Countdown Vampires (PS1) - Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

29-Okt, 2020
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Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) episode 184: Countdown Vampires for the PlayStation 1. Countdown Vampires is a survival horror game developed by K2 LLC and published by Bandai. It's basically Resident Evil, but with vampires instead of zombies. In Countdown Vampires, you play Keith Snyder, a tattooed celebrity bodyguard who has come to the ritzy Desert Moon Hotel on New Year's Eve 1999. When a fire starts in the hotel, the ceiling sprinklers go off. Rather than spray water, they drop an oozing dark liquid all over the glamorous guests. This liquid, whatever it is, turns the other guests into vampires. Now it's your job to find an antidote while fending off preying bloodsuckers, flesh-eating zombies, and bone-crushing monsters. Through the game you'll explore eight different locations--from woodland areas to bars to casino floors--to solve the mystery. It also happens to be one of the worst tank-controlled PS1 games of all time.
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Crew: Justin Silverman, Kieran Fallon, Antonio Piluso
Special thanks to Matt McMuscles:
Game provided by Frank Minichini (KingOfApoc):
Ending music (Castlevania covers) by Ferdk:
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    CinemassacreCinemassacre6 oy oldin
    • no

      john rjohn r5 kun oldin
    • Tb2tb

      BAT CATBAT CAT19 kun oldin
    • schade das du nicht die anderen Enden gesehen hast.

      Carsten GräbeCarsten Gräbe4 oy oldin
    • Would love to see a remake of the older non HD episodes of AVGN

      Victor CVictor C5 oy oldin
    • James You forget video game It’s by Sony and PlayStation And it’s called vib ribbon It’s only on the PlayStation 1 do you like it

      jaces 69jaces 695 oy oldin
  • So that what happened with Billy Coen after resident evil zero

    Victor BukhaltsevVictor Bukhaltsev4 kun oldin
  • I never thought I'd hear Dracula say the word "anime". I needed that, thanks James.

    Jason DavisJason Davis4 kun oldin
  • That is the best ending cinematic to any videogame, ever.

    Shapeless_AbominationShapeless_Abomination6 kun oldin
  • Whenever I get famous I'm going to invite James over for a LAN party

    n8te352n8te3527 kun oldin
  • I remember renting this back in the day. Can only recall the movie poster puzzle. That's about it...

    The Accursed J.E.The Accursed J.E.7 kun oldin
  • 6:36 Joe Biden made it in this game!

    Brotherhood KnightBrotherhood Knight8 kun oldin
  • From dawn 'til diarrhea. Thank you for what you do James.

    Sean O'MalleySean O'Malley8 kun oldin
  • "Countdown" ...Is Future Sara going to show up in this game or something?

    Swayzak2002Swayzak20028 kun oldin
  • On a pretty cool note, the level design is very reminiscent of many of my dreams. Can anyone else relate?

    SammySammy14 kun oldin
  • In keeping the theme of counting or whatever, they should've made the final boss be The Count from Sesame Street. Couldn't have made it any worse of a game 🤣🤣🤣

    Lee ScalesLee Scales14 kun oldin
  • Is that Billy from Reaident Evil 0?!? 🤔

    Robert AronoviciRobert Aronovici15 kun oldin
  • re re r REEEEEEEEE

    Junior The Pro GamerJunior The Pro Gamer17 kun oldin
  • 10/10 best sireas ever

    BAT CATBAT CAT19 kun oldin
  • Wc

    BAT CATBAT CAT19 kun oldin
  • Svs

    BAT CATBAT CAT19 kun oldin
  • Ocwof2of2

    BAT CATBAT CAT19 kun oldin
  • Ovwo 2g3

    BAT CATBAT CAT19 kun oldin
  • Games like this that has bad cutscenes made me glad that games now are better.

    unboxing magicunboxing magic23 kun oldin
  • When I saw the title I was thinking of the count from seasamie street

    unboxing magicunboxing magic23 kun oldin
  • Can you do Grand Theft Auto and put that metal

    dee Pattersondee Patterson23 kun oldin
  • Diemonster.mp4

    HALF A StudioHALF A Studio24 kun oldin
  • Loved that SOTN reference

    klaus qendroklaus qendro24 kun oldin
  • As far as the line about the AI (or lack thereof) is concerned, I will ALWAYS reference another PSX game: "Sheep". The game actually BRAGS about the fact that the critters you are saving don't have AI, they have ARTIFICIAL STUPIDITY!

    Dean LukesDean Lukes25 kun oldin
  • heres another paralel between K2C and intelligent : both their games made unde rcapcom are bad and can be considered the worst of their respective series.

    Karasu ShiroKarasu Shiro26 kun oldin
  • These "Vampires" are related to the "Augers" in Night Trap, lol.

    Odious OneOdious One26 kun oldin
  • that explains why re5 was so bad

    karl johankarl johan27 kun oldin
  • “You’ve GAWT to stay heeErRre!” *waves wrist limply*

    Maritime GrimeMaritime Grime27 kun oldin
  • This game looks awesome, I'm off to eBay!

    Third StarThird Star27 kun oldin
    • Annd we're done here, it's a fortune.

      Third StarThird Star27 kun oldin
  • P

    Kain PoundKain Pound28 kun oldin
  • There is no better sound than the original PlayStation start up

    Jarrod SneedJarrod Sneed28 kun oldin
  • K2C certainly pretty successful once hired by Capcom compared to Incredible Technologies when they were given the rights for Street Fighter by Capcom... Just once.

    Arlyn AndersonArlyn AndersonOy oldin
  • 5:11 Getting some Mickey's Mousecapade flashbacks from a certain Grump mocking a certain AVGN copy-cat reviewer, lol

    Karnera MythosKarnera MythosOy oldin
  • I wonder if AVGN has played any hidden object puzzle adventure game before?

    luedriverluedriverOy oldin
    • hi

      To Release is To ResolveTo Release is To ResolveOy oldin
  • If you never saved up as a kid to buy "Solstice", you wouldn't know the pain of "Solstice" music, characters, gameplay, but i was just a FU**ING CHILD FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

    Lili WallaceLili WallaceOy oldin
  • Best intro on youtube...

    Killer ClownKiller ClownOy oldin
  • 7:29

    James L. AndersonJames L. AndersonOy oldin
  • But what is this game? A miserable pile of S%&*

    Lucas MesquitaLucas MesquitaOy oldin
  • This game is literally garbage

    Roger Myers jrRoger Myers jrOy oldin
  • The main character looks exactly like Seifer from FF8

    gerbil dustgerbil dustOy oldin
  • white water... so milk?

    Blatt WaldBlatt WaldOy oldin
  • Starts at 2:32

    Dishank BDishank BOy oldin
  • Lol Goldberg memory card

    Matthew LaneMatthew LaneOy oldin
  • This game makes me laugh so much yo lol!😂

    A in a DupuisA in a DupuisOy oldin
  • So what’s the story if you under 8 hour it?

    Gaming GoofGaming GoofOy oldin
  • This game is horrible but expect it it was from ps1

    Josh's random stuffJosh's random stuffOy oldin
  • nobody talks about from dusk till dawn...... :( ( btw awesome video angry nerd)

    Mr. JayMr. JayOy oldin

    wavylouiiwavylouiiOy oldin
  • PS1 start up sounds are amazing.

    Thewin 94Thewin 94Oy oldin
  • That extremely subtle Pokemon reference 🤣

    Zer0SkateboardZer0SkateboardOy oldin
  • “I like the cat though” *Meowth cry*

    King DogeKing DogeOy oldin
  • In some vampire mythology they can’t cross water but i don’t think it kills them lol

    bob gunterbob gunterOy oldin
  • 9:40.... this game lol also Don’t know if it’s just me but resident evil 5 was my least favorite maybe a Coincidence

    Adam PasvantisAdam PasvantisOy oldin
  • lol the sound of the blood spurting out at the end is just the best part

  • Avgn:worst AI ever Daikatana:hey thats my line

  • Gells is the emperor of dARkness

    Emiliano TenorioEmiliano TenorioOy oldin
  • Never knew a CD had so much blood inside of it.

  • My brain at start: Not that bad for 1997 My brain by the end: oof

    Bailey XavierBailey XavierOy oldin
  • 5:02 N-N-N-N-New World Order. N-N-N-N-New World Order.

    Ultimawonders on YouTubeUltimawonders on YouTubeOy oldin
  • The Nerd needs to play Overblood this year

    OmendrezOmendrezOy oldin
  • This could have been "decent" if it was actually developed by Capcom. Honestly I kind of wish Capcom was like Squaresoft in the mid-late 90s, how they created many "experimental" RPGs. Capcom should have made more "experimental" survival horror games. Could have had a few gems, or at least a charming experience here and there.

    Bee R eeBee R ee2 oy oldin
  • Would Doom 3 be eligible for an AVGN episode? I would like to see that, considering how different it is to both classic and modern Doom

    Calum MacdonaldCalum Macdonald2 oy oldin
  • 15:46 is my favorite part of the whole video.

    CPUnknownCPUnknown2 oy oldin
  • A Goldberg memory card!?!? Now that’s awesome!

    SlyGuy21SlyGuy212 oy oldin
  • ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 이쓰레기 버렷는데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ여기서 이걸 다보네

    Jini jinJini jin2 oy oldin
  • as someone who understands a fair bit of japanese i can see CLEARLY where those spelling and syntax mistakes would come from. i'm positive this was translated to english by a japanese person / team.

    GraveUypoGraveUypo2 oy oldin
  • 4:05 companies do that all the time dude, even Facebook hired hackers that hacked their site to help them. It's actually common for developers to use someone's exploitation to their benefit. -This is coming from a THQ game tester in Garland Tx.

    Lou SenseiLou Sensei2 oy oldin
    • @To Release is To Resolve How? Not cool at all🤔

      Lou SenseiLou SenseiOy oldin
    • wow, very cool

      To Release is To ResolveTo Release is To ResolveOy oldin
  • Remake for PS5

    Jay MathisJay Mathis2 oy oldin
  • Thank for Making This On My 19th Birthday

    Krusty AidenKrusty Aiden2 oy oldin
  • Isnt that manbat 8:13

    Thomas HoekstraThomas Hoekstra2 oy oldin
  • I actually liked re5, not scary other than the dogs and bat thing but very fun, and hey we eventually got 7 and the re2 remake

    KojiKoji2 oy oldin
  • Ha-ha-ha! Find TEN!

    Sergio LTSergio LT2 oy oldin
  • Too bad there's no bloodtype FN for F*ckernauts.

    Christian Derek Dela CruzChristian Derek Dela Cruz2 oy oldin
  • One of the best creatures

    Connor RonnocConnor Ronnoc2 oy oldin
  • I just noticed this was posted on my mom's birthday.

    Ethan DawksterEthan Dawkster2 oy oldin
  • This was another great AVGN episode. Thank again. With much gratitude.

    bigfrikibigfriki2 oy oldin
  • It shows me how low my standards are back in the day. I had genuine fun playing CV, I even finished it lol

    X-Tudo BenchmarksX-Tudo Benchmarks2 oy oldin
  • Is that solid snakes model re skinned, and parts of this games areas literally ripped from mgs? Sounds and all, I reckon it is sir!

    Guy QuanstromGuy Quanstrom2 oy oldin
  • Could you start putting the promo at the end of your videos, so I can see the actual episode before smashing my laptop with a rock drop? Do the companies even care where you put the promo?

    Menos ProblemosMenos Problemos2 oy oldin
    • No

      To Release is To ResolveTo Release is To ResolveOy oldin
  • Dumb question to ask, but does anyone know what the guitar song that plays in the background is?

    Judge_DreddpoolJudge_Dreddpool2 oy oldin
  • there's a gem of a game called "Mystery of the Druids" Be sure to make a vid on this too, gold quality content inbound

    Araneus21Araneus212 oy oldin
  • At the beginning I thought that the blood type was the difficulty settings with AB being the easiest and O being the hardest

    Dark WorldDark World2 oy oldin
  • 15:40

    AngryBirdsSBSPMinecraftAndUnikittyFTW Covid19FTLAngryBirdsSBSPMinecraftAndUnikittyFTW Covid19FTL3 oy oldin
  • Zompires

    illiacilliac3 oy oldin
  • Stun Globe killed me too lol!😂

    A in a DupuisA in a Dupuis3 oy oldin
  • This kind of reminds me of this awful psx game perfect weapon... I HIGHLY recommend doing an episode on perfect weapon

    Justin KislukJustin Kisluk3 oy oldin
  • Best new school avgn episode it always kills me yo lol!😂

    A in a DupuisA in a Dupuis3 oy oldin
  • Destroyed the replay button yo lol! 😂

    A in a DupuisA in a Dupuis3 oy oldin
  • I had an old PlayStation demo disc with a video preview of this game.

    Gerard LandryGerard Landry3 oy oldin
  • Next Halloween episode should be on The Ring’s Terror’s Realm on the Dreamcast.

    Jared TaylorJared Taylor3 oy oldin
  • Diarrhea Dickwaffles killed me the most lol! 😂

    A in a DupuisA in a Dupuis3 oy oldin
  • Hey nerd, how about you review bloodstained???

    DevilDo99 GamingDevilDo99 Gaming3 oy oldin
  • Please do Silent Hill sometime soon

    DualWield BananasDualWield Bananas3 oy oldin
  • That intro never gets old

    Uno EstacaUno Estaca3 oy oldin
  • Love the video keep up the great work

    christopher lindchristopher lind3 oy oldin
  • If this was a try not to laugh challenge I automatically lose yo lol!😂

    A in a DupuisA in a Dupuis3 oy oldin
  • Now we need a resident evil trilogy review

    Crash HartyCrash Harty3 oy oldin
  • He’s such a dad 💖

    LuceLuce3 oy oldin
  • the main character's design is peak late 90s and early 2000s style the tribal tattoos,leather clothes and frosted tips.

    t h e w a v e 1999t h e w a v e 19993 oy oldin
  • I mean the traditional statement about vampires per bram stoker is they can’t cross moving water on their own, so going down some rapids might be an actual way to escape.

    fireblast133fireblast1333 oy oldin