Chris Rock Speaks On America’s Weaknesses, Non-Verbal Learning Disorder, His Roll In 'Fargo' + More

25-Sen, 2020
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  • I love Chris in Fargo

    RfreemanRfreeman36 daqiqa oldin
  • Chris Rock. "How do I get joy from thing you don't buy.," That's wisdom.

    RfreemanRfreeman40 daqiqa oldin
  • chris wants his wife back. I don't blame you man. I understand the whole rith on your condition.

    christanerchristaner2 soat oldin
  • stop typing!!!

    val barnettval barnett5 soat oldin
  • Yes, the country & it's people are facing what seems to be unsurpassable problems. Racism, poverty & crime is out of control. Why? Mostly, because of a lack of opportunity due to the economy in the hands of the few. Is there an answer or a cure to this dilemma? Not a quick & easy one for sure. History, especially economic history, has been an experiment lacking a solution to the everlasting lack of progress. I mean, progress for all, not just the upper one to ten per cent. Crazy as this may sound to the uninformed - we need to provide for government services and economic opportunity for all by TAXING LAND. The immediate response to this idea from the uninformed is, YOUR NUTS. Well, I say, check it out, and learn more about it. The idea is old. Henry George tried to educate America and the world about this seemingly revolutionary principle. It never has been taught in schools and higher institutes of learning because those who make a killing in land speculation, and those with the money & clout, work their damnest to make sure we do not to it. But if we did, what could it do: inhibit inflation, slow down urban sprawl, encourage the best use of land, and maximize opportunity for all. Wouldn't those things help to erase racism, poverty, and crime.

    gary dodsongary dodson5 soat oldin
  • I have always loved the comedy and intelligence of Chris Rock. I was never a fan of cussing, but I could actually listen to him and was never offended by it. There was always a lesson or something thought provoking in his jokes. Life has been good to him. Thank God he is still being good to and for us. I truly enjoyed the whole interview.

    Vada McAfeeVada McAfee17 soat oldin
  • then chris should have no problem giving that money up... after all it is us poor folks that has given him his wealth

    Robert ThomasRobert Thomas18 soat oldin
  • The beauty of being black is the future is always better, tomorrow is always better, there are no good old days,..., maybe musically - Chris Rock

    David ApejiDavid Apeji20 soat oldin
  • Knowledge

    Mariah C. CrawleyMariah C. Crawley22 soat oldin
  • "Why don't u Impeach him? Why did you waste our time?" Said by people who don't know civics. Of course a Republican Senate wouldn't Impeach.

  • Yo, Chris! Who's your daddy now?

    Manuel GarciaManuel GarciaKun oldin
  • Hey CR one of the most deep and absolutely f u n n y ppl in the universe. 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😍

    Al CaponeAl CaponeKun oldin
  • I have always loved Chris rock u till he made unfair remarks about trump

    Vmason220 MasonVmason220 MasonKun oldin
  • Paris is not much better. All the best N to your daughter's

    Pablo LelePablo Lele2 kun oldin
  • This was one of TBC',s best interviews! I love Chris Rock.

    TiggyTiggy2 kun oldin
  • *Dave must have been hangin with Tyrone Biggums a lot lately. BLM has ANTIFA sitting shot gun and I'm not going to let them in my car, let alone sit in the back seat. Most of these crazy Marxist have never read a History book. Dick Gregory the world's 2nd greatest civil rights leader supported Black Lives but he didn't even understand your confusing BLM message. He knew marxism never worked. The greatest living civil rights leader at that time was Canceled by the Atlanta BLM chapter for his comedy of all things. That is insane. This riff is in memory of Dick Gregory: October 12, 1932 to August 19, 2017. "Love is man's natural endowment, but he doesn't know how to use it. He refuses to recognize the power of love because of his love of power."*

    Average JoeAverage Joe2 kun oldin
  • He is truly a genius

    Khari MottKhari Mott2 kun oldin
  • When Chris used to state the facts in the form he knows best:

    Lord Gorotubby Dipsy :*Lord Gorotubby Dipsy :*2 kun oldin
  • Did any of you see Biden at a JKK LEADER funeral. He was praising him & saying he was his mentor. Now tell me as black people you really want a man that's been racist his WHOLE miserable like. The democratic party forced him to pick Kamala to please the blacks. You better stay WOKE!

    Donna RylandDonna Ryland2 kun oldin
  • 45:42 he lost me there saying that the pandemic is not the Democrats fault. I really didn't get his point. Didn't look like they did either.

    robert hughesrobert hughes2 kun oldin
  • All my material things don't seem to be as important as I thought they used to be. Cars, clothes, land, etc This makes me realize what's more important. Family.

    Lawrence WebsterLawrence Webster3 kun oldin
  • So many gems dropped, it's hard to keep track. But "If you are black, the future is always better" is a classic. I will take that with me. Thanks

    Chali MulalamiChali Mulalami3 kun oldin
  • is he autistic?

    Etta JamesEtta James3 kun oldin
  • I Love Chris & Tony Rock!

    SoulShine SessionsSoulShine Sessions3 kun oldin
  • Reapect to Chris Rock!!!! Everything else is lame

    Christopher RoachChristopher Roach3 kun oldin
  • This was good. Chris Rock ws very open. Refreshing.

    renee clarkerenee clarke3 kun oldin
  • Nice interview. Best wishes brothas.

    summerpassion1summerpassion13 kun oldin
  • Chris be that as it may, but it is just as important to ensure that laws are upheld so that younger generations are equally aware that there are consequences even though it may not have removed him from office. For him and his psychology he is a looser as he was impeached as a president. That is the history record and will not change going forward. But hear your argument as well!

    PDG GPDG G3 kun oldin
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    Charisa AdamsCharisa Adams3 kun oldin

    Ernestine DingleErnestine Dingle3 kun oldin
  • I live in New Zealand and was fortunate enough to watch Chris Rock live....LOVED IT

    Tara MetuarikiTara Metuariki3 kun oldin

    Anthony *aNtAnthony *aNt3 kun oldin
  • Im always reminded of the Predecessor of the comedian the Jester ..misleading by being called the fool ..he was one if the smartest person in the court of the king.

    Tarryl NunnTarryl Nunn4 kun oldin
  • Nice to see Chris 🎸 everybody hates Chris love that show it just started coming on Bounce

    Debs PlaylistDebs Playlist4 kun oldin
  • The most honest interview TBC ever had

    Sydnelle !Sydnelle !4 kun oldin
  • Oh man his honesty is soooo refreshing! Thx for sharing guys

    Kerry BabyKerry Baby4 kun oldin
  • Most of the things Chris said in this video made no sense

    Justin al Hakeem KhalifaJustin al Hakeem Khalifa4 kun oldin
  • Well that was amazing

    Sharlene ChisolmSharlene Chisolm4 kun oldin
  • Gosh I hope no one judges me from 20 years ago either then.

    Nappy ScribeNappy Scribe5 kun oldin
  • Hi Breakfast Club Members. Just enjoying Chris Rock on your show. And heard him mention investments now. I have a close family member about to get money from a car accident who is an SSI recipient normally. What kind of investment is the safest for her money? My address is I would appreciate advice from you guyz too. Thank you. Edit my name out Nappy Scribe

    Nappy ScribeNappy Scribe5 kun oldin
  • So, many black men are being lynched??? What to do?? There is no Killer Virus! Viruses are NOT something 'you can catch' - Dr Thomas Cowan | Great video | We must get educated about CV19 and Viruses.... there is no CV19... it's 5GGGGGGG.... (Please pass this video to everyone you know. Thousands of doctors advocate the Terrain theory.) A virus isn't contagious and isn't a disease. There is no pandemic! We must get the truth out. A virus simply detoxifies the cell... outside of the cell and body, a virus is dead. So.... just a complete lie. We are being poisoned via | Global Free Housing for All!

    Off the Grid Free HousingOff the Grid Free Housing5 kun oldin
  • Tears of n clown, when no ones around.

    G GantG Gant5 kun oldin
  • Talk Truth Brother, real truth.

    G GantG Gant5 kun oldin
  • Non verbal learning disorder , the way he described it is Autism :). Not being able to pick up on social cues and tone.

    Rebecca AlexanderRebecca Alexander6 kun oldin
  • super bowl comment no relevant ahhhh

    Lai BakLai Bak6 kun oldin
  • Mr ROCK is getting his Butter Biscuits too mane -

    Mr. Big Curved Johnsin jr IIIMr. Big Curved Johnsin jr III6 kun oldin
  • C-rock shooting his shot at yee 😂

    T BT B7 kun oldin
  • Chris rock is totally disconnected from reality. While he is intelligent, he pedals ideologies of others that he himself have not properly examined. Chris rock is just an entertainer, whatever he says should be taken as just entertainment.

    Shawn BettyShawn Betty7 kun oldin
  • ......there are no ‘good ole days”. That was rich!!

    MizAnne BillionsMizAnne Billions7 kun oldin
  • HAHA I was in yellow springs when Dave and Chris came walking down the alley to take a photo by this Prince Mural I was taking a pic at it was 420 and all I could smell was weed coming. lol. Dave does that show every year but he doesn't let you use cell phones or take pics. they were pretty cool got video and a photo of them. the crazy part I was just visiting family of a girl I was dating and she was like yo there go dave and chris rock

  • Love this interview with Chris Rock! But who is typing on a keyboard? 🤣

    S RhodesS Rhodes7 kun oldin
  • He think his status, money and fame will save him from white supremacy just a tad bit??? LOL 😂😅😅. They look at you Chris as a N word with money.

    Abdur Rahim MatinAbdur Rahim Matin7 kun oldin
  • Chris showed me how foolish these 3 really are or maybe they faking for the people.

    paul westpaul west7 kun oldin
  • Soooo hmmmm what do you tell your daughters 🤔 I tell them nothing Black Privilege does exist you 4 know... ok soooo interview over.

    paul westpaul west7 kun oldin
  • Do I have to listen through all of charlymane to hear Chris Rock say the shit starts at home. Chris Rock has spoken this message in the past. I hope the woke mob has not suppressed him.

    rita greenleafrita greenleaf7 kun oldin
  • "Drop the mic! Referring to Donald Trump -- "People like consistency!"

    Sandy McSandy Mc8 kun oldin
  • Powerful Chris! "Look for the iceberg...!!!"

    Sandy McSandy Mc8 kun oldin
  • Fargo season 4, is soo good ! I haven't watched all the seasons.

    Tiffany DTiffany D8 kun oldin
  • Wow Chris! "How do I get things from what I don't buy?" Although you have some much more money then me, it applies on every level. :D

    Sandy McSandy Mc8 kun oldin
  • tik tok songs

    Fernando RiveraFernando Rivera8 kun oldin
  • “Donald Trump is like a five year old running the country.” This is exactly why Trump supporters are sick. They would let a incompetent five year old ruin our country to keep racism alive in America. It’s the anyone but blacks mentality.

    Jeff SnowJeff Snow8 kun oldin
  • We démocrates needs to be awake . I feel they had let us down . We see all the wrong of Trump but the Democratic Party didn’t fight hard enough .

    Marie PerezMarie Perez8 kun oldin
  • Politics are so confusing .,it’s all about deception.,

    Marie PerezMarie Perez8 kun oldin
  • Wow , Alléluia.

    Marie PerezMarie Perez8 kun oldin
  • Mushroom tea just woke up 😂😂😂😂😂😄

    Marie PerezMarie Perez8 kun oldin
  • Love Chris except of the cursing but very intelligent on how he talked about the truth and make you laugh even the oppressors . Chris is brilliant on making the oppressors feel how cruel they are and us the oppresse be aware of the miss treatment in a comical way cause is painful. Love him .

    Marie PerezMarie Perez8 kun oldin
  • LOVE... Chris Rock! Perfect For FARGO. "Side Note" This Season, Reminds Me MORE Of (Boardwalk Empire) Than...(Surpranos) 🗣️ANGELA...IF!*? You WATCHED 👀The 1st Episode of FARGO. Than... You Know, EXACTLY! What&Why "The Son" Is Where He Is. 😏

    L. RuckL. Ruck8 kun oldin
  • @ 3:20 A stack on others name 😞

    Charlene JohnsonCharlene Johnson8 kun oldin
  • Hey Breakfast Club team, please change the title to say Fargo *Role (not Roll). Great interview!

    VivekTVivekT9 kun oldin
  • Sucks seeing my favorite comedians and actors. On the wrong side. How can you guys not see what's going on. Must be those people on the hill. To high to see what's going on

    someonezhere heresomeonezhere here9 kun oldin
  • I just dont see how trump is a not competent. How can you say he hasn't kept campaign promises. You guys cant be very smart. Interesting.

    someonezhere heresomeonezhere here9 kun oldin
  • Rock in Fargo is something to see

    Wendell DillardWendell Dillard9 kun oldin
  • Chris Rock= One of the greatest social commentators of all time. Hey Chris you’re actually on the View. The Breakfast Club= Beta Corporate posturers.

    Frantz FullerFrantz Fuller9 kun oldin
  • "The future about being black is always better. There are no good old days". C.R

    Sammy KhamSammy Kham9 kun oldin
  • IDGAF what anybody says, after Richard Pryor, Chris Rock is the GOAT Comic. Don't @ me 😂. Black genius.

    Heisenberg-SchrodingerEmc2Heisenberg-SchrodingerEmc29 kun oldin
    • a GOAT. but I agree. him nd Dave

      Anthony BevelAnthony Bevel7 kun oldin
  • Pure intelligence by the hosts and Mr Chris Rock!!!! Loved the show!!!!!

    Moreflow FallsMoreflow Falls9 kun oldin
  • Overworked underpaid

    Juice 423Juice 4239 kun oldin
  • "How do I get joy from things I don't buy?" One of the realest questions I've ever heard a celeb ask. Rock has definitely grown in many ways.

    Deephouse GentDeephouse Gent9 kun oldin
  • I love Chris Rock. I can watch and listen to him all day. Full of wisdom and funny. He is a prophet. ❤️

    Rosemary JohnsonRosemary Johnson9 kun oldin
  • Amen Chris Rock and the rest us the team of you 4. Chris, Comedy is your wild card buddy.

    Ian SelmanIan Selman9 kun oldin
  • you know ?-chris

  • awesome show. great, thoughtful questions and responses.

    bellygunnermusicbellygunnermusic10 kun oldin
  • Not a breakfast club fam honestly, or Chris Rock. Took some research to appreciate Mr. Rocks hussle. I tip my hat off to Chris Rock. I'm hopeful the same could possibly happen with the Breakfast club. Great Job guys

    Jerry McGillJerry McGill10 kun oldin
  • Alright prophet Rock...Lol

    T LattyT Latty10 kun oldin
  • Pookie done cleaned the Fuuuh Kup! "....two years. A hooooe!"

    Pugo BioPugo Bio10 kun oldin
  • this country will never come together if people on every side gets brutally honest about every position... quit exaggerating fallacies and quit down playing truths... the phrase the truth will set you free has never been more relevant....

  • Uncut gems was GREAT!!!!! It had me on the edge of my seat 5 minutes in

    Krystal XKrystal X10 kun oldin
  • 👏🏾, it’s been so long since I’ve been able to watch a full interview with you guys. The good interviews are always held by the interviewees.

    Krystal XKrystal X10 kun oldin
  • he seems like he wants to keep it a lil more real than he's socially allowed to regarding some of these questions... lol

  • Present the worst version of yourself if you are talking to your doctor generally.

    S4njuroS4njuro10 kun oldin
  • 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    Monica DavisMonica Davis10 kun oldin
  • A relationship with God is the answer

    keith reidkeith reid10 kun oldin
  • Make a decision before the white man makes it for you

    keith reidkeith reid10 kun oldin
  • Adjustments at halftime deep statement made by Chris rock

    keith reidkeith reid10 kun oldin
  • My guy Chris is the man, hella famous, and doesnt put up no cool guy front. Absolutely transparent and that’s hard to find these days.

    Erick T94Erick T9410 kun oldin
  • #ChrisRock always amazing actor, comedian. I am so happy that he is bragging on his daughters #DaddysGirls. Great interview!!

    Queen of the SouthQueen of the South11 kun oldin
  • He said the 5 of us doing this interview. But WE ONLY SEE 4 PEOPLE. WASSUP WITH THAT?

    MajidCessMajidCess11 kun oldin
  • "How do I get joy from things I don't buy?" Can't get much realer than that. ♥️

    Tamara XavierTamara Xavier11 kun oldin
  • This interview! Gratitude for the honest thoughtfulness Chris Rock! Much appreciated!

    Stephanie BlackStephanie Black11 kun oldin
  • just saved this to my.. food for thought playlist!

    worldpeace026worldpeace02611 kun oldin