Comedians on SEX (Part 1)

29-Sen, 2020
78 720 Ko‘rishlar soni

Comedians on SEX
Video Features:
Louis CK
Eddie Griffin
Aries Spears
Dave Chappelle
Kevin Hart
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  • Eddie Griffin is funny as Hell!

    武蔵宮本武蔵宮本10 kun oldin

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  • 어머니 가 아바요👙

    Narmin 90k SubscribersNarmin 90k Subscribers17 kun oldin
  • HowTF do other guys come so fast?! Are they just REALLY physically sensitive?! 😂 must take talent!

    ProtectobotProtectobot17 kun oldin
  • PINEAPPLES 🍍 🍍 🍍!!

    Allison HalpinAllison Halpin17 kun oldin
  • Omg

    FantasticFantastic18 kun oldin
  • Am I the only one who thinks Kevin heart isn’t all that funny ?

    Marco LopezMarco Lopez18 kun oldin
    • Same here. Especially this bit. Fragile much?

      Tory StifflerTory Stiffler17 kun oldin
  • I will reply to anyone who subscribes and comments on my channel ... watssapp number ... and I will say I love you.

    Sakila 2580Sakila 258018 kun oldin
  • 3:35 wow Aries Spears stole this from Louis CK. Almost word for word. Fuckin hack

    Fill A VoidFill A Void18 kun oldin
  • Why is Kevin Fart included?

    Akbar TeimouriAkbar Teimouri18 kun oldin
  • Definitely calling Dave for the win! Aside from Aries opening no one else came close imho - "came close" ha ha I am very tired :-)

    Holly BHolly B19 kun oldin
  • Do comedians on Poverty

    Nate KangNate Kang19 kun oldin
  • 🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Le Kien NguyenLe Kien Nguyen19 kun oldin
  • Please do Comedians on Old People

    Tony W.Tony W.19 kun oldin
  • Kevin Hart > Norm Macdonald...just kidding

    Anthony SteenAnthony Steen19 kun oldin
  • Little known fact is that Kevin Hart is little only in stature

    Anthony SteenAnthony Steen19 kun oldin
  • Kevin Hart thinks having a doghouse is “silly”

    Anthony SteenAnthony Steen19 kun oldin
  • Kevin Hart once went to a podiatrist’s office because he was too unleashed

    Anthony SteenAnthony Steen19 kun oldin
  • We can learn a lot about being a man from Kevin that one time he stood his ground about his tweets

    Anthony SteenAnthony Steen19 kun oldin
  • Kevin Hart is so special that even the great Bob Ueker treats him like a celebrity

    Anthony SteenAnthony Steen19 kun oldin
  • When people ask Seth Meyers who the GOAT guessed it....Kevin Hart

    Anthony SteenAnthony Steen19 kun oldin
  • Kevin Hart is such a National Treasure that I would walk through the blood and bones of the twin towers to find him...even if he was in Northern Canada

    Anthony SteenAnthony Steen19 kun oldin
  • Kevin Hart is so cool he would prevent me from eating a California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizza on a hot day

    Anthony SteenAnthony Steen19 kun oldin
  • Kevin Hart is to stand up comedy what Larry Flynt is to standing up

    Anthony SteenAnthony Steen19 kun oldin
  • the video ends at 7:46 at least the funny part it does

    GaBITGaBIT19 kun oldin
  • Nice one from Louie I haven't seen that one before.

    nick sausleynick sausley19 kun oldin
  • big bright red booty

    Cassius FelixCassius Felix19 kun oldin
  • flowers & puppies

    Cassius FelixCassius Felix19 kun oldin
  • 5:17 Came cause he was on the thumbnail, stayed cause whoever runs this channel is a hell of a curator. (6:16 that impression was eerily similar to what I imagined a monkeyphile would sound like)

    Selasi SablahSelasi Sablah19 kun oldin
  • 3:25 He laugh like SpiceAdams as an uncle 😂

    J CJ C19 kun oldin
  • Kevin Hart was hilarious hhh

    sim khaidounesim khaidoune19 kun oldin
  • "the flaming sword, pixiedust, codes"??? what kind of Zelda is he playing?

    Gfors85Gfors8519 kun oldin
    • @Ese Güerito lulz, "they got creative in that game". You havent played many games, have you? x)

      Gfors85Gfors8516 kun oldin
    • Cyan Light I can second this. I liked that one! Made me actually get out a notepad to solve it. Wasn’t even the only one where i needed to do that. Man, they got creative in that game.

      Ese GüeritoEse Güerito16 kun oldin
    • @Gfors85 Not going to spoil specifics but there's at least one quest where you need a password to get into somewhere, which is technically a code.

      Cyan LightCyan Light19 kun oldin
    • @Cyan Light Really? ive never played BotW, but why would you need codes?

      Gfors85Gfors8519 kun oldin
    • Pretty sure Breath of the Wild has all three of those things.

      Cyan LightCyan Light19 kun oldin
  • Orangutan tan

    Edmilson LennonEdmilson Lennon19 kun oldin
  • "I'm blessed.....I'm big boneded, I'm hung low, I pull my shit out this whole room get dark! KICK IT!!!" -Bernie Mac

    Tyler SimmonsTyler Simmons19 kun oldin
  • Of course, Louis CK is here lol 😂

    Edmilson LennonEdmilson Lennon19 kun oldin
  • Please stop having Kevin Hart fill up most of your videos. Sincerely, Everyone

    Chirpy MikeChirpy Mike19 kun oldin
  • Funny stops at 8:00....he's so terrible.

    Chirpy MikeChirpy Mike19 kun oldin
  • look like a p90x workout on that stool in the end, 90 second sex workout on the stool. lol

    QuallseyQuallsey20 kun oldin
  • Why everyone says that in their 30 their libido go down

    UmarUmar20 kun oldin
    • Maybe it does, that's why

      Aman SinghAman Singh19 kun oldin
  • Plot twist Kevin heart actually came on stage

    DumbestGeniusDumbestGenius20 kun oldin
  • Waiting for part 2

    Charles NunoCharles Nuno20 kun oldin
  • Louie just has this gift of putting thoughts we all have in words we can all relate to. Love him

    Pedro ValtiPedro Valti20 kun oldin
    • suspended thinker I see you’re a man of culture, as well...

      Pedro ValtiPedro Valti18 kun oldin
    • For me it's the onion though...

      suspended thinkersuspended thinker18 kun oldin
    • @Dood 🤣🤣🤣

      Selasi SablahSelasi Sablah19 kun oldin
    • True, tho ive never had ALL the thoughts hes brought into the world ...🤣

      DoodDood19 kun oldin
  • UZworldr of the season!

    read the bible on a mountainread the bible on a mountain20 kun oldin
  • Literally "fucking" hilarious 🤣🤣👌🏻

    Shashank RaoShashank Rao20 kun oldin
  • Hey You alright ? You want some *J U I C E* ?

    BLOP - A - BLOPBLOP - A - BLOP20 kun oldin
  • Damn that was HILARIOUS

    Billy Jefferson IVBilly Jefferson IV20 kun oldin
  • Why don't you add clips from other comedians like Trevor Noah

    Nabil H.Nabil H.20 kun oldin
    • Lol Rowan has a point 😂😂😂

      Jaquan SimpsonJaquan Simpson20 kun oldin
    • I think Rowan just answered your question quite clearly

      chunkymonkey5458chunkymonkey545820 kun oldin
  • Dave is the goat 🐐 Patrice was amazing Aries is awesome Louis CK was good Kevin was more obscene than funny...

    Avichal RajAvichal Raj20 kun oldin
    • Patrice wasn't featured. I think you meant Eddie Griffin.

      Vhan DarshVhan Darsh20 kun oldin
    • @Rowan Melton yh, basically

      LILHEMZLILHEMZ20 kun oldin
    • you forgot eddie griffin

      Hudson MujakachiHudson Mujakachi20 kun oldin
  • I've been randomly watching your videos for at least 4 months now and I did not realize they were all from the same channel. I just kept seeing my favorite comedians in my suggested and kept clicking. I finally realized it & visited your page after just now binging 6 vids in a row. Then THIS GEM pops up as soon as I hit subscribe! Kismet. Thanks for your hard work! I am really enjoying this channel!!!

    lala3328lblala3328lb20 kun oldin
  • It's amazing how comedians make this subject matter so funny

    Kay2JayKay2Jay20 kun oldin
  • Yeah! Let's go!!!

    LessonZ End11LessonZ End1120 kun oldin