Das Boat S2: E06 Freshwater Drum with Danielle Prewett and Frank Smethurst

18-Okt, 2020
205 889 Ko‘rishlar soni

For the finale of Das Boat Season 2, MeatEater Wild Foods Contributor Danielle Prewett and longtime fishing guide Frank Smethurst, head to Red Lake, Minnesota. Red Lake is one of the most celebrated walleye fisheries in the country. But we’re not after walleye. We’re after the one fish out here that no one seems to like: freshwater drum. The locals call them sheepshead, and curse them as a nuisance by-catch, useless fish that steal bait and waste time. The thing is, freshwater drum are related to red fish and black drum, two gulf coast saltwater species that just about everyone agrees are delicious. Are these fish really that bad, or is this a case of people just believing what they're told and not experimenting for themselves? Few are better prepared to investigate that question than Danielle Prewett, a Texan with lots of experience cooking redfish. Das Boat gets one final upgrade when Minnesota guide and artist Josh Desmit stops by and christens her with a bad ass new paint job. After getting bounced around on Red Lake and learning some of the finer points of worm fishing, Danielle and Frank put freshwater drum to the taste test and prove, once and for all, that these fish are damn good. #fueledbynature
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  • What a great episode

    The Earl of MøreThe Earl of Møre15 soat oldin
  • Is Danielle married? Because ahhhh .....

    Sergio JorelSergio JorelKun oldin
  • is it just me or is it weird that he says her name 10,000 times

    Brent CorrBrent Corr2 kun oldin
  • i catch sheepheads on the reqular behind my house in bolles harbor, MI. i will keep the next few and give them a try!

    Jonathan BarnoskyJonathan Barnosky2 kun oldin
  • Try rigging the line differently. Use a running sinker above the swivel and allow some slack line. Bottom feeders like drum and spotted grunter which feed on benthic invertebrates generally have more sensitive mouths and reject the bait if they feel resistance. The object is not to feel the bite but to allow them to pick up the bait properly and then swallow it.

    fudgepie1fudgepie14 kun oldin
  • After seeing him back up that trailer I can believe now that he did in fact set a boat on fire lol

    Everythang FishinEverythang Fishin8 kun oldin
  • He flirted with Danielle so hard in this episode

    christian cardonachristian cardona9 kun oldin
  • Hiring editors?👀

    Jackson McLellanJackson McLellan9 kun oldin
  • Love eating Drum

    Darren's Northern LifeDarren's Northern Life9 kun oldin
  • Need a ratchet strap on the back of that boat..........

    chris Stubbschris Stubbs10 kun oldin
  • That guy makes this episode unwatchable. The didnt do shit for the boat. Pinned it thru the chop. (Brand new everything). Tapped his truck. Breathing heavy.

    Bran MuffinBran Muffin11 kun oldin
  • Those two ppl are so fucking awkward. Her butt and feet r fire tho.

    Bran MuffinBran Muffin11 kun oldin
  • This and all the other productions by this crew aren't just guys out flogging the water or flinging arrows or bullets. Steve and chosen cast always brings a thinking mans perspective to the experience that I appreciate. When out adventuring myself and being with folks that are on that same page. I find those experiences the most fulfilling. It fills that void created by the visual of that 30 lb propane tank full of bullet holes surrounded by empty beer cans we passed earlier. And the imagery that creates. Im grateful for the existence of this content.

    Eric in AlaskaEric in Alaska11 kun oldin
  • Bleed them out. Cut into strips laterally. Bread with any fish fry flour with a bit of corn meal. Fresh water drum taste like shrimp that way. Fried in duckfat or goose fat makes it more betta

    Itchy ScratchyItchy Scratchy13 kun oldin
  • We call them gasper goo here in South Texas

    Robert RodriguezRobert Rodriguez13 kun oldin
  • Trio boat is a must. Plus more.

    BOBIKERBOBIKER14 kun oldin
  • traduscan en españollll!!!!!!!

    nestor marturanonestor marturano14 kun oldin
  • How has joe Rogan not been on yet dude he liked fishing before hunting

    Devin PututauDevin Pututau15 kun oldin
  • I nominate passing the boat to Milliken fishing he is in Nebraska hed do an amazing job for u guys

    Jose HerreraJose Herrera15 kun oldin
  • Watching her bob around in that boat was classic, what a choppy ride, great episode

    imminent82imminent8216 kun oldin
  • Is it just me or did they paint the boat after the went fishing or did it just wash off

    Todd BaumannTodd Baumann17 kun oldin
  • Fresh water drum are called Gasper Goo. There’s already a salt water species that is actually named Sheepshead.

    Ross BakerRoss Baker17 kun oldin
  • Modern fisherman are stingy, picky. Ask any old timer and they'll tell you as long as they don't have worms they're delicious. My great grandfather grew up on the mid Mississippi during the great depression, he lived off turtles, drum and catfish. Of course he loved crappie and walleye and striped bass when he could get it, but he never turned his nose up at the "rough" fish, for good reason. Great episode.

    SnackPackMackSnackPackMack18 kun oldin
  • More Danielle. More Texas.

    Justin BrownJustin Brown18 kun oldin
  • This is awesome. Honestly. Please season 3, Hali fishing on the west coast, more specific, Los Angeles!!! I’ll show y’all lol

    Luis CordovaLuis Cordova18 kun oldin
  • Dudes got a constant grin, a tooth knocked out, that flow, wearing a cap with a slightly curved crown, and he lives in Minnesota Conclusion, Hockey player

    Michael DaltonMichael Dalton19 kun oldin
  • Lol drum hit softer, couldn't be further from the truth man😂

    Michael DaltonMichael Dalton19 kun oldin
  • I feel like he explained a bunch of shit she already knew lol 20:51

    DFDF19 kun oldin
  • We Love Freshwater DRUM!! Was to funny when Danielle compared to a shrimp... we often fix them that way, cooking with crab boil spices..even tinting the water with food coloring to give a shrimp like appearance. They are wonderful cooked many ways... the one thing one MUST DO, when keeping Drum... is to get them on ICE!!! Their flesh will go mushy extremely fast if not kept iced down. Glad you enjoyed an awesome eating fish that is not that hard to come by when one learns where to find them.

    meghan754meghan75420 kun oldin
  • Does Danielle Prewett have a channel of her own?

    Shannon MalloryShannon Mallory20 kun oldin
  • Hi, i'm not an experienced fisher or even close to what you call a proper fisherman. But i was wondering if you guys knew about the Ike Jime technique for killing and preserving fish? If so why do you or don't you choose to utilize it? Cordially, Zac Lempereur

    Zac LempereurZac Lempereur20 kun oldin
  • 😂😂 a mutant crappy at 13". I call that average at my cabin just south of there. We don't keep anything under 11" or over 15" (and yes, we catch several 16+ per year)

    Adam RietzAdam Rietz23 kun oldin
  • I polespear these out of my local lake. They are absolutely delicious. I like them better than bass and catfish. Hopefully this doesn't catch on haha more for me!

    Jeremiah CaplesJeremiah Caples24 kun oldin
  • drum are delish, and a great fight

    Dustin HelvikDustin Helvik25 kun oldin
  • I catch more sheephead than even I could eat. Never ate one one but I may try it. Next time MeatEater wants to catch freshwater drum come to the Grand or Kalamazoo river not far from where Steve grew up. We have plenty of them here. I'll even show you a few spots where they are plentiful. Even have some resident Eagles that I bonk sheephead or 2 for an easy meal. In late summer it give the juveniles some good practice. I have even caught few "trophy" sheephead over 15lbs.

    Joshua VanderschaafJoshua Vanderschaaf25 kun oldin
  • Gaspergoo in South Louisiana lol

    tjrou2005tjrou200526 kun oldin
  • have eaten them out of the Mississippi. They are not distinguishable from fish like bass. good episode

    Matt PawlowskiMatt Pawlowski26 kun oldin
  • "And sometimes the damn boat falls off the trailer" LMAO

    Clint FulbrightClint Fulbright27 kun oldin
  • Will there be an episode 7??

    Christian AlarconChristian Alarcon27 kun oldin
  • Should do an episode with River Certified in Iowa

    ill Salviill Salvi27 kun oldin
  • "Das boat season 2 sponsored by Milwaukee"

    Allan FrancisAllan Francis27 kun oldin
  • They use the rocks to crush the shells of snails

    Omar CotterOmar Cotter28 kun oldin
  • I've eaten drum and they do taste good, but the one's ive eaten were small like that one. It seems that the one's I catch now in Lake Erie watershed are huge and look disgusting. They fight like hell though and are honestly one of my favorite sport fish.

    Riva KingRiva KingOy oldin
  • Best show on UZworld next time come on up to Rainy Lake and River I ll put ya on the biggest lake sturgeon you've ever seen

    B-DangB-DangOy oldin
  • I have caught dozens if not hundreds Sheephead and never once tried to eat it. All those missed fish fry's when the 'eyes or crappies weren't biting! Great fishing duo those two.

    Brian WhiteBrian WhiteOy oldin
  • Nice to see Minnesota getting some love!!

    Minne-Bay PackingsMinne-Bay PackingsOy oldin
  • Watching Danielle get tossed around in the boat was funny.

    Matt IMatt IOy oldin
  • I think Danielle thought Frank said “one eye” not “walleye” 😉

    Shand NazerShand NazerOy oldin
  • We catch a lot of gaspergou fishing with fresh shad here in SeTX... might have to stop throwing them back.

    ChewCrew OutdoorsChewCrew OutdoorsOy oldin
  • Next season if anyone catches northern pike, they should cube it up and boil it in Sprite because apparently it makes it taste like lobster.

    ChipsChipsOy oldin
  • Fish off Das Boat v Dos Boat!

    Tom CarneyTom CarneyOy oldin
  • Come catch yellowtail on the west coast, quit this East coast pussy fishing

    CooorsbanqCooorsbanqOy oldin
  • Bring boat the third to Australia!

    ungraaungraaOy oldin
  • Not that small 😂😂

    Outpour OutdoorsOutpour OutdoorsOy oldin
  • she got it wrong in putting her phone down she was saying hello to the world not goodbye

    Nate DeleonNate DeleonOy oldin
  • So what was the verdict on the blackened sheepshead / drum? Good? Bad? So so?

    Glenn RengoGlenn RengoOy oldin
  • Well Hello Danielle!

    hunterpbo1hunterpbo1Oy oldin
  • Danielle is mommy

    Pants Up don’t lootPants Up don’t lootOy oldin
  • This has been such a fun series!

    Austen StokesAusten StokesOy oldin
  • I'm from South Louisiana, grew up catching them in hoop nets (targeting catfish). We always used them for crawfish bait or cut bait for turtles. As a kid I do remember eating a few freshwater drum. My dad and his buddies always called them gaspergoo (not sure on spelling).

    Billy ReedBilly ReedOy oldin
  • hey Meateater crew, I’m lookin for a job, i’m a 22 year old male from michigan. Please reach out!

    Nick HeilegNick HeilegOy oldin
  • I hope that there is a clear coat on that beautiful paint job!

    mtfireman72mtfireman72Oy oldin
  • Love that Frank is enjoying an upper Midwest Mich Golden Light with the fish fry

    HallydallyHallydallyOy oldin
  • That’s a big ass crappie lol

    josh gearheartjosh gearheartOy oldin
  • Love the true valu carpet

    josh gearheartjosh gearheartOy oldin
  • Why have I been following meat eater forever but never heard of your fishing show? Is this on Netflix too? I’m lost

    josh gearheartjosh gearheartOy oldin
  • I hope you can check out Raystown lake in PA in a future episode.

    Stephen StraussStephen StraussOy oldin
  • That’s called a gaspergoo in south Louisiana. Never eaten it. Heard it was just fine.

    Alex LedetAlex LedetOy oldin
  • Thank you. I grew up on the Mississippi in Iowa - with all the misconceptions about the Drum. (Gaspergou!). The small ones would hit a jig when they were mixed in with the White Bass.

    Neil MontacreNeil MontacreOy oldin
  • Awesome episode, and I greatly hope there's a season 3! Gotta catch some drum now. There's a great article on the MeatEater website about the quality of freshwater drum. Great stuff!!

    Daniel ParkeDaniel ParkeOy oldin
  • Every time I see that boat fall off the trailer I bust out laughing

    javasoccernutjavasoccernutOy oldin
  • Still not convinced it doesn't taste as good as walleye

    mattmattOy oldin
  • Drum are one of my favorites. Not as high on the list as northern or pan fish but higher than bass and catfish

    Andy StampfliAndy StampfliOy oldin
  • That’s interesting. There is a saltwater fish on the East Coast that is also called a Sheep’s Head. They are silver with black stripes & are very good eating.

    Thomas RouseThomas RouseOy oldin
  • unexpectedly great funny duo. Love this episode!

    Forest KanForest KanOy oldin
  • change the name of the ep DOS boat

    Kieran IsbisterKieran IsbisterOy oldin
  • Another great season folks!

    FishThe50FishThe50Oy oldin
  • love it steve i hope you make a season 3 man !!!

    Kory kirktownKory kirktownOy oldin
  • Is this guy a dad? Classic dorky dad vibes.

    Coleman FairburnColeman FairburnOy oldin
  • The best catch on this show is Danielle

    Will ArmendarizWill ArmendarizOy oldin
  • I see a Schmidt

    David RobertDavid RobertOy oldin
  • Freshwater drum makes great poor man’s lobster, boil in 7up or a sweetened water

    TheBagman1977TheBagman1977Oy oldin
  • steves sass with these narrations is wild hahaha

    Jon WhelessJon WhelessOy oldin
  • Man how I love this show.

    Will PereyraWill PereyraOy oldin
  • This guy has the best monotone humor

  • I love the Michelob golden with the fish! Classic

    tommy andersontommy andersonOy oldin
  • We need more Frank

    Brad FuchsBrad FuchsOy oldin
  • "I like the idea of fishing, but I'd truly rather just rig." Hahaha

    newmexicannightmarenewmexicannightmareOy oldin
  • Awesome episode!

    Jason CurryJason CurryOy oldin
  • 9:49 Das Boat Rodeo

    martinrps13martinrps13Oy oldin
  • Tres Boat: A drift boat in the Pacific Northwest?

    Dylan WorlockDylan WorlockOy oldin
  • Wow, Frank sure has a strong mansplaining game. Take it easy, buddy.

    DrewTDrewTOy oldin
  • MeatEater needs for Danielle.

    Nathan WoodworthNathan WoodworthOy oldin
  • Put some duck blood on the season 3 boat.

    Cody JohnsonCody JohnsonOy oldin
  • What a season

    Zack ZbindenZack ZbindenOy oldin
  • Danielle Prewett is a total smoke show. Can I say that here? She rocks, she's super smart and smoking hot and cooks and slays em.

    Adam AlibertiAdam AlibertiOy oldin
  • We call them Gaspergoo or freshwater drum and Texas They still have the same sort of stigma but I've been eating of my whole life. We catch them with freshwater minnows ,crawfish and crappie lures and they will hit a spoon. We don't tend to fish with Canadian earthworms at all in Texas because all you do is catch a bunch of Brim.

  • I'm a first time Hunter you have any tips?

    owa 1988owa 1988Oy oldin
  • Tres boat west coast cmon boys and girls whos with me?!?!?!?

    dontstomp thesnakedontstomp thesnakeOy oldin
  • Loved the show, had to check out the same name?

    jerry prewettjerry prewettOy oldin