China’s Stealth Control Over Social Justice Movements

12-Dek, 2020
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Former Brigadier General Robert Spalding has a virtual sit down with author and cultural wirter Helen Pluckrose. In this interview they discuss social justice, racial inn-equality and the cultural revolution currently taking place. Subscribe to General Spalding's UZworld channel:
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About Guest: Helen Pluckrose is a liberal humanist, a cultural and political writer and the editor-in-chief of Areo. She is the co-author, with James Lindsay, of Cynical Theories, which looks at the evolution of postmodern thought in scholarship and activism
About Robert Spalding: Brig. Gen. Robert S. Spalding III assumed the duties of Special Assistant to the U.S. Air Force Vice Chief of Staff in February 2018.
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  • She says some good things but the left is the only party supporting crt so she’s not making sense at all? Maybe that’s why he is smirking the whole convo hahah?

    Mahli AkpanMahli Akpan6 soat oldin
  • Wow I didn’t know about the social credit score deal that’s disturbing

    Mahli AkpanMahli Akpan7 soat oldin
  • How is she not aware biden called black kids roaches to their face

    Disc GolfDisc GolfKun oldin
  • I like her minus the biden ok'ing. Hopefully she has seen the sniffing. Kendi is trying to redefine racism. Sorry but no. So justify racism with the inverse racism? Not quite at median there.

    GODDESS OF KRATOS Desiree peterson darian leiaGODDESS OF KRATOS Desiree peterson darian leia2 kun oldin
    • Exactly how many years equals indigenous consensus needed

      GODDESS OF KRATOS Desiree peterson darian leiaGODDESS OF KRATOS Desiree peterson darian leia2 kun oldin
  • ?

    martha koskymartha kosky2 kun oldin
  • In the US, the main obstacle to relative equality is differences between individuals in education at home and in the government and union-controlled public schools - i.e the lack of school choice. Cultural group norms may also be at fault as are government restrictions on small business, the primary sources of employment and new jobs.

    Toby WToby W2 kun oldin
  • This conversation would be even more interesting if it included David Horowitz and Chairman Xi of the CCP.

    Toby WToby W2 kun oldin
  • Please give Gen. Spalding more interviews with more coherent people! He is great, but this interview was the pits because this woman was nonsensical.

    Michele GellisMichele Gellis3 kun oldin
  • These kids grew up loving disney movies only to be told in university they are Patriarchal and oppress women . Inverting the belief gave a sense of "waking up" but it really put them to sleep. Its not China. Nazis weaponized fantasy through Disney. They won ww2 and they are winning ww3. We call them The Deep State.

    Karin BambergKarin Bamberg4 kun oldin
  • I think Helen is very intelligent and understands the dangers of critical theory, but it seems to me that she, like many of my fellow liberals including Bret Weinstein, are a bit naive. I think this is where her co-writer James Lindsey has an advantage on her, as he sees the insidious motivations of some of the people on the Left. I think Pluckrose has not yet accepted that America's Left is being hijacked by extremely intolerant authoritarians who are simply very good at pretending that's not what they are. I can't see Biden standing a chance against the more radical sect of his party, and that's assuming all the stories of his corruption aren't true.

    Laura BugbeeLaura Bugbee4 kun oldin
  • And why does ANYONE care what a British liberal says about America? She should shut up, she doesn’t even live here!

    Jenn CampbellJenn Campbell4 kun oldin
  • The second she says I’m voting Biden, I knew she was a complete moron, so I’ll turn this off now

    Jenn CampbellJenn Campbell4 kun oldin
  • This guy looks like a cold killer. He must have killed lots of innocent civilians across the world where he served.

    Riyad DeisRiyad Deis5 kun oldin
  • The world works for him!?

    Space RothsteinSpace Rothstein8 kun oldin
  • What’s going on here? Oh, the usual a general lying to get his way and get back control. Let me pause. I have no sympathy for China, and I despise CRT and Biden. And Trump also, turned out to be, less-than a matziah (great find/gem), but at least he understands the problems, even if he just leverages them for his own profits, but I’ll digress. Beijing has 1,500,000 cameras according to the people surveillance advocacy group (tried to add link, I couldn’t, just Google it) That is 56 cameras per 1,000,000 residents!!! Not your FN 2 cameras per person! That’s why no one trusts lying ass generals who lie to get more power... why do you do that, you guys do what you want anyways. If people were smart they’d stop enlisting. You want to blame someone for the event in the Capitol last week, look in FN mirror. The military has become one of the biggest areas of distrust... our founding fathers are rolling in their graves for the fact that a standing army exist even, let alone the corruption, incompetence, contempt and neglect of your own veterans is sickening. The US military is epitomes a dying empire... we’re lucky countries don’t want revenge, you guys take $800B, al get defeated by half a dozen Toyota T-100s and some guys w/Kalashnikovs... y’all should have stayed in the bunker with the “WMD” Shameful. Once a liar always a liar I’m surprised @PatrickBetDavid allows that

    Achshelanu DroriAchshelanu Drori9 kun oldin
  • Good interview, thank you

    Jesse RichardsJesse Richards9 kun oldin
  • China is trying to achive that, that Nazi germany could achieve!

    raysschokoraysschoko10 kun oldin

    Laurence CrispLaurence Crisp10 kun oldin
  • Human rights is a good thing, but not great over human lives where the president of the Phillippine tries to justify, For example.

    Edison BondEdison Bond10 kun oldin
  • I stop listening when she said she would vote for Joe Biden.

    Deez NutsDeez Nuts11 kun oldin
  • Really didn’t deserve this much of the General’s time🤦🏽‍♂️😂

    Daniel RazaviDaniel Razavi11 kun oldin
  • Is this supposed to be a new problem. Isn't a group that promises security with acceptance of a narrative what a nation is.

    Anthony WalkerAnthony Walker12 kun oldin
  • Biden and the 2 senates stole their elections! ---------blm antifa are communist terrorists!

    DrONE ProDrONE Pro13 kun oldin
  • people crying racism want to jump ahead without working for it!

    DrONE ProDrONE Pro13 kun oldin
  • Huge OBAMA SUPPORTERS are hard to look at

    Pierrette GagnonPierrette Gagnon14 kun oldin
  • Great interview, keep up the great work and keeping us informed

    Maria Da SilvaMaria Da Silva14 kun oldin
  • Everything is complicated and not always straightforward. Many organizations are paid controlled by CCP something to think about as well as to what is happening in the Western countries, many falling for it and media promoting it. Food for thought. Interesting interview and views, more at stake than citizens realize. People are being used as puppets for the bigger plan coming.

    Maria Da SilvaMaria Da Silva14 kun oldin
  • UMM Ole Mah NATURE had it ALL figured out without Politics! OH and things that didn’t fit evolved out!

    Paladin KrayPaladin Kray16 kun oldin
  • “SCIENCE” said Manmade Global WARMING Proven Hoax! Good SHOW YUPP!

    Paladin KrayPaladin Kray16 kun oldin
  • Obama biggest race baiter since the Civil WAR!

    Paladin KrayPaladin Kray16 kun oldin
  • Political System is set up to ensure race baiting/Gender bending/Colour/ Occupation/Diet/Political Etc Tis tending to the “CASTE system of the Middle East/China and Now into Western Despot Groups! Huh! Oh and “It’s” just warming up Huh!

    Paladin KrayPaladin Kray16 kun oldin
  • What is this word juggling?

    Rufx 2Rufx 217 kun oldin
  • Liberalism in modern society is collective, not individual and it's a joke that she's saying that...

    phantommaggotxxxphantommaggotxxx18 kun oldin
  • The interviewer had long winded questions. Interviewee has lost touch with reality. Interesting hearing those who benefit from White supremacy minimizing the urgency those oppressed by it feel the need to eradicate it.

    BlackLionessBlackLioness18 kun oldin
  • Ms Pluckrose, I used to have great regard for your work. NO LONGER! You implied Americans cannot love their country with all their hearts and souls because of our history of slavery. Does that mean you do not love your country with all your heart and soul because of your past slavery sins? And to be a Biden supporter simply means you support totalitarianism, no human rights and the CCP taking over the world. That makes you idiotic, not smart. Your EQ, sadly, is far less than your IQ.

    Bibi HoehnBibi Hoehn18 kun oldin
  • Delusional!

    Mobile Gamer707Mobile Gamer70719 kun oldin
  • blind fool. her book is t.p.

    Pat AveryPat Avery20 kun oldin
  • she say it was a trap

    AR 23AR 2320 kun oldin
  • Biden, eulogized Robert Bird, this lady is completely disconnected from reality. I do not have a problem with non-Americans criticizing us, it is their right. However non-Americans have no context, you cannot understand our country not having lived the American experience. It cannot be explained you have to live the American experience, it doesn't come from TV, the news, books etc. I do take exception to Euro's telling us how we should behave, live etc. We have been and continue to be the most generous, caring, and decent people in written history. All while living under the blanket of freedom in which my grandparents provided, and which we as Americans continue to provide. Criitisize if you will, but fix the problems in your backyard before you pretend to understand us and tell us how to live.

    shawn eicholtzshawn eicholtz20 kun oldin
  • The Virus Is Communist Sentiment Sales Pitch 24/7 All Over Our Social Media Punish Networks🏴‍☠️

    Nacho Memo》Nacho Memo》20 kun oldin
  • This girl needs to understand who Obama is really aligned with: SATAN. This is a spiritual war.

    Marcine PMarcine P20 kun oldin
  • Black people just dont want to be brutalized if you ceel otherwise just trade places for one day

    whoknew213whoknew21321 kun oldin
  • Modern leftist policy is based on theft, taxing Peter to pay Paul. There is, therefore, no ethical Left.

    Glenn MitchellGlenn Mitchell21 kun oldin
  • Eleven minutes in and its clear he doesn't see outside of the political box he's allowed himself to get sucked into. I'm not going to waste any more time to see if he can really engage with the ideas and issues she's talking about.

    DelavanDelavan21 kun oldin
  • This lady is off her rocker

    Carrie DixonCarrie Dixon21 kun oldin
  • I know the essential difference between Trump and the Left as does General Spalding. I also hold the same values about individualism that are held by him and Helen. The reason why Helen would vote for Biden is because she doesn’t realize or recognize the Biden’s Leftist campaign uses the guise of the misnamed “Democratic Party” to fool well-meaning people like her think the Left is actually for individuals when it is clearly not. The Left is based on using the interests of the Collective or Commune (hence Communism) to justify its narrative and goals. It also justifies the use of elitist leaders who are given more freedom, power and privilege than the Collective. Helen is foolishly supporting political forces that are wholely against individualism or personal freedoms. Fascism and Communism are the same thing, it’s about the authorities controlling everything in society, centralized control. If you don’t believe me think about what Hitler and the Nazis did. They were clearly fascists and they did the same thing Stalin and the USSR did. Now look at how Trump has deregulated the workings of the US society and given power back to individuals. Trump is also following the constitution rather than making up new laws like activist Leftist judges or telling you how you should live and that you will own nothing in 2030 like Klaus Schwab of World Economic Forum.

    Mike LowMike Low21 kun oldin
  • This conversation was very valuable to me. Thank you.

    Linda HockhamLinda Hockham21 kun oldin
  • This all comes down to whether or not the sheep believe the narrative the elite are funneling to the American citizens. If one has common sense you will see that 99.9 nothing is true. So whatever to Helen Pluckrose

    Liz PadillaLiz Padilla21 kun oldin
  • Worst episode.

    Good Dog TalksGood Dog Talks21 kun oldin
  • I appreciate what she's saying for the the most part, succinct and well thought out. It's her application of the 'evidence ' that's bemusing to me though Would've liked some more detail on her thought process because yes, her fighting the 'extremes' as it were on the left is valid points, as should the right. But her vote for Biden (which I'm sure by now most people have a bet its just a lay-up for Harris to step forward) seems a bit out of touch. Pretty much whatever one could say about Trump from being a sexist/racist of whatever is multiplied on Bidens side. The main differnece is tha that the majority of it has been hidden away or not pressed on... like how he spoke to the black leaders just a couple weeks ago. If that was Trump and Pense next to each other, much of mainstreem media would STILL be shouting about it... possibly even crying

    Pragmatic Optimist & N7Pragmatic Optimist & N721 kun oldin
  • This is just Communist propaganda from China . Communists must demonize ,criticize and demoralize the predominant culture before they take it over .....

    Jon LaLanneJon LaLanne21 kun oldin
  • VE is getting good !!!!

    Jon LaLanneJon LaLanne21 kun oldin
  • I do agree with Helen on many things, with the exception of Biden. I honestly believe, & I say this with a great deal of respect, that Helen does not fully understand Biden, nor the Democrats full history. Because in listening & reading her work Helen’s ideas, values & activism align with many who left BOTH THE DEMOCRAT & REPUBLICAN PARTY & SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP. This is exactly the problem with the media! There are so many people who feel completely abandoned by both parties in America! YES President Trump uses language that is not typical of other politicians or elites but people have to get past that! Anyways who on earth made the rule we had to listen ONLY to those who talked down to the rest of us? REGULAR PEOPLE don’t talk like that! I also think it’s worth mentioning that a “liberal” has different a context in America vs the UK & Sargon brought this to my attention about 5 years ago. And it was not long ago that the Classical Liberal in America fought for everything our Constitution stands for. In Washington state where I live there is once beautiful & little known place - Evergreen State College. Maybe you have heard of it? It became the epicenter for racism, autonomous zones, mob justice. Only two people stood up, ONLY TWO who worked at Evergreen both were teachers, classical liberals & if people had paid attention to what Brett Weinstein & Heather Heying have been saying since 2017 - well maybe, just maybe.. The democrats today in America are not Liberals, because they do not care about helping people nor about equal rights or about freedom. It time we start calling them exactly what they are- communist. They are jailing business owners while letting murders go free. That is literally happening right now on the west coast. Please save the “you got what you voted for” NO ONE VOTED FOR THIS”. I pray we are strong enough to come out of this, whoever is doing this is doing a great job at breaking people’s spirit.

    Lolla BellsLolla Bells21 kun oldin
  • Brain washing in Progress!!!

    Lola SaintLola Saint21 kun oldin
  • Individualism and individual liberty has absolutely NOTHING to do with the "liberal" Democratic Party. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! John Locke, being the father of modern Liberalism and Individual Liberty, laid the foundation for the framework of our Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and overall American Ethos. Democrats are "liberals" to a National Liberal ethos, meaning the liberation from the Constitution, or Progressivism. Conservatism is about the Conservation of our Liberal Constitution. Please let that sink in folks, as this is the main reason so many claim to advocate for individualist principles and ideals, yet still have no sound concept for what the political parties actually stand for or represent. The left is an all out con, and always has been. It is why it does nothing more than pick up the most current and trending "issue of the week" and makes it their newest "championing" disposition, so long as it goes against the framework of our Constitution. If you are a Conservative, that means that you subscribe to the actual doctrine for what created the first functioning nation of Liberalism...

    James KJames K21 kun oldin
  • Helen points to Obama's anti-wokism but the woke tsunami was born under Obama and he was powerless against it. Remember when he told blacks to have fathers in the home and to go to school? He was slapped down (THE PRESIDENT WAS SLAPPED DOWN) by commentators accusing him of "punching down".

    Michael O'SheaMichael O'Shea21 kun oldin
  • It's all rubbish by angry people who have not worked hard enough to have the life they demand they deserve!

    Carol 70-year-old English NATIONALISTCarol 70-year-old English NATIONALIST21 kun oldin
  • If anyone can say they would vote for biden, there is no way they can be deemed mentally sane.

    James CowardJames Coward21 kun oldin
  • Her ideas are great if everyone thought the same. But greedy unprincipled people always use popular and favoured agendas to line their pockets n grab power. Then it implodes. All through history this happens. No exeptions.

    Paul EckersleyPaul Eckersley21 kun oldin
  • it's a white Diane Abbot.

    Bleaky FindersBleaky Finders21 kun oldin
  • From a black man that grew up in a lower income area of the U.S. This lady seems genuine at heart but she don't have a clue, the degree, Democrats have manufactured, and manipulated the economic social position of Black Americans over this past century plus. Obviously Rino Republicans have indulged aswell through the years so not to make my point partisan. Good thing they still have Google over there she could look it up. Plus, because she's from that UK polite politics culter she cant even wrap her head around the political incorrect approach from trump. She probably can't even see the swamp poor thing, God Bless her heart

    Tephlon DéArmorTephlon DéArmor21 kun oldin
  • Calm down people. Her co-author, James Lindsay, very publicly supported Trump. I admit it's kind of funny reading her book and then seeing her support Biden, but it's hard for some people to throw their support behind Trump.

    SegasysSegasys21 kun oldin
  • Biden is the opposite of individualism.

    D DSD DS22 kun oldin
  • I see Trigglypuffs mom is just as radically idiotic as her daughter .

    Michael LedfordMichael Ledford22 kun oldin
  • What a scumbag. Not even one minute in and your pop up commercial. These people are playing their subscribers has major fools. And they are right.

    LifeUnder TheMicroscopeLifeUnder TheMicroscope22 kun oldin
  • If she believes in the power of the individual so much, why does she vote for a bigger government, a bigger welfare state, and for "free" stuff from the taxpayer?

    latinhero1818latinhero181822 kun oldin
  • As much as I respect Helen's work, her political views are so misguided it's difficult to not let this overshadow her academic triumphs of late.. WOW , her interpretation of who/what Obama, Biden or Harris are is staggeringly misinformed..

    Andrew JacksonAndrew Jackson22 kun oldin
  • Helen is totally deluded with her hopes regarding the "liberals." She's not knocking at a closed door, she's not even knocking at a heavily locked door, she is knocking at a door that's not there. She is really knocking at a solid wall. Yes, over 100 years ago there used to be a different building there, called by the same name ("liberalism"), and there was a door at that place. But shouldn't she know that that building had been knocked out? Doesn't she know any history? Even in that case, shouldn't she see and feel that she is knocking at a wall? Is she so enamored by the name that she ignores her own senses?

    KurtlaneKurtlane22 kun oldin
  • You know what's insane to me is when I say Socialism people hear Communism. Socialism is decomcracy with liberty. Not communism that enforced by Authoritarianism. Or someone will bring up China or Venezuela. Who in the hell would want to live like the Chinese and Venezuelaian citizens NOT ME. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland are Socialist countries. Someone would say why don't you move to Sweden or Denmark, or Canada and guess what I am getting the hell out of this hopeless country called America the land of the free my butt!

    Crystal MonroeCrystal Monroe22 kun oldin
  • It's so nice to see people have respectful decisions without belittling each other even though they have different political views. But, they also agree on some issues. I wish we could see these healthy discussions on Instagram, Facebook, UTUBE, and Twitter. Some of the shaming and name calling I see on social media platforms is so sad and frankly horrible 😢. And, it's from both sides. Know one side is innocent.

    Crystal MonroeCrystal Monroe22 kun oldin
  • Moo cow . . .

    toddreddingtontoddreddington22 kun oldin
  • This woman is mental!!!

    Dale PetersenDale Petersen22 kun oldin
  • 26:50 i get what you are trying to say, but just because you or a culture believe something to be true, does not make it true. Reality is what it is - period.

    Michael WilliamsMichael Williams22 kun oldin
  • What makes you think this will change if we do not crush the big corporations. This is not freedom.

    Michael WilliamsMichael Williams22 kun oldin
  • For me it’s simple. If a person believes there is more then 2 genders save hermaphrodites, they don’t believe in science and have nothing to say to me.

    No Name BleachNo Name Bleach22 kun oldin
  • She loved Obama. Lol the worst President in the history of the US!!!

    Janet CadenaJanet Cadena22 kun oldin
  • Her group are a bunch of communist puppets. They are creating hate where there is none. Shes is either really evil and knows what she is doing or very very stupid. She needs to look at her home country which has a lot more racism then this country does.

    New MulchNew Mulch22 kun oldin
  • Whos the dumbass that cant at least pull the dead battery out of their smoke alarm

    HIGGPIGGHIGGPIGG22 kun oldin
  • This man has bought into the lie, and will be damned. If he can be turned over, who else is ?

    Lyn LeeLyn Lee22 kun oldin
  • Ugh, how hypocritical. It kinda makes everything she's saying null and void.

    Nerdy GriotNerdy Griot22 kun oldin
  • Thanks General! I really like/need to see western cultural discourse focusing on what unites us instead of cultural discourse focusing on what divides us.

    John FunkJohn Funk22 kun oldin
  • Biden is a criminal with arrest warrants around the world who already admitted that he’s just a trojan horse for kamala. How anyone who cares for humanity could vote for him and believe he is a ‘uniter’ of anything... is beyond comprehension.

    Nea PhyteNea Phyte22 kun oldin
  • A society that gives a trophy to all participants wins nothing in fact. Additionally freedom of expression is the most fundamental right to all of humanity. Sometimes the words are insensitive but is it better to monitor what can and cannot be said? Who does the monitoring? Is there any one pure person on earth who NEVER offends?

    Nea PhyteNea Phyte22 kun oldin
  • Its hard to listen to these big hearted idiots. I would give all my riches to the poor, I just want to be the one choosing who I help. These type of people think I'm to dumb to know how to help people. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    John JohnsonJohn Johnson22 kun oldin
  • She would vote for Biden? Can't watch this. She's twisted.

    Joyce CatalanoJoyce Catalano22 kun oldin
  • Sorry, but she is full of it. And needs a good diet, yeah, I said it.

    Dyl BrodyDyl Brody22 kun oldin
  • They biden love the communist ccp party dont they? Look who sponser blm lol

    Wiktor JespersenWiktor Jespersen22 kun oldin
  • Fool voted for a clone! Eyes wide shut!

    Illze McArthurIllze McArthur23 kun oldin
  • Sign to all Republican politicos: “Trump or Dumped”

    Mark ShinnickMark Shinnick23 kun oldin
  • I don't think either of these people understand what is happening, because they (seem to me) to believe without question that ideology is important to those seeking what amounts to control of the world . . (As though those seeking it would not accept control unless their pet ideology was paramount ; ) No, I think the truth is more like; They want to control the world and will utilize/advance any ideology that will help them get it. For example; If you want to establish unequal treatment under the law, so "ruling elites" will be essentially above the law, you "sell" the idea of unequal treatment under the law as something good for the "disadvantaged" (not the "ruling elite", who will of course administrate the unequal treatment). And, with the normalization of discrimination against those who don't go along with "the narrative", it becomes very easy for those who control of "the narrative" to utterly destroy anyone who would dare to accuse them of any wrongdoing.

    John KnightJohn Knight23 kun oldin
  • DEMS DOGS dont hunt...................eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww!

    atomicdmtatomicdmt23 kun oldin
  • General Spalding had a massive fail with this interview by focusing so much on Helen's opinions on Biden/Dems vs Trump/GOP. I've been a huge fan of Helen & her co-authors James Lindsay & Peter Boghossian for years now, and Helen has done us all a massive service by untangling the clusterfuck dumpster-fire of applied postmodernism, but this interview was painful for me to listen to. I felt embarrassed for Helen being so naive about the Democrat agenda & their China-puppet candidate, Dementia Joe. Helen is one of the world's foremost experts on applied postmodernism and the deceptive intellectual fuckery & manipulation of language & culture being churned out of universities, but if you want an informed analysis of political candidates & policy platforms, Helen is not your guy. Anyone can look stupid & uninformed if you ask them to dig deep on topics outside their expertise, which is what happened here. The 2020 election has been so saturated in disinformation, propaganda and censorship, on a level way beyond anything we've ever seen before, it's impossible to expect anyone who doesn't follow everything closely to see through the lies. I disagree vehemently with Helen's political opinions here, but if I hadn't been paying super close attention to politics the last few years I'd probably be agreeing with her.

    Lachlan BellLachlan Bell23 kun oldin
  • This interview is an exercise in futility......

    SiannaSianna23 kun oldin
  • Wow she sounds conservative.

    HSdrivenHSdriven23 kun oldin
  • Thumbs down because of the stance of your guest. She wants liberty for herself but would vote for the abortion(murder) of the unborn citizens, wow.

    M SchmidtM Schmidt23 kun oldin
  • Bidens whole political career is all thanks to Russia and hes been working with Russia and China his entire career

    Otr DriverOtr Driver23 kun oldin
  • It's ironic to me that self described liberals are actually anti-liberty and want anyone who disagrees with them to have their "dangerous" opinions silenced and their "dangerous" freedoms removed.

    Bryan ScottBryan Scott23 kun oldin
  • This woman is a disgusting evil Marxist full of hate hiding behind the guise of social justice.

    Bryan ScottBryan Scott23 kun oldin
  • This woman is a perfect example of a leftist with severe cognitive dissonance to such an extent that she cannot recognize that she, and her leftist SJW ideology, are directly responsible for the very CRT that she claims to oppose. *_SHE_* and her ilk are the Dr. Frankensteins responsible for creating the CRT monster. But like all good marxists, she is unable to bear any responsibility for the corrupting nature of her ideology. She simply cannot make the connection. She lives in an academic world of echo chambers that are divorced from the realities of life. I'm certainly glad that she's not a US citizen. But that never stops these meddlesome activists from pushing their propaganda on the world anyway.

    Vandalay IndustriesVandalay Industries23 kun oldin
  • No President has thrust the US towards Communism as Obama! Sorry lady, I can't stomach listening to anymore of your diseased ideology.

    Amy RichardsonAmy Richardson23 kun oldin