Dangerous Idiots Fastest Skill Extreme Truck Fails Driving, Heavy Equipment Machines Fails Working

20-Sen, 2020
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Dangerous Idiots Fastest Skill Extreme Truck Fails Driving, Heavy Equipment Machines Fails Working

  • 👍🍷🍾🚜🚛🚚⛽🛢👏👏👏

    Giuseppe Luciano CalvaneseGiuseppe Luciano Calvanese8 kun oldin
  • On 2nd clip Boss: You ruined the dump truck, that will cost thousands to get it fixed!!! Driver: Hey boss look on the bright side at least the bricks were delivered.

    J zJ z9 kun oldin
  • Did that guy just fart??lolol

    AMON RONINAMON RONIN10 kun oldin
  • Yep...russians.

    Patrick PricePatrick Price11 kun oldin
  • WOW, I did not know that they had that Swedish Volvo in USA. TCB.

    TCB 101TCB 10111 kun oldin
  • What was so impressive about the first one? And why did you put "fast" in the title?

    Patrick TurnerPatrick Turner11 kun oldin
  • zajebał bym kierowce za to że wysypał bloczki

    Zenia ManekZenia Manek12 kun oldin
  • 11:20 Nice mud-bug-thing. :-)

    Jakub JandourekJakub Jandourek12 kun oldin
  • 1:20 вот это рашка, да. Вместо того что бы грузить краном и на поддонах, пожадничали и разбили кучу кирпичей, ещё и машину угобили.

    Denis PatapovDenis Patapov12 kun oldin
  • Camura bak

    turcan Atatayturcan Atatay13 kun oldin
  • Deutlich zu seh die Dumheit und geld gier der mMenschen ist Grenzenlos

    ScorpioScorpio13 kun oldin
  • Mostly "Rainforest snuff flick" World would be healthier if these idiots never got the combustion engine. 24:00 was impressive though.

    Ryan JohnsonRyan Johnson14 kun oldin
  • 2:30 even with the snow chain tyres I am amazed how the Ice road Truckers can drive in these snowy conditions....WoW😍

    2 Trees in a Pod - Recycled Craft & Gardening2 Trees in a Pod - Recycled Craft & Gardening14 kun oldin
  • The first one was so stupid! While some people fight for their lives, those Idiots fight to die!!🙄🙄🙄

    sol cisnesol cisne14 kun oldin
  • This demonstration of the nissan capabilities was great, and there was nothing idiotic about it

    SulfadynSulfadyn14 kun oldin
  • What brand of trucks?

    Peter StegmanPeter Stegman14 kun oldin
  • Give me my link music 0:30

    Vang Đoàn ThanhVang Đoàn Thanh14 kun oldin
  • La naturaleza lucha contra las máquinas y los hombre que la depredan

    cesarcesar14 kun oldin
  • ))

    Muhammad QwertyMuhammad Qwerty14 kun oldin
  • 22:35 погрузчик меня умилил :)

    Анатолий ААнатолий А14 kun oldin
  • 4:00 бревна же ведь возят. Могли бы еще пару балок перекинуть..

    Анатолий ААнатолий А14 kun oldin
  • So where are the fails .And it always amazes me how many prople shout instructions it only needs one banks man

    michael garbettmichael garbett14 kun oldin
  • Use your head .idiot. driver with out brain

    jonathan vijandrejonathan vijandre15 kun oldin
  • There's always at least one guy bobbing about in front of the truck trying to yell over the sound of the engine revving and waving his arms pointing in four directions at once. Why won't people learn how to help a driver with clear, unambiguous signals while understanding they are not some sort of puppet-master with the driver as the puppet. The driver is always responsible for his truck, he relies on help not unintelligible 'orders'.

    David NashDavid Nash15 kun oldin
    • The ones yelling and waving have never been in a machine operator's seat. The -one- person not yelling and waving -- the operator know him and he's the one guy he's watching.

      Jim BarchukJim Barchuk12 kun oldin
  • Вольво-самосвал мощь,без базара!!!👍👍👍

    ТоляНТоляН15 kun oldin
  • Volvo👍💪

    Addou HichemAddou Hichem15 kun oldin
  • most of these bear no resemblance to "fails". -1

    mike forcemike force15 kun oldin
  • "A pénz mint adósság"

    Laszlo AndrovicsLaszlo Androvics15 kun oldin
  • Alan Watt "Az emberi psziché manipulalasa" magyar szinkron

    Laszlo AndrovicsLaszlo Androvics15 kun oldin
  • Tap. LTD THE LONDON ARE . , and a few

    Bahrom AlisherovBahrom Alisherov15 kun oldin
  • @ 3m 14s, why not lay a decent log road, with your freshly cut logs?

    Invicta ViewInvicta View15 kun oldin
  • Excellent 👌 dexterity n.skillful.Bravo

    John HengJohn Heng15 kun oldin
  • last movie top!!!!

    Салават СадыковСалават Садыков15 kun oldin
  • Danger Moron Powerful Real Work Truck Motor Tonka Truck Fail Driving Heavy Horsepower Broken Horse Fail Button Push Horn Honk To Drunk Decepticon Heavy Load Work Soldiers Broken On The Job

    MotorcikeyMotorcikey15 kun oldin
  • ให้พ่อมึงขับสิไอ้เวรหลอกรวงทำเกินไปสัต

    Love Wik0Love Wik015 kun oldin
  • anyone notice the skill of the guy moving the 55 gal drum around with the bobcat 26:13

    hang manhang man16 kun oldin
  • 4:45 why dont they just finish that bridge. 3 more planed trees and its good

    Meme ḍǿƗEXEMeme ḍǿƗEXE16 kun oldin
    • Out of trees. :-)

      Jakub JandourekJakub Jandourek12 kun oldin
  • Snow Chains Whilst driving through Mud, Good Idea :-)

    milamber142milamber14216 kun oldin
  • Tài

    Huong TranHuong Tran16 kun oldin
  • La miniature n’a rien avoir avec le contenu ... une fois de plus.

    Pleine CampagnePleine Campagne16 kun oldin
  • Povera foresta, uomo di merda

    Ocram G.Ocram G.16 kun oldin
  • Приятного всем просмотра 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Китай ПлюсКитай Плюс16 kun oldin
  • 16:49 Turkey xd

    Mithat CelilMithat Celil16 kun oldin
    • kiyafetlerden bende ilk basta hemen anladim...

      HalfLife224HalfLife22416 kun oldin
  • I use to pick up at the laredo Texas and mexico border waiting for the trucks coming over with coffee beans ,if you saw the weight they put on them poor trucks you would have been amaze

    Ronnie AlstonRonnie Alston16 kun oldin
  • 우리 모두가 바보는 아닙니다! 현장에서 작업은 힘들어요. 가족을 부양하기 위해 더 높은 보수를 받기위해 어려운 환경에서 일해야 합니다.

    LEE크낙LEE크낙16 kun oldin
  • КамАЗ перегрузили куда водила смотрел,поздно охать.

    Валерий НечаевВалерий Нечаев16 kun oldin
  • Hay uno que otro vivo ahy,y los demas weyes

    Ivan MIvan M17 kun oldin
  • 4:30 - не смогли выделить ещё 4 бревна чтоб сделать нормальный мост.

    Владимир ЛушникВладимир Лушник17 kun oldin
  • Of course the guy who gets a dump truck stuck that bad also ties the chain in knots on both his truck and the recovery machine wtf

    dheadhunter413dheadhunter41317 kun oldin
    • Chain end looked like the hook was broken off.

      Ryan JohnsonRyan Johnson14 kun oldin
    • @jonathan vijandre бмбмбп

      Мурар.ек А.дуаевМурар.ек А.дуаев14 kun oldin
    • @jonathan vijandre бп

      Мурар.ек А.дуаевМурар.ек А.дуаев14 kun oldin
    • Corrupt govt

      jonathan vijandrejonathan vijandre15 kun oldin
  • none of these episodes was what was shown as the advertisement for this clip

    W LW L17 kun oldin
    • Rarely is.

      firebythewaterfirebythewater7 kun oldin
  • 3:15 i haven't even finished watching yet, but this a hard NO! guess he made it

    n0cktern0ckter17 kun oldin
  • He made it!!!

    Ed Whalen.Ed Whalen.17 kun oldin
  • And it's full.

    Ed Whalen.Ed Whalen.17 kun oldin
  • No way,log beams??!

    Ed Whalen.Ed Whalen.17 kun oldin
  • Wow to the little red truck!

    Ed Whalen.Ed Whalen.17 kun oldin
  • 8:41 - 10:20, Kromeriz, CZ.

    Jiří MalegaJiří Malega17 kun oldin
  • Porque não ajeitam essa ponte ,e falta de dinheiro ou eles preferem correr perigo.

    Francisco Carlos De Jesus Serra PinheiroFrancisco Carlos De Jesus Serra Pinheiro17 kun oldin
  • I am alone girls I went a boyfriend

    Muneeba Mon TvMuneeba Mon Tv17 kun oldin
  • @22:41 **Glitch in the Matrix**??? Watch the road move/wave like water. What was that.. Anyone?

    SOGbryanSOGbryan17 kun oldin
  • КАМАЗ кирпичи привёз и прилёг отдохнуть после разгрузки 😁

    Andrey TarskovAndrey Tarskov17 kun oldin
  • T

    GoGsYsUlGoGsYsUl17 kun oldin
  • 6:13 oh yeah!! tie the too weak chain in a KNOT!!!

    havocproltdhavocproltd17 kun oldin
    • ok.. it worked. the gods smile on the drunk and stupid some times!

      havocproltdhavocproltd17 kun oldin
  • 7.35 это в Тобольске на переправе через Иртыш, это было интересней наблюдать с берега

    Василий ЗверевВасилий Зверев17 kun oldin
  • 6:00 Super Mario Bros

    N WN W17 kun oldin
  • Wszystko zniszczycie tymi maszynami! :( You will destroy everything with these machines! :(

    zybi1964zybi196417 kun oldin
  • 1.40 bladz

    Marek J.Marek J.17 kun oldin
  • Я ждал когда лесовоз навернется с моста...4:36

    Александр СергеевичАлександр Сергеевич17 kun oldin
    • Хрен дождешься, профи рулят.

      Сергей ЛукъяновичСергей Лукъянович15 kun oldin

    AleviAlevi17 kun oldin

    AleviAlevi17 kun oldin
  • 5:10 they couldn’t just put two more logs in the middle of the bridge? Lol .....

    Truth SeekerTruth Seeker17 kun oldin
    • Jim Barchuk you’d be surprised that many accidents has occurred because of that mindset. Few more logs will not scratch the “valuable” pocket, especially if it will prevent any lost; in time and in resources. Those logs could be later pick up. When you don’t take that kind of prevention, you end up having to get 2-3 guys to direct the driver...which doesn’t make sense when you can replace that with few more logs. Thousands of years (lol which is ridiculous, because there weren’t any vehicles back than) doesn’t mean it is accident-proved. Just my opinion.

      Plastic Peon WorkshopPlastic Peon Workshop9 kun oldin
    • You would think so, but what for? They're literally not needed. The three logs on the left are for foot traffic and one tire.The right side has two logs but that's mainly for foot traffic or standing there to line up the truck. These people have bee building bridges here for thousands of years. I think they got it. :) These logs fit these trucks. A smaller/narrower vehicle, probably cars typically, would use the inner logs on both sides. Again, there's literally no reason to put in a huge *valuable* super strong log that will only ever be used by foot traffic.

      Jim BarchukJim Barchuk12 kun oldin
    • Desse modo tem mais aventura. Qual seria a graça de uma ponte perfeita?

    • In the frontal Glass os written "without God? Don't even try." Lol

      T. O. LT. O. L17 kun oldin
  • @ 3:06 they use trees for bridges and we spend millions to do the same haha!

    K HK H17 kun oldin
    • We can travel over our bridges at 70mph. They need a whole crew to guide them at 2mph.

      Brad GBrad G16 kun oldin
  • deforestation with No control...just make a buck and destroy the land....Horrific

    Steven PhillipsSteven Phillips17 kun oldin
  • Cameraman at 5:00... Get a tripod!

    JJ18 kun oldin
  • Oooohhhhh, Poulson driver, where were YOUR snow chains???? 🤪🤪🤪 The white stuff is slippery when tires squash it flat; hello 🧐

    Cinde WallerCinde Waller18 kun oldin
  • The end video was amazing skid steer driver had some serious skills

    Mark PromoMark Promo18 kun oldin
    • So true

      Rasi EntertainmentRasi Entertainment17 kun oldin
  • Pitbull

    Marco sardiMarco sardi18 kun oldin
  • That poor sad truck .... 2:39. Farewell my friend...

    SDnikkoSDnikko18 kun oldin
  • 1001 🎩from 🇩🇿

    Mahmoud BenamarMahmoud Benamar18 kun oldin
  • Lesson for idiots: Always have several people shouting instructions while waving hands spasmodically to operator of crane/bulldozer who can't hear anything they say.

    rayvan23rayvan2318 kun oldin
    • I never thought of that! Good idea. 👍👍👍👍👍

      Eric GoriEric Gori15 kun oldin
  • What a shame, most of these wood trucks are in Brazil deforesting the rainforests.

    David RonsonDavid Ronson18 kun oldin
    • @LOTADODEBITS But those countries destroy the environment for the whole world.

      SysGhostSysGhost15 kun oldin
    • fine. stop using every wood and paper product. yeah, thought not. sit down and shut up.

      mike forcemike force15 kun oldin
    • Se preocupem com o país de vocês! Não queremos opiniões fúteis.

    • And as long as the world buys the products made out of that wood it will only increase. the **only** way to stop that deforestation is not to buy products made out of it. You, I and everyone else just keeps on buying without even thinking. Thus we continue this downwards spiral.

      SysGhostSysGhost16 kun oldin
  • Fehler basieren immer wieder,ob im großen wie im kleinen!

    Armin PröbstlArmin Pröbstl18 kun oldin
  • These third world dummies operate a camera with the same skill they operate everything else.

    TheSoloAsylumTheSoloAsylum18 kun oldin
  • The guy in the orange shirt and blue overalls reminded me of Curley Howard. "HEY MOE HEY MOE. NYUK NYUK NYUK."

    gliderpgliderp18 kun oldin
  • Superb video 👌

    Prashant KharvePrashant Kharve18 kun oldin
  • Damn the guy in the bobcat is a badass! @ 21:25

    JPJP18 kun oldin
    • 22:38 :D

      NicolasujNicolasuj17 kun oldin
  • Hell of an operator on that Bobcat. Good crew. Nice to show what trucks and machinery can do as a team.

    Sammy CampbellSammy Campbell18 kun oldin
    • @Jocelyn Phenix 啊啊其QO9

      Kel YeeKel Yee5 kun oldin
    • Good team

      Jocelyn PhenixJocelyn Phenix11 kun oldin
  • That dude who tied a chain with a hook on it

    Dyllan McCoyDyllan McCoy18 kun oldin
    • It looked like the hook was broken.

      Rel1369Rel136917 kun oldin
  • it's the cutest thing I've ever seen 21:30

    Справедливый МальчикСправедливый Мальчик18 kun oldin
    • The guy running that is incredibly skilled!

      HunRockRocksHunRockRocks16 kun oldin
  • Работка у водил:- не для слабонервных.

    Ринат МаликовРинат Маликов18 kun oldin
  • Quá khỏe, tank gọi = cụ tổ.

    daongoc baoandaongoc baoan18 kun oldin
  • Not everyone is an idiot! Work on site is hard. People have to work in difficult conditions to support their families.

    ConstantinVConstantinV18 kun oldin
    • Correct - 5:20 - success!

      Andy stokerAndy stoker16 kun oldin
    • great lesson buddy

      Play PlusPlay Plus17 kun oldin
  • Random trucks video. Interesting

    Space ManSpace Man18 kun oldin
  • How much does the guy get paid that drives that little truck at 21:00? Would you *ever* get between those 2 trucks? Ohhh-- nevermind. I hope he has really great life insurance!!

    Aiming4 PeaceAiming4 Peace18 kun oldin
    • They all knows, he is there, and listen to the signals. No problem...

      Jakub JandourekJakub Jandourek12 kun oldin
  • Bear

    kom heomkom heom18 kun oldin
    • Bear in mind when driving thru muddy road or wat the vehecle car or truck must drive thru with speed n not to stop if not u will stuck at the mud

      kom heomkom heom18 kun oldin
  • That asphalt laying crew are dam good! Really fast laying time!

    Michael CarlowMichael Carlow18 kun oldin
  • beware tor crocodiles

    klaus buchholzklaus buchholz18 kun oldin
  • хуета! нарезка из других роликов. дизлайк!!

    Сергей ЗазнобинСергей Зазнобин18 kun oldin
  • Dangerous Idiots, no they're the ones running the country.

    Vivian StimpsonVivian Stimpson19 kun oldin
  • These people in these 3rd world countries are just plain stupid.

    Nolan ForsythNolan Forsyth19 kun oldin
  • Eroi no osfato e fácil quero ver no Barro igual vocês estão ai

    Aristides FerreiraAristides Ferreira19 kun oldin