Da Brat Surprises LisaRaye for her Birthday | Cocktails with Queens

28-Sen, 2020
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Da Brat surprises LisaRaye for her birthday and the sister-to-sister reunion doesn't go as planned.... LisaRaye confronts her sister Da Brat for not being forthright with her personal life and expresses her hurt after finding things out through the tabloids.
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  • I can feel ALL that "Big" Sister vibe! The "Little" Sisters are NEVER shocked by our responses and disappointment where their bullshit or movements are concerned. ESPECIALLY, when you have a TRUE "Big" Sister. Been there with my younger sister. I put quotation marks, because both of us have younger sisters that are bigger than us, but will NOT cross the line. It's ALL LOVE RESPECT and a little fear (out of respect).

    LT9098LT9098Soat oldin
  • Lisaraye was correct! She's saying, stop using media for a relationship.. Yesterday ,I felt the same way about my siblings: Uck it, why am I the only one checking on my siblings!! Syleena looks different.. Stop telling people how they family are... Family, knows how family react.. Brat knows her sister..

    Belle AmeBelle Ame2 soat oldin
  • I wouldnt talk to her either! Family should be a safe-zone, positivity, judgement-free, & full of encouragement.

    daygo blasiandaygo blasian11 soat oldin
  • Keep it 💯. Happy birthday Lisa Raye

    Crystal10n1 house10n1Crystal10n1 house10n112 soat oldin
  • Lisa is mad because Brat is the super star now, don't call her Brat, she'll steal your joy

    SW SWSW SW12 soat oldin
  • Brat doesn't need Lisa's permission to be happy and in love, Lisa needs rehab and a long nap, several long naps, hater trying to bring Brat down because Brat is prettier and more successful now

    SW SWSW SW12 soat oldin
  • Brat is successful, Lisa is jealous and drinks too much you can see it in her face, and that red hair WTF

    SW SWSW SW12 soat oldin
  • Lisa mad cause she ain't getting none, I don't blame Brat I'd never call that bitter she devil, Lisa is used up and jealous, Brat be happy, you don't owe Lisa nothing but prayer which she definitely needs

    SW SWSW SW12 soat oldin
  • Is Lisa jealous, Lisa is not aging well, I detect jealousy, Lisa hating on Brat, Lisa has bullied Brat for years and needs to lay off drugs and liquor, hot mess, run your own life, has-been jealous worn down sister, Lisa it's not your life, let Brat be happy

    SW SWSW SW12 soat oldin
  • Da brat is wonderful what a good way to say happy birthday love you sis!!!!!!!

    Merlot VinesMerlot Vines13 soat oldin
  • The silence when lisa raye said" you guys don't know shit"😂. . Vivica :awkward Lisa raye: this not awkward . Yo lisa is not about the bs

    Josie The NubianJosie The Nubian15 soat oldin
  • She at loss fr fr but she truly loves her lil Sis

    Tonia SmithTonia Smith15 soat oldin
  • I actually forgot they were sisters lol😁

    mz rozzy81mz rozzy8117 soat oldin
  • I'm totally down with Lisa Raye with this one..it was messy with the way brat handled it real talk but I think the woman in brats life had alot to do with the way brat went about shutting Lisa Raye out of the ish.. shoot I'm angry because that embarrassment to hear the news from the blogs etc.. that ish. Cuts deep whn u DNT have any answers to any of the questions being asked...I pray eventually thing will totally heal between LRaye & her sis!

    Janai AbercrombieJanai Abercrombie18 soat oldin
  • I'm Glad Me, My Youngest and Older Brothers Were in a Good Place B4 They Passed, Baby Bro Passed in 1996 and Big Bo Passed in 2011. B4 Then, We Were Not Talking To Each Other as Well. I Truly Love, Miss and Dream of Them Often. 7X 🤎.

    RustyHornzMusic - Golden Era Hip Hop ProductionRustyHornzMusic - Golden Era Hip Hop Production18 soat oldin
  • Lisa Needs a come to Jesus. Life too short.

    Kiara WilsonKiara Wilson19 soat oldin
  • I believe Lisa Raye was wrong before for the simple fact is that regardless of how long it took them family does have issues and problems sometimes but if she came out to surprise her big sister say happy birthday this was not the time for Lisa Ray to do what she did

    Cheryl JonesCheryl Jones20 soat oldin
  • You need to. Get past it this why she never told you, because of your respond, love on your little Sister, she need you to except whatever her reason was

    denise jordandenise jordan21 soat oldin
  • Da Brat you doing the right thing, let her have this one

    denise jordandenise jordan21 soat oldin
  • Lisa being messy, not cute at all. Hurt people hurt people not cool at all.

    denise jordandenise jordan21 soat oldin
  • Lisa don't look healthy, what's going on?

    denise jordandenise jordan21 soat oldin
  • I love them both.

    Vanilla ConoverVanilla Conover21 soat oldin
  • Vivica Fox. We love you. Vivica is so gorgeous. Stays positive in all that she does, classy, intelligent, about business. She ignores all the negativity. She is awesome.😁💟✌

    legen alwayslegen always23 soat oldin
  • We love Da Brat. She is a beautuful soul. She is smart, intelligent, business wise, stay away from negativity, try to help the young adults, like Bow Wow. Da Brat is awesome, So pretty. We love you Da Brat.

    legen alwayslegen always23 soat oldin
  • My God I’m praying for y’all but we all have real issues. Awesome transparency it’s ok. To not be ok.

    Vicki HardawayVicki HardawayKun oldin
  • ""Wow"

    Priscilla SlaughterPriscilla SlaughterKun oldin
  • ""😷😷😷 😷 talkin bout it sista's🖐🏿🙏🏿

    Priscilla SlaughterPriscilla SlaughterKun oldin
  • LisaRaye still has that chip on her shoulder I see... 🙄 “dolla dolla bill come get her...”

    JuniorTheArtistJuniorTheArtistKun oldin
  • Where's the tissue?

    Nakeya GuyNakeya GuyKun oldin
  • Lisa ray is a G

    Tee TimeTee TimeKun oldin
  • Much love to both 🥰 of y'all 💖

    Allen ThompsonAllen ThompsonKun oldin
  • Much love to both of y'all

    Allen ThompsonAllen ThompsonKun oldin
  • Much love to both of y'all

    Allen ThompsonAllen ThompsonKun oldin
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    Osagie evansOsagie evansKun oldin
  • When L.R. bucked at the whole group and said "I Dont give a F#@! What y'all say" she had the WHOLE group Shook!! Not near one said a Dayum thing...LMAO!!😂😂

    No Limit SoldierNo Limit SoldierKun oldin
  • all this juicy tea

    karlie jenner lip kitkarlie jenner lip kitKun oldin
  • This is real shit. Honey this is my big sister all day and I honestly don’t feel no type of way about Lisa’s reaction because my sister would have done me the same way

    Nurse LadyNurse Lady2 kun oldin
  • This is real shit. Honey this is my big sister all day and I honestly don’t feel no type of way about Lisa’s reaction because my sister would have done me the same way

    Nurse LadyNurse Lady2 kun oldin
  • So you mad that she didnt call you. Look how you act! Wow! I would not have called you either.

    D KelleyD Kelley2 kun oldin
  • And this is why her ass is single!!🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️☠💯👍

    Blair PiperBlair Piper2 kun oldin
  • Wait 🤣the look u give before u bout to go in🤣🤣🤣

    Pzomx MigzPzomx Migz2 kun oldin
  • Vivica can’t take another strong personality in the room, especially one stronger than hers

    Luchessi MontaladoLuchessi Montalado2 kun oldin
  • I hear a little jealously in LR! Oh I get it! AND it came from the horses mouth. Per LR, since da brat has things going on in her life at the moment, she hasn’t included LR and LR is mad.

    Beckie JohnsonBeckie Johnson2 kun oldin
  • LR looking like misery and a wild beast from yonder right about now! That look and anger does not fit you! She too over protective acting like she not happy for her little sister. You’re her big sister not her mother! Be a big sister and not a mother figure. LR need some business and to go make a movie or something!

    Beckie JohnsonBeckie Johnson2 kun oldin
  • Awkward....i never knew they. were sisters.

    Dorothy CDorothy C2 kun oldin
  • Da Brat has been my ideal since I was 10-11 years old. I love her and I have an over bearing sister that loves the hell outta me too so I get it. But Big Punk ain’t nobody to play with. I love her unapologetically honest ass! I’m sure they have made up and laughing like a mf looking back at this video. Co - host was scared as hell. 🤣 Faces tighter than health department rubber.

    Carnita SaundersCarnita Saunders2 kun oldin
  • But is anybody noticing how much Lisa Raye and DaBrat girlfriend look alike??

    Lo WashingtonLo Washington2 kun oldin
  • LisaRaye,a real one!

    CoolVibesCoolVibes2 kun oldin
  • I see why Da Brat was distant about her personal business because LisaRaye scarred the Issssh out of me looking at the video.

    Spiritually BlessedSpiritually Blessed2 kun oldin
  • 9:56. You're welcome.

    D GD G2 kun oldin
  • This is amazing. It could be a perfectly planned stunt but I love it.

    Angela LoveAngela Love2 kun oldin
  • I love yall. Thats some real shit! I pray yall resolve it. We need each other.

    Dre Day RichDre Day Rich3 kun oldin
  • As a big sister, I totally get here Lisa Raye is coming from. If you close to your siblings and yall talk all the time, the fact that Brat didn't tell her sister first is like a slalom the face. So I definitely feel where Lisa is coming from.

    Beautifulheart82Beautifulheart823 kun oldin
  • 10/17 I'm late Woooo I need a drink after that!!!, These two sisters love is really as we can see and sometimes it's like a roller coaster yet the love will always be there.

    TraciTraci3 kun oldin
  • Be yourself

    lookingfor amiraclelookingfor amiracle3 kun oldin
  • What do you call a uso with a black wife? A victim

    TuiTui3 kun oldin
  • So sweet sisters==the real shit in middle and at the end

    R RussellR Russell3 kun oldin
  • People saying Brat should've called LisaRaye privately don't understand how Brat feels. With something like this, you fear the reaction of the people you love more than strangers and even friends because nobody can hurt you like family can. It's not uncommon for people to come out in stages and coming out to friends, co-workers and acquaintances makes gets someone used to people knowing before telling family. And if the family member is very judgmental over your life choices, you don't want that raining on your parade. Y'all don't how she feels.

    NotthefatherNotthefather3 kun oldin
  • Aww she BIG MAD 😡 I still think she should have just kept it chill

    Call_Me_CandyCall_Me_Candy3 kun oldin
  • Oooooooooh......... She told them!!!! 😑😑 😳😳😳😳 😂🤣

    *** OutSpoken ****** OutSpoken ***4 kun oldin
  • For those saying Brat respects her sister, I say where? Because turning into a scared puppy with your head down as your sister checks you isn't showing respect, that's fear. Brat mentions the times when Lisa whooped her and embarrassed her as a kid so that tells me Brat carries trauma from her childhood. If she's so assertive and confident and that disappears in her sisters presence, that's not respect that pure intimidation.

    TheInsaneBEAST1TheInsaneBEAST14 kun oldin
  • Who else came here from The Read podcast? 🤣🤣🤣

    SideKick202SideKick2024 kun oldin
  • Backside...watching from the UK, and know if this situation took place here, the show would've been over!

    N HN H4 kun oldin
  • I have 2sisters I❤them both so much! Everyone gets in their Feelings!👌🥂

    Francis L HicksFrancis L Hicks4 kun oldin
  • I disagree. I would have never acted the way LisaRaye did in front of folks to my sisters. And it may not have been all Kiki haha but I would not have acted that way nor would I have aired our relationship issues in public like that regardless of how I felt I would have never embarrassed the my sister in that manner but that's just me.

    markeita reidmarkeita reid4 kun oldin
  • Lawdddddd

    Arzs' MykayleArzs' Mykayle4 kun oldin
  • I Always loved Lisa Ray the Real Macoy. Libra Gang#We give ot Str8 no chaser.

    MagicBxMagicBx4 kun oldin
  • A Bond seems to have been[put on hold] shelved...that's a Negativity in any relationship..we should have the SIGHT to See & Feel this...I Love both of them...Beautiful Melanin Women..DaBrat was and is in Sensitive state...PLEASE..AS Sisters Find that space to Talk,Cry,and Love each other..I am Hurt that their both hurting.🙏🙏❤

    Dee BrownDee Brown4 kun oldin
  • Okay Godamnit 🍷🥂 . THIS is 2020 all wrapped up right here.

    Life Is LovelyLife Is Lovely4 kun oldin
  • I'm a Little Sister, too! I totally understand Brat's energy.

    Kenisha ThompsonKenisha Thompson4 kun oldin
  • Lisa Raye is no joke..she real as (F) I appreciate real women like her...be wit it!!! Too many fake broads in this world ... Hats off to Lisa Raye she keeps it 💯

    Nikki JosephNikki Joseph4 kun oldin
  • LisaRaye more gangta than the street gangters..Damn..!

    Yolkey TaitYolkey Tait4 kun oldin
  • Lisa Ray is pissed 😡 at Da brat.... but it’s obvious they do love 💕 each other....am sure they will work it out....🙏

    Ann ChangAnn Chang4 kun oldin
  • She gone cry in the car.. lisa was cutting her with dem words

    Dez LoyalDez Loyal4 kun oldin
  • Nooo, I’m sad to see this, I absolutely love Lisa Raye and Da Brat, I don’t have any sisters , but I always see these two beautiful sisters as my sisters, I hope this situation gets better, and I’m sure it will, cause they both are well and good people 🌸

    Sancha SanguinettiSancha Sanguinetti4 kun oldin
  • 9:53 is when Lisa turned to Diamond lol enjoy

    MsJanieceMsJaniece5 kun oldin
  • Lisa is making Brats coming out about her and its not. Yes maybe Lisa wanted to find out first without all the cameras and media attention but again its not about her or their relationship. Lisa has to get over what ever feelings of betrayal she has and let Brat deal with her truth her way she needs to love her and be there for her.

    Latisha ClineLatisha Cline5 kun oldin
  • Bow wow!!!Awesome....Vote!!!!!!!!

    pat detervillepat deterville5 kun oldin
  • SYLENNA is Beautiful 😍

    C HenryC Henry5 kun oldin
  • She's hurt. Aww LisaRaye. Hope they get back close.

    C HenryC Henry5 kun oldin
  • You had to hear it from the blogs because you come off to strong too opinionated about her life.. her life is her own just cause you share everything when you are going through things doesn’t mean that that’s the way she should have to do it

    Jasmine domioJasmine domio5 kun oldin
  • Lisa turned into Diamond at 10:00 🤣🤣

    Britt BrittBritt Britt5 kun oldin
  • “Ok well baby try again” I love Vivica!!!

    Britt BrittBritt Britt5 kun oldin
  • First they need to stop losing about being biological sisters

    Alex TillmanAlex Tillman5 kun oldin
  • Yikes I came on here thinking this was going to be a sweet moment😳

    Christina BChristina B5 kun oldin
  • Lisa is too much for me. I ain’t with that classless act. It’s never what you say it’s how you say it.

    Gina JamesGina James5 kun oldin
  • LisaRaye was really hurt to be cut off from her siste and da brat looked scared but family needs to talk things out and not sweep it under rug and pretend all is okay.

    diva1675diva16755 kun oldin
  • Lisa Raye feel like you know if I'm your sister in we love each other you know why would you push me to the side like that she feel like you know why when you meet somebody in near in your ear why all of a sudden you don't want to be bother with me

    Guuzi Street CouncilGuuzi Street Council5 kun oldin
  • The brat is wrong for that you never do that to somebody who had your back for years and then when you meet somebody that go to show you how your partner feels toward your family your partnership never exclude your family from did y'all knew love life family shall always be involved and I see why Lisa feel so bad the bread did that bad you can never my partner of my wife could never make me leave my mother sister brother alone that was a weak move

    Guuzi Street CouncilGuuzi Street Council5 kun oldin
  • The brat know she bout to get in trouble there while she nervous she no big sister about to get at her ass she let there be night time person that should have got a butt whooped she know that

    Guuzi Street CouncilGuuzi Street Council5 kun oldin
  • Syleena Johnson is aging backwards.

    Jean MaloneJean Malone5 kun oldin
  • based on this one video reaction Lraye does "not" need anger management. The girl was in shock and a ton of emotions ran through her. In fact she didn't say anything in the beginning. She was too overwhelmed. Da Brat ghosted her for months during a PANDEMIC, got into a relationship and announced it to the world and other family members but not LRaye. If they weren't "close" before I would've believed it's b/c of that, but they were close, and although I'm sure as a BIG SIS , LRaye has gone off on her at times, I think the bigger issue as to why Brat kept her relationship away from LRaye is a) she had to figure it out for herself b)she probably knows her girlfriend and "lRaye won't click. who knows. Brat knows her big sis, and she knows her personality. She had to know how LRaye would've reacted. Now after months, after telling the whole world first before your big sis, now you pop up out of nowhere with "surprise". Come on, now. She's a grown woman, she knew better. Now the other ladies, got caught in the crossfire, but they know LRAye keeps it real on/off camera. They kept chiming in on something they didn't know about and weren't trying to "listen" to how overwhelmed LRaye was. Could Lraye have said, "uh, I can't do this on camera" This is a private issue. Sure, but changes are she's a reactor/feeler, emotional. She said her truth. Yep there are consequences for each all around. But it is what it is.

    Kae RoKae Ro6 kun oldin
  • When they all Shut Up when Lisa said, "I Don't Give a F@$k What Ya'll Saying"!! That Room was Silent !!🤫 😶 🔇 🔕

    Cheryl WhiteCheryl White6 kun oldin
  • I absolutely love these ladies, they are so real. Ms. Fox, Ms. Jordan, and Ms. Lisa Raye, and that other beautiful young lady I really don't know, I was raised in the church so forgive me. I watch your show and really really love it. Please keep doing what you are doing.

    Evelyn MonroeEvelyn Monroe6 kun oldin
  • Awwwww, Councelingggggggg! Love is still there or she would not be hurt! Family go through things but then we mend and move on!

    Louise RankineLouise Rankine6 kun oldin
  • I Love My sisters I cant b without them. A few months is cool but a few years I would never

    Gzi OneGzi One6 kun oldin
    • Fact

      Gzi OneGzi One6 kun oldin
  • Damn Lisa, I love me some Lisa😳 Brat is right to be scared 😨 damn Im scared for her 😆

    Skylar's Catering StevensonSkylar's Catering Stevenson6 kun oldin

    Chosen OneChosen One6 kun oldin
  • Lol they thought this was good surprise

    Karennie RoseKarennie Rose6 kun oldin
  • I think it was about the Brat it wasn't about Lisa...Lisa is all in her feelings to see it from Brats position whatever that may be...that ish was messy...

    Gwen WoodsGwen Woods6 kun oldin