Deftones - The Spell Of Mathematics (Official Visualizer)

24-Sen, 2020
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The official visualizer for “The Spell Of Mathematics” from the new album, Ohms, available everywhere now:
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  • Love this album

    Fruzsi LentiFruzsi Lenti5 soat oldin
  • Seen deftones live in Sydney Australia, amazing band, hope they tour down under again with this incredible new album, f# ck corona virus off 😁😁🤙🤙🇦🇺

    AjayAjay10 soat oldin
  • I'm in love allover again. This whole album is incredible.

    Sonya SamsSonya Sams13 soat oldin
  • The best one!

    Rodney CRodney C13 soat oldin
  • The song is really awesome

    Jonathan GonzalezJonathan Gonzalez17 soat oldin
  • Wow Best álbum!

    ofe seguraofe segura18 soat oldin
  • This band can be compared to some sort of very expensive and very delicious wine. You can "smell" all of the genres, that the band consists of. Sometimes it sounds like Deftones invented Deftones as genre. If it's not a perfection, then it is somewhere near.

    Stanislav GoblinStanislav Goblin21 soat oldin
  • So fucking good

  • God damn deftones, always and forever a pleasure to my freakin ears 🤘🤘

    Mr. FoxbodyMr. FoxbodyKun oldin
  • killing it again fuck it

    Jan SSteloJan SSteloKun oldin
  • I've had 12 beers, the wife's sleeping, but I'm still here for my band of the last 22 years!

    Mike EndersMike Enders2 kun oldin
  • Another great deftones song for sex!

    Charles A.Charles A.2 kun oldin
  • Deftones for life...

    RelleckRelleck2 kun oldin
  • The way the bass and guitar sounds at 0:57 gets me ❤

    CRIMSON OfficialCRIMSON Official2 kun oldin
  • This album filled the hole that Gore did

    Ihatemy nameIhatemy name3 kun oldin
  • Awesome cd

    Robin ortizRobin ortiz4 kun oldin
  • Best song of one of their top 3 LPs

    A. C.A. C.4 kun oldin
  • One of the best deftones song's ever!

    Kyle DeaversKyle Deavers5 kun oldin
  • Their albums get better with time. Awesome album! Love Genesis

    unchained9905 MCunchained9905 MC5 kun oldin
  • How can a band thats been so good for so long still be able to put out work that sounds as good as their old stuff while still being fresh and inspiring? The atmosphere on this track and the album as a whole is just colossal this is phenomenal

    Johnnie WalkerJohnnie Walker5 kun oldin
  • Deftones + high asf + sex = Ethereal pleasures 💜🔥😍

    Amarilys OropezaAmarilys Oropeza5 kun oldin
  • Sextones

    Nicholas CoxNicholas Cox5 kun oldin
  • Would love to hear Deftones do a cover of iLL NINO with you s0ng & mushroomhead-embrace the ending s0ng

    KaozSomethingTo Believe 666KaozSomethingTo Believe 6665 kun oldin
  • For the love of God... this album is a perfect summary of his entire career, taking his sound to extreme ecstasy, simply perfect, impeccable... the show must go on

    Yakov De GóngoraYakov De Góngora5 kun oldin
  • Beautiful. 🌈🌹🌌

    Wicked_DeftladyWicked_Deftlady6 kun oldin
  • Best of album

    nick Robinsonnick Robinson6 kun oldin
  • This is the highest level of mixing and mastering of metal music

    Reza RishehriReza Rishehri6 kun oldin
  • The finger snaps are Zach Hill. No joke.

    Bootleg MixtapesBootleg Mixtapes6 kun oldin
  • Hoo damnnnn

    Pootan InamoPootan Inamo6 kun oldin
  • Its amazing how a song that serves as a lyrical metaphor for the comfort of numerology in religion incorporates a calm clap that towards the end sounds more like a slaver's whipcrack...

    Raamiz NaeemRaamiz Naeem6 kun oldin
  • wait new? this is new?

    North HustlerNorth Hustler6 kun oldin
  • If they’re going by views, this’ll be there next music video.

    PT Philosophy-TheologyPT Philosophy-Theology7 kun oldin
  • I've never masturbated to a song before... until now.

    Ferenc KacsintaFerenc Kacsinta7 kun oldin
  • Rocket Skates

    Daddy Fuckin' BuffDaddy Fuckin' Buff7 kun oldin
  • I liked before playing, It's called trust. Deftones, the band that always delivers from day one.

    Menno FennemaMenno Fennema7 kun oldin
  • I believe this album is gonna be the next WP! I'm probably in 100th time listening to this record that couple of months later will return and it's gonna feel like I've never listened to it before! 😁 OBESSSED! DEEPLY EMOTIONALLY CONNECTED TO THIS RECORD! 🤗😍🤘❤🔊🔊🔊🔊

    Elise StardayElise Starday7 kun oldin
  • SEXY!

    Noelia SolísNoelia Solís7 kun oldin
  • "Right Where it Belongs v2" - Nine Inch Nails, 1984 George Orwell- Respect tha Deck.

    lazy totolazy toto7 kun oldin
  • The Sacred Cross of Love- is the Dogma. The End and Beginn. The Time is just- Seconds- near Nothing- and the REASON TO BE SOMEONE. 0000000013.

    lazy totolazy toto7 kun oldin
  • Yoooo this shitt iz muzikal LSD wtf

    el narcisistael narcisista7 kun oldin
  • Can anyone do a long mix of the outro? I love it so much.

    TBS bloodheistTBS bloodheist7 kun oldin
  • There hasn't been an album in the last 10 years I've played on repeat every day, till now. So yeah not 2 bad dudes.

    SystematiclolSystematiclol8 kun oldin
    • Same here!!! 😊

      Elise StardayElise Starday5 kun oldin
  • I believe this song has cast its spell on me ❤

    A ParksA Parks8 kun oldin
  • definitely my favorite new track

    Accurate InterpretationzAccurate Interpretationz8 kun oldin
  • Exactly what I was saying is fuck these dumb digits. I dont even use 0-9 anymore Im way ahead of that primitive crap

    Unknown UnknownUnknown Unknown8 kun oldin
  • Deftones my drug! 🎧🖤🖤🖤🖤🤘🏼🎸

    Lupita MartinLupita Martin8 kun oldin
  • 👏🤯🔥 Wow! 💀

    Mick IVMick IV8 kun oldin
  • This is hands down their best album yet.

    yt3374yt33748 kun oldin
  • This album and Gore were a bore compared to their previous albums.

    Blake abcdefgBlake abcdefg9 kun oldin
  • Nice song about love.

    Utsu KuruUtsu Kuru9 kun oldin
  • Amazing

    ultim0 ching0nultim0 ching0n9 kun oldin
  • cant wait to ear this beautyfull piece of music live!! .. more than half of my life deftones has been with me .. and still counting

    felex maldonadofelex maldonado9 kun oldin
  • Awesome greatest band ever!!!!!!!!!

    greg bradygreg brady9 kun oldin
  • LIKE

    Yohn SotoYohn Soto9 kun oldin
  • They make it so easy.

    MrChickenspitMrChickenspit9 kun oldin
  • ❤❤❤

    AngelaAngela9 kun oldin
  • My fav off the album. The bass carries this song so well.

    At the Galleria '94At the Galleria '9410 kun oldin
  • Amazing!

    toto totototo toto10 kun oldin
  • i can't even choose a favorite from this album. the whole thing is perfect! damn.

    flammeteruflammeteru10 kun oldin
  • Guess Ill have to check out the full album.

    Shredi KnightShredi Knight10 kun oldin
  • Verse 1] I drink the poison right from your hands A sacred vow, it engulfs me We slip and we slide and in time we create A feeling Of warmth inside of you [Pre-Chorus 1] Holy and strict Six times a day We will exchange Our violent wings But the beauty is when You touch me [Chorus] I believe your love Has placed its spell on me And I believe your love Is the only thing needed to survive I believe your love Creates this space whеre we can breathе But I believe your love Beholds this sacred key to life [Verse 2] The snakes come pouring out of your heart And you know that I can't deny them So I sink inside where we writhe and create That feeling that pangs my time with you [Pre-Chorus 2] We sway in the wind Inside a haze Where you speak your language What am I to say? I'll just wait for your limbs To touch me [Chorus] I believe your love Has placed its spell on me And I believe your love Is the only thing needed to survive I believe your love Creates this space where we can breathe I believe your love Beholds this sacred key to life

    SaintFakerSaintFaker10 kun oldin
  • If you listen to those snap/claps at the end of the song they sound off somehow like when you snap your fingers on both hands and they don't snap at the exact same moment. I don't know if that was intentional or not, I'm thinking it was intentional because in a studio you could easily make one perfect take and then have Frank sample it on a loop or have Abe bang it out with an electric drum. Maybe the slight off time of it was meant to be more organic sounding as Chino is probably the one doing it. Whatever the case, I think this may be the best song on the album HANDS DOWN. I absolutely love this song and listen to it constantly now.

    Stephen DeanStephen Dean11 kun oldin
  • I wanna participate in the clap when they play this live

    crazybiscutcrazybiscut11 kun oldin
  • f'n ay!!!... track and clip are epiC!!...

    Richard VietzRichard Vietz11 kun oldin

    Lucas deABREULucas deABREU11 kun oldin
  • Frank and Steff are on fire on this one

    Rodboy22Rodboy2211 kun oldin
  • Imagine Meshuggah actually covering this song. Tomas Haake doing his snarling / growling during chinos singing melodies. Deftones is Mighty!

    Royal ChicanoRoyal Chicano12 kun oldin
  • I DRINK THE POISON RIGHT FROM YOUR ASS sorry I couldn't unhear it and had to share this curse

    Michael C21H30O2Michael C21H30O212 kun oldin
  • Best on the album by all means

    Arthure SavileArthure Savile12 kun oldin
  • Persefone - The Majestic of Gaia:

    SerniSerni12 kun oldin
  • From 3:02 on... straight fuckin sex

    Jeremy RowlettJeremy Rowlett12 kun oldin

    A-REY Jr-408A-REY Jr-40812 kun oldin
  • I need a girl that likes deftones as much as me. :S

    Nebb1esNebb1es12 kun oldin
  • Those snaps are everything.

    D MoraD Mora12 kun oldin
  • Why does this whole album remind me of white pony

    Paul HoldcroftPaul Holdcroft12 kun oldin
  • Nothing but awesome!

    Patrick JoehlPatrick Joehl12 kun oldin
  • Deftones fan since the beginning and this track is one of my all time favorites already. I’m surprised more people aren’t raving about it. It’s a very well written song.

    Midwest BMWMidwest BMW13 kun oldin
  • They just should never work with other producer jajajjaa Terry Dates Deftones WOAAA

    Juan F. TaverasJuan F. Taveras13 kun oldin
  • goosebumps.....

    Nicholas JarnotNicholas Jarnot13 kun oldin
  • I wish I could more eloquently say how much you mean to me than just saying I love you guys. I met you in a Del Taco in ‘96 after Warped Tour. I was 13.... and I’m sure you were exhausted from the day but you asked the cashier for a pen and signed my ticket... never forgotten! Thank you all gentlemen. R.i.p. Chi.

    Shawn NShawn N13 kun oldin
  • Sounds like Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness meets Around the Fur.

    xXx_billy _xXxxXx_billy _xXx13 kun oldin
  • Hey Darkseid, listen to the anti-life equation.

    EduardoEduardo13 kun oldin
  • This may be my fave on this album. RIP CHI

    Kaneda AndioliniKaneda Andiolini14 kun oldin
  • I’ve hired Chino as my personal math tutor

    Dee DeeDee Dee14 kun oldin
  • Reminds me of Alexisonfire-Grey

    JoezfLoganJoezfLogan14 kun oldin
  • This is the greatest time for new quality music.

    Edward EgendoerferEdward Egendoerfer14 kun oldin
  • Why is there no mathematical equations in this song?

    Don't Lose Your EdgeDon't Lose Your Edge14 kun oldin
  • This shit here coaaaallllll!!!🥶🤯

    Nobel WarriorNobel Warrior14 kun oldin
  • Altisimo tema que te rompe el encefalo

    88coldsummer88coldsummer14 kun oldin
  • This is the only album out of 9 where they left Abes stick clicks on the recording and they did it not once, but twice. Once on Genesis and again here. Interesting he only uses 2 clicks instead of 4 as well, shows how tight they are as a band.

    Dale KayDale Kay14 kun oldin
  • Still 🤘✊

    Sarah JSarah J14 kun oldin
  • I’m going to wear this damn song out! Whewww totally worth the wait! Whole album is 🔥🔥

    Charlyn GambleCharlyn Gamble14 kun oldin
  • 42yrs old and they are still in my earphones is unreal

    Dark JagerDark Jager15 kun oldin
  • This by far one of Abe's top notch work.. Ghost note much???

    Vinni PalaciosVinni Palacios15 kun oldin
  • This song is fucking Dope!

    Dan FernandezDan Fernandez15 kun oldin
  • Right up there with their best!

    jeff barberjeff barber15 kun oldin
  • This one is my favourite on album! Amazing song!

    PeRogiTraPeRogiTra15 kun oldin
  • i love when an album grows on me after a few listens. it's like falling in love

    De'SzaDe'Sza15 kun oldin
  • There are no words for this song...or this album... only chinos words will suffice

    Tyler McCauleyTyler McCauley15 kun oldin
  • Terry Date is back!!!!

    Dallas Boring NewsDallas Boring News15 kun oldin