Consequences of Isolation

21-Dek, 2020
68 527 Ko‘rishlar soni

Patrick Bet-David discusses the impact of isolation and a story from a recent webinar on how one entrepreneur struggled with the consequences of isolation and is still succeeding.
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  • We first broke lockdowns in June down here in Florida. We have not been sick. Neither of my family or friends.. maybe we were lucky, maybe this insanity is what’s making people sick!!!

    Lara PersonLara Person5 soat oldin
  • Thanks for this video Patrick

    Bob NimmoBob Nimmo2 kun oldin
  • Thiis video moved me, reach out to ppl isolated....let them know it’s going to be alright

    vidalia 2015vidalia 20152 kun oldin
  • Great message. Isolation is very dangerous. People pushing isolation always seem to be around people. Thanks and everything WILL be okay. Fight through. :)

    Thomas OberleThomas Oberle2 kun oldin
  • Im feeling isolation right now. I live in a small town and theres no work, everyone I knew is gone. Theres hardly any traffic. Its so quiet and just about everything is closed. Its cold out but it takes work just to get out the door. And the last time I axtually hung out with anyone was last year. I can feel a change in myself socially even talking to a person at a cash register. I dunno where all this ends but Im not feeling the optimism. Best of luck everyone.

    Not Almost Famous /C.McCartneyNot Almost Famous /C.McCartney5 kun oldin
  • Not everything is going to be alright for everyone. Do the best you can and never ever give up

    Brandon SmithBrandon Smith6 kun oldin
  • I've personally lost 3 young people in my life due to this gov't despair this year. I'm dying inside. I mean I really hate these leaders. We need a house cleaning.

    kelly millerkelly miller6 kun oldin
  • 👏👏🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏❤️

    Maria FillakosMaria Fillakos7 kun oldin
  • I love you pat

    Hasanul RafiHasanul Rafi8 kun oldin
  • Good video full of wisdom, then you do stupid things like get idiots on your show that have no knowledge of the subject you are interviewing them on... like that Ben ladin lady. Gosh she was uninformed and pushing a negative agenda.

    ZRKZRK9 kun oldin
    • ❌ 🦠 ❌ 😷 ❌ 💉

      Zachary GreenblattZachary Greenblatt8 kun oldin
  • When did you start talking so fast?

    ЕвгенийЕвгений9 kun oldin
    • ❌ 🦠 ❌ 😷 ❌ 💉

      Zachary GreenblattZachary Greenblatt8 kun oldin
  • You are beautiful, caring soul. Thank you for sharing this and for your sincere, "Things are going to get better!"

    Beacon of TruthBeacon of Truth10 kun oldin
  • I've def considered suicide a number of times over the past few months, it's getting worse every day.

    Johnny KnoxvilleJohnny Knoxville10 kun oldin
  • Great Message, hopefully it's being blasted out across the world. Everyone needs to hear that everything is going to be ok. Reach out don't isolate yourself even if it's video chat with friends and family or new friends. If you don't video chat actually pick up your phone and call someone you haven't spoken with in a while ask how they're doing see how they have been handling everything. You may be helping that person who needs an ear to listen to them. Helping others may just fill your own heart ❤️😆😁 Don't fall into isolation people are wanting you to reach out. People NEED People 💕

    Monica CMonica C10 kun oldin
  • They don't have enough good solid people like you around these days, for me to want to see anyone! I have my cats, and live outside the metropolitan areas. This hasn't affected me, but had only brought me peace. This going on for 3yrs now. I am just the opposite. People have rubbed me the wrong way, and pushed buttons way too many times when I was in the city. Society actually has me disgusted with their behavior. I had to leave, because I didn't have anymore patience, zero tolerance for trouble makers and instigators. I knew I'd risk another prison sentence if I didn't get away from people. So far, so good...and besides, I get along with animals way more than with humans of todays society!

    Anthony MaffeiAnthony Maffei10 kun oldin
  • Isolation is inhuman torture.... yet the people accept it. The people are sheep.

    Neil CognitoNeil Cognito12 kun oldin
  • Merry Christmas akhbers

    derik zadoorianderik zadoorian13 kun oldin
  • Poor Guy.

    Larry BLarry B14 kun oldin
  • Thank you for the message and hello from Britain! that's where it gets superannoying!!

    romchiksromchiks15 kun oldin
  • 💯You're the treasure of UZworld💯👍

    Wayne GottlosWayne Gottlos16 kun oldin
  • Is it bad that I read your name plate on the video as Patrick Bet-Covid?

    Dragon DMDragon DM16 kun oldin
    • BTW I just finished the book. It is beyond epic. Anyone who hasn't read it yet should pick it up.

      Dragon DMDragon DM16 kun oldin
  • Well David was aline in the wilderness too and was fine. You were made for so much more then just your show buddy. Talk thw talk then walk the walk

    Star Beam1Star Beam117 kun oldin
  • Why are you not in DC???????? You left your country for what americans are fighting against!!! Or is it just about the money????

    Star Beam1Star Beam117 kun oldin
  • So why if your for freedom, your not in DC???????

    Star Beam1Star Beam117 kun oldin
  • God Bless you. Thank you for your present of confidence.

    fiorellachruscielfiorellachrusciel19 kun oldin
  • I am never lonely, I just don't feel that feeling, but I feel miserable when I'm alone and I just don't know why. Then I start blaming myself and overthinking and slowly becoming mad. :( Everyone from my hometown that I know has left the city that I currently live in because of corona and earthquakes. There's no way to meet new people except Tinder but I've gotten fat and I hate myself. Shit... How the fuck do I get out of this shit.

    Mr TurbulentMr Turbulent19 kun oldin
  • Lets be honest here if Trump ruled when Pat and his family fled from Iran they wouldn't be able to enter the USA and none of this would have happened.

    Max claireMax claire19 kun oldin
  • Thank you sir... I felt that kid, and your advice

    Local Asbestos RemovalLocal Asbestos Removal19 kun oldin
  • I watched a video the other day where a sick baby was in a incubator. A doctor experimented & put the twin sister baby in there as well. The twin baby put the arm around the sick baby & instantly it started getting better. . The power of touch.

    shadowgovernment3000shadowgovernment300020 kun oldin
  • Much respect pat much respect

    gerald cookgerald cook20 kun oldin
  • So the kid does "online sales"? Basically dropshipping?

    cxa011500cxa01150021 kun oldin
  • why this man (PATRICK) whom already financially secured, he keep telling people that EVERYTHING WILL BE OK....stop sugarcoating people ....if these world leaders keep doing what they are doing nothing will be ok but more suicide, poverty, stress, homeless people going to exist. THIS LOCKDOWN BULSHIT MUST END NOW, AND WE ALL NEED TO TAKE TO THE STREET IN MILLION .... WE NEED TO START KILLING THSES LEADERS BEFORE THEY KILL US ALL...AM VERY SERIOUS AM WILLING TO GO OUT THERE AND DIE FOR SOMETHING RATHER THAN TO STAY LOCKIN AND DIE FOR NOTHING....

    Garth RasGarth Ras21 kun oldin
  • I've been a truck driver for over 20 years,if I talk to another for a hour a day that's alot

    Caeser194Caeser19421 kun oldin
  • Man every time i have been locked down i was throw in Max watch.23 and a half hrs in ur cell u got 30 min to walk up and down a 20ft hall way u Never see outside.They throw u in naked with a green outfit on.THEY CRACK THE EGG WHEN MAX WATCH IS USED AND I PROMISE AFTER A THE FIRST FEW MONTHS U WILL DEVELOP ANOTHER PERSONALITY.

    C SkinnerC Skinner21 kun oldin
  • I’ve been alone for 14 years I’m okay but is not for everyone , there’s a danger in being alone ( you get used to it) that is the danger. You forget how to communicate with others, your body language changes, your words change, your Patient level changes , you nolonger have tact because you don’t really need it, you don’t love, you do not live, you hate anybody that doesn’t think like you, get your living, and love ❤️ inn skills back now.! You are here living to learn to love that’s it that’s the 1 thing.

    James wJames w21 kun oldin
  • Everything will be alright.

    Jonathan BrottoJonathan Brotto21 kun oldin
  • Iam 18 and I didn’t left the house for a year apart from buying food started many drug addiction and depression is fucking me up...

    IvanIvan22 kun oldin
  • ⚠️“By law”? MANDATES ARE NOT LAW.⚠️ The Tyrannical Governor’s do not make Laws. Stop submitting to this and feeding their Draconian ways. ⚠️🤦‍♀️

    Grace & TruthGrace & Truth22 kun oldin
  • “Go buy Ideanomics stock (IDEX)” You are welcome.

    James FarleyJames Farley22 kun oldin
  • Pat I need help 🆘

    Andrew HolmbergAndrew Holmberg23 kun oldin
    • Pat I have that crazy emagination

      Andrew HolmbergAndrew Holmberg23 kun oldin
  • Dont listen to the Government

    Ethio AdissEthio Adiss23 kun oldin
  • Your the man. Such good advice. So understanding.

    Ray RRay R23 kun oldin
  • The news media are only reporting fallacious statistics about absolute deaths. The REAL data should be adjusted for population and prior probability. If you adjust for these two things then the impact of covid-19 can be summarized as increasing the chance of all-risk mortality for people over 70 years of age by about 1%, if all 70+ people got it at the same time. The prior probability of death is 30% for septuagenarians. IE if you are over 70, you already have a 30% chance of dying ANY year of ANY cause. For people below age 70, all these covid stats dramatically drop off by 50% and when you get below age 50 the covid risk is about 100x smaller, ie in the range of normal everyday viruses that you got as a kid and don't even see a doctor for. Conclusion: covid-19 is about 5% more dangerous than common previous existing viruses. Comparatively the lockdown is probably about 300% more damaging to a person's health than if every single person in society got covid-19 all at once.

    The Rain ShimmersThe Rain Shimmers23 kun oldin
  • Its a similar tactic that NK is using on their citizen, deprive them of food, so the entire populations only thought is how to gather food or eat, there's no more thinking about anything else or mutiny. Same here, if you deny people things that affect their well-being such as isolation, then the focus will be just there, there's no more other thoughts about something else.

    toxicwaste920toxicwaste92023 kun oldin
  • I AGREE. THIS is gutting out of hand. Big conversations, lotsa laughter, good jokes, new friends. I know it may sound like that was all in past. And what is there to be happy about especially with this nightmare mankind has been enduring. But I believe that good people can find each other through this depressing fog. We must try. We cannot let them win Unity is of the utmost importance right now.

    Brook FALLZ_Brook FALLZ_23 kun oldin
  • That was a lovely message!

    mel daviesmel davies23 kun oldin
  • Don't let getting lonely make you reconnect with toxic relationships. You don't drink poison just because you're thirsty.

    Makhanda KhandaMakhanda Khanda24 kun oldin

    Emiliano ZapataEmiliano Zapata24 kun oldin

    Emiliano ZapataEmiliano Zapata24 kun oldin
  • I hope you had a merry Christmas Patrick and team. Try to go outside and see the animals. Wear a mask if you have to. Just say hi to others. Join an online prayer, hobby, reading group. I was in isolation due to getting covid and my only companion was a hummingbird. It sucks but try to appreciate the good. Ask Jesus for help.

    CNguyenDesign1CNguyenDesign124 kun oldin
  • Hi Pat, you have a care for others, and a genuine quality when you speak, that is so moving to watch. Thank you for your videos!!

    Youla PandazisYoula Pandazis24 kun oldin
  • Look up: Gavin Newsom at an indoor birthday party wearing no mask, sitting shoulder to sholder, living life having a good old time meanwhile we have to stay home for all occasions including Thanksgiving and Christmas. Tickets are cheap now...go out and visit friends and family and celebrate, enough of this nonsense! Gavin Newsom son goes to a private school where they wear no mask and he get to socialize, meanwhile our children are locked up at home like hermits!!!!Look Covid-19 is real but the numbers of death's are not. (People are dying in hospitals bcuz the doctor's are not giving them the proper medication, doctor's & nurses have already established that)The CDC is paying the medical facilities $39,000 with covid-19 death...why? and is it with our tax dollars? Follow the money. The reason they are paying them $39,000 is to over inflate the number to be able to do forced vaccinations for profiting the 8% of the population or so. (The people who have the money to invest big buck into big Pharma stock) It will make people millionaires! Off of victimizing us at all cost, even if it means compromising our health, you can bet they'll be passing the vaccine line...most of all the Elite, don't vaccinate their children. Did you know that? It's true. Everyone's running around Scared MASKED UP, while jogging, walking alone, taking to each other...why? When it's unnecessary. If you don't have a chronic health issue, you'll be fine! Everyone's running around like a bunch of scared uninformed babies... do your homework! What is wrong with you all? Come on y'all, liquor stores are open, Walmart's are open, Home Depot's are open but exercise facilities are closed, Churches are closed so why aren't you all questioning that? The hospitals want you to get depressed and get on their antidepressant drugs so they can further control the masses as they're doing now. The masks do not protect us, most people know this, and they still wear them without fail. Mask deprive us from oxygen...look, 2 children have died of covid-19 in California according to the news so why have they shutdown the schools? Right now 11/20/20 the number of Covid-19 cases are up BECAUSE THEY ARE TESTING PEOPLE!! GOOGLE or UZworld "what is a faults positive test" y'all. YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO LET THEM RUIN YOUR THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS WHILE THEY LEAD A NORMAL LIFE!!! Follow the money Gavin Newsom is just profiting off of this and the vaccine like the rest of the Elite. What is it going to take, for you guys to open your eyes? This is a lie...all you have to do is boost your immune system with a good source of vitamin C, zinc and D3 for God sakes and live life. I also take Super green powders by country way, I buy it at for $14.97 my joke is: one scoop of day, will keep the doctor away! I'm trying to live a normal life but it's hard when you all won't fight for truth and normacy with this covid-19 scam Plan-demic. Follow Dr. Richard Bartlett MD from Texas, Dr. Scott Jensen senator from Minnesota, Dr. Simone gold from the American Frontline doctors, Dr. Buttar, Dr. Shiva on the topic of covid-19 and the. In the Netherlands and all across the United States and the world there are a ton of lawsuits against the vaccine and all you guys want to do is live in fear, when what we need to be doing is start fighting for our rights to NOT get vaccinated. I seen a Netherlands panel announcing the lawsuit and a woman stating she is affiliated with over 80,000 nurses that do not want the vaccine, doesn't that make you want to say 🥺😏🤬? Well it better. They will vaccinate first all the old people in rest homes and I believe that it is elderly abuse because they for sure are not informed as to what's in the vaccine. Next are nurses and anyone who works with the public as in police bus drivers and cab drivers 🥵🤪😲 and I'm fighting NOW so the people who are investigating in big pharma don't win by sticking us with a vaccine that has not been tested long enough and who are not liable for the harm they may cause us. We must fight and speak out because if we don't we are going to see something in the United States in the world that is do your homework PLEASE. FOLLOW PEGGY HALL-THE HEALTHY AMERICAN ON UZworld ALSO. She has documents you can download to send two the the stores you frequent so you can send them all your city, country and state forms/Letters to help stop this madness. Please do you and your families a favor to live life to the fullest...Gavin Newsom IS! WHY CANT WE? and so are the other state official's, trust me. Most leader like Bill Gates, falchi, the CDC are all a bunch of old Crocks that are too old to party and have fun so they are money hungry Mongols that stand to make a mint off of vaccinating the world. Please wake up and STOP BEING A DUMB SHEEP. FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE... FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO LIVE A GOOD LIFE AS THEY ARE LIVING. Disclosures; I'm not a doctor, the above recommendation is not approved by the FDA. You should consult your own doctor and I'm not trying to hear anyone from anyting. But as a cab driver, cancer survivor I have been exposed to covid-19 many times by picking up people from Wuhan China at the airports and when I could not breath, I took all the about vitamins I mentioned but more vitamin C, 1000 mg 3 times a day for 3 or 4 days (you cannot take this much if you have bad kidneys) I took 5 low-dose baby aspirin 81mg the five times I was exposed to Covid-19 (at the time it was Before Trump closed the boarder's and I did not know what the covid-19 symptoms were. But I know as a 62 yr old woman the ASPIRINS are my go to when I don't feel well (like if I get little sharp pains in my heart or if I've eaten to much and I've over done it and I can't breathe right) both my partners have had strokes so I keep myself in shape. I do not trust the hospitals in terms of covid-19 because I've heard the death toll numbers and I know how to help myself and listening to these doctor's and other doctor's who are telling the truth. Keep your churches open!!! Everything you watch on the News is a song and dance pony show to distracted US ALL TO THE VACCINE AND THE ELITES AGENDA ON THIS VACCINE!!! WAKE UP! Don't ruin your THANKSGIVING, Christmas plans, or New year's.. airplane flights Are cheap, go visit family. Take lots of pictures and post them on social Media!!.....plz someone help us

    Amazing Grace messengerAmazing Grace messenger25 kun oldin
  • yup, u got no idea lol been a solo prenuer for 3-4 yrs, decent wealth, in 2020 my 3yr relationship ended n dumped all my garbage friends and solely focused on my new startup..... been isolated, its not mentally healthy, it gets rough especially when a 12 month project isnt taking off, my first company made money without my time so I was semi retired... etc.... but just hired my first in-office sales guy for my startup and believe me, once you have a team vs being a solopreneur, this is a whole different level, believe me, the speed will 10x with a team in place and intead of chasing a social spot, you bring the social spot to the company..... but owning the whole thing, feels amazing......

    Rick brownRick brown25 kun oldin
  • I stopped watching PTD but I am glad I came back for this one. I would have been that kid in Vermont but for meeting my wife and I am concerned for people like him.

    Joshua CohenJoshua Cohen25 kun oldin
  • 83 people disliked because they’re miserable and refuse to change their mindset❗️

    N RN R25 kun oldin
  • I've loved the isolation. I've achieved more this year than any other before. I have really good social skills and have always made friends easily but really I'm the happiest and most productive when I'm by myself for long periods of time. I've never felt lonely in my entire life.

    Adrian MaticAdrian Matic25 kun oldin
  • This story with the virus will never end. After the 2nd wave there will be 3rd, 4th, mutations and variations and so on. Virus is a perfect tool for politicians to control the masses to implement their goal. Biden, BLM, COVID, CryptoDollar all of this very organised actions to implement the New World Order.

    Dmitry OZDmitry OZ26 kun oldin
  • What do you mean if you can, by law,? There is no law that states you cannot be with other people. There may be proclamations by governors who think they are kings but there is no law. In fact the supreme law of the land article 6 of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights states that we can peaceably assemble. I just want to tell all of you who are kowtowing to this tyrannical government who is trying to shut us down… Fight back! Go see people. My governor said we couldn’t sing so you know what I did? I’ve organized a Christmas caroling caravan from Everett Washington to Olympia and we had a candlelight service in direct defiance of the governor. And by the way nobody has gotten sick.

    Kerry FKerry F26 kun oldin
  • So nice of you, to take care of this SUBJECT.! Tell me about it.(69).. It's not easy to take your words, "everything is going to be..." because I'm very realistic. How is going to be alright with the collapse of the world economy, more PLAN DEMIA, VA CCI NE long effects ??? and so on... GMAB... Patrick... Anyways,,, I get your point... You want to be optimistic and transmit HOPE.!! Appreciated it. Thanks a lot. Merry Covi Christmas.!!!

    Julieta De LeonJulieta De Leon26 kun oldin
  • Have to tell you, I am 65 never been on UZworld until 3yrs ago. Due to health reasons I had so much time I ended up here. For the past 3 yrs I spend many hrs per day watching researching investigating. "This info is to validate that I am qualified to say this without a doubt"- although I just recently found this channel- you hands down are the best interview host around! Your content matches. Thank you, for your insight, character and compassion! You are appreciated.

    enlightened1 Wrightenlightened1 Wright26 kun oldin
  • Thank You Pat, many needed to hear that.

    D3RAIL ArtD3RAIL Art26 kun oldin
  • Patrick, We already knew from studies of incarcerated people that ISOLATION had negative long term effects. The laws are slowly but surely changing because of these studies. So now the "government" is selling the idea of "self-isolation" and it WILL have consequences. I agree. Another nice video, Patrick. You Rock, brother!

    67hatrack67hatrack26 kun oldin
  • Thank you!!

    Personalized Skin CarePersonalized Skin Care27 kun oldin
  • I've been working from home for 10 years and used to tell my friends I have to get out after work and they never understood. They used to tell me I had it made working from home. Now that everyone is in the same boat they get it.

    Success with StaceeSuccess with Stacee27 kun oldin
  • The less we depend on other people, the more we depend on authority.

    DavidDavid27 kun oldin
  • Take cold showers everyday. That helps with depression.

    Devon MonroeDevon Monroe27 kun oldin
  • They are doing it all deliberately they are evil these vaccine pushers is what it is all about a eugenics program pure evil scum are behind it all !

    Laurel PearseLaurel Pearse27 kun oldin
  • Patrick' I been watching you for sometime.. over a year .. and I love your show more now.. your a realist.. down to earth type a guy.. I believe you know the truth.. and there is a God! That wants to be in control of our very lives! This young man you were talking to is going to be alright.. but' to needs too know the truth also.. and that there is a God he needs to know and surrender to daily.. he needs to have his eyes and 👂 ears made open! He needs like a lot of people right now.. God's grace and Love threw a repent heart and life. There is a Savior Named Jesus Christ! That Died for Him on a Blood stained Cross! Over 2000 years old. He needs like others to find that inner peace that passes all understanding. Amen!? Be Blessed 🙏 . My Friend . bkpout! Always move forward' Never Backwards! (Mental Health) is Important' Now! In this Hour of Time. Take up your Cross and Follow Jesus.. example my friend. Tks for the great content.. !! Be Blessed!

    Brian PerreaultBrian Perreault27 kun oldin
  • Thank you Patrick Bet-David merry Christmas 2020 as well!

    Théo GoldbergThéo Goldberg27 kun oldin
  • Enjoy the life you live. Good night and good luck to you all!

    Théo GoldbergThéo Goldberg27 kun oldin
  • You will be alright, but things around you will get worse trust me. This is just the beginning.

    ATMFREEATMFREE27 kun oldin
  • isolation its a torture.... in the prison they used this tehnique also

    Adrian SilviuAdrian Silviu27 kun oldin
  • AMEN!

    BeautyDaughtMomBeautyDaughtMom27 kun oldin
  • 20 years old is the hardest time for most guys, was for me, deeply sympathize with that kid, now I am 36, life easier for sure if you keep good physical health, the mental stuff is easy

    Alkzandr Denmanm1Alkzandr Denmanm127 kun oldin
  • Patrick , Zach has a problem and , fairly, I think Covid-19 and isolation have nothing to do realy with it . At most , Covid-19 and Vermont's isolation governor's rules bring Zach 's lacks in his family education , up front . Sane personalities go through their lives fighting the odds . Here , we have a young man driving himself in a cul-de-sac ! Zach last year went for university scolarity . Then he realises it's not for him . He comes back home , goes on a a successful start up business but his life suddenly becomes meaningless. Forr that , he blames Covid-19 and social isolation . Question , Zach, did your parents prepared you to your futur adult life or they didn't ? How come you had to be out in university for a year before you find out it was not for you ? Next , after that failure , you decided to come back home and you are still living there with your parents .This can easily be look at as a regression , a temporarily regression or a much longer regression,depending on how long you will stay there. Coming back in mom's basement , symbolicaly her womb , tend to show me that while a child and a teen ager , you didn't received from your mon and probably also by your father what you need to get out of the nest . Good education brings birds out of the nest to live their own life not back in the nest ! Your tears tells me that in front of adversity you have a tendency to lower your arms and weep which is a sign your masculine part of yourself is poorly developed due , most probably , to a weak father or went away man in your life.Too much oestrogen in a boy's life don't prepare him for adulthood .So , where was your father when you were a child and what did he showed you ? So , if your start-up is so successful , how come you don,t have your own appartment ? Your own office in it or elsewhere ? Since you meet so much peoples in your work , how come no friendship comes out of all this ? At last , Zach , if you need help to solve your cul-de-sac , knock at the right door to have professionnal advice. I did it when I was your age and after a year and a half , my life was completely upside down up .One day I was walking to the university to painfuly take courses I was failing and the next year , by " miracle " , I had a job , a new car and was driving it in the parking lot of the same university where I successfuly got my degree. I find my track all by mysellf .....with the help of one of the best psychoanalyst in our large city I had found by myself .... to his great surprise . Zach , try to help yourself . Do the first step !

    NicolasNicolas28 kun oldin
  • I’m isolated.

    KentonKenton28 kun oldin
  • A tender nerve, reach out to whomever you can, be a lifeline to someone....Jesus is a lifeline for me..

    Kathleen PhillipsKathleen Phillips28 kun oldin
  • Get the lil dude laid ... what the problem is?

    CLEmedicareDOTcomCLEmedicareDOTcom28 kun oldin
  • Stop obeying the fucking government! Stand together and they will back down immediately

    Veterans BrotherhoodVeterans Brotherhood28 kun oldin
  • That guy should move to NH, you can still go out. Go to a store go out into nature, by a lake. NH is the state next door to VT.

    podcastbardpodcastbard28 kun oldin
  • This year has been so weird as I see people who hate isolation going crazy. I am an selective extrovert who loves to be alone. I'd like even more isolation, please.

    RoobahRoobah28 kun oldin
  • Everything is going to be alright.

    AzeemAzeem28 kun oldin
  • 😭 Thank you so much..♥️

    Mohau SekgothudiMohau Sekgothudi28 kun oldin
  • This video hits different :)

    Dexter D.Dexter D.28 kun oldin
  • Everything is going to be alright. One of the things we all need to hear from time to time.

    AKSAKS28 kun oldin
  • You're the Man Patrick...! Best of the best..!! Your kids are so lucky... I wish I had a father like you... My parents are nothing like I would be as a parent... Thank you for all you do... You are a strong voice.

    HaarpoonWaveHaarpoonWave29 kun oldin
  • Connect with others on It is free and uncensored and their are groups in different areas.

    Gem8tri8Gem8tri829 kun oldin
  • man i never thought anxiety was real. always an out going guy but since covid lockdowns even i now feel it when i go out a lit because i rarely go out at all anymore no more eating out bars for a drink movies hows nothing anymore if i know it hit me i know its hitting others. we need to fight back before its to late. Merry Christmas to you and your family brother and anyone else that sees this.

    cesar saenzcesar saenz29 kun oldin
  • And then there's this odd inhumane behavior in a place like Vermont when you're outside in public everyone is paranoid and scared and looking at you like a big threat. I was there a couple of months ago and the energy is off big time. He should get out of VT and move to a saner place. And I should take my own advice, I'm in CA 😂

    Peter SantenelloPeter Santenello29 kun oldin
    • Indubious may be having intercourse in that boathouse in bayside

      Ewe KnowkimcheeEwe Knowkimchee22 kun oldin
  • Merry Christmas, Patrick!

    Whisky PeddlerWhisky Peddler29 kun oldin
  • Pat, thank you for the support and wise teaching that you invest your precious time into! Merry Christmas to You and Your Family!

    Federico FerrandoFederico Ferrando29 kun oldin
  • thats how the Rothschild are going to destroy us

    ProsperProsper29 kun oldin
  • Merry Christmas Patrick. God Bless You 🙏🏼❤️🤍💙🇺🇸🦅💯

    John JenkinsJohn Jenkins29 kun oldin
  • The lockdown was the greatest thing that happened to me. I hate people, lost all trust in them. I have my dogs, and I am very happy.!

    Dino BamDino Bam29 kun oldin
  • Great speech

    Al'ona KuianAl'ona Kuian29 kun oldin
  • Here in Ontario canada we have a province wide shut down. The media used this line to cheer us up during the holidays. They used the word, alonetogether. Your not in isolation right, your just in conflict with some good double speak.

    Al LeducAl Leduc29 kun oldin
  • It's not illegal to walk around the neighborhood or in a park... trust me,, its the only thing keeping me sane during 2020...

    Carlos GarciaCarlos Garcia29 kun oldin
  • thank you

    August ReignsAugust Reigns29 kun oldin
  • Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

    Tori KeelTori Keel29 kun oldin
  • MOTIVATED!!!???

    Zak HaleZak Hale29 kun oldin