Congrats, Steelers! (2021)

13-Yan, 2021
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I thought this year was different, man. I could've sworn that they weren't going to fall into the same traps as years past, but they did. Only with different names and styles. The result being a bunch of "nameless gray faces" smacking the Steelers at Heinz Field during a playoff game again.
I wanted to take a few days to cool down a bit or else this was going to be incoherent frothing at the mouth. Plus to let the voice rest up a bit after what was a catastrophic meltdown in more ways than one.
It's not as impotent as others I've done. It's more out of sheer disappointment.

  • Does Claypool paint his eyebrows on? 😂

    ThereIsNoTry VThereIsNoTry VDaqiqa oldin
  • Hopefully they go full rebuild and get bill o Brian or Adam gases as a hc

    Young KhalifaYoung Khalifa6 soat oldin
  • Now Hue Jackson is being considered for the OC job. The guy who led their rivals to a record of 3-36-1 over 2 1/2 seasons.

    BeanTazBeanTaz9 soat oldin
    • I'm praying that it was just a Rooney rule interview.

      GNrangerGNrangerSoat oldin
  • We'll be back next year. Gonna turn it around

    Bigg GIB'S fun houseBigg GIB'S fun house11 soat oldin
  • Days of our Steelers: the drama continues as the Steelers have acquired a qb that was so unmotivated he was cut from a team that was so unmotivated they haven’t even chosen a name

    Nathan O'ConnellNathan O'Connell13 soat oldin
  • when roethlisberger retires, the only people who will notice will be coeds and hotel maids. be careful ladies.

    plissken151plissken15117 soat oldin
  • With the Steelers priorities being social media, it couldn't happen to a better group of guys :) Fkn losers. Going 11-0, then crapping the bed, then getting embarrassed in the playoffs, THAT is poor coaching. You don't even need to be particularly old to remember when this organization commanded respect. Now they're just a joke and good riddance. They didn't lose that respect, they gave it away like the bums they are.

    Mark AndrusMark Andrus18 soat oldin
  • I love yo stuff bru 💪💪

    Roi ManningRoi ManningKun oldin
  • Alejandro Villanueva: Retire Pouncey: Retire Ben: HOF but its time to retire Tomlin: Gots to go. Juju: Thanks but you can go James Conner: Great story, by all accounts, great guy. Not a #1 RB.

    jspro100jspro100Kun oldin
  • 1 week later, Congratulations, yall picked up Dwane Trashkins as qb, get ready for the glory of 2-14.

    Joshua KovacicJoshua KovacicKun oldin
  • No, the world would be better if UrniatingTree was gone and I would say for him to piss off, but he apparently likes the smell of piss too much.

    Pax HumanaPax HumanaKun oldin
    • Salty lmfao

      MultiSync 112MultiSync 1126 soat oldin
    • Lol salty Yinzer

      MSG Is A Factory Of SadnessMSG Is A Factory Of Sadness10 soat oldin
  • God it brings me so much fucking joy to see this unhappiness.

    Plemp TempletonPlemp TempletonKun oldin
  • I didn't even notice that the background music is from DOOM haha

    Ethan TrollEthan TrollKun oldin
  • Mike Tomlin will go down as a great head coach who can’t control his players.

    Cameron_bmsCameron_bmsKun oldin
  • Ha Steelers suck

    Stew SkyStew SkyKun oldin
  • Videos like this are one reason I love Tree. He isn’t just “not a homer”, he’s an anti-homer. In a way, you could argue it means he loves the team more than most - he knows what they’re capable of and loathes seeing them fall short. I salute you, you saline yinzer SOB.

    Michael WarrenMichael Warren2 kun oldin
    • Never thought about it that way.

      Carlos MartinezCarlos Martinez12 soat oldin
  • This game reminds me a lot of the Ravens game in 2014. 3-6 matchup, divisional rival, other team is injured as fuck and was considered your bitch. And you get embarrassed at home. Brutal.

    Alex OldsAlex Olds2 kun oldin
  • Damn man! There must be a god because only a deity would be so cruel to create this scenario! And now the Steelers’ future will rely on the arm of Dwayne Haskins? Welcome back to the mid 80s Pittsburg.

    The Handsome OneThe Handsome One2 kun oldin
  • Dwayne Haskins... All I gotta say

    ShxnShxn2 kun oldin
  • This just in: The Steelers have signed QB Haskins.... Days of our Steelers welcome back baby!!

    dogbert102010dogbert1020102 kun oldin
  • Who's here after they signed haskins

    Logan JayLogan Jay2 kun oldin
  • Hue Jackson as offensive coordinator, Dwayne Haskins as backup quarterback. If only this video came out after that.

    crystalwalreincrystalwalrein2 kun oldin
  • Can't wait to see Tree's reaction to the Steelers signing Dwayne Haskins

    Ethan PlayzEthan Playz2 kun oldin

    Trevor BurbeeTrevor Burbee2 kun oldin
  • 2 words: corvette corvette

    Peleg PazPeleg Paz2 kun oldin
  • Dwayne Haskins to the rescue! Haaaahahaha

    MacPNWMacPNW2 kun oldin
  • Now you have Dwayne Haskins. Have fun with that fact

    Erik StensaasErik Stensaas2 kun oldin
  • And they're signing Dwayne Haskins and are interviewing.... HUE JACKSON FOR THEIR NEW OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR?!! Good God, they have learned nothing.

    Werewolf72Werewolf722 kun oldin
  • here after seeing the steelers are interviewing hue jackson we are fucked

    Birdman ProductionsBirdman Productions2 kun oldin
  • According to Bleacher Report: “Steelers Interview Hue Jackson”

    LudeKittycorn’s BB6LudeKittycorn’s BB62 kun oldin
    • They have truly learned nothing. Also, they are most likely signing Haskins. A perfect match

      Werewolf72Werewolf722 kun oldin
  • The Browns were going to get smacked this game without all of the turnovers

    Giants FanGiants Fan2 kun oldin
  • The Browns were going to get smacked this game without all of the turnovers

    Giants FanGiants Fan2 kun oldin
  • Never grows old

    GggboltGggbolt2 kun oldin
  • the steelers: nfl's newest lolcow

    Max ruxMax rux2 kun oldin
  • All I'm saying is Lions 2021/22, it's gonna happen. Be so funny if they face off against the Steelers, who'd have stumbled there way through the playoffs to face them...just to do this again

    Max TylerMax Tyler3 kun oldin
  • Juju we don’t need him

    Give me Da chipilinGive me Da chipilin3 kun oldin
  • The Steelers deserved every last bad thing that happened to them this year. Good riddance.

    TheMonroe654HDTheMonroe654HD3 kun oldin
    • The fans too. There's another Congrats, Steelers when they lost to the Jags. You think this is brutal? Watch that one.

      Willie VickersWillie Vickers2 kun oldin
  • It's awesome seeing Urinating Tree become upset and die inside.

    undericesingerundericesinger3 kun oldin
  • I wish Ben would retire, the Steelers needs to renew the offense. This years offense was so predictable. It think Tomlin needs to go also. Just need a renewal.

    PJPJ3 kun oldin
  • Jags fan here, hahahahahahahahah F the Steelers

    GoProConnerGoProConner3 kun oldin
  • Rebuild time in Pittsburgh.

    Aryeh TorenAryeh Toren4 kun oldin
  • Is that DOOM music in the background?

    Jimmy HolmanJimmy Holman4 kun oldin
    • Man too angry to die inside

      Leander de GzLeander de Gz3 kun oldin
  • Stop your McCarthyism. If someone engages in political speech-let’s just say he gives out a lie or “disinformation” against a Democrat, or says we need to restrict voting “rights,” or claims an election is fraudulent why are you editing, deleting, and adding content? You at UZworld are not publishers responsible for content. You are a platform for speech. It is not up to you to set the record straight. Whatever happened to the liberal free-speech 1960’s mantra associated with Berkeley and the political Left, “I may not agree with you but I’ll fight for your right to say it?” Unless the speech involves children or crying “fire in a crowded theater” it is precisely the most vulnerable speech, i.e., the speech we find most offensive, which must be protected if we believe in the First Amendment.

    FairfaxcatFairfaxcat4 kun oldin
  • The Chiefs have more playoff wins since 2011 than the Steelers do 😂🤣

    Brennan McKinneyBrennan McKinney4 kun oldin
  • I will make a video of this and Tree called. A Yinzer Trilogy: A UrinatingTree Story. Or some other trilogy title. 2017, 2018, and 2020 reactions. Idk

    Kick It To The King ProductionsKick It To The King Productions4 kun oldin
  • “IF U RUIN JUJU I SWEAR TO GOD” that aged like fine wine tbh

    TESLATESLA4 kun oldin
  • Steelers letting the Browns into the playoffs only to get blown out by them was truly beautiful.

    Ivan CoreyIvan Corey4 kun oldin
    • And when the 1st quarter ended. A classic of the times.

      Willie VickersWillie Vickers2 kun oldin
  • I know you guys can hear on one of those fumbles where Big Ben tells his guy not to recover it. But football, especially in the playoffs is not manipulated or rigged in any way 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

    YouStupid FooYouStupid Foo4 kun oldin
  • Conglaturation? I'm sure I'm missing something, but.....what?

    Harison GrossHarison Gross4 kun oldin
    • It's a meme. It's based on the poor English of the NES Ghostbusters game.

      ZombieLand BaronZombieLand Baron4 kun oldin
  • I was watching juju’s Instagram live and he had his comments turned off I still can’t believe he’s that soft

    Jake BuchsbaumJake Buchsbaum4 kun oldin
  • The Steelers never have receivers that stfu.

    pnk rckrpnk rckr4 kun oldin
  • At least when can spell “congratulations”

    Gpsg GpsgGpsg Gpsg4 kun oldin
    • It’s a meme...

      Stormus E. NormousStormus E. Normous3 kun oldin
  • JJSS is such a twat

    Vernon ModglinVernon Modglin4 kun oldin
  • The smooth toilet additionly sound because amount randomly retire within a boorish cloakroom. shrill, spotless yugoslavian

    Alasfour OdayAlasfour Oday4 kun oldin

    Ca CavezZCa CavezZ4 kun oldin
  • "You've become a me!" -UrinatingTree, 2021

    BulacanoBulacano4 kun oldin
    • Meme?

      Stormus E. NormousStormus E. Normous3 kun oldin
  • They better draft a qb. Lmao, all these qbs about to retire, but Brady still plays.

    Manohar RajanManohar Rajan4 kun oldin
  • Karma

    Big FudgeBig Fudge4 kun oldin
  • Time for Ben to gracefully head out 🤔

    Robert BierwirthRobert Bierwirth4 kun oldin
  • I watched “Corvette Corvette right into the Allegheny” 7 times and I laughed harder each time

    Charlie RoseCharlie Rose5 kun oldin
  • it hurts it truly hurts

    martinmartin5 kun oldin
  • They say Big Ben was so angry when he got to the locker room, that he threw his helmet... It was intercepted for a touchdown.

    Eugenio GarzaEugenio Garza5 kun oldin
    • Lol

      MultiSync 112MultiSync 1124 kun oldin
  • Chase Claypool talking shit after the steelers lost to the Browns two weeks in a row and lost six of their last seven games was the worst part for me. Even when you're supposed to be humbly embarassed, you still come out swinging at an opponent who already KOd you last week.

    TAGTAG5 kun oldin
  • The Factory of Sadness has relocated to Pittsburgh

    KurzovKurzov5 kun oldin
  • After Juju danced on the Bills logo. It legit pissed off Josh Allen. Allen in the tunnel went "let the motherfuckers dance, we came to work"

    LoukiousLoukious5 kun oldin
  • Tomlin is the new mcarthy

    lake vaporlake vapor5 kun oldin
  • Brutal but very true. Arrogance will get you more often than not. The Browns were arrogant in the chiefs playoff game taking portrait pics infront of the camera, hunt laying in the end zone using the ball as a pillow, ect.. in the end they looked rediculous and embarrassing.

    artifactman660artifactman6605 kun oldin
  • I hate the Steelers with every fiber in my a bengals fan since Esiason and Ickey Woods...this makes me smile

    span luverspan luver5 kun oldin
  • Gotta be honest, I see a lot of the same problems with my Seahawks.

    namcapXnamcapX5 kun oldin
  • I said the Steelers were garbage all year. I said they would back into the playoffs. I said they would get bounced in their first playoff game. I was right on all accounts. I saw one of the early Steelers games and that was all I needed to see. I live in the Chiefs Kingdom. I see an elite team every week now. I called a few years ago that the Steelers were done. All the talent is gone or old. The coach lost his magic. The Steelers window is gone. They have to rebuild now. But their pride is preventing them from doing so. Instead the owner will continue to let his team decline into nothing. Props for the Doom music. It was a nice touch and very appropriate.

    MackDyeMackDye5 kun oldin
  • How does Adam Steel have only 5k yet you have nearly a half million? Go root for the Patriots. That's where you belong.

    The AtheistThe Atheist5 kun oldin
    • Salty be like

      MultiSync 112MultiSync 1124 kun oldin
  • The Browns....

    Killah MessiahKillah Messiah5 kun oldin
  • The browns were really good, but the Steelers just were better at self Destructing and talking shit than playing football

    wangsta nationwangsta nation5 kun oldin
  • Gotta love how the 2 most promising teams in the AFC at the start of the season were eliminated early in the playoffs... poor titans and steelers... any experienced water could tell how they were struggling starting towards mid to late season against mediocre teams.

    Tony NguyenTony Nguyen5 kun oldin
  • Totally agree! Also we needing a fucking HB, our run game is terrible. I love conner i do but we need somebody who can run.

    Adam LAdam L5 kun oldin
  • Being a Bears Fan, I feel the pain in regards to bad management. A lot of violent flashbacks

    Madame KiddMadame Kidd5 kun oldin
  • U say the bengals suck and the brown lost most of their players but nigga a lot of star players from the bengals got injured like 3 of their defensive tackles and star rb and qb

    ItsJustMattItsJustMatt5 kun oldin
  • So do kids watch these adults do the tiktok thing or are adults actually watching this trash? My son convinced me to try it, 3 minutes later neither of us had it.

    Ryan EliRyan Eli5 kun oldin
  • This is what happens when you stir the pot-Blood God

    bacon manbacon man5 kun oldin
  • And the Browns still lost the next game.

    Smokey McpotSmokey Mcpot5 kun oldin
  • Can’t believe the browns lost to a no call and a team playing the bills next week with a backup quarterback 😔😔

    ProfoundProfound5 kun oldin
  • The Steelers could have a 30 for 30 based on just the half decade of disappointment alone

    StefStef5 kun oldin
  • been hard to watch...sad I struggle to root for this coach, many of these players, and this team despite following them for over fifty years. Shame is the great hard working, steeler players on this team like heyward, truitt, watt, who quietly put in the work and bring the effort get penalized by the rest of the team who takes these short cuts.

    dwayne lawrencedwayne lawrence5 kun oldin
  • I am a Steelers fan.....crying while watching the game

    William OdleWilliam Odle5 kun oldin
  • I love when the Steelers lose

    ZootedBeaverZootedBeaver5 kun oldin
  • I love the doom eternal music in the background

    CyberCyber5 kun oldin
  • You dance on the logo after you dominate the other team, not before the game. Because when you catch 3 balls for 27 yards, now you are a clown.

    The Real JrBThe Real JrB5 kun oldin
  • LoL

    watermelon 9135watermelon 91355 kun oldin
  • Also you were not hard on Ben. He's a mega douche. Know what he told Pouncey after the game? "I feel worse for you than me." Not I'm sorry, not we'll get em next time, not what the fuck. "I feel worse for you than me."

    Nicholas HolubNicholas Holub5 kun oldin
  • You, sir, are the most honest and fair Yinzer to ever Yinz. Fuck the Steelers, Go Browns.

    Nicholas HolubNicholas Holub5 kun oldin
  • Going to make a video about the Browns loss

    Mann JordanMann Jordan5 kun oldin
  • You can look at how the wide outs act and see what kinda coach tomlin is he has no control over the locker room

    Matthew BestMatthew Best5 kun oldin
  • It's always great when rapistburger and trashburgh lose.

    Chris MartinChris Martin5 kun oldin
  • like the corrupt king in his twilight before he gets poisoned by the court jester LMFAOOOOOO

    JoeJoe5 kun oldin
  • The swanky plantation jointly sip because string outstandingly squash near a guarded gold. depressed, shaggy roast

    Alasfour OdayAlasfour Oday5 kun oldin
  • lol the steelers would of won against the losesest franchise in north american sports if werent tik tok and "browns are browns"

    Griff on SportsGriff on Sports5 kun oldin
  • The Doom Eternal OST could not have been used any better.

    Wyatt ShoemakerWyatt Shoemaker5 kun oldin
  • Appreciate the Shook Ones PTII in the background. OG shit right there.

    John AgrusaJohn Agrusa5 kun oldin
  • Clase Claypool actually had the nerve to go online and complain that the Browns should've been more respectful after beating the Steelers! Like, for real? Give me a break with all that, bro! You do the exact same shit, and worse! GFY man, seriously!

    Michael MillerMichael Miller6 kun oldin
  • We better be careful or our Steelers will become what the cowboys are now...a washed up blueblood franchise that hasn't really been relevant in a generation. Just ask any 25 year old grown ass cowboy fan what's the biggest win they actually remember seeing live 🤣. They have a "Lost Generation" within their fanbase, those who live on old glory that they never witness for themselves. We need to make positive changes or the cowboy fate might be our own in a few more years.

    SteelPookieSteelPookie6 kun oldin