: We want to know reasons why Bakugou would fall in love with Deku

    CassandraP.CassandraP.2 kun oldin
  • 7:42 hmm

    Oofer OofsOofer Oofs2 kun oldin
  • Im watching the anime right now and it seems that Katsuki does care about him though, because ever since Izuku tried to save him from the slime monster Katsuki has been easier on Izuku and theres just those context clues and the facial expressions that explain the other reasons on why I believe this. I hope in future episodes they get together! Poor Katsuki just dosen't know how to express his feelings to Izuku..

    Golden_VanessaGolden_Vanessa2 kun oldin
  • Never trust anyone too much, the devil was once an angel.

    ¡Leafy!¡Leafy!2 kun oldin
  • Manga spoilers⬇️⬇️⬇️ Bakugo isn’t dead though 😂 he still fought even after that I guess it might have been like a dead bakugo au where he dies in that fight but I just wanted to say something cause if you limp it in with manga spoilers people who haven’t read the manga think he’s dead but he isn’t so don’t worry

    BakedPotato_UwUBakedPotato_UwU2 kun oldin
  • I dint finish the anime and me watching that he dies me what the fück!

    Alondra JimenezAlondra Jimenez2 kun oldin
  • Wait- plz don’t tell me this is true!!! Plz say they won’t die! I didn’t read the manga... I’m already crying 😭

    PrettylittlePitts :pPrettylittlePitts :p2 kun oldin
  • You should’ve put spoiler warning 😭😭

    e l l x p s i s me l l x p s i s m2 kun oldin
  • btw deku did not died hes still alive.This is what happens SPOILER ALET ) no he doesn't. He gives it to Bakugo during the fight with 9s to help defeat him. Shortly after One for all “does something miraculous” and stays with Deku leaving Bakugo with no memory of the fight. ... Shortly after Bakugo calls Deku and all might into his hospital room.

    hinata shoyohinata shoyo2 kun oldin
  • Please stop BKDK ITS disgusting

    Abdullah SalahAbdullah Salah2 kun oldin
  • How dare you make me cry like that

    xXCyth GamingXxxXCyth GamingXx2 kun oldin
  • 4:30 I had a laughing fit. I can't someone help...

    Kana KuroKana Kuro2 kun oldin
  • I felt your pain bakugo (at the end) I've had close friends pass away one was in my arms, believe me I cried for months on end, I cried during school everyone looked at me like I was crazy 😭😭😭😭😭

    Rayna ElizondoRayna Elizondo2 kun oldin
  • I dont believe that deku is dead i need to see it for myself im going to watch it now

    Uw UUw U2 kun oldin
  • wow most people create these characters Im so happy you took the time to actually see them

    Paisley QuezadaPaisley Quezada2 kun oldin
  • 6:49 it was all yellow U-U I love that song it's cool :3

    Shoto TodorokiShoto Todoroki2 kun oldin
  • Bakugo is dead. Get over it. I'm not Crying, You're Crying and i'm Choking Shigaraki, that's a huge difference.

    Nakuko.mp3Nakuko.mp32 kun oldin
  • Shit, I'm crying about Bakugo, unless I know Izuku doesn't die but Bakugo does. The video is nice to you Postscript: I speak Spanish and I don't know much English and I was looking for some words that I didn't understand in the translator, but it was worth it

    Miya EzocMiya Ezoc2 kun oldin
  • I’m not kidding i cried watching this :C

    Sofia KassamSofia Kassam2 kun oldin
  • Katsuki don’t deny it you know your gay

    Jennifer MooreJennifer Moore2 kun oldin
  • 2:24 i was like lol and the first one i was like hahahahhahahhahahah

    TASNEEM _chanTASNEEM _chan2 kun oldin
  • We are *JOCKS*

    Amity BlightAmity Blight2 kun oldin
  • Its weird that the guy who likes him told deku to kill himself and always told izuku that he will never be a hero Is anyone else confused because I am

    izuku midoriya what ifizuku midoriya what if2 kun oldin
  • 6:52 got me crying so DAM hard

    Esther TamangEsther Tamang2 kun oldin
  • Pobre sufrimiento we me iso llorar cuando Bakugou le mostraba en las mangas que se sacrificaba por DEKU me iso mucho llorar 🤧😭

    •Anay tsuyu••Anay tsuyu•2 kun oldin
  • you: doesn't put Bakugo with his picture thing Me: *So he isn't important? I thought so.*

    Mayumi NudellMayumi Nudell2 kun oldin
  • 0:07 SHE HAD TO DEAL WITH BAKUGOU WHEN HE JUMPED OUT OF HIS SEAT- No seriously she was just in the background

    softi_flowersofti_flower2 kun oldin
  • But Deku and Bakugo didn’t die in the last movie

    Isabel GuerenaIsabel Guerena2 kun oldin
  • 1:00🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Marta MartaMarta Marta2 kun oldin
  • I just realized that gacha life is cringe

    No oneNo one2 kun oldin
  • this made me cryyy 😭😭😭😭I didnt know bakugo accidentally died I didnt read the mangas yet😭😭

    • Chocolate Milk•• Chocolate Milk•2 kun oldin
  • I think I'd die just if I saw all might getting ready to kill meh

    S P R I N G R A TS P R I N G R A T2 kun oldin
  • 6:10 Please link to the video

    · SnowLyn ·· SnowLyn ·2 kun oldin
  • 3:42 MCYT fans: "it was never meant to be..." I actually said that

    Bxby BlueBxby Blue3 kun oldin
  • 1:00

    gamermangamerman3 kun oldin
  • At a fight you begin dancing?! WTF!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Itz_Galaxy CookieItz_Galaxy Cookie3 kun oldin
  • I feel like if Deku died the last thing he would do is give one for all to bakugo

    Solskin CanadianSolskin Canadian3 kun oldin
  • where can i watch the movie free bc I dont have hulu. someone pls tell me TvT

    Joy KimJoy Kim3 kun oldin
  • 3:27 Please tell me what the name of the episode is. I want to watch it. I watched the season but I did not see such an episode.

    MR.çizgiMR.çizgi3 kun oldin
    • It’s a movie

      Amino GamingAmino Gaming2 kun oldin
  • The eyes of them tho

    Axel CenizaAxel Ceniza3 kun oldin
  • 3:34 me: wow that timing was beautiful

    The-new-James-bondThe-new-James-bond3 kun oldin
  • this was good until they said "he gave him his umbrella" that is not what happened he pushed deku away that line annoys me so much

    One Person PartyOne Person Party3 kun oldin

    QueenJeli 123QueenJeli 1233 kun oldin
  • 4:31 😂😂😂😂😂

    Random_ TheKidRandom_ TheKid3 kun oldin
  • Déku its dire!?!?😭😭😢😿

    Christina BlavinChristina Blavin3 kun oldin
  • “God I’ve been falling for a long time” just made me laugh I don’t know why 0:35

    [Barn cat ][Barn cat ]3 kun oldin
  • But Bakugo doesn't die?🌝

    Bri BriiBri Brii3 kun oldin
  • Me after watching minecraft memes I forgot that these were normal song for other videos

    Lonely FreakLonely Freak3 kun oldin
  • Why does bakugo has obitos sharingan

    Hidan's HangHidan's Hang3 kun oldin
  • me when i see season 5 spoilers: CLOSE LE EYES NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT THGE SPOILERS also me: damn im dramatic af

    * ! Luna ! ** ! Luna ! *3 kun oldin
  • im not the only who cried right .-.

    amelia johnsonamelia johnson3 kun oldin
  • From 4:30 to 4:47 #STOPBROCOLIABUSE

    Saif MustafaSaif Mustafa3 kun oldin
  • No ship dekux bakugou no ship

    lasha leonardlasha leonard3 kun oldin
  • Bro this is the 3 time i been watching this 😂

    Ash_ EjiyamiAsh_ Ejiyami3 kun oldin
  • Can anybody else process most of this was gay deku and bakugo?

    Keith ShetakKeith Shetak3 kun oldin
  • Can you make them react to see you agaim amv

    kim Taehyungkim Taehyung3 kun oldin
  • Me hiciste llorar

    Jesus mArtinezJesus mArtinez3 kun oldin
  • No one: Bakugou blushes at a dead body Lol

    lucky Animekid10lucky Animekid103 kun oldin