Deep Cleaning a DISASTER Work Truck! | INSANE Detailing Transformation and Owner Reaction!

27-Noy, 2020
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This Honda work truck hadn't been cleaned once in 14 years and was an absolute DISASTER! From the horseshoes to all the snow, dirt and grime, the transformation this farrier's work truck makes is truly magical and the owner thought so too!
#disasterdetail #worktruck #cardetailing
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Boar’s Hair -
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Tornador -
Ozone Machine -
Microfiber Towels -
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  • I’m sorry but who the hell uses a Honda ridge line as their work truck?!? The only people I’ve ever seen driving them are office workers who wanted a truck

    Mat HMat H8 soat oldin
  • One day maybe he can learn to repair cars too! A two in one business, that’s just what we need!

    Clara HamiltonClara Hamilton19 soat oldin
  • That's quite some mileage! Like driving to the moon and halfway back...

    pseudomonadpseudomonad3 kun oldin
  • Even if you blindfolded the owner . . . they'd be able to feel and smell that it's incredibly cleaner

    Tthom2Tthom23 kun oldin
  • Wow Nice work.

    Solomon JacklickSolomon Jacklick3 kun oldin
  • This maybe a stupid question but are there any precautions you have to take while using the steamer around any electronics?

    lil Reichertlil Reichert4 kun oldin
  • Wow. You're already at 2M subs! Congrats!

    Ronald RenzRonald Renz5 kun oldin
  • I'm sorry I feel we were mislead, the Title said Deep Cleaning work truck, then I noticed it was a HONDA. "GO CHEVY" LOL

    JHJH5 kun oldin
  • Do you clean other things besides vehicles?

    H HiseH Hise5 kun oldin
  • The fact that this thing has half a million kms speaks volumes about the kind of engines honda makes

    Oscar PaullOscar Paull6 kun oldin
  • I wonder when will u show us cleaning under the engine hood. Ive been a fan to ur amazing channel, so i hope u will step up with new challenge. Tq and ol da best!

    Razifuddin Ag MohidinRazifuddin Ag Mohidin6 kun oldin
  • 18:07 wow 😳

    Carlos GarciaCarlos Garcia6 kun oldin
  • I’ve never seen you clean a grimy seat belt. How do you do it? With the Bissell or the steamer?

    Lisa McCombLisa McComb6 kun oldin
  • What song is 5:20

    Emily DuriganEmily Durigan6 kun oldin
  • Honda Ridgeline and "truck" are never allowed in the same sentence. Lol

    A RadA Rad6 kun oldin
    • @A Rad There you go. Nice points, but it’s still a cool truck. And, I’ll continue to call it so.

      Oz RicoOz Rico5 kun oldin
    • @Oz Rico Front wheel drive, Based off unibody car frame, then designed to look like a truck. Just because it has a bed doesn't make it a truck. I've seen a civic someone cut into a bed in back. Not a truck.

      A RadA Rad5 kun oldin
    • @A Rad Now you’re just being difficult. What about it doesn’t make it a truck?

      Oz RicoOz Rico5 kun oldin
    • @Oz Rico an El Camino had the same.... Truck also?

      A RadA Rad5 kun oldin
    • @A Rad It has a bed and a 6 cylinder. Now I would never be caught dead driving a pilot. But, I’ll fuck with a ridge line. Especially if it got a ram bar.

      Oz RicoOz Rico5 kun oldin
  • The dirty water looks like chocolate milk

    devan roosdevan roos7 kun oldin
  • I wonder how long this takes but this AMAZING

  • How do you remove the seats??

    Michelle SaldanaMichelle Saldana8 kun oldin
  • You should start a of how much change you find in each car and then award the person with the most change. Hey they didn’t know they where so change rich lol.

    KurjakkKurjakk8 kun oldin
  • Just think of what their homes may look like.

    Raphael SzokRaphael Szok8 kun oldin
  • But are you single 🥺

    Beth ParysBeth Parys9 kun oldin
  • Ever thought about acquiring a hotsy power-washer! After all, hot water does clean better 🤔

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  • notice you don t do the motors,why

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  • Dire wolf

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  • Even though the car is beat up u still are detail oriented and that goes a long way👍.

    Marcdsouza26Marcdsouza269 kun oldin
  • dude you REALLY need to start uploading Bi-weekly because waiting a week is wayyy to long AND I'm sure the extra UZworld money would help you

    Dan HardDan Hard10 kun oldin
  • 27:06 The red light is blinking in the same rythm as the music!!!

    0045thomas0045thomas10 kun oldin
  • no one ever talks about how fine this man is ugh

    marvelineousmarvelineous10 kun oldin
  • I'm curious how much you charge to detail a vehicle that dirty? That's a lot of work!!!

    Haley RuthHaley Ruth11 kun oldin
  • Next weekend I’ll be starting my first detail (: Thank you so much for the knowledge and phenomenal tools to use! Detail geek is king 👑

    Share The ExperienceShare The Experience11 kun oldin
  • Why don't you clean the roof from underside?🤔

    Muhammad AliMuhammad Ali11 kun oldin
  • Hello I just discovered the channel, I could not find a ford transit connect (tourneo connect) washing video on the channel. ford transit connect wash our country attracts a lot of attention if you shoot video and Turkey can create a large mass of this country that we love so much here Greetings from cars to turkey (I used google translate, sorry if I have a mistake)

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  • Me over here be like can your tools get pen ink out if my carpet :D Lol

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  • What do you prefer tornador or steam machine?

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  • You do amazing work! Do you ever get vehicles that aren't a total wreck? Or are maintained fairly well by their owners and they just want a nice detailing for a change?

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  • The Mahjong Line

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  • well, you and shaitan like a mosh car. You can't wash off the mud of the washers so scratching the paint of the car. you must first wash with contactless shampoo!!! learn to wash the shaitan machine. we Russians will come to you and burn your garage shaitan

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  • How do you clean the edges of the carpet the butt up against plastic or metal? That would seem impossible to get with the steam vac. Great videos. I am addicted!

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  • 9mm. merica

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  • Love the fact you take things apart/off to do the interior. Now that’s detailing. 👍🏻

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  • Huh I never knew that truck was white

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  • Anybody notice the rubber wax pen cap in the beginning😂

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  • "Worktruck": Lamest excuse for not keeping your vehicle decent.

    Mirage8vMirage8v23 kun oldin
  • Hi "If it's not difficult, you can subscribe to my twitch" There is a button "track" in the form of a heart "Nickname: tetraboy" Link " I will be grateful !

    Кирилл ОскельменовКирилл Оскельменов23 kun oldin
  • You missed the in bed trunk. Huge piece left unclean!

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  • I will tell u a secret. U might know it, after cleaning carpets or seats the Material wicks,after it fully dries take cleans all with a towel, mist and wipe down,

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  • Seriously does he ever sweat lolol 😭😭😂 ion kno I may be trippin lol (not tryna be weird tho haha >,

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  • How much would you normally charge for a full detail?

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  • Where is a place like this that I can bring my car to get clean that well? I live in New Jersey

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    • Look up good full car detailers near you.

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  • I wonder if your customers are still humans, or all pigs.

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  • Я один ищу русские коментарии?

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