Das Boat S2:E03 Menominee River Smallmouth with Joe Cermele and Tim Landwehr

27-Sen, 2020
225 736 Ko‘rishlar soni

Dos Boat crosses the Straits of Mackinaw and heads west to the Wisconsin, U.P. border. There, MeatEater's Senior Fishing Editor, Joe Cermele, teams up with local guide Tim Landwehr. First, they have to resolve some of the busted-ass, janky modifications made by the last crew. Once that’s done, they can focus on the real task at hand: burning Tim’s home river on a fishing show. See, Tim’s been keeping this place sort of quiet for the past couple of decades, trying to avoid too much pressure on his favorite river. So, why did he invite MeatEater to make an episode featuring the place and its giant, wild smallmouth? Because a proposed sulfide mine threatens the future of this fishery, and he wants you to know about it. Other topics discussed: finding big fish in skinny water, how delicious northern pike are, losing a bass but catching the “follower,” and a hell of a lot more. New episodes every Sunday at 11am MT, subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss out! #fueledbynature
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  • That’s Smallmouth Joe Exotic!

    Fishigan MilliganFishigan Milligan2 kun oldin
  • Thank you for bringing awareness to the issues of the proposed mine on the River! This is a major issue for all of us in NE Wisconsin.

    Andrew AdamskiAndrew Adamski3 kun oldin
  • Coolest series out there, love the backstory and history of the location. Great to see that conservation gets video time in each episode. Well done fellas!

    Lars LarsenLars Larsen3 kun oldin
  • its not a secret.. its just way to far up north for the majority of people in wisconsin to go to.. there are lots of great local lakes and rivers in wisconsin that you dont need to drive 3 hours to have a good day.. thats my opinion anyways(im from wisconsin)

    sicajessicajes4 kun oldin
  • Nice to see you again Joe really miss Hook Shots still watching the shows and listening to the podcasts need to hear from the Hammer again lol

    Penns Creek SniperPenns Creek Sniper6 kun oldin
  • 100%

    Andrew HunterAndrew Hunter6 kun oldin
  • You all should come to the Adirondack mountains region of NY State and fish from kayaks or canoe in my hometown of Oswegatchie ny on the Oswegatchie river one of the finest fishing rivers known.

    Adirondack ToddAdirondack Todd8 kun oldin
  • Can't post any new comments...huh?

    Jeff A.P.G.Jeff A.P.G.8 kun oldin
    • Edits won't work

      Jeff A.P.G.Jeff A.P.G.8 kun oldin
  • I didn’t know you could mine sulfide. Oh that’s right you can’t. I tend to think Steve is thoughtful, but when I comes to environment, he misleads about mining. There is no sulfide mining. There is decades of open pit mining in northern MN, water is pristine here. Farming is more harmful to water than mining.

    Jesse PaloJesse Palo9 kun oldin
  • hes been trashing yanni for 2 episodes straight hahaha

    Cameron MorckCameron Morck13 kun oldin
  • What were they drinking at the end of the episode?

    Michael ClappMichael Clapp13 kun oldin
    • @tightlinesflyshop Thanks!

      Michael ClappMichael Clapp13 kun oldin
    • Brandy old fashions

      tightlinesflyshoptightlinesflyshop13 kun oldin
  • The Menominee is a big long river and is no way a major secret. Tim, I'm sure this came into your judgment to go ahead with this. you still need to know its secrets and how to fish it and when. It also is not an easy river to fish without the right boat and skills to navigate it. This mine has got to be stopped because of the environmental dangers it poses and the historical record of the mining industry. Thanks for posting this video anyway.

    Brian LenglingBrian Lengling15 kun oldin
  • Just glossed right over that part where you teach people to fillet out the Y bones.. great thanks

    will smith-wruckwill smith-wruck15 kun oldin
  • Scenic river with beautiful, strong fish that need our protection. Let's keep up the good fight. Support the Coalition! Thanks Tim and Joe for sharing this.

    J DJ D15 kun oldin
  • Look at the Butte, MT open pit copper mine. 100 years later, the community still suffers....

    OutsideOutside15 kun oldin
  • Between the commentary and this new Joe fella, this episode has been one of my favourites!

    Luke GordonLuke Gordon16 kun oldin
  • Stop that mine!!!

    Monkey Wrench Design ShopMonkey Wrench Design Shop17 kun oldin
  • These ads are out of control.

    Joshua ClowersJoshua Clowers18 kun oldin
  • On behalf of all Canadians, we are sorry for threatening this ecosystem

    Adam StewAdam Stew18 kun oldin
  • As a guy that always gets stuck on the rowers seat I wanted to see Tim get on some fish. lol

    Shaun HShaun H19 kun oldin
  • Stop paying out Jani so much....the Champ deserves more :)

    Richard BellRichard Bell20 kun oldin
  • If you are so worried about mining I guess you better give up your aluminum boats carbon fiber rods you plastic lines and gas and desil powered boats🖕

    K.D TransportK.D Transport20 kun oldin
    • Oh and I'm not specifically talking about this video or area of land

      K.D TransportK.D Transport20 kun oldin
  • Is anyone elses out of sync?

    Scott Davis-FischScott Davis-Fisch20 kun oldin
  • Show more of the meal! dang that looks like a fun day

    John PinneyJohn Pinney21 kun oldin
  • I miss going to the UP. My grandparents used to live up there and my grandpa called the wilderness "God's country."

    mattybmattyb21 kun oldin
  • What was the point of saying a “Canadian mine” that was kind of a dick head thing to do I could go on with american mines on Canadian soil and there isn’t a “giant hole” left it’s called reclamation and returned to its natural state ...stick with what you know hunting

    Phawked UpPhawked Up21 kun oldin
  • Ott Defoe coming soon!

    N RussellN Russell22 kun oldin
  • I'm from Florida but want to help save the river! How can I help?

    Matthew SchafferMatthew Schaffer23 kun oldin
    • Matthew, thanks for asking! Everybody knows we cannot destroy this watershed. Now we need people to ACT on Saving the Menominee River. People can help in 3 easy ways: 1) By next week, there could be a "Take Action" button on our www.JoinTheRiverCoalition.org site. Clicking on it, and entering your demographics will send a pre-written message to the MI regulators who either approve or deny the foreign mining company's permits. You can personalize your message too, including your economic impact to the area when you're here fishing (money talks), or a story with personal impact. Instead of just the 6 of us messaging them, imagine the impact of 3,000 of us doing so! Or, 2) donate money. We have legal fees to pay. Use the www.JoinTheRiverCoalition.org site or mail checks to P.O. Box 475, Marinette,WI 54143, or 3) do both! We need all the help we can get! P.S. you don't actually have to "join" anything to be part of the solution to this massive pit of a problem! Be a hero, Saving the Menominee River can be your superpower.

      Natalie Water ProtectorNatalie Water Protector20 kun oldin
  • Where’s the first lite/ save the Menominee river t-shirt? This episode blew away dos boat episode 2! Nice job

    Jesse HoekstraJesse Hoekstra23 kun oldin
  • Good to have you back Joe!

    Connor BanerjeeConnor Banerjee23 kun oldin
  • Leave it to the Guy from Wisconsin to add the Beer Holder

    Steve StramowskiSteve Stramowski24 kun oldin
  • All the Trump ads while watching this, ironic as it is his administration that is seeking not just to destroy the Menomonee river, but clean water throughout the Midwest, especially in our beloved boundary Waters. Hunters and anglers, if you love the outdoors, vote him out!

    Ben LockerBen Locker24 kun oldin
  • love this series you guys are doing, cant wait for some musky content!!!

    Chris SawatzkyChris Sawatzky24 kun oldin
  • Awesome show 💜 Save our Menominee river it’s my home river💜

    J.E.D OutdoorsJ.E.D Outdoors24 kun oldin
  • They'll never know about this secret dam. Google maps - *exists*

    brady moorebrady moore24 kun oldin
  • Great job Joe. Look forward to the next episode. -JH

    James holland jrJames holland jr24 kun oldin
  • I fish and duck hunt that damn a lot. So awesome to see the area getting this recognition

    19cougar8719cougar8724 kun oldin
  • I've caught several 20 inch fish on the Willamette out of Albany Oregon they aren't native here so please feel free to come catch as many as you want lol

    Daniel ColeDaniel Cole24 kun oldin
  • Menominee: Means “Wild rice people” derived from Ojibwe language. How do I know? Because I am Menominee. 😀

    Greg WaukechonGreg Waukechon25 kun oldin
  • Joe will cherish that hat like I cherish my Badges of Honour, those who know what I mean toss up those horns!

    Dave ShepherdDave Shepherd25 kun oldin
  • Born and raised in WI. We river fish!!! Thats about all we do.

    Wa VangWa Vang25 kun oldin
  • Such a great concept and show! LOVE IT

    1low8te1low8te25 kun oldin
  • So many hidden gems in WISC river systems. One of my biggest smallmouth came out of a secluded river section only accessible by surface drive motors.

    Xai YangXai Yang25 kun oldin
  • Everything you have and owned was either mined or grown including that boat and everything on it, all good until it comes close to your backyard.

    BB 46BB 4625 kun oldin
  • Kinda shitty layout...the intro is painfully long and way too much time is spent on the mods. I understand the boat itself is an integural part of the show, hence the name, but it took about 12 minutes before the boat was even in the water on a 24 minute episode. The content is good, don't get me wrong, but it's like watching a Bob Ross video where he spends half the time just setting up the stand and picking out the paint.

    Hayden CookHayden Cook25 kun oldin
  • This is supposed to be secret. My secret. Damnit.

    OkfejOkfej25 kun oldin
    • At least they aren't at my spot.

      OkfejOkfej25 kun oldin
  • Everyone: ... Tim: OH 100 PERCENT!

    isaac belsitoisaac belsito25 kun oldin
  • I'm opposed to periodic releases. Just dump it on us.

    gcaj85gcaj8525 kun oldin
  • I have never had so many ads on such a short video. I don't know if I will continue to watch if every video in the series plays an ad every 2 minutes. I know, I know....I should go UZworld Premium. But previous episodes weren't this bad.

    William ResideWilliam Reside25 kun oldin
  • Enjoyed the episode except for it seemed to have a ton more ads which kills the experience for me. Tight lines!

    CanYouHandlebarCanYouHandlebar25 kun oldin
  • 19:04 is such an epic shot!

    Benjamin AbeeBenjamin Abee25 kun oldin
  • joe is the man. big hook shots fan

    Tommy WilkinsonTommy Wilkinson26 kun oldin
  • I don't fish, I don't hunt. Not for any particular reason. But man, I LOVE the Meateater content. Makes me wanna become a Sportsman

    Christian CumminsChristian Cummins26 kun oldin
  • Anyone else think the narrator sounds like the "black dodge ram" guy from Facebook? Wayne County Life or whatever it's called🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    James HoffmanJames Hoffman26 kun oldin
  • I didn’t know Joe Exotic was into bass fishing 😂🤙🏼 aweosme stuff guys!

    Samuel De JongeSamuel De Jonge26 kun oldin
  • Though I’m subscribed to MeatEater the Das Boat episodes do not show in my subscription idk if it’s something UZworld is doing on purpose or it’s just me but it was worth mentioning.

    Parts HoarderParts Hoarder26 kun oldin
  • We need more episodes

    Adam LobatosAdam Lobatos26 kun oldin
  • How does a mine automatically mean thr destruction of the river? That logic will put us back 200 years. There are safe and effective ways to mine.

    Wisconsin Outdoorsman715Wisconsin Outdoorsman71526 kun oldin
    • @Natalie Water Protector the EPA has destroyed parts of our country. Im not taking any advice from a bureaucratic talking head. Its obvious you get your information from tree hugging hippies.

      Wisconsin Outdoorsman715Wisconsin Outdoorsman7159 kun oldin
    • When unearthed sulfide comes in contact with air or water it becomes sulfuric acid, called "Acid Mine Drainage". It not only acidifies the water killing aquatic life, it leaches other toxic metals into the surface (streams, rivers, lakes) and ground water (wells): mercury, arsenic, lead, cadmium, manganese... 100% of sulfide-bound minerals mines pollute. We CANNOT let a Canadian company pollute the Menominee River. “You can’t make good beer without clean water.” www.JoinTheRiverCoalition.org Please donate $ to help us Save the wild UP & Menominee River. P.S. This same company owns mineral rights at 3-4 sites in Wisconsin. If we don't stop them here now, after ruining the Menominee River & Lake Michigan from here, they plan to go to ruin water in WI next. There are NO safe ways to mine sulfide-bound minerals safely. If you believe that you're getting your information from the mining industry. Look into it. See what the US EPA has to say about mining: it is "the most toxic industry".

      Natalie Water ProtectorNatalie Water Protector9 kun oldin
  • I mean, good episode and all, but what was the cocktail they were drinking at the end? Clearly, it goes well with fried fish and other foodstuffs.

    Brad HuffmanBrad Huffman26 kun oldin
    • Wisconsin made Brandy Old Fashions!

      tightlinesflyshoptightlinesflyshop26 kun oldin
  • This episode is great. Keep fishing those smallmouth guys, it keeps you off my trout waters! Thanks

    Robert PelletierRobert Pelletier26 kun oldin
  • God almighty I love this series thanks y’all

    John SmithJohn Smith26 kun oldin
  • "Tim" is aaron rogers in disguise and you can't convince me otherwise.

    Chris DaleChris Dale26 kun oldin
  • Tight lines is a great fly shop! Anybody should stop by if they get the chance.

    Derek SternhagenDerek Sternhagen26 kun oldin
  • Glad to see JC back on the tube. Good hire!

    brian krempaskybrian krempasky26 kun oldin
  • Pretty sure this is the only thing that has he ever made me want to go to the Midwest lol

    Nicholas SonnierNicholas Sonnier26 kun oldin
  • Had me until i saw a smallie being cooked

    Tom BarnesTom Barnes26 kun oldin
  • Full comedy rippin on the Gs right before. Poor Yanni

    Mike HatzlMike Hatzl26 kun oldin
  • I just realized how small my fly collection is.

    Jacob HornsbyJacob Hornsby26 kun oldin
  • Bass were introduced in europe in the XIXth century. The Portuguese word for bass is "Achigã". Curious and pretty remarkable how the name for the fish in the english language today has no similarity to the primordial name for these fish but on the other side of the atlantic the word is phonetically identical to the algonquín name for the fish.

    João MedeirosJoão Medeiros26 kun oldin
  • Lol they need to undo the janky ass stuff the 2 dweebs did before. So many people get "jiggy with it" on boat mods and electric guitar mods lol.

    Phily TPhily T26 kun oldin
  • I always look for the following smallmouth. Its almost like keeping a mahi in the water long enough to catch the next following fish. Many of the following smallmouth I have caught are the bigger of the 2 fish. I think this is the wisdom followed by the bulliness of a dominant smallmouth to wait and steal the prize of a lesser smallmouth that travel together. Thank you, Nashville

    Michael RowlandMichael Rowland26 kun oldin
  • Another great episode. I am a Canadian. But... don't mess with the waters! any water. Keep up the fight

    gint murphygint murphy26 kun oldin
  • Shoot we catch 24inchers here

    Daren PittsDaren Pitts26 kun oldin
    • Love the vids to keep em coming please

      Daren PittsDaren Pitts26 kun oldin
  • Hunting changed my life fishing saved it

    Ryan BarberRyan Barber26 kun oldin
  • U r amazing I have been bored with life since I was in my teens always playing contact sports I became an alcoholic and a smoker I have defeated alcoholism w hunting and am currently defeating smoking tru fishing thank u

    Ryan BarberRyan Barber26 kun oldin
  • Jimmer Negamanee from menominee

    jtmethod125jtmethod12526 kun oldin
  • Jimmer Negamanee from menominee

    jtmethod125jtmethod12526 kun oldin
  • fuck the mine. fuck mining interests. they think their profits are more important than this mans livelihood and the environment. protect the Menominee.

    Michigan AnglingMichigan Angling26 kun oldin
  • Looked like an excellent time! Let's keep that river clean and not forego the river's future for some short term mineral develoupment.

    rab386rab38626 kun oldin
  • If Tim is trying to look like Joe Exotic he’s rocking it!

    Spiffy303Spiffy30326 kun oldin
  • Dude looks a bit like tiger king

    Thomas SnyderThomas Snyder26 kun oldin
  • That dude has serious joe exotic vibes lol

    joe hemingerjoe heminger26 kun oldin
  • Not saying where I catch 20's at.. Lets say it is north of here ;-) This stretch of the country in this episode is fantastic. Wish I was young again.

    PegMo MoPegMo Mo26 kun oldin
  • Check out Picher, OK. That town was killed due to lead mining...

    Austin BrownAustin Brown26 kun oldin
  • Wish I knew you were in my area lol love the show man keep up the good work ! Menominee River has great fishing all along! We need to stop the back 40 mine or our world class fishery of greenbay will parish!

    Jason ShehowJason Shehow26 kun oldin
  • Cant wait for the Hayward one! Born and raised there!

    ShawnShawn27 kun oldin
  • This dude's gotta chill out. If the river has dams, public access, and boat launches, its the farthest thing from "secret".

    Jack TaggetJack Tagget27 kun oldin
  • I live 5 mins from the river fish it all the time.lots of good smallness

    Brian HardingBrian Harding27 kun oldin
  • nice episode and hate to start something here, but a correction is needed. @15:15 there is no stocking of bass in the Bay of Green Bay-Washington Island area. That is natural reproduction. Not that it matter much, because that is mostly a catch and release area as well.

    t594203t59420327 kun oldin
    • I noticed that as well. Joe and I were actually talking about walleyes during that particular section and it kind of flowed right into the smallmouth portion. Smallmouth are just as native in those areas of course.

      tightlinesflyshoptightlinesflyshop26 kun oldin
  • Clean and sober Joe Exotic?

    Craizen KaneCraizen Kane27 kun oldin
  • So glad to see Joe on the Meateater team. Would kill to see more Hookshots episodes, but excited to see what Joe brings to this far more stellar crew at M.E .

    Randy R.Randy R.27 kun oldin
  • Great, now this is going to attract all the FIBs that's arguably worse than the mine.

    Kyle BKyle B27 kun oldin
  • Nice

    Adam SlaterAdam Slater27 kun oldin
  • Okay, but why does Tim look like a put-together Joe Exotic?

    Brock YenglinBrock Yenglin27 kun oldin
    • I kept thinking Richard Rawlings from gas monkey garage LOL

      Jesse JamesJesse James17 kun oldin
    • 😂😂 I thought the same thing

      Gabriel DuenezGabriel Duenez18 kun oldin
    • Carol Baskins!

      phantom193phantom19325 kun oldin
    • Glad it wasn't just me thinking this

      Elliot 'kia ora'Elliot 'kia ora'25 kun oldin
    • i can see it lol. If Joe never got into drugs

      Secondhand DealSledsSecondhand DealSleds25 kun oldin
  • Boys, Menominee river is my all time favorite place to fish for pike and smallmouth.

    Illinois AnglingIllinois Angling27 kun oldin
  • He forgot Lake Ontario

    Nyckolas SeeryNyckolas Seery27 kun oldin
  • Joe you’re going grey! I didn’t realize how long I’d been watching you until I saw a season 1 episode of hook shots. Great content please keep it coming

    fanosoXfanosoX27 kun oldin
    • Thanks for pointing that out!

      Joe CermeleJoe Cermele26 kun oldin
  • I believe we can produce materials for our uses while not destroying the rivers. its not shut the mine down, but rather make sure the mine has proper water treatment before it goes in. best of both worlds.

    wagdbikeriderwagdbikerider27 kun oldin
    • @Natalie Water Protector what a copy paste... Everything that is done by man polutes. The fisherman polute. It's not about if mines polute, but if they introduce unacceptable levels of so2. For example .00001% is pollution that fish won't be affected by so it's fine.

      wagdbikeriderwagdbikerider26 kun oldin
    • I'm sorry about your mistaken belief a lot of people share. The fact is nothing can stop the chemistry of earth's sulfide, when exposed to air or water becoming sulfuric acid. At metal mines, the target ore (like gold, silver, copper, etc) is often rich in sulfide minerals. When the mining process exposes the sulfides to water and air, together they react to form sulfuric acid. Yes, think battery acid. This acid can dissolve other harmful metals and metalloids (like arsenic, mercury, lead, cadmium) from the surrounding rock. Acid mine drainage can be released anywhere on the mine where sulfides are exposed to air and water - including waste rock piles, tailings, open pits, underground tunnels, and leach pads. You are right though about one thing, "it is not shut the mine down" like you said, it is PREVENT the mine before it starts. About 75% of all mined gold goes to jewelry. Clearly we do not need that. Simple recycling could supply all the gold we use in cell phones. Don't let the mining industry's propaganda dupe you. You're right too, of course proper water treatment is essential as well. However, it's the ground water that isn't possible to filter! Additional horrors come with the processing of gold and silver. The excavate is crushed to the particulate size of talcum powder. That's dumped into huge vats of cyanide. Cyanide kills. (Cyanide + gold forms a foam that floats up, gets skimmed off, then another process yields the gold. That dust is reactive, so the forest defoliates from the resultant acidification. So it's not just regulations, or testing or water from the pit pumped out and purified. Rain and snow will cause sulfuric acid when contacting all the dust and waste. There is NO WAY to prevent pollution from sulfide mining. The only way to win is not to start! The final devastation comes from the massive 28-story high toxic sludge storage "facility" (really just an earthen dam) breaching, like one does world-wide every 8 months. The latest one in Brazil killed 290 people immediately. Since then, Brazil has prohibited this "up stream" type toxic sludge storage. Guess which kind Aquila proposed for their mine site 50-yards from the Menominee River? That's right, the upstream kind. Please really research the things you tell others before just making false claims. No sulfide mine has ever NOT polluted. 100% pollute. Massive put mining cannot be done in a vacuum. Excavate will contact air/water. Acid mine drainage will form, will acidify the air, land, water, killing life-cycles up and down the tree of life. Oh, and there's the ruination of our tourism economies. Mining is never safe, and clearly NOT safe on the Menominee River. Donate money. We have legal fees to pay. Use the www.JoinTheRiverCoalition.org site or mail checks to P.O. Box 475, Marinette,WI 54143. I wish you peace.

      Natalie Water ProtectorNatalie Water Protector26 kun oldin
  • Thumbs down man this dude can keep his secret hole we have enough smb around the country. Its these people that take things away from everyone else and only tell people about it because what? He owns it? Go to hell fellas.

    The House that Jack BuiltThe House that Jack Built27 kun oldin