Crown Tundra Update Reaction - Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass and Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass

29-Sen, 2020
284 925 Ko‘rishlar soni

Pokemon Sword and Shield's Expansion Pass DLC Part 2 The Crown Tundra, a new trailer, and more info. First, the Reaction!
Official Playlist of the Pokemon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass
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  • during the LGPE era, I was roasted for saying NYE-DOE-KING Instead of KNEE-DOE-KING, and I make an attempt to correct myself every time, but sometimes It slips out. It's hard to re-learn how to say something after 20+ years.

    Austin John PlaysAustin John Plays21 kun oldin
    • can you do a full breakdown of HYRULE WARRIORS: AGE OF CALAMITY

      Sean William LockettSean William Lockett7 kun oldin
    • Please need someone to trade sword/shield exclusives with

      stubbornchildstubbornchild19 kun oldin
    • E

      BIG CATBIG CAT20 kun oldin
    • Say it how you want, who cares.

      PapaPronePapaProne21 kun oldin
    • I still say NYE-DOE-KING too. It just sounds better.

      Rob PollockRob Pollock21 kun oldin
  • is this the one where i can rome around with my friends

    RaRe BarneyRaRe Barney22 soat oldin
  • 女大麻森

    pineapple ikushpineapple ikush23 soat oldin
  • So if I have the armor extension pass do u also get the crown tundra for free?

    Isaac CazaresIsaac CazaresKun oldin
  • Brother Im happy you have become so successful but time to hit the Real GYM not Pokemon! Take care of yourself man.

    Puck aNmPuck aNmKun oldin
  • Yawn.... 😪

    Muhammad HaziqMuhammad Haziq2 kun oldin
  • Darkria where is he?

    Ronnell DurhamRonnell Durham2 kun oldin
  • When he said pokemon ultra sun and ultra moon... *ultra flashback*

    Marley Mika-FowlerMarley Mika-Fowler3 kun oldin
  • The Crown Tundra comes out on my birthday

    Galactic KitsuneGalactic Kitsune3 kun oldin
  • I can’t be the only person who hates Pikachu😂

    Aaron HeltonAaron Helton5 kun oldin
  • 2:22 He dressed up for the occasion duh-

    THE Berrby berryw/abTHE Berrby berryw/ab6 kun oldin
  • You need a size bigger with the hoodie, at least

    Eddie MartinezEddie Martinez6 kun oldin
  • I’m confused are all the legendary Pokémon available in each game or are they being split half and half?

    Darthbacca_ 009Darthbacca_ 0096 kun oldin
  • i got a x box add on a nintindo themed vid

    Noah ReedNoah Reed8 kun oldin
  • Now tell us when Diamond and Pearl remakes are coming out

    Philly JimPhilly Jim8 kun oldin
  • Crown Tundra just confirmed the Hollow Earth theory in the Pokemon world

    John BowersJohn Bowers8 kun oldin
  • So sad about greninja

    Ramin MichaelsRamin Michaels9 kun oldin
  • X el

    Cristóbal GonzálezCristóbal González9 kun oldin
  • Have you played hades yet.

    Michael CadwalladerMichael Cadwallader10 kun oldin
  • They say get the legendarys in dynamax Me who has been trying to get one Lie

    wizard of gameing c40wizard of gameing c4010 kun oldin
  • Candy's wrecked pokemon for me

    Beards vs EveryoneBeards vs Everyone11 kun oldin
  • I’d still wish the mythical Pokémon to come back... I missed Darkrai...

    Lost SoulLost Soul11 kun oldin
  • sorry dont mind me just putting time stamps for myself starts 0:55 5:25 6:01

  • I wish they would make ALL Starter Pokémon transferable because then I could transfer my 7 Shiny Hidden Ability Starter Pokémon that I breed myself, each have as many egg moves as I could possibly reach before I hatched a Shiny Hidden Ability Starter, now I'm breeding for my 8th and that is a Shiny Hidden Ability Chimchar with 4 egg moves including Power up Punch

    Liam MasseyLiam Massey12 kun oldin
  • 3:24 Everyone right after their online classes...

    Pete ZajotPete Zajot12 kun oldin
  • I may not know my Flowers, but i know a Bitch when i see one.

    Nipstinstien OvaeriolaNipstinstien Ovaeriola12 kun oldin
  • I hope crown tundra is longer because the first dlc kinda suck and way to short for 30$

    Tyrone MixonTyrone Mixon13 kun oldin
  • i feel like isle of armor is for 5dollars and crowntundra is for 25dollars

    PadmaPadma13 kun oldin
  • Legendary Pokémon don’t feel so legendary anymore for me lol

    carbon273carbon27314 kun oldin
  • Can't wait to move every spare shiny on my pokemon go🤩

    mega mewmega mew14 kun oldin
  • So we have all legendary Pokémon but what about starters

    King AdrianKing Adrian15 kun oldin
  • Is it weird that I just got notified of this video like an hour ago?

    25artfreak25artfreak15 kun oldin
    • what?

      yuoop nokeyuoop noke15 kun oldin
  • I read something about people who pre order can get to the Crown Tundra faster then everyone who makes a purchase. I can’t find anything at all on how that would work after I just found it the other day

    Victor TaylorVictor Taylor15 kun oldin
  • Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos🔺

    aola wiliaola wili16 kun oldin
    • Wheres my greninja! Thats all i want

      aola wiliaola wili16 kun oldin
  • Welp rashiram id there so Imma buy the dlc just for my cuddle dragon

    Beta LaxBeta Lax16 kun oldin

    Mario Plush BrosMario Plush Bros16 kun oldin

    Mario Plush BrosMario Plush Bros16 kun oldin
  • 3:25 just like SCHOOL

    Mario Plush BrosMario Plush Bros16 kun oldin
  • Are you playing crow tundra

    Susan McdonaldSusan Mcdonald16 kun oldin
  • Let’s go pickachu

    Susan McdonaldSusan Mcdonald16 kun oldin
  • You can’t get a mew incounter

    Susan McdonaldSusan Mcdonald16 kun oldin
  • love ur content dude

    Ao400Ao40017 kun oldin
  • Should of been in the main game 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Trippy gameingTrippy gameing17 kun oldin
  • I can now transfer all my legendarys let’s go

    Boomy baxBoomy bax18 kun oldin
    • In my eyes the killt the franchise with this DLC tactics. You have to pay full price for the half of the game and than pay another time for full content. That sucks

      hoiy vinosahoiy vinosa17 kun oldin
  • Has anyone been having issues with the pass😥 my pass won’t let me go to the island anymore.

    Yoshua Leyva De LeonYoshua Leyva De Leon18 kun oldin
  • I love your completely unapologetic apathetic response to this trailer lmao

    hYBRYDcOBRAhYBRYDcOBRA18 kun oldin
  • Oct 22 oh yesaaaa

    Trae HallTrae Hall18 kun oldin
  • Ah yes, paying 30 dollars for a diglett fetch quest, and recatching the same legendaries more than a year after the game came out because they weren't there already.

    Spaceman SpiffSpaceman Spiff18 kun oldin
  • Wait I'm confused so I bought expansion pack that said it has isle of armor and crown tundra but crown tundra isn't available yet?? So do I have to wait for it to appear in game or what?

    Meghan YardasMeghan Yardas19 kun oldin
  • Bro you look like Kevin Owens

    ShadowShadow19 kun oldin
  • Wheres my greninja! Thats all i want

    Xpix MediaXpix Media19 kun oldin
  • I am going to get the DLC mainly for this.

    GJCakeman HGJCakeman H19 kun oldin
  • When i get to catch the galarian oricori i shall name it "space chiken"

    Dairin UwUDairin UwU19 kun oldin
  • 3:11 Space Chicken🤣🤣

    DannyboyDannyboy19 kun oldin
  • I was expecting to be dissapointed in the game but for the first time I’m looking forward to this snowy pass

    ReactionlessReactionless19 kun oldin
  • .

    MM20MM2019 kun oldin
  • Master ball time!

    antoine cartyantoine carty19 kun oldin
  • they pulled a smash all the lengedaries are here.

    dave charzarddave charzard19 kun oldin
  • YEEEEEESSSSSS!! Dragonite!! I’m sooo happy now 😭

    dragonriderfye1dragonriderfye119 kun oldin
  • In my eyes the killt the franchise with this DLC tactics. You have to pay full price for the half of the game and than pay another time for full content. That sucks

    Norbert fromHellNorbert fromHell19 kun oldin
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  • 😍😍😍

    مانسيتك حبيبيمانسيتك حبيبي20 kun oldin
  • Seriously what’s with the sudden change in quality? Don’t get me wrong Island of Armor was nice and all, but the second part of the dlc?? Multiple new legendaries, multiple old legendaries among them mewtwo, why the hell was the first part so much worse and just for 1 legendary..? Woooo, you can only evolve that legendary in 2 battle towers...meanwhile 10+ legendaries are gonna be in the second dlc, that’s more than Island of armor and main game

    Coat GuyCoat Guy20 kun oldin
  • i can´t wait on crown tundra

    Hampus06 GamerHampus06 Gamer20 kun oldin
  • "Respected expansion passes"

    TZMS AdventuresTZMS Adventures20 kun oldin
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  • What's up ajp #epic worldwide

    Chris PorterChris Porter20 kun oldin
  • this video is apparently trending... COOL!!!

    CreetroCreetro20 kun oldin
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    xing jingxing jing20 kun oldin
  • I was lphing when he sed space chicken

    the pokemon god i ithe pokemon god i i20 kun oldin
  • It's going to be as bland and garbage as the last one. Legendaries are the only thing saving it.

    Kid 50Kid 5020 kun oldin
  • like 8 minutes of Austin being sad about the game then 23 seconds of him being hyped for melmetal and pokemon go support. lol

    RR20 kun oldin
  • Yeah all legendaries are back... except Arceus. :/ Arceus is not in 4:19 Edit: Seems that based on a recent datamine, the following legendaries will NOT BE in Tundra dlc: Deoxys, Phione/Manaphy, Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus, Meloetta, and Hoopa. Such a disappointment... and yes I know they aren't Legendaries, but still disappointing that I cant even get the God of all Pokemon Arceus or the mysterious Deoxys to be on my SW/SD team.

    TerraFlareKSFLTerraFlareKSFL20 kun oldin
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    lbbeatsslbbeatss20 kun oldin

    فرزندان ایرانChildren of Iranفرزندان ایرانChildren of Iran20 kun oldin
  • Where's deoxys?

    General Grievous With the forceGeneral Grievous With the force20 kun oldin
  • Wait can you get it on Pokémon sword?

    i WiLl MoCk YoUi WiLl MoCk YoU20 kun oldin
  • Congrats! You're Trending!

    PèëwęēPèëwęē20 kun oldin
  • "Let me guess, they're wearing hats?" . . . "Yup." 100%!

    PixelStackerPixelStacker20 kun oldin
  • you look like hungrybox

    Xenogeniziz Pow3r9Xenogeniziz Pow3r920 kun oldin
  • Not even a minute in and he plugs his merch. Nice job.

    Cesare 2.0Cesare 2.020 kun oldin
  • If i bought the first expansion pass do i have to buy the second one to get access to the crown tundra

    Adrian WilsonAdrian Wilson20 kun oldin
  • The red legendary bird is pronounced, eevaltall 😬

    taeh0pe 3taeh0pe 320 kun oldin

    Kitty SquadKitty Squad20 kun oldin
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  • your 27th on trending currently

    eDnA LuAeDnA LuA20 kun oldin
  • Player:wins the league Also the player:watches the past champion open the tournament

    Mystic Ninetales128Mystic Ninetales12820 kun oldin
  • Random people who like this will become millionaire someday.

    Pearls Of The InternetPearls Of The Internet20 kun oldin
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    Ghislaine de CubaGhislaine de Cuba20 kun oldin
  • Did anyone else notice the Avaluggs in the water .. ?.?.?.

    PokechiedoziePokechiedozie20 kun oldin
  • It's funny because october 23 is my birthday.

    Pablo Sandoval-TapuercaPablo Sandoval-Tapuerca20 kun oldin
  • I need to trade my sis a bible for that dratini...

    Dre44rDre44r20 kun oldin
  • *I want this played at my funeral*

    Kindly Help me to reach 30K SubscriberKindly Help me to reach 30K Subscriber20 kun oldin

    Jonathan TalbotJonathan Talbot20 kun oldin
  • 👍

    BANG MAMEBANG MAME20 kun oldin
  • So no other starters coming back? That is lame af! All legendries, but I can't use my main team??? Wooow.

    Zi ProphetZi Prophet20 kun oldin

    Box gamingBox gaming20 kun oldin
  • Congratulations on hitting the trending page on UZworld Austin. You really deserve it😁🥳

    Christopher PhamChristopher Pham20 kun oldin
  • Got a dl code for the game? Would love to play it.

    tek 818tek 81821 kun oldin
  • Hey random person scrolling down the comments..... Have a wonderful day :)

    ProTreeVideosProTreeVideos21 kun oldin