Claudia Jordan Shares Trump Allegedly Tried To Kiss Her Twice

16-Okt, 2020
98 469 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • This story won,t last two minutes, She,s Black, that,s like Iraq holding ninja,s hostage America don,t care, maybe a few black folks that,s it!!!

    Gene SmithGene Smith7 soat oldin
  • damn trump a real one💯🙌

    Grizzlyx9Grizzlyx92 kun oldin

    Dream MoreLifeDream MoreLife2 kun oldin
  • Diddy’s move is something to get behind. Ice Cube should take notes.

    Chrishauna JohnsonChrishauna Johnson2 kun oldin
  • I'm late but it sounds like Diddy has really thought about this. I'll check the rest of the interview.

    divaunodivauno2 kun oldin
  • Only twice?

    I dont leave likes, l leave commentsI dont leave likes, l leave comments2 kun oldin
  • Can y’all cover Joe Biden rubbing on lil kids , and kissing them. Grabbing them inappropriately? Y’all bias asf. I honestly don’t like either side but I do see a lot of trump bashing

    Daro Lil PharaohDaro Lil Pharaoh2 kun oldin
  • Crap. Claudia dropped ALL THE TEA.

    Magna BlemurMagna Blemur2 kun oldin
  • Man I hope Donald trump wins

    Abdulrhman IbrahimAbdulrhman Ibrahim2 kun oldin
  • So, he's not racist? So, if Trump wasn't married, she would have let him smashed?

    Kevin LKevin L3 kun oldin
  • Diddy 2024?

    Sherman WilliamsSherman Williams3 kun oldin
  • #UBum the Great Orange Simp wanted a taste of Claudia Jordan? SHOCKER. 🙄 GET THIS FOOL OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE. NOW.

    Sherman WilliamsSherman Williams3 kun oldin
  • Diddy only cares for black men's rights, he doesnt not care for black women. This whole "lets start a black party" is only for the concern of his own men.

    IfyouwantoreplyjustclickthethreedotstothesideIfyouwantoreplyjustclickthethreedotstotheside3 kun oldin
  • Diddy is a demon get off cubes wave

    テミアMiaテミアMia3 kun oldin
  • Trump doesnt love anyone but himself iVanka is a tool just like everyone else, soon as she jumps ship (she will never) he will be talking shit about her too - everyone gets thrown under the bus eventually thats why they are afraid of him and defend his bullshit

    Susan DeeSusan Dee3 kun oldin
  • I feel like Claudia kissed Trump 😂 the way she said it seems like he did try to kiss her and she kissed him back or gave him her cheek instead of her lips “You are not putting that tongue in my mouth” 🤷🏽‍♀️ who says that ? Why not say “You not putting yo nasty lips on me”

    🖤BlackLove🖤🖤BlackLove🖤3 kun oldin
  • sheeit if I were Trump I would too

    Gantz Is SloppyGantz Is Sloppy3 kun oldin
  • TRUMP 2020

    AnonymousAnonymous3 kun oldin
  • 🗣TRUMP IS A CELEBRITY!!!!!!!!!

    y Ay A4 kun oldin
  • "Our Black Party?" SHEEIT. Not until blacks leave the Demb Plantation learn to read/speak/think for THEMSELVES.

    Kevin SkipperKevin Skipper4 kun oldin
  • BREAKING NEWS: Claudia Jordan Picked For VP On Eric Trump 2024 Presidential Campaign.

    Kevin SkipperKevin Skipper4 kun oldin
  • Ooh my worst nightmare, vomit in my own mouth 🤮

    Anita DeeAnita Dee4 kun oldin
  • The reason why AA don’t have political power isn’t just because their isn’t an AA party. The bigger issue is that they have voted the exact same way for 6 decades straight. These politicians don’t have to do anything for the AA vote. They have to give others things in order to get their vote. For the AA community, all you gotta do is say the opponent is a racist and pander. And Boom they got the AA vote without doing anything important.

    Common SenceCommon Sence4 kun oldin
  • some conscious music while in quarantine

    S.O.T.L MUSICS.O.T.L MUSIC4 kun oldin
  • Prophetic warning America.

  • Omgosh... DONT like diddy tough nothing... this man can’t even make a band... allegedly and he is evil...

    T MT M4 kun oldin

    Tarek JabalTarek Jabal4 kun oldin
  • I keep saying that the breakfast club are enemy of black people

    Dioyoff DjoyoffDioyoff Djoyoff5 kun oldin
  • All of these “fake” pro black comments come from black men who don’t even date black women.

    PeachesPeaches5 kun oldin
    • You like who you like why do they have to date black women?

      Unrlsd unUnrlsd un3 kun oldin
    • Exactly

      Sara MatthewsSara Matthews4 kun oldin
  • She's his type of Black chick, biracial.

    Noneya BitnessNoneya Bitness5 kun oldin
  • Wtf I thought he was racist how hes kissing a woman of color

    MakenduMakendu5 kun oldin
    • So that makes him a crusader for racial justice?

      B. A.B. A.4 kun oldin
  • Vote that virus out!!

    Orange Mound BoundOrange Mound Bound5 kun oldin
  • Vote all you want the most high is controlling it all so it doesn't matter.

    Bronze BeautyBronze Beauty5 kun oldin
  • I hope she doesn't lose her job at FOX for exposing Trump...

    Rebekah TRebekah T5 kun oldin
  • If the Black Party is ran like he ran his acts/musicians we in trouble. Because he is going to have all of us sucking dick and broke.

    JusJia !JusJia !5 kun oldin
  • People don't pay attention to these celebs. I'm a Black Man who lives in Texas and our southern border has never been more secure. I will voting for President Trump on Nov 3rd. He has created many jobs by standing up to China while Joe and Hunter have enriched themselves by letting China take advantage of us. Remember the Covid virus came from China not Trump Tower.

    Ted FreddyTed Freddy5 kun oldin
  • Trump not into black women. Stop it.

    Moe AnthonyMoe Anthony5 kun oldin
  • P diddy killed his own friend! And is now worth $885 million? His music ain’t that good! He ripped off artists and got them locked into bad deals where he took all their money!still ain’t give mase his money or his publishing but he wanna talk about helping black folk!

    TamiTami5 kun oldin
  • In other news- water is wet...

    nguzosmusicnguzosmusic5 kun oldin
  • -____

    s02 Pzychotiks02 Pzychotik5 kun oldin
  • Obviously she does hold back since this story is JUST NOW coming out? Little late ffs where were u 4 years ago

    Ben BaldasanoBen Baldasano5 kun oldin
  • Ooohhh but he's racist tho lmao

    Quavo SanchezQuavo Sanchez5 kun oldin
    • Sanchez? Better hope someone doesn’t call ICE.

      B. A.B. A.4 kun oldin
  • Wow and so close to election to, seems legit to me I think we should believe her

    Elegant IgnoranceElegant Ignorance5 kun oldin
    • @B. A. ok

      Elegant IgnoranceElegant Ignorance4 kun oldin
    • You’re not funny

      B. A.B. A.4 kun oldin
  • Diddy as a party is crazy especially since many Black people under him were not able to profit. I would prefer Black people who have been in the struggle to improve Black lives, not through alcohol or creating billionaires because those numbers are too small and I don’t know where Diddy’s heart is. But I know people who been working in the community on real issues like healthcare, housing, financial literacy. Maybe he should support preexisting groups to build - I don’t trust Diddy.

    ColorMeOaklandColorMeOakland5 kun oldin
  • There dumblamagne goes everything is about the money. Is that why he’s willing to sell his “brothers” down the river?

    ColorMeOaklandColorMeOakland5 kun oldin
  • Yes, Diddy!!!!!

    Regina CraigRegina Craig5 kun oldin
  • Claudia we’ll mess with any married man and especially if they have money .

    Syko SosaSyko Sosa5 kun oldin
    • Syko Sosa 🤔and how much did you pay her?

      Sha BachSha Bach5 kun oldin
  • Don’t believe here.

    Syko SosaSyko Sosa5 kun oldin
    • It’s nothing about her getting paid she is about the money period

      Syko SosaSyko Sosa5 kun oldin
  • Oh Diddy...🙄🙄

    Nadine WrightNadine Wright5 kun oldin
  • He meant #OurBlockParty #HA

    Terry' DavisTerry' Davis5 kun oldin
  • LMAOooofffff! Eric is the ugliest!!!!

    Terry' DavisTerry' Davis5 kun oldin
  • I like Claudia, lol She seems mad cool.

    Tyson BTyson B5 kun oldin
  • Charlalame is so lame bruh...

    astheskylarksingsastheskylarksings6 kun oldin
  • Well that sends the racist thing right out the window 😁

    Big SlimBig Slim6 kun oldin
  • 🤢

  • love love the breakfast club

    anthony whiteheadanthony whitehead6 kun oldin
  • But you need to understand the politics of numbers. If you don't understand it - you are a loser.

    Kimberlyn CrawfordKimberlyn Crawford6 kun oldin
  • Can we just say that Charlamane is the most and so disrespectful to Yee. He’s always throwing shade and over speaking her. Who interrupts his “Donkey of the Day?”

    LaNeisha GunnLaNeisha Gunn6 kun oldin
  • Diddy starting his own black political party? I'll pass...

    noah6noah66 kun oldin
    • @Sha someone who isn’t affiliated with hip hop

      B. A.B. A.4 kun oldin
    • @Sha Killer Mike

      flame Bflame B5 kun oldin
    • Who has the money that would be a better advocate in your opinion?

      ShaSha5 kun oldin
  • She a damn lie

    Wayne BeaufordWayne Beauford6 kun oldin
  • Diddy just see an angle to make money.

    mee meemee mee6 kun oldin
  • Claudia has always been involved in gossip and craziness. I wouldn’t trust or believe her in anything.

    honeyglowhoneyglow6 kun oldin
  • How brave of her to finally come forward after all this time.

    Cesar ValleCesar Valle6 kun oldin

  • Okay diddy I hear you

    Terry finesse andersonTerry finesse anderson6 kun oldin
  • Donald Trump is a sleaze ball

    Terry finesse andersonTerry finesse anderson6 kun oldin
  • Britt Johnson is a person for empowering black women. She loves to promote being black.

    shun tubbsshun tubbs6 kun oldin
  • And she JUST now saying something?!? Come on nihhhhh!!!

    Rafael Ben YisraelRafael Ben Yisrael6 kun oldin
  • Oooooooo weeeeeee.

    Gregory's Podcast.Gregory's Podcast.6 kun oldin
  • Well she looks Amazing.

    Matrix SurvivorMatrix Survivor6 kun oldin
  • Lol a black party, this shit is going too far

    hyeboihyeboi6 kun oldin
  • Me as a black person would NEVER EVER EVER go behind diddy as a leader. Diddy has been KNOWN in the black community for fucking over black people but be heart sick over a Cassie lmaooo america has to be one of the stupidest countries I have ever seen.

    James MobilyJames Mobily6 kun oldin
  • U know they turn 40 Acres and mule to 40 hrs and a lunch break with 2 count em 2 15 minute breaks

    DjMadnassScrewedDjMadnassScrewed6 kun oldin
  • Our own black party Diddy doing that Harlem Shake to the Poles take that take that bad boy baby

    DjMadnassScrewedDjMadnassScrewed6 kun oldin
    • 😂

      Savage FelineSavage Feline5 kun oldin
  • Well if uve seen Family Fued the Host not Steve Harvey the old white guy he would kiss his whole guests please People keep 6 feat away with a peppermint on stand bye cause y'all breath be humming

    DjMadnassScrewedDjMadnassScrewed6 kun oldin
  • Yeah, I believe Claudia, because she's never shown herself to be a clout-chasing spare... oh wait.

    Admiral XizorAdmiral Xizor6 kun oldin
  • Didn't Claudia sleep with Tom Joyner?? Didn't she get ran out of LA and took refuge in Dallas and with a young simp?

    mansa 1mansa 16 kun oldin
    • Ummmm first of all my man is 44 and I'm 47. Secondly I NEVER messed with TOM JOYNER. Don't believe ME? Well hear it from his ex wife. SMH. Y'all wanna make me the bad guy so bad it's disgusting. I ain't do a 10th of the shit y'all say.

      claudia jordanclaudia jordan4 kun oldin
  • Is it me or does Claudia always have a story to tell?

    _pOeTz_pOeTz6 kun oldin
  • Fall back Diddy Kanye got this

    valardyvalardy6 kun oldin
  • I'll chalk Diddy's mission up with the same attempt at buying a pro sports team. Now ask him who he's voting for...

    joseph bjoseph b6 kun oldin
  • So Diddy who is famous for his 'White Parties" now wants Our Black Party. Hmn.. My only criticism is the name and maybe Diddy. Do you you own any SeanJean? Have you recently listened to any music from BadBoy? Do you actually drink Ciroc. Look Diddy has money and hes bored. I agree we need organized Black leadership, but I dont want to hear from Diddy. imo

    Tony GrantTony Grant6 kun oldin
  • At this point Claudia is doing too much

    wadha Awadha A6 kun oldin
  • 4:36--pretty sure we can complain since america voted for Hillary but Trump won..thanks to the Electoral why is voting so important if the peoples votes can be over ruled and had been overruled many times??

    Smart OneSmart One6 kun oldin
  • But he’s “racist” ok..

    compendious succientcompendious succient6 kun oldin
  • Boring ... next .

  • Anybody else confused why he mentioned c-murder who's an innocent man doing life in prison in Louisiana right now?

    Dallas EbonixDallas Ebonix6 kun oldin
    • He was referring to claudia

      Niya WinchesterNiya Winchester4 kun oldin
  • Why was this segment so awkward?

    Kerra JohnsonKerra Johnson6 kun oldin
  • Whoa whoa whoa, A new Political Party that is pushing black agenda. This should have been the video title! This is dope

    Grayson RedGrayson Red6 kun oldin
  • At this point she will say Donald Duck tried to kiss her for attention! But I would rather kiss a duck first

    Latifa JenkinsLatifa Jenkins6 kun oldin
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    TXbasshead TVTXbasshead TV6 kun oldin
  • I don’t want diddy in charge of anything. If he runs the party like he runs Bad Boy we will be in big trouble real quick. I do like the ideal though

    hitman6191hitman61916 kun oldin
    • lmaoooo yup

      A MattA Matt4 kun oldin

    I Be That I AmI Be That I Am6 kun oldin
  • Oh ok ...

    John KhaosJohn Khaos6 kun oldin
  • Claudia Jordan always saying somebody tried to do something with her

    Adrian ChamblissAdrian Chambliss6 kun oldin
    • I don't know, I don't watch Real Housewives.

      Nellie K. AdabaNellie K. Adaba6 kun oldin
  • why do you have nipsey hussle's picture next to the alphabet flag?

    felon degeneresfelon degeneres6 kun oldin
  • Why do these women wear sexual advances from old racist decrepit immoral alleged rapist like a badge of honor? Is it just because he's rich & white?

    lloyda620lloyda6206 kun oldin
  • The white dude so scared of black dudes but be trying to bang they women..shocker...

    Ruben MartinezRuben Martinez6 kun oldin
  • I believe it.

    NMNM6 kun oldin
  • This would be national news if she was talking about Obama.. smh

    Dc LiveracheeDc Liverachee6 kun oldin
  • When are y’all going to report on anything good that trump has done?

    Anthony JenkinsAnthony Jenkins6 kun oldin